I Remember Ch. 01

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I remember the first time I saw you. Short, cutely rounded, your shoulder length dark hair. Your dark eyes. There was ‘something about you’. We smiled.

We hit it off. Later, we went to dinner, and saw a movie about dragons. It was cold in the theatre, we sat close and held hands. The movie was boring, I made fun of it under my breath. I remember you giggled.

The night ended too soon. We sat parked outside your place. I made funny small talk, not wanting you to go in.

It was late, you had to go. We stood at your door, there it was; ‘the moment’. You always knew how to make me make ‘the next move’. I took your hand, and drew you to me. I remember our first kiss.

We saw each other several times. It was unspoken as yet, but we knew there was something real between us. I remember the first time I undressed you.

Your soft, fair skin. Faint tan lines. Your underwear was black. I kissed you while my hands felt your body.

You sat up, and undid your bra. You looked to me to remove it. I saw your full breasts, I had to touch them. How soft they were on the sides. The feel of your light brown nipples as I rolled them between my fingers. I remember your perfume.

I kissed tiny trails all over you. Your breathing became deeper, your small soft hand on the back public agent porno of my head. My mouth slowly explored your flesh. When we kissed, I felt it to my core. I remember you looking into my eyes.

Without a word, you slid out of your panties. Your eyes held an invitation. You always let me make ‘the next move’ I remember how your naked body felt against mine.

Your skin was like warm silk. My hand teased over your stomach, moving lower. You closed your eyes, the pink tip of your tongue flicked over your full lips. Your soft fur tickled between my fingertips.

I grazed my fingers over and along your thighs, each pass inching higher as your breaths grew deeper. My hand gently moved your legs apart. My mouth tasted your crinkled nipples. First one, then the other. And back. I remember the sound you made as my hand cupped your moist femininity, and caressed it.

Your hips slowly moved in harmony with my hand. My fingers were getting wet. I pulled you tighter to me, and kissed you again. I felt your gift of surrender, you were mine.

My fingertips traced the lines of your face. I gently pushed your dark hair back from it. I gazed on your beauty, your slightly flushed skin, parted lips fuller than before. I continued my massage reality kings porno of your mound as I began to kiss my way downward. I remember moving my body between your legs.

I teased you with my mouth and tongue, kissing, licking and nipping over your stomach. I played my fingertips over the tender flesh along your ribs, and thighs. I shifted, and moved lower. I remember the first time I saw your sex.

Dark curls around your puffy lipped slit. You pulled your legs up, letting me see more. I knew what you wanted. I was going to make you beg for it.

I moved away, and touched my lips to the sensitive skin just inside your knee. I let them graze in a small circle, over and over. I could tell from your breathing how much you liked it. How much you wanted more.

I ran my tongue along the length of your smooth thigh, stopping short of Pleasure Valley. I did it again and again, on each thigh. I remember how you began to pant.

I moved my mouth over your furry wetness, while my fingertips floated across your stomach. You started to shake. I blew gently on your soaked lips. I could see your pleasure bud peeking from beneath it’s fleshy hood.

I licked along the creases of your thighs, and around your dark triangle. Just close enough rus porno to make you whimper. In a whisper, you begged me. ‘Ohhhh pleeeeease.’

My hands found yours, I held them as I tasted you for the first time. I remember how you groaned.

My mouth watered as your scent filled my nostrils. I licked you slowly along your outer lips, my tongue parting them slightly. I pushed my face deeper into your wetness. I kissed you deeply on your sex.

I stiffened my tongue, and licked you hard from bottom to top. I let the tip bump over your pearl. Your hips jerked each time I did. My mouth closed on your center of pleasure. Still holding your hands, I used my arms under your legs to pull you closer. To pull you tighter.

I alternated between licking and sucking on your clit. Sometimes hard, sometimes soft. When I felt you getting close, I’d back off, and then start again. I remember how you shook.

When I knew you couldn’t take much more, I stopped, only to tell you ‘No more teasing, I promise. Let yourself go.’

I pulled you even tighter, and glued my mouth to your more than ready sex. I sucked hard, while my tongue lashed your clit in a frenzy. I felt your body stiffen, climbing higher. I was not going to stop this time. I remember your sounds as your climax took you.

I continued my oral caresses, coaxing you higher. I could feel you twitch on my mouth. As it ebbed, I backed off, gently kissing and licking along your wetness.

When it had passed, I moved up, and took you in my arms. I kissed you for a long time. I remember how you melted into me.

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