I Involuntarily Pee and Squirt

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I Involuntarily Pee and Squirt (fm)

By Anonymous Nin


Asher arrived at my house and I led him to the couch to Netflix and chill.

We watched a spooky movie, The Blair Witch Project.

Halfway through the film, Asher wrapped his big, rugby, arm around me and pulled me to his big body. Asher is a big sporty guy, he is like twice the size of me; we are like different species.

A few minutes later, I felt Asher’s hand against my face. He gently brought my face to his and we began to kiss.

I quickly paused the movie and reconnected my lips with Asher’s.

We made out; caressing, nibbling, biting, licking, teasing.

Asher’s hand found the inside of my thigh in light grey leggings.

Excited by Asher’s exploring hand; I kissed him, bit his lip, and moaned into his mouth.

Asher took this as the green light and began to touch me through my light grey leggings and panties.

I copied Asher, and began to touch him through his athletic shorts.

Asher felt very big through his shorts; then again, I am a tiny girl with little hands.

I moaned into Asher’s mouth as we touched each other. Asher humped into my hand as I humped into his.

I felt a jellyness grow through my legs as he touched me.

Asher groped me as I felt myself get wet, through my light grey leggings.

I felt my excitedness mounting.

When, involuntarily, I felt the wetness release and spread through my panties and leggings.

Not the normal amount of wet.

Asher’s hands were still against me.

I was still super horny and my sex grinded into his hands when he noticed.

“What the fuck,”

I was so embarrassed, I blushed and felt my face grow kastamonu escort hot. I thought I was going to die. I wished I was dead.

There was a large, spread out, dark wet mark visible through my light grey leggings.

“Did you just pee?”

“Oh my god, this is so embarrassing,” I said as I hid my face in my hands..

I was flustered. I could not breathe. It felt like I was going to have a panic attack.

I stood up and began to walk to the bathroom.

Asher stood up, “Wait, I didn’t mean– don’t worry Katy, I’m sure it was just an accident from excitement, that’s all.”

Asher’s words did nothing to alleviate my shame.

I felt my face grow hot.

My face in my hands and my body turned away from him, “you should go.”

“Look Katy, it is alright, I get it, it’s ok– I mean– It’s embarrassing and funny, and all that, but I don’t care, I still like you and want to hang out.”

“You do?”

“I do,” Asher walked to me and hugged me from behind and gave me a reassuring kiss on the neck.

“I’ll stay here,” he said, “why don’t you cool down and wash yourself off.”

Asher really commanded the situation and made it ok.

Still– I went into my bathroom, turned the fan on, and cried in front of the mirror.

My face was super red and flushed.

But, I was also relieved.

I washed myself off real quick in the shower and came out.

I put a new pair of panties on.

My face still red, and my tears now dry, in just my panties and a t-shirt, I went back out to Asher on the couch.

Asher put on some music on the TV, Elliott smith– or something quiet and melancholy like Eliot.

“You look sexy,” Asher said and we resumed kissing.

“Is escort kastamonu it alright if we just kiss?” I asked.

“Sure thing.”


A week later Asher came over again:

Asher and I laid on my bed– a layer of trash bags and towels between us and the mattress

Asher gripped me with his big hands, his fingers. squeezed me and slid in and out.

Meanwhile, I stroked the big Asher under his briefs. His sex large in my tiny hands. It would take four or five of my hands to fully wrap him up

“Fuck,” I moaned as his finger slipped in and out against me.

I let go and released against Asher’s hand– squeezing me from the inside and outside.

I felt ashamed and my face flushed.

“It’s okay Katy, shh, you don;t have to say anything, it’s okay.”

I finished peeing.

Asher pulled down his briefs, unsheathing his largeness. Asher hovered over me and slowly entered my wetness. There was a gross stickiness between us. Asher slid himself in and overfilled me. I felt embarrassed, my face and chest still hot and flushed.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck” I moaned.

Asher slid in and out and I squirted another ounce

I closed my eyes in embarrassment and I grew hot as Asher humped into my wetness. My body quaked and quivered against Asher’s thrusts. I couldn’t breathe, It felt like I was having a panic attack as Asher fucked me.

Involuntarily, my legs spasmed, and again I squirted against Asher.

Our sex was a now a sticky desperate horniness.

I wrapped my arms and legs around big Asher, with a vice-like grip, as I kissed his neck.

Asher pounded himself into my throbbing, sticky, shameful desire.

Asher pulled himself kastamonu escort bayan out of me, leaving a desperate begging desire deep within me.

Asher began to erupt, and shot streams all the way up and down my tiny tummy.

I was now desperate, sticky, and covered in three glazes of shame.

I felt like a disgusting slut.

Wet with my grool, urine, and cum– I closed my eyes and began to masturbate.

Ashed kissed me as I fingered myself.

I rubbed myself and quickly climaxed and squirted into my hand and all over myself.

You’re really dirty,” Asher said, “sexy, but dirty,” as he kissed me.

“Sorry, I wish I could help it, I really do– I just can’t.”

“No, it’s alright Katy. It’s funny, you’re such a tiny, cute, innocent girl, but sex with you is so filthy.

“Sorry, like I said–“

“No, no, you misunderstand me– I kinda like it.”

I smiled, and gave Asher a big kiss, “good.”

“Alright, let’s wash you off.”


Asher and I are now officially dating.

Every time Asher comes over to my apartment, under the innocent guise to watch a movie, he rubs me through my shorts and leggings, and I get so worked up and excited I involuntarily pee myself.

I just can’t help it, I get super horny and excited around big burly Asher– and, like a skittish cat, I end up peeing myself.

Asher then shame fucks me while I have a borderline panic attack. I can’t breathe from the shame and embarrassment combined with how horny I am.

Asher fucks my super red, flushed face, and the shame increases my excitement. It is hard to breathe.

Asher enters me and I can’t control it, I squirt and pee as he takes me.

I am ashamed to say it, but it is the truth: I get even hornier from how gross I am– the shame and embarrassment coupled with a miserable tingle.

The sex ends with both of us having wallowing, hopeless, filthy orgasms.

Asher then takes me to the shower, touching me all over, and washes my cute, tiny, game-ey body off.

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