I Just Needed an Understanding Dom

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My move to NYC was now complete. I was living a dream in midtown Manhattan. Small apartment, very small, but still my apartment. I could walk to the theater. I could walk to 100 plus fabulous restaurants. I could walk to Times Square. Yes, there was still the covid situation and maybe more importantly the crime situation but I was still fulfilling my dream of living in the City.

I did still have to work daily but it was actually mostly a work from home job. I had to go into the office to meet clients maybe once a week for a few hours. Sometimes I went into the office just to change my environment and to have an excuse to go out (not that I really needed one).

Very soon after arriving in the City I started to explore the local bars and restaurants within walking distance. Given the work situation I really had not met many co-workers and no one yet in my building so I was largely on my own. During these forays I was careful not to increase my alcohol consumption to much. I would sit at a bar and nurse a single drink for an hour rather than down multiple drinks and stumble home.

One evening I was in a new, at least new to me, bar — a very upscale bar with an Irish pub type atmosphere and a corresponding food menu. I was sitting at the bar, enjoying a pint of Guinness when I noticed another lone sole a couple of empty bar stools away. Just as I noticed him he turned to me and gave a quick nod of his head as a greeting. I returned the greeting and made some meaningless comment about the bar and that is how it began.

We were soon engaged in a wide ranging conversation and had a very nice evening. Before departing we exchanged phone numbers and agreed to meet the following week in the same bar. And in fact did so. And the week after that. Our meetings had now expanded to a variety of close bars and also were now including dinner. They also expanded several times a week rather than just weekly.

It turned out we were both in the financial business though I suspected Chris’s job was a significant step up from my position though interestingly we never got to deep into work related talk. We did talk a lot of about sports, travel, politics and much more. In fact one night when I had probably had a glass or two too many tequilas we had a short conversation about sex. He talked a little bit at a very high level of some of his escapades and I probably said a bit more then I should have about my own experiences but that was a one time event, not to be repeated at least in the short term.

One evening while having a having a drink sitting at a bar a young man came by and said hello to Chris. He spoke to Chris in a friendly manner. I could not hear the actual conversation except for one word ‘Sir’. He had called Chris Sir. It seemed rather odd but I did not over think it.

Chris’s friend left after a few minutes and Chris turned back to me.

“Well Dennis I think I ought to tell you a couple things just to prevent any future awkward moments that might come up in a meeting such as the one that just occurred. Most importantly is for you to know is that I am gay. If that offends or bothers you in anyway just say so and we will part friends. There is also another small point I should make. I am also a Dom. I am going to assume you know what that means. That young man who just came by was a sub of mine several years ago. We are still good friends but have no current relationship. I am only telling you this in case another of my past associates come by to say hello and you find the conversation very odd.” Chris did not say this in an apologetic or embarrassed manner. He just stated the facts.

I do have to admit I was rather surprised, not to a ‘shocked’ level, but still very surprised. And no, neither of his admissions bothered me. And I immediately told him so. In fact in an attempt to lighten the moment I add a ‘Sir’ with a big smile to the end of my statement. Chris took that in the good humor that I had intended it.

I think that moment cemented our friendship. In fact I started calling Sir with some frequency in a very light and friendly way. I even admitted to him that I had a bit of a submissive side. I think I told him this to sort of off set the Dom statement he had made to me previously. As an aside, I had in fact had numerous Domme/sub engagements but all of those were years in the past.

One Friday night we had had a very light dinner and then were sitting at the bar with a glass of wine when the power went out in the bar. The emergency lighting came so there was no reason to move away until an employee came out of the back and said they had been notified a transformer in the area had blown and it would be a minimum of 3 hours before power was back and that they would be closing.

Chris spoke, “The night is still young. Let’s walk back to my place — worst case is my building is also affected but it has good emergency power so we will have lights and refrigeration — all we need. Maybe we can have one or two extra for a change.”

I agreed and we started the short walk to his apartment kaçak iddaa which we reached in less then ten minutes and as luck would have it his building was fully lit.

