I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It

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“So, are you coming to my sleepover tonight?” My coworker Jas asked with her hand on her hip, leaning on my desk. She knew I was quiet and didn’t socialize much, especially at work. I started to think that her invite was out of sheer pity of my nonexistent life.

“I don’t know,” I began. “You know I don’t do social gatherings–sleepovers at that.”

“Come on! Don’t be a buzzkill.”

I continued typing on my computer, acting as if I didn’t hear her.

“There’ll be drinks!” she said.

I assumed that that was her way of trying to convince me. I gave her a look of baffle. What made her think I drank?

“Hell, and soda. Juice. Whatever your libation.”

“Yea. I think I’m good.” I giggled.

“Look. If you change your mind, my address is on the invite. Just come through.” She handed me a pink and red invitation, her address showing that she was located on Fern Street, about a five-minute drive from where I lived.

“Who’s all gonna be there anyway?” An introvert’s favorite question when they get invited to an event and wanted to know what the potential outcome was gonna look like.

“Some of the coworkers–Mya, Shawn, Sienna. And a few of my other homegirls.”

Sienna? I wondered if she’d be there. She was quiet like I was. She came to work, kept her head down, did her duties for the day, and turned around and did the same thing the other four days of the week.

“Your inquiry leads me to believe you’ll be attendance,” she said slickly.

“Just wondering.”

“Well Jay, hope to see you there. You’d be missing a good time.” Jas gave me a sly smirk.

I gave the invitation another once-over. I noticed the picture of Jas and a few of her friends dressed in lingerie on the front. The invitation headline read, “Girls’ Night In.”

“So, are we supposed to dress sexy for this occasion?” I dreaded the answer as I pondered on my wardrobe. I didn’t own a piece of sexy clothing. Not only was my social life nonexistent–so was my sex life. I didn’t have much of a need for anything outside of work clothes and sweats.

Jas laughed. “Just be comfortable. It is a sleepover.” She started towards her desk. “Later love!”

Nothing about this night would be comfortable if I decided to show up. I haven’t been to a sleepover since I was young. I didn’t know grown women had these. But then again, I practically lived under a rock and didn’t know about most things that existed outside of my precious little bubble. Maybe going out tonight would be just what I needed. It would give me a chance to engage, possibly meet some new friends. And the drinks that would be available would probably be just what I needed to loosen up.

Five o’clock arrived and it was quitting time. “Cheers to the FREAKIN’ WEEKEND!” I’d say in my head in my best Rihanna voice every Friday afternoon, even though I rarely had anything to do with my weekends. I eagerly stood up to prepare to head out, Jas’s invitation in hand. I glanced it over, still debating my attendance.

“Are you going?” A voice crept up on me from behind. It was Sienna.

“I’m not sure yet actually. You?”

“Same. I don’t know. I don’t really do these things.”

“SAME! I’m a complete hermit. But I’ve been thinking, maybe I should. It might actually be fun.”

“True. I just don’t know what I’m gonna wear though.”

“SAME!” I exclaimed.

There were a lot of “sames” about us. I didn’t realize our temperaments were so in common. Another introvert that may or may not have decided to engage in tonight’s festivities.

“Well, maybe I’ll see you there,” she said.


Sienna smiled and walked out the door to the parking lot. I peered back at the invitation.

“Maybe I’ll just take a peek in my drawers,” Beylikdüzü Escort I said to myself.

I made it home and dropped my bag on my bed and pulled open my dresser drawers. Jas’s sleepover started at seven thirty. I wanted to be on time, which to me meant about fifteen minutes early. I didn’t believe in the whole “fashionably late” thing–drew too much attention.

I rummaged through my top drawer where I kept my socks and underwear. It was that day that I realized that my drawer was filled with nothing but Fruit of the Loom “granny panties” as people would call them. Not a pair of lace panties or anything remotely sexy. I mean, no one would see them though, right?

“I have to go shopping,” I said to myself, disappointed in my lack of my true femininity.

I took out a pair of decent purple cotton panties with a silk frill around the trim of them. They were cute, and they would have to do. Now to the pajamas. I usually opted for an oversized t-shirt and underwear for bed, but I had to come better than that for the sleepover. I rummaged through my second dresser drawer and found a navy-blue, two-piece pajama set with hot pink hearts on them–a top and shorts. I hadn’t worn the set in a while, and it still looked brand new. It wasn’t lingerie, but it’d be comfortable. After deciding on what I’d be wearing, I hopped in the shower, got dressed, and prepared to be on my way to Jas’s.

