I Like It In The Shower

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I opened the bathroom door, and walked into the bright room. I was staying at my friend’s house for the night, and I felt the need to take a shower. She told me to use the upstairs bathroom. She has like, 8 brothers so she said the other bathrooms would be a little smelly. I quickly shut the light off and closed the door behind me. I light 2 of the candles on the sink. Then slowly I lifted my shirt over my head and dropped it on to the floor. I sat on the toilet seat and unbuckled my shoes and moved them over near the scale on the floor. Then I stood up and unbuttoned my jeans then slowly unzipped the zipper and pulled them down to my feet. I stepped out of them. I was standing in my underwear and I walked over the mirror near the sink. I leaned in as close as I could to the mirror. My image glistened in the light of the candles. Slowly I took my hands behind my back. Reaching the hook to my bra I unhooked it and slipped my arms out off it and tossed it on the floor. I looked at myself in the mirror, just stared at my reflection for a little. Then I was interrupted by the sound of knocking.

“Hey did you fall in?” one of my friend’s brothers said through the door.

The water wasn’t on so I didn’t know what he was talking about, how could I have fallen in? “No.” I replied, “I haven’t even finished getting undressed. Do you need to use the bathroom? I asked him.

“I just need to get something if that’s all right, I’ll wait till you’re in the shower if you would like.” He told me.

“That could work, give me a sec, I’ll tell you when you can come in.” I answered him back. So I slipped off my underwear, and placed them and my bra underneath my jeans and shirt. I really didn’t want him to see my pink bikini cut underwear and matching bra. The shower curtain was closed so I moved it aside, latina fuck tour porno and bend down to turn on the water. I let the water warm up for a moment and walked over to the light switch and turned it back on. I figured when he leaves I’ll get out to shut it off. I turned the shower switch on and as the water started to come out the shower head. So I walked in the shower. “You can come in” I said to him as I finished closing the curtains.

The door opened and he came in to the bathroom. I stuck my head out the curtain to see which on of my friend’s brothers were in here. It was her oldest brother, 2 years older then me. Hmmm. “So?” I heard him say, “You, umm, like the smell of, ca-candles?”

This time when I stuck me head out he was staring at me in his boxers, he was locking the door, staring at me to make so kind of motion to tell him to get out. I replied with, “Shut the lights off.” He smiled, and slipped off his boxers. Still looking at me he walked over to the shower, pulled the curtain open and walked in.

I stepped back towards the water as he came in. the hot water ran over my body, and I took my hands up to my head and ran them through my hair. My straight hair turned to little ringlets of black curls. He walked over to me and pushed the hair out of my eyes. He looked at me, and brought his lips to my neck. Kissing me hard he started to push me up against the tile. I felt his teeth digging in to my skin. It excited me, feeling my skin being touched in a way like that. My back hit the tile harder each time he kissed my neck. I grabbed his head and pushed his lips on to mine. I kissed him hard, my tongue went into the back of his mouth and I pressed my lips up so close to his.

His hands traveled to my breast, my nipples now very lezbiyen porno firm and hard, he twisted them and squeezed them aggressively. He took one of his hands off my breast and turned off the hot water. He held my tits under the cold water, and I jumped up as I felt a chill running down my spin. My nipples tightened to the point where they couldn’t get any harder. I had goose bumps all over, I was shaking. I moved over away from the cold water and leaned up against the other side of the shower. He turned the hot water on and gazed back at me. I grabbed his hips and bought him closer to me. My ass was between his legs, and my tights were touching his balls. I backed up away from him and brought my feet to his dick and balls. Slowly I ran the heel of my foot on his dick. My toes, tickled his balls. He started to laugh, but when I tried to stop he whispered “don’t stop” in to my ears. So with delight I continued to run toes along his balls, slowly brushing up against them.

I stopped when he grabbed my waist and pushed me against the wall. He slowly spread my legs and ran his dick along my ass cheeks. It tickled but felt so good, he teased my body with it, just as I did to him slowly running it closer and closer to my pussy but each time he pulled away right before it would go inside me. Finally I turned around and put my feet up on the edges of each side of the bathtub and I lowered my self down so my pussy was at the right place for his dick to enter. I took his hard long cock in to my hand, first I ran my hands up and down on it, keeping it hard, and then I guided it in to my pussy. He started to slowly trust in to me, not that hard because he saw me bite my lip in pain each time I hit the wall. I held on to him as tight as I could and our bodies were so close that his dick liseli porno was all the way in side me. I felt it hitting my walls each time he went in to me.

Kissing me hard he picked me up off the edge of the tub and bought me down on the floor of the tub. He pulled him self out of me and laid down. I stood up and then slowly lowered myself down on to his dick. He was sitting up grabbing my breast again. I stared to rock back and forth on him. My back bent back and rested in-between his legs each time I would move back and forth on his dick. The water ran down my body and hit me, he pushed himself closer to me and licked me breast, his tongue moved from one to another, going all over my body, down my chest up my neck, to my face. I brought his lips to mine again and kissed him. I then begin to go harder, my hands held the wall and I pushed myself harder on to him, each time I felt his dick slamming harder in to me, I was moaning loud. My body was shaking, I felt his legs tensing up, I went harder. He gripped my hands and pushed me up as hard as he could “I’m going to cum,” he said. I nodded in response. I stood up and kneeled down, he kneeled beside me and began to rub his dick, he went faster. Watching him made me want to take my hands and run my clit so I did, I slowly brought my hands down to my pussy and began to touch myself. He watched me he’s eyes never left my hands, as I watched his hands moving on his dick. Suddenly he pulled me closer and cum spread all over my face on my chest.

I licked my lips with delight the taste of cum made me even hornier. I made the water a little cooler and washed the cum and sweat off of me. he laid there, eyes half closed watching me. Then I felt his tongue from under neigh me. He was bent down; face between my legs, his tongue was licking my clit, inside my pussy, eating me out. I felt his fingers too, pushing in side me. He picked me up with his fist and I started shaking. He put me down and pulled out his hand, it was covered in a warm liquid; it was still cumming out of me. I bent my head back and moaned lightly. What a great shower I though.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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