I maried her twice part 3

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After wanda told about the night at katts I I asked her about the date of the party, I was relieved that the time line was a about a month before I met Cheryl so that didn’t bother as she was single and free to do as she wanted.

Wanda wanted to know if I knew what Cheryl was up to when we were together and I of course told her no and that as I had never told anyone the reasons Wanda wanted details. I told her that there was an affair and left it at that, Cheryl didn’t need to be humiliated by what really happed that day and besides I was a bit curious to know what Cheryl,s
mind set was back then.

Life continued as normal for Wanda and I working and just doing what couples do. I didn’t see Cheryl for a coulpe months since running into her with Wanda, then one day I saw her in the coffee shop sitting with three other people
she was sitting next to a guy probely in his fortys a clean cut looking guy buisines type a woman that looked in her late 40’s dressed as a twenty something wanna be, wearing a short red skirt with a white blouse white stockings and appeared to be built for sex…the other guy was a tall man thin with a runners build very nicely dressed and about
mid thirty’s and very black, not that I cared but our smallville town didn’t see many guys like him.

I got my coffee order and went over to there table and said hello as to be polite, Cheryl was obviously a bit nervous
as she was flushed and ucomfortable she introduced us and I was surprised that she told them I was her ex husband.
I asked about her parents ans she told me they were both now in a nursing home as there health was too much for her to care for them. I told her that I was sorry to hear that news and exchanged a bit of small talk and said my goodbye’s I walked out the door and looked back to see the woman had her hand on the black mans thigh right at his cock area leaning in twourds Cheryl as if whispering and holding the other mans hand. I could not think of anything about that view but as to what it appeared, definitely sexual. I went away from that meeting feeling a bit weird I spent the next few hours trying to get my head around what Cheryl was up too and could not help feeling a sexual thrill myself. I had to find out more it was nagging me and turning me on, feelings of pure lust that I hadn’t had in yrs.

I started looking around town for Cheryl I would drive by her home and at the grocery store etc. I felt as thou I was stalking her. about three weeks after the coffee shop meeting I saw her driving past me heading to the center of town
I turned around and saw her pull into the grocery store and watched her head inside after about 15 minits she came out with grocerys got back in her car and went a short distance to the pharmacy. I got up some courage and went in also planning an accidental meeting. I found her in the isle where asprin and such were located and said hello,
we both felt a bit awkward and not sure what to say as we were alone for the first time in yrs. She told me that she was picking up some items and just heading home , that’s when I asked her if we could talk sometime as we never really got to clear the air so to speak as I was being a real jerk after that day and was more mature now and felt the need to explain both our actions and to make peace not to reconcile but to move on with our lives.

Cheryl looked a bit apprihencive but non the less agreed to meet for drinks the following day around 4 in the afternoon.

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