I made it to Jas’s fifteen minutes early like I planned. I rung the doorbell and a few seconds later, Jas was at the door greeting me.

“You made it!” She said excitedly. I walked through the door, and everyone was in attendance, including Sienna. So much for making it before everyone else.

“Everybody! This is Jaylen! Jaylen, you already know Mya and Shawn, of course. These are my other friends, Nessey and Brenda.”

“Hi Jaylen!” Nessey and Brenda said in unison.

“Hey Jaylen! Nice to see you here.” Mya greeted. Shawn waved.

“Hey ladies. Nice to meet you. And yep, I made it.”

“How about a drink ladies?” Jas yelped excitedly.

“Yes please!” Mya accepted proudly like she’d been waiting for that drink all day.

Jas waltzed over to her kitchen island, picking up and bringing over a tray of sugar-rimmed margaritas, setting them on her dining room table. She grabbed a light green one, raising the glass to propose a toast.

“Here’s to a wonderful night of fun. Let whatever happens, happen!”

“CHEERS!” The girls recited. Whatever happens, happens?

The night commenced, and we were all about two drinks in. We engaged in small talk about a series of things. Jas broke up the chitter chatter.

“So, y’all know a sleepover isn’t a sleepover without games! Everyone’s played ‘Never Have I Ever’, right?”

“No.” I was the only one who answered. The girls looked at me and there was a brief moment of silence before giggling commenced. I took all of this as being the only one who’s never played.

“So, in the game, you put five fingers up. Everyone takes a turn saying something they’ve never done before. If you did the thing, you have to put a finger down. The one who loses all their fingers ‘loses’ the game,” Brenda said.

“Ok, I got it.”

“Who’s gonna go first?” Jas asked.

“I will!” Mya said. Everyone put their five fingers up. “Never have I ever got a tattoo.”

Everyone loses a finger except me and Mya. It was Shawn’s turn.

“Hmm. Never have I ever…owned a dog.”

Several of the girls’ fingers go down.

“Ok y’all it’s time to turn it up! We in here talking about tats and dogs and shit! Let’s get down to the dirt!” Jas blurts. The girls burst out laughing.

“My turn!” Jas started. “Never have I ever…done Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan anal.” Four of the girls’ fingers go down, mine, Jas’s, and Sienna’s remained up.

“Ooh, y’all nasty!” Jas exclaimed. More laughter. All of my fingers were still up, confirming my lameness. It was now my turn. There was a lot of things I’d never done sexually–like have a one-night stand, spontaneous sex, a threesome, and much more. These girls seemed so adventurous. What could I say that didn’t seem so reclusive of me?

“Never have I ever…kissed a girl.”

Everyone’s finger goes down–except mine and Sienna’s.

“Mmm. My favorite!” Jas said. The girls started laughing again.

The game went on and of course, Jas was the first one to run out of fingers. I believed she did just about everything everyone’s never done, except anal.

The drinks started flowing, and the girls became more outgoing and talkative. I was even engaging more than I was used to. I was actually starting to enjoy myself and got more comfortable as the night went on. It felt good. Yea, it was definitely the liquor.

“Ok y’all. My favorite game is up next: Truth or Dare.” Jas announced.

Oh boy, I thought. Girls. Drinks. Truth or Dare. This was bound to get interesting.

We started the game. Each girl that was asked to pick truth or dare picked ‘truth’, being asked to divulge things they’ve never told anyone or fantasies they had. Mya wanted to have a threesome with two men, Brenda participated in an orgy before, and Jas had sex with one of our male coworkers in the office bathroom. Wow.

“Jay, it’s your turn. Truth or dare?” Jas asked me.

I was feeling bold, ready to take a chance. “Dare.”

“Hmm. Ok. I dare you to kiss Sienna. Tongue kiss.”

The girls let out an “Ooh!”

I don’t know what I was expected when choosing “dare”, but the liquor didn’t kick the nerves that resounded throughout my nervous system when Jas summoned me to that dare. There was a pause, an anticipation clouding the air, the girls waiting to see what I was gonna do–waiting for me to make a move.

“Ooorrr… take a shot,” she added, observing my hesitation.

I took the latter. I chickened out. So much for feeling bold.

“Boo!” Some of the girls let out. Sienna giggled. She seemed calm, like she was down had I decided to go forward.

After a few rounds of the game, it was time for music and dancing. We’ve all had at least a good four to six drinks each and the girls were ready to move their bodies.

