I Inherited My Aunt, My Slave Pt. 03

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This is chapter three of a multi-part series, so If you haven’t read the previous chapter, I would recommend doing so. This one is a long one. I just could not find a way to cut it down.

Critical, kind comments are welcomed!

As always, all characters in my stories are eighteen years or older.

— — — —

If only my teenage self could see me now, he would rub his cock so raw masturbating to what is now my reality!

Back then, when my aunt and uncle would come to our house or we would go over there, I would just stare at those magnificent jugs hiding behind some tight piece of fabric. Imagine what they looked like naked. As she walked around or maybe bounced around doing something, then bend over to tease me with the view of her cleavage. Maybe even accidentally hug me to let me feel those large, hard nipples press against my chest. Ugg!!

My young cock would get so hard, it would hurt. I wanted to touch them and feel them in my hands. I wanted to see myself jerking off and spurting all over them as she smiled at me. My mind would then wander down and ask myself if the carpet matched the drapery? MMmm.. the memories!.

Most times I could wait until I got home, got under the covers that night to relive those images, those moments as my hand gave my cock a death grip and rubbed it fiercely until I came. Other times I would have to run into the bathroom and in the hamper, dig for a pair of panties and rub them on my cock until I came in them.

The problem with that was in Aunt Linda’s dirty clothes, I never could find a pair of panties. I found her bras, but never any panties. Mother always had a couple of pairs of panties in her dirty clothes for me to masturbate into.

My teenage self would go absolutely crazy knowing what I know now. About why there were no panties in her dirty clothes for me to masturbate into. Her owner, my uncle, had a no panty rule for her. She was forbidden to wear any panties. Or how she enjoys licking her younger sister, my mother’s pussy to multiple orgasms.

If I could go back to that stupid, boob-hungry teenager and tease him with the fact that in 12 years, he would no longer have to masturbate to the images of Aunt Linda topless or naked. She would be naked. Not only would she be naked, but she would also be kneeling under the table and worshipping your cock.

As she is obediently enjoying my cock, my hands are massaging those globes, the soft flesh of her boobs in my hands as she licks and kisses my cock, I am pulling hard on those fat nipples. Each twist or pull on her nipple would send her into orbit as her mouth would exhale a low groan or moan of pleasure.

The more I play with them, the more she is running her fingers between the folds of her shaved pussy. Edging herself closer to an orgasm that she needs my permission to enjoy. I will make her beg for that release.

Why would this older woman, this beautiful queen of the neighborhood, my sexy as fuck aunt, be worshipping this young man’s cock? Because I told her to. I can only imagine what my young face would look like, being told that I get to own her.

I get to tell her when she can enjoy my cock and how she will enjoy me fucking whatever hole that I want. Then after fucking whatever hole I decide, I will watch as she licks up any juices that leak onto the floor.

My young mind would explode learning that she belongs to me and that my sexy mother is also offering herself to me. Me? A stud muffin with a sexy aunt who would do anything I told her to, willingly and with enthusiasm. My young cock just could not handle the pressure!

— — — —

Lost in my own little world, sitting at the kitchen table, trying to read some contracts, with my aunt, naked and kneeling between my legs, worshipping my cock as if I were a king or something. I’m liking it, but it is interrupting my concentration as I try to read. It’s not working.

That’s when I heard my mother’s phone ring. The caller ID showed it was the limousine company. Since she was still sleeping in the office with my cum in her mouth, I answered it. It was our chauffeur, Charlie telling us the flight had been delayed another two hours due to weather and to expect him a little later than planned.

For once I enjoy hearing about the snowstorm and the delays. This gives us a chance to relax, digest what just happen and what’s about to happen.

I remember in my college psychology class, learning that there is a point in time when all the chaos around you is upsetting the status quo, the mind just gives in to the inevitable and accepts the current version as the new reality.

Leaving behind your old mindset and moving forward as if it was never there. That explains why I am now feeling pretty good about just having mouth fucked my own mother while watching her older sister lick her pussy to multiple orgasms. And I Feel Fine!

Now I just need to understand this contract. What they expect for my services and what I need to charge them for my “services”.