I noted that this building was a multiple step upgrade up from my apartment. We quickly were up the elevator and into his rather spacious (by NYC standards) apartment. He was on the thirtieth floor and had a beautiful view of Central Park. It was pretty obvious this apartment was more than a little out of my price range. The view alone would put the rent out of my affordability range. I was a bit surprised because in all of our conversation Chris did not even hint his income allowed him to afford this life style.

Chris pointed out the bar and asked me to pour him a glass of Scotch. ” Neat please. Pour yourself what ever you might like but that Scotch on the bar is one of the best singles I have had. I suggest you at least try it. I am going to take the opportunity to get a bit more comfortable” With that Chris disappeared into what I assumed was his bedroom and I went to the bar, got a couple of Waterford Lismore Old Fashioned glasses (I did say this was a high end apartment) and poured us both a generous glass of his Macallan Sherry Oak 25 year old scotch.

Chris soon emerged now clothed in a very nice robe and pair of slippers. He sat down on the leather couch and I took a seat on a matching easy chair.

“To us” Chris said as he raised his glass in a toast jester. I repeated the statement and lifted my glass accordingly.

We talked a bit — mostly me making comments about the beautifully decorated apartment and of course the view.

Then Chris took over the conversation. “So Denise, in our conversations a few weeks ago you said you had never had a gay experience. Given that you also related your submissive tendencies I am a bit surprised. Most of the the Mistress’s I know always include a gay scenario or two in their repertoire if for no other reason than to test their boys depth of submissiveness plus several of them have told me seeing their toy with a cock in his mouth was a big turn on for them.”

This quick change in subject matter also set off a quick change in my thought pattern. The room went from a relaxed evening of talk to a somewhat sexually charged atmosphere. I was very confused by Chris’s statement. His surprising injection of sex into a very causal conversation. And also his mistakenly calling me Denise.

I was very uncertain how to proceed. Chris and I had over the months had many hours of conversations but outside of him mentioning that he was a gay Dom in a very off handed way and after a few drinks sort of wringing out of me that I leaned a bit to the submissive side we had only mentioned sex in a few very light comments.

“I guess I just submitted to the wrong Dominatrices ” I joked. “My Dommes seemed more intent on being pleasured as opposed to watching someone getting pleasured.” I realized my brilliant light line was really not so brilliant and did little to move the chat back to more neutral territory. And I was still puzzling over the use of the Denise name.

Chris continued as if my reply was irrelevant: “I would say we have become pretty good friends over the last several months. I think we can talk openly a bit about what is on our minds. You said once you were a bit submissive. My experience says when someone uses the term ‘a bit’ it really means quite a bit. I am right about that with you aren’t I?”

He had me read. “Yes, that would be correct Sir” Not sure where the Sir came from but it was not the lighthearted teasing Sir I used when we were at dinner. Somehow it just came out and I knew Chris did not miss it.

“I also think we are good enough friends to have a little non-sexual sex fun. I mean lets see some of that submissiveness. No need to take this to far but I am sure a nice little sub like you needs a an occasional reminder of their submissiveness. I promise I will not take this much beyond the point that you will be remembering why you are a sub and why I will be doing the same from my Dom perspective.”

By this time my head was spinning. Chris’s comments had definitely awakened inner subby desires but there was also the fact that I was not gay, not even bi. Had never even seriously thought about it. But then those sub thoughts kept dominating my thoughts. Before I had much time to figure this all out Chris came back with.

“The one thing about true subs is they just need and want to serve. It is seldom about the looks, age, gender or even sex It is about serving. I am correct Denise am I not?”

He had me again. I had not realized I was that easy to read. It really was all about serving. That logic just stuck in my mind. I did want to serve. “So what do you have in mind Sir?” I rather nervously stammered out.

“Well Denise now that you asked we will start with a brief exchange about serving. I have been a Dom all of my life and have developed some strong opinions and had some observations on the subject and wish to share them with you. In fact that maybe kaçak bahis all we do this evening is exchange ideas and thoughts about servitude and dominance. Could be a very fulfilling evening. But first there is one rule in my household that only in rare occurrences do I allow to be broken and this does not qualify as one of those rare occurrences. Subs in this abode are always nude except for any accouterments I might desire them to wear. So please stand and face the wall and remove first your shoes and socks, followed by your shirt and then your pants and then wait for my next command. Place your items on the chair you are currently sitting on.”