Jas put on some reggae music and the girls got up and started dancing, whining their hips and yelling “Aye!”, some with drinks in their hands. The speakers had a reverberating base. You could literally feel the beat in your bloodstream.

Mya was in the corner of the room, pulsating her ass on Jas, Jas’s hands exploring underneath her baby pink, silk gown. As they moved to the rhythm of the beat, they seemed to be one with each other, in tandem. Mya loved the way her ass was getting treated. She bit her lip as one of Jas’s hands surfaced to the front of her black lace panties, rubbing her pussy, running circles around the clit area. Jas also bit her lip.

Three wasn’t a crowd for Shawn, Brenda, and Nessey. In that order, they were in the middle of the living room lined up, dancing on each other. Brenda’s hands were down Shawn’s shorts, definitely playing with her pussy. I could see the movement of her hand against the fabric. Her other hand was stretched behind her, rubbing on Nessey’s ass while she grinded it against Brenda’s. After a few minutes, Nessey turned around and reached for Brenda’s breasts and began circling her already-erect nipples and grinding herself against Brenda’s Escort Beylikdüzü ass.

I couldn’t believe what was happening before my eyes. The liquor had hit everyone’s veins and things were definitely getting heated. I stood against the kitchen island, my cup clenched in between my hands–pussy pounding, unable to move. Sienna emerged from the bathroom.

“Hey. What you doing standing here like a bump on the log?”

“Just…taking everything in.”

Sienna laughed. She took a minute to eye me up on down like a meal at her favorite restaurant. Her eyes were glazed over, and she looked like she had something in mind. She then took my glass out of my hand and set it on the counter.

“Come,” she demanded, grabbing my hand, leading me to God knew where.

She led me to Jas’s bedroom, pulling me into her massive walk-in closet. My look of baffle returned.

“You owe me a kiss,” she said recalling the dare I didn’t hold up to. She licked her lips like she could taste me, biting her bottom lip in anticipation.

I wasn’t as nervous, as I could say I was drunk at this point, yet an anxiety still existed. I was feeling more prepared than earlier, but unable to make the first move. Sienna took me by the neck and gently but firmly pulled my head closer to hers. It started off with a peck to the lips. I could feel a resonance, a sensation of her lips on mine. Hers eyes met mine, searching for consent to go forward. My eyes told hers that she could proceed.

She leaned in pecking my lips again, this time slipping her tongue in, searching for mine. The tip of her tongue explored mine, getting me comfortable for what was to come. Or cum, perhaps. She inserted her tongue deeper into my mouth, my mouth fully accepting at this point. In and out, in and out our tongues went. I grew wetter with each stroke of our tongues inside each other’s mouths. Each of our hands were behind each other’s necks, kissing each other with a slowly increasing rhythm.

Her finger searched the inside of my shorts, rubbing the outside of my already-wet panties.

“Mmm.” A moan escaped her mouth when she discovered my moistness. She bit my bottom lip as she continued to stroke the crotch of my panties. Up and down, up and down. My wetness continued to flow. Her tongue shot back in my mouth, her index finger pulling my panties to the side, tracing the outside of my vagina hole. Her kiss was delicious. I didn’t want to stop. We were fully into the kiss, like we’d done this many times before.

As her tongue continued to caress mine, her finger was inside of my panties, inside of me. I let out a groan of passion, enjoying the double penetration I was receiving from Sienna’s tongue in my mouth and finger inside me. She stroked my flooding pussy several times before taking her finger out, flickering my erect, pulsating clit. I pulled my mouth away from hers, lifting her silk pajama top taking one of her hard nipples into my mouth. I sucked it like a nipple of a bottle, lightly nibbling and tugging it as she continued to finger-fuck my hole. I hummed on her nipple, taking my other hand, gripping the other one.

After several more strokes, she took her finger out of my pussy, putting it in her mouth, tasting my wetness. “You taste amazing,” she said, her drunken gaze piercing into me.

“Let me see,” I replied, pulling her in for another kiss.

Our tongues began to dance with each other’s again. She was right. My pussy secreted a sweet nectar that was now all over her tongue. Sienna pulled up my pajama top, pulling my chest towards her already exposed nipples, mating mine with hers. We rubbed our nipples together, now in a full flow of passion and bodily rhythm. It felt like everything about us was merged–mind, body, soul, nipples.

We were into it for a good five minutes when the closet door opened. It was Jas. Sienna and I stopped mid-kiss, pajama tops lifted, not fully registering that we’d been caught. Jas cracked a smile.

“Mind if I join?” Jas asked. She entered the closet, closing the door behind her.

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