I Saw Her

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I turned the corner at the end of the bread aisle and there she was, the woman of my dreams. I’d seen her several times before and the possibility of seeing her made trips to the market a seething pot of anticipation for me. Today, her cart loaded with assorted food and paper products, so I knew she had completed her shopping and was headed to the checkout stand. I was filled with disappointment.

If only I’d left the house earlier and not waited for the load of wash to finish spinning so I could put it in the dryer. If only I’d finished my shopping so I could stand in line behind her and watch her like I did the last time I saw her. I looked down at the loaf of bread in my cart and knew that it would be outlandish for me to get in line with one item and wait behind a woman with a full shopping cart. “What am I going to do?” I fretted.

A brief glimpse wasn’t enough now that I’d seen her! “I know!” I told myself, “I’ll wait and see which line she gets in and browse in the corresponding aisle.” With that plan in mind I followed her and as she turned into a checkout line, I turned left, up the canned fruit aisle. I went quickly and turned my cart around at the halfway point and looked for the woman. I let out a sigh of relief and pleasure. There she was, I could see her clearly. She is petite with a slim athletic figure. gaziantep escort reklamları

Her hair is short and dark and she’s always brushing it away from her face and tucking it behind her ear. Hmmm, how I’d love to suck on her earlobe! It’s hard to tell much about her breasts because I’ve only seen her wear a running type bra, so she’s sort of flattened. God what a butt, through! On time she was wearing jodhpurs and the firm rounded mounds of her butt made me wet just thinking about squeezing her muscular ass as I pulled her against me. The lust was overwhelming and I had to look away. I picked up a can of peaches and pretend to read the label. She was wearing a long flowing shirt today, so it was fairly easy to calm down my images of her backside.

When I looked at her again, she was unloading her cart. I loved watching her hands. The way she moved her fingers and the way she touched things was sensual and so erotic. I marveled over the way that my seeing her handle a bottle of dish soap could make me faint with lust. Oh, to have her fingers move over my skin the way they moved on that bottle! To distract myself, I studied her face. Her skin was tan and when she smiled her teeth were a stark white gleam of contrast. She smiled easily and her dark eyes would shine with a genuine open friendliness.

The time I stood in line with her, I’d been the recipient of one of her smiles. For the rest of the day I felt like I was walking on air. As she waited for the items to be tallied, she smiled and chatted with the cashier. A wave of envy filled me. I’d heard her speak and she had such a beautiful soft-spoken tone that I could have listened to her for hours. I would have given anything to be close enough to hear her now. All to quickly she’d written her check and gotten her receipt and was pushing her cart out the door.

I stood there for several moments longer and then went on to finish my shopping in a euphoric haze. I got home somehow and put the groceries away. Her image was vivid and kept me company as I did household chores. I wondered what she was doing. As I put the super in the oven I thought about what she was making for dinner. I heard your car pull into the garage and when you came in the door I called out, “In the kitchen…”

“Be right there,” you replied. I knew I couldn’t wait any longer! I had to have her! I hurried to the bedroom, knowing that you would be undressing. I was breathless by the time I reached you and I grabbed your hand and dragged you to the bed.

“Now?” you asked. I nodded and pushed you onto your back. I was undressing and kissing you at the same time and you laughed at my futile efforts to keep kissing you and pull my T-shirt over my head. Somehow we got undressed and I felt your bare skin, cool against my heat. I closed my eyes and ran my fingers along her body. I grabbed your hair and felt her hair between my fingers.

I kissed your ears and sucked on her earlobes. I plunged my tongue into your mouth and scraped it against her perfect white teeth. I moved on top of you, but your erection was distracting so I got onto my knees in between you legs. I kissed and sucked each nipple and cupped her breasts in my hands. I slid my hands underneath you to feel the beautiful muscles of her ass. I couldn’t wait any longer so I climbed on top of you and in my mind I reversed the sensation of being penetrated to one of driving myself in to her.

She moaned and bucked against me, driving me deeper into her cunt. I could feel the tip of my penis touching her cervix, her muscles clenching around me. Ah, the wonder of sliding in and out of her vagina, the pleasure of being surrounded by the slick heat of her cunt, was more than I could bear and I started coming. I was screaming as the waves of ecstasy pulsed through me and my cum exploded into her. As the sensations ebbed I became aware of you watching me pant above you. Your dick twitched inside me as you contracted your muscles. I bit my lip in embarrassment and you laughed.

“You saw her again, didn’t you?” you asked.

I nodded.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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