I Meet My Mentor!

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I was happy with Catherine and over the next few weeks I spent much of my spare time with her, which delighted her as she couldn’t do enough for me. I started to get her to change how she dressed, getting her to buy garter belts and more modern knickers and bra’s, particularly under cup and push-up bras, as I told you she was plump and had such lovely tits. I asked her to get rid of those girdles, particularly the panty girdles I hated them, when I felt she needed to pull her tummy in she could wear a bodice or corset, and to buy some decent nice sheer nylon stockings. She also had a nice shapely bum and legs, her shoes were not too bad, and fortunately she had a passion for high heels, but like the rest of her clothes were a little out of style, I got her a nice pair of black stiletto heels. She was more than happy to update her wardrobe with my suggestions to please me, and with a change to her hairdo it made her look ten years younger, she was like a little kid in her excitement and it made me feel good too, and I admit less embarrassing to be seen out with her as a result.

I was learning from her too, what cutlery to use when dining in the better restaurants she enjoyed, a lot about clothes and how to tell good quality from looking at garments, rather than just assuming something is OK because of the label, and color coordination in selecting items to go with another piece of clothing. As I said I was to learn later I had a high I.Q., and found I was automatically improving my speech by associating with a better class of people, and more importantly was enjoying it.

We started going to a few of the places that Sue had told me about that were tolerant of lesbians, and in a couple of them could be found gay men. It wasn’t obvious at first till you knew what to look for, when they met a quick peck on the lips instead of the cheek as some people do when meeting friends, hands touching one another briefly, they way they would look at one another. One place that surprised me was one of the lounges in one of the better class hotels in the city. It was a bit of a posh place, still the signs were there too. Catherine fitted in nicely as this was the kind of class she was most comfortable in.

Going there on a regular basis we got to know other lesbians, and for some reason I was surprised to find most of them were well educated, professional women. I used to think such people were snobs, as I hated the teachers I had in school, female as well as male, or anyone else in some kind if authority. Now here I was mixing and chatting with them as if we were equals.

Around the second or third week of September we had gone for a drive into the highlands and stopped at a pub for a drink and a snack. It was a beautiful sunny day, a little on the cool side but really bright when she asked me to come live with her and we talked about it. She didn’t seem to care about what people thought, but I was a bit concerned myself although I loved the idea and finally agreed. To the outside world I would become her boarder, and she would be my ‘landlady’.

I told Sue about Catherine, and admitted to her I had turned levent escort queer, she just smiled at me as if she wasn’t surprised, guessing correctly from the way I’d asked quizzed her about places where queers hang out. I told her about Catherine and she said something like, “well at least you’re moving up in the world”, working in a fancy restaurant, dressing better and now hanging out with the rich.” It felt good that I could talk to someone from my background about those things.

I moved in with Catherine at the end of September, and fixed up the spare room as my room, although in reality I was taking over the big bedroom. Now I had a housekeeper as well as a lover who catered to my every whim, waiting on me hand and foot as if I was the queen or something. My birthday is in the middle of October and she bought me a beautiful pair of high heeled boots as winter was coming on, not the kind of thing I would buy for myself as they were very expensive.

I was getting bolder too, and more curious and started quizzing her about her life in Rhodesia, and how she got involved in lesbianism. She said her Nanny had started to molest her when she was very young, a black woman as were all the servants. She said she was good to her in a way, as she spent most of her time in her company as her father worked, ‘for the company’ although he was a part owner, and her mother worked in town.

She admitted she liked the sexual touching, her Nanny wasn’t too forceful and would hold her firmly on her knee and get her to suck her tit, while she ‘tickled her fancy’ in return. As she got older this progressed to masturbating each other. She was warned to keep quiet about what they were doing or the Voo Doo would come and take her away. Apparently there was a lot of superstition about this Voo Doo stuff among the locals, and she got brain washed with it too as a child.

Later in her teens she got involved with another black friend of hers and that’s when the bondage started. They were together for many years till they got found out when a relative of the black woman walked in and blew the whistle on them. The unrest among the natives had been growing over the years so was the hatred of the whites. The outcome was her family immediately shipped her back to Scotland in disgrace.

Her stories of her and her lover excited me and one night at home she got out a suitcase, and from it removed some leather restraints and asked me to bind her so I did, starting with a pair of leather cuffs with her wrists behind her back, then later around her ankles. I told you before how she would say to me things like, “you can do what you want with me”, and “you can’t hurt me as I love you” and the true meaning of what she wanted was lost on me at the time.

The rougher I was with her having sex the more she seemed to respond, now having her partially helpless was a real turn-on for both of us. In a way I was astonished at my own response, just seeing her helpless would start my juices flowing, and I would tease her till she pleaded with me to let her have orgasms, as I’d hold off forcing mecidiyeköy escort her to wait. I’d get her hogtied on her knees with her face to the floor and tease her inner thighs, pussy and over the crack of her arse till she’d beg me to penetrate her with the vibrator. She had bought me my own strap-on dildo and I practiced fucking her with it, it was awkward at first till I got the hang of it, and found it to be enjoyable for me too.