My slave stops licking my cock long enough to fill eryaman orospu numaraları me in on the basics as she remembers them. As well, she reminds me that my mother would really like me to fuck her. Yea, ok. I remind her of our deal. I told them my story, now, before anyone gets fucked, I want to hear their story.

Just at that moment, we hear some noise from the office and the slow patter of feet dragging down the hallway. I’m figuring that’s mother dear, starting to wake up and join us. She pauses in the entryway. She has given up on any clothing and stands there naked. Her hair a mess, her eyes twinkling and her nipples are hard. I’m betting she is still wet between her legs.

She pauses as she looks my way, smiling. “Please tell me that the wonderful taste I have in my mouth is from you, Son.”

That actually brings a smile to my face. “Yes, my wonderfully sexy and overly horny mother, that taste was from your prodigal son’s cock. Who got off watching you masturbate as your sister licked your beautiful pussy to multiple orgasms! Are you happy now”?

“MMmm… yes I am… And with that taste, I know, my sister will make you one amazing slave. I just hope that you will allow me to continue to enjoy her a few times when needed and not keep her all to yourself”

“I promise if you promise to tell me your side of this little family secret”

She sat next to me, kissing me as my slave fetched her a fresh cup of coffee and gave us each a fresh Danish. For this, I needed both girls at the table, to talk and tell me their stories. How they became slaves.

— — —

So you want to know how your favorite sexy aunt with the big boob became the slut slave you now fuck and own? Let me tell you the story!

You never got to meet our father, your grandfather. He was a wonderful man when he was healthy. Hard worker. Loved our mother as much as he loved us kids. His father helped build some of the houses in the neighborhood. People loved him.

Like other men in the area, he made good money working in the Studebaker plant down on the east side.

Mother didn’t have to work. Her duties were to us, the house and the neighborhood social calendar. She always joked how tough it was trying to raise two beautiful teenage girls filled with curiosity and a hunger for adventure. Not to mention a neighborhood filled with young boys who were just as curious!

Dad always said we got our beauty from our mother and the curiosity from him. He was partly right. Mother was a beauty in her own right. She loved taking care of the house, the friends, the events. Looking back, I also see where I got my love of submission from.

Right when we hit our terrible teens, dad got sick. Mother was there to care for him and nurse him through all the medical issues, operations, and recovery. His illness also took a toll on mother and her health as well.

She focused her energies on him. Meanwhile, for me, I was starting to blossom. I was never interested too much in school. But as my breasts started to grow and my interest in men, gained, I learned that with big boobs, a girl can get just about anything she wants. Including good grades in school.

In my Senior year, I spent more time in the teacher’s lounge than in the classroom. My math teacher enjoyed fucking my tits and my English teacher enjoyed licking me to multiple orgasms. Once I learned how to give a blowjob, then I knew I could get anything I wanted!

I turned eighteen my senior year, I knew I wasn’t headed for college, so I went looking for fun. At an intercity college football game, I met Steven. A rich college kid from the Bellview neighborhood. His old man, Mr Kincaid, was a successful stockbroker and let him live at home while he attempted to go to college.

How could I not love fucking a rich stud muffin who just wanted to fuck your tits then send you away with a hand full of cash because you gave him those puppy dog eyes as you told him a sad story about how horrible things were going at home.

And they were. Dad was getting worse. Mother was starting to age quickly from the pressure of caring for her husband, raising two girls and all the bills that were piling up.

My stud muffin, my nickname for him. He would pick me up after school. We would go to his place and fuck. I don’t think there was one room or one counter in that house we didn’t fuck on or over. If I wasn’t spreading my legs, I was kneeling down and sucking his cock. I was his slut and loved every second of it!

Finally, one afternoon, we were having hot sex on his bed, I was on all fours. He was feeling my tits and about to give me his cock in my mouth. He stopped and asked if I wanted a little adventure? A little surprise? Ooh, a surprise while having sex? Hell yes!

He held my head as he buried his cock in my mouth. As I was focused on getting that cock down my throat, a wet warm tongue started to caress my pussy. I started to panic, but he held my head on his cock and told me to ride it. And I did! After the shock wore off, I started to really gölbaşı orospu numaraları enjoy the feeling. One hole has a cock in it and another hole is being lovingly licked and kissed to orgasm.