I stand, turn away from Chris and face the wall. I lift first my right leg and remove my shoe and sock, place them on the chair and then the same with the left. I then unbutton my golf shirt and lift it up and over my head. It too goes onto the chair. And finally I unbuckle my belt and remove my slacks, fold them and set them with my other articles. And then just stand there in my underwear waiting for the next command.

“Pretty simple command but you did it right and did not hesitate. That is a good start boy. Now remove your underwear and remain standing where you are.”

I am glad I have pleased my new maybe Dom and immediately remove my last piece of clothing and deposit it on the chair. And wait, knowing Sir(somehow it seems more reasonable to now address him simply as Sir) is staring at my now naked ass. I also suddenly realize or at least now have time to think about it that I have a rather stiff cock. I know nothing truly sexual has happened and apparently is not going to happen but my cock seems to think differently and there is not a lot I can now do about it.

“Nice ass boy. I will wager that someday in the near future you are going to be spreading those legs wide to accept a Dom’s cock. And an ass like that is going to make him very happy. Here, take this and put it over your eyes. I find a blindfolded sub, especially one that is obviously quite nervous, will calm down quicker and even be more attentive to whatever activity is taking place.”

From behind I feel a cloth being placed in my right hand. I move it forward so I can see how it fits and then place the relatively large and soft blindfold over my eyes and get it comfortable. It completely blocks all light. And oddly even though I am still quite nervous it does have a bit of a calming effect. But just a bit.

“Now turn around and face me. I want to see what the rest of the package looks like.”

I do as I am told and turn around.

“Well boy very nice. I love to have my new sub obviously in touch with the situation. Don’t be embarrassed by that little stiffie boy. I consider it quite a compliment. To bad for you that that is probably all that will happen to that instrument tonight. It will just get hard, like a piece of bread that is left out over night. It is still nice to look at but in reality it is just hard and totally useless so it is just crumbled up and thrown to the birds.”

“Now a step forward and kneel down and sit back and we will have a chat.”

I do as I am told.

“Now Denise you will get your first small lesson in serving a Dom. I would like you to start massaging my feet as we chat. Also, sit back, you maybe there for a while and do not want you to be uncomfortable.”

I kneel down and sit back as ordered. I can feel Sir’s feet just touching both of my legs. It is obvious he has removed his slippers. I reach down with both hands and lift Sir’s right foot and place it on my leg and start to softly massage it with both hands.

Sir starts talking. “You see Denise relationships are all about intimacy. And without going down the gender bender path there are 3 sets of couples male/female, female/female and male/male and then within those groups there are various pairings. Equal — that could be Dom/Dom, sub/sub or switch/switch and then you get into the Dom,sub,switch combos in any manner. I cannot speak to the female/female group but I have been in both of the other couplings and most all of the other pairings at one time or another and by far the most intimate is male/male Dom/sub There is just something about that combination that causes intimacy to flow. Tonight I would like to show you some of that intimacy. I would like you to appreciate the intimacy that can be felt with Dom/sub male/male coupling that just is not found in other relationships. You will hear me speak repeatedly about intimacy. Tonight I am hoping to get you to start feeling that intimacy so that maybe in time you will come to crave the intimacy that only a true Dom/sub relationship provides.”

As Sir speaks I continue with the massage switching back and forth between feet.

“I hope you are getting a feel of an intimacy that is developing. As we talk I would like you to continue with the massage only now include my calves. Move from my feet to just below the knee. And concentrate on the feelings. Work slowly. Remember you are serving your Master and must always be striving to please illegal bahis him.”

I note the new term ‘Master’ that has been introduced to the chat. Strangely it feels appropriate. I start letting my hands move up and down Master’s calves. I have no training in massage but I do my best to bring pleasure to Sir. And I do seem to start to feel intimacy. Not an overwhelming feeling but real none the less.