Catherine had been used to the finer things in life with her family having wealth, most of them that lived in Scotland at that time in Edinburgh, and in a way she was banned to Glasgow, although she could go and visit them from time to time. I was beginning to enjoy going out to fancy restaurants for lunch or supper. As I told you I was working in one when we met. Now she was dressing better and with her new hairdo made her look about 10 years younger, I was enjoying her company in more social settings too.

In the restaurants and bars we went to I was being treated more like a lady should, with a lot more respect than I’d been used to and I liked that. In dressing her my favorite was her in a pencil slim black or navy blue skirt with a white or cream colored satin blouse, with a under lift corset and silk knickers, black nylons with the seams up the back of her legs and wearing her stiletto heel shoes or boots, and a pearl necklace with matching ear rings. Although she was still on the plump side she would get lots of admiring looks from men and women alike that turned me on to see, knowing she was mine to do whatever I wanted with her.

My own wardrobe was to get better too, with better quality clothes and silk undies, nicer nylons again mostly black as I thought black made one’s legs look sexier, and although I was dressing more conservative to what I’d been used to, I still liked to show my body off. She would take my arm when we were walking in public and although we would get some strange looks from others I didn’t care, in fact I kind of enjoyed it and soon got used to it.

One of the night spots we got into the habit of going too that was very popular was in the basement of a very posh hotel, where there were leather lounge chairs and sofas. You had to know the signs to realize most of the clients were queer, other than that it was just a very nice place to relax and have a drink. Little things like how they would make eye contact as they chatted to one another, touching each other on the wrist as if to make a point, the movement of their hands in an excessive feminine way, and of course knees touching each other when seated.

It was very popular on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights as well as Saturday afternoon, there were a lot of straight people who would go there too, although most didn’t realize it was a hang out for a lot of gay people. Conversations with others was of course very guarded at first, till one got to know they were in ‘similar’ company then one could relax. Straight people were easy to detect and except for polite conversation would be ignored for the most part.

Not sure when we first saw her there, kağıthane escort you know how it is when you start going to the same place regularly, you feel you know someone by seeing them often. So it starts with a nod of acknowledgement then a hello, and when circumstance place you in close proximately like sitting at the bar, you begin to chat to one another about mundane things at first. As a lesbian herself she saw the signs between Catherine and myself, particularly when she heard her refer to me as ‘Miss’ (as I told you Catherine had got into the habit as calling me ‘Miss’). Catherine chatted with her exchanging things like about their backgrounds, and we learned she was a Vice Principle of a school. She was in her 50’s and of course modestly dressed as was proper and I noticed her hands, they looked so elegant with long nails and soft skin. Bracelets were common too, we called them ‘bangles’ and I noticed she had a few on her wrists and one in particular I happened to see and comment on was a silver one of what looked like a whip wound around her wrist with the ‘tail’ attached to the handle. I commented on it and she smiled at me with her eyes.

After that night when we could we would share a table, she with her friend and the two of us and enjoy each others company and conversation. So it was she got to realize Catherine was the ‘quiet one’ as was her companion, and I was flattered she talked to me like an equal. The festive season was approaching and conversations turned to talking about gifts, families and what we were doing for the holiday period, and I had plans to go home for Christmas till after the New Year, and Catherine was going to spend Christmas and Boxing day with her family in Edinburgh.

This lady, who by now I’d knew her name was Marlene McDonald, asked what plans we had for the weekend before the holiday and we had none, so she invited us to a get together at her house. “Just a small gathering of friends” as she put it, and we were welcome to join them. The Saturday in question Catherine and I got dressed in our finest and drove to her house. It was, as she’d said a casual gathering of friends and lesbians, there was drinks laid out on a table, a buffet of snacks and we kind of just hung out chatting and listening to some music. I found it strange at first to see women holding hands and with arms around each other like lovers do. The low lighting and slow music made it quite romantic and with the booze soon relaxed and got to know some others like us.

Marley, (as I got to know her) was a gracious hostess with her ‘friend’ making sure none of us were without a drink, and circulating with trays of finger snacks to nibble on. She herself was wearing a more revealing dress than I had seen her wear in public, along with rather high heels, and like others seemed more ‘touchy’ than normal. I did notice a lot of the other guests would refer to her on occasion as ‘Ma’am’, the first time I heard that term used to another female. We stayed quite late and I don’t quite remember what we talked about, other then it was in relation to sexual partnerships and attitudes.

When we went to leave she saw us to the door and before leaving gave me kiss on my mouth, and a big hug telling me she liked me and hoped we could meet again. Catherine drove us home and we spent the next day together making up for the time we would be apart as I said I was going home for the holidays.

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