Whoever that tongue belonged to knew what they were doing. It was long, wet and it got into my folds like it was meant to be there. Occasionally nipping at my clit in a way that I just exploded. I had three orgasms before he finally came in my mouth.

As we broke apart, he sat back on the head of the bed and watched me fall over. My legs stayed spread open as I looked down to see an older dark-haired woman who never lost contact with my pussy. As her tongue danced on my pussy, she looked up and smiled at me. Her hands started to massage my boobs and I was rocking to her menstruations. After finally making me cum a fourth time or maybe fifth, I lost count. She sat back on her knees, smiled and let me catch my breath.

My stud muffin told me she was His dad’s assistant. “Baby, meet Ruth. Ruth belongs to my father.” I was puzzled by his words as much as I was turned on by the idea his words made me feel. “She Belongs to your father? Like, He owns her?”

“Yup, lock, stock, and all her holes. She will fuck, suck and clean whoever or whatever she is told to without one word of complaint or resistance. That’s what she was trained to do. She’s not bad for an old lady. Dad says she is under some kind of a kinky contract for another two years.”

Then he smiled at her and told her to fetch us some drinks and bring back a wet warm washcloth. “Yes, Master” and she was gone. I felt a tingle in my pussy hearing the words “Yes Master”… That’s when he told me that she is not allowed to talk unless needed or to answer a question. “Stupid, but it’s his rules I guess”

My man now sat beside me. Put his arm around me. “Please don’t take this wrong sweety, you give amazing blowjobs and I love having them, but this little bitch gives world champion blowjobs on command. I mean any time, any place, she will drop and suck my cock like no other woman I have ever known. Dad said she is trained in oral satisfaction. She is a grade-A slut. Plus she excels in being the greatest housemaid and office assistant, he has ever had.”

I guess he was expecting me to be shocked or at least offended. Normally I think I would have. But he fucked me well and for some reason, I had no issue being told another woman gives better blowjobs than I do.

She returned. Her nudity or the fact that we both were nude in front of her, never bothered her. She knelt in front of him with her knees apart, showing me that her pussy was shaved and obviously very wet. Her perky breasts showed some signs of sag but still were nice and soft-looking. She stared at my large nipples, compared to her small ones. She handed him what he ordered.

For some reason, I was seriously turned on by the fact that she was a slave, willing to lick a pussy as well as give a world-class blowjob on command. Without complaint or comment! I wanted to know more.

So, I started to play with his cock. I was smiling at him, looking at her as she watched me. I opened my legs for her to see that I was wet as well. “Tell me more” I needed him to explain about her. I found myself talking to him, about her. Even with her sitting there, I wanted him to answer for her. It just felt right to have him, with his hard cock in my hand, telling me about his dad’s slave.

The more I played with his cock, getting hard in my hand, looking at her watching me, the wetter I became. I don’t know what was coming over me. I was normally a possessive woman. I never was one to share a man or a cock with another woman. but this time, was different. I was hoping to get him hard so that I could watch her blow him. I wanted her to suck him in front of me and show me her skills. Then I hoped that she would do the same for me, again.

He was enjoying the scene as well. Him lying on the bed, my big tits resting on his legs as my hands were massaging his cock while I was focused on looking at her. “Dang girl, you’re turned on by this! I can smell your sex from here.”

He was so right, I had become an obsessed woman as I slid off the bed to let her move in on my man. There were no words between us as we switched positions as I handed her his cock. We women just looked at each other smiling. Knowing what the other one wanted. He was enjoying the scene. “Suck it for my girlfriend, and make it good, bitch”

He called her “Bitch”. And she never even flinched at the word. She seemed to enjoy having me watch as she inhaled his cock. There was no pausing to let it fit in. No gaging either. She just put her mouth on it and swallowed it all. Not even using hands. He told me that using hands was not allowed. “She sucks a cock with just her mouth, no cheating. Like licking your pussy. She will just lick it and swallow what you give her.”

I actually found myself fingering my pussy as I watched this older woman, with much smaller tits, bobbing her head up and down, feeling his balls and looking gölbaşı azeri escort at me. She moved so I could get a better view of her shaved pussy that was dripping wet. Staining the bedsheets I knew she will be cleaning later.