All the while Master is speaking. “I hope you are feeling the intimacy but also the Dom/sub nature of what is happening. You are trying to please your Master as you can. Feel his power. Feel your submission. Feel the intimacy. We will go just a bit further tonight but you are doing well Denise. I would like you to now massage about half way up my thighs. When you will feel my hands Stop. Go no higher than that.”

His voice has almost a hypnotic tone to it. It is quite relaxing but forceful at the same time.

I obey his command and move my hands to first his left thigh and then to the right. In the process of doing this I have moved forward slightly to have a better position for the massage. Perhaps because I was higher on his legs it did feel more intimate. I also was feeling more and more submissive. Feeling his Dominance more and more.

I had no concept of time while doing this but it was obvious Master was in no hurry. I moved back and forth between his legs numerous times. And he kept repeating the intimacy, dominance, and submissive nature of my actions in the same hypnotic voice and rhythm.

“Very good boy. I would like to add one more piece for tonight just so you go away with an even better idea of the intimacy that a Dom/sub coupling can provide. The same area you have just been massaging I would like you to include your lips and tongue in the massage. Include kisses and licking. Make my thighs the center of your universe. This is much more intimate so take your time and make me feel your desire to serve through your kisses.”

I continue with using just my hands for a few moments before I do as ordered: I kiss, lick, taste and smell. It is all new to me and very intense. I try to do exactly as ordered. I try to make my actions as sensual as I can. Moving very slowly, I suck lightly then move my tongue in small circles. I also move my tongue up and down the length of his inner thigh being careful not to go to high.

“Tell me Denise do you feel the intimacy? I believe you must given your performance. You are doing very nicely. I am developing great hopes for you.

“Thank you Master. And yes Master I am feeling the intimacy you speak of. In a very heightened manner. And more, And I also feel completely submissive. It seems to merge with the intimacy. They seem to flow together. In all my time with Mistress’s I have never had this much of an intense feeling. And Master I also feel your dominance, your complete dominance. I would like to say a perfect dominance.” And I went back to what I really wanted to do, smothering my Master’s inner thighs with my lips and tongue. Only I can tell Master’s legs are a bit farther apart now and his hands do not seem to be on his thighs any longer. I am still blindfolded but am certain I am much farther up his thigh then I was originally. It became very evident to me now. Without Master’s hands to stop me I had moved well up his thighs with my activities. I am also starting to come to grips with the fact this night is not going to end here which renews my nervousness but also gets me even more excited.

I sort of decided that it was now time to proceed to the end that I think both Master and I knew was coming. When I say I decided I think actually Master decided. He just framed the situation for me to think I arrived here on my own.

I move my mouth to Master’s cock.

And Master keeps talking very softly to me. Actually whispering. “Very good Denise. Feel the intimacy. Feel how submissive you are right now. Feel how you are pleasuring your Master. This is how a Dom/sub relationship should be. The sub on his knees kissing and licking his Master’s cock. Feeling the intimacy, fulfilling his desire to serve. And Denise it only gets better. Move up and down your Master’s cock. Feel it’s power. Taste its power. “

I do exactly that. I cannot get enough of the feel, of the taste, of the power. Master’s hands are now on the back of my head. Not forcing me but rather guiding me up and down his cock. Stopping me when I get close to the head and then guiding me back down. My tongue is working in overdrive, trying to give as much pleasure as I can, trying to find every bit of surface to ensure Master’s entire cock can feel the pleasure my tongue and lips are trying to provide.

“Now Denise comes the next big step. And this is one of the most intimate acts between a Dom and his sub. When the Dom’s cock enters his subs mouth. When the sub accepts his Dom’s cock into his mouth. That is near the height of intimacy. A sub willingly and purposefully taking a cock into his mouth so that he might pleasure it for his Master. Take my cock into your mouth Denise. Show me how much you want to serve. Give your Master the pleasure of feeling your tongue circle the head. Of your warm and wet mouth willingly accepting your Master’s manhood deep into your throat.”

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