Her mouth was full. You could see his cock on her cheeks as she moved around inside her mouth. Her fingers were slowly working her pussy lips. She stopped once to ask permission to cum. “Not today bitch, keep sucking.” “Yes Master, Thank You”. Her response to his crude language in calling her a bitch and refusing to let her have an orgasm shocked me.

Like any smart girl, I would have cheated, ignored his command to not cum. I could keep it quiet while sucking a cock. But she didn’t. She thanked him for refusing to let her cum. Then put her hands on the bed to concentrate on his cock. She was concentrated on his pleasure while ignoring her own.

Finally, I watched as he tensed up, groaned, and held her head on his cock, choking her but I knew he was also filling her mouth with his cum and she was swallowing it all. Breathing was optional. She never let his cock leave her lips until he was properly clean and soft.

I was now in heaven as I was fingering myself to another orgasm. I was lost in my own world when I felt her tongue back in between my legs, pushing my fingers away. “Let her help you” was whispering in my ear.

As she finished with me, he was laying back on the bed, his cock in his hand, smiling at me. Ruth was back kneeling on the floor. She was looking at him as if nothing happened. “Will your guest be joining us for Dinner, Master”. What?? After all that hot sex, she was now calmly and properly asking if I was going to stay for dinner. I was now being invited to stay for dinner, with her, with him!

He smiled at me “I guess you will finally get to meet my old man at dinner.” And with that, he ordered Ruth to lick up her mess off the floor. “She always makes a mess when I use her”. I watched as she got down and licked the carpet where she left her juices. Or maybe they were mine. It didn’t matter. She was happily licking up and being humiliated by a man half her age. Then she bowed her head before turning around to walk out of the room. I was still horny from what I saw, and I was in love. But it was with her, not with him.

At dinner, his “old man” turned out to be a man right out of a movie portraying a stockbroker. A well-tailored., a well-groomed man of distinction. Nice full head of hair, slightly graying that matched his mustache. I can see where his son got his good looks from. And that made me wonder if his son got his cock skills from him as well. Told you I was a slut!

Sitting at this fancy table in a fancy dining room. With the fine China and paintings on the wall. This was just like you see in a movie. Except the housemaid was naked. Wearing a butt plug and smiling as she served us the meal.

Ruth served us the dinner properly. Dinner salad, some wine. Then she cleared the table and brought out the main course. Steaks and mashed potatoes, a hungry man’s dinner as he called it. She stayed naked the entire time. She talked only when she needed to. Otherwise, she stood in the corner, in his view, and was not part of the meal or conversation. I was wet watching her and I knew I was leaving a wet spot on the chair. But I was so jealous of her.

As I was staring at her, standing in the corner like some two-year-old child being punished. But she was there and not moving. Her arms at her side, her ass was looking at me and I could see some faint marking, maybe from an earlier punishment? But she was so obedient. And Happy!

I heard him; the father breaks my concentration. “I guess you are interested in Ruth. She is a keeper, isn’t she?” He was so informal about it like it was normal to have a naked servant at your command.

I couldn’t tell you if my boyfriend was in the room or not, I was so focused on the father and with Ruth, an older lady, obediently standing naked in the corner. “Yes, I am, Sir” I even found myself calling him “Sir”

Over dinner and drinks afterward served by Ruth in the Livingroom, he explained it to me. She was under contract to be his “domestic professional” and as one she is well trained in all areas needed for running his home and business, “including and especially as my obedient sex slave.”

He, like his son, always referred to her as a bitch, as if that was her real name. “That bitch can manage my office during the day, look like a beautiful princess on my arm at a fancy reception that night then get naked and get fucked in all her holes by my entire board of directors later that night. And never stop smiling. Worth every penny I paid for her.”

He explained that he bought her contract eight years ago and hopes she agrees to renewal after that. “Good slaves are not easy to find, so I guess I will keep her.” He told me jokingly. As if you shop for them at the local mall.

Then he turned the conversation over to politics and sports. Again, it was just a normal part of the normal after-dinner conversation. And yes, later that night I fucked him. I even asked if Ruth could watch. Then after, I watched Ruth suck his cock clean. She seemed to enjoy the audience as she got on the bed and between his legs to lick anything that was on the bed, on his stomach then on his cock. She worked it like it was her last meal.

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