I Shouldn’t…

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“Come here, baby?” he says. Less hopeful, like he used to be, and more demanding.

“What for?” I ask somewhat dismissively.

He smiles that evil smile. “Come here,” he moves to the bed, so do I. “You’re so pretty,” he whispers and he kisses my lips gently. “Strip.”

“Strip?” I ask. Him being so direct isn’t unusual, but I’m still easily embarrassed, and he knows it. “Yess.” He says, snake like. His hands fall slowly from my face and hair to my shoulders before they graze my breasts over my clothes; I still blush horribly, falling further to rest on my hips.

“Strip.” he repeats.

I look into his eyes, seeing the man I know; then move my own hands to the top button of my blouse. I undo one after the other without any fanfare. I know his eyes are following my hands. It makes me a little nervous, as if I haven’t done this before. Once they’re all undone, he takes my hands in his and kisses my neck. “So pretty,” he sighs then sucks lightly. It feels really nice. I mean, really nice. It gives me that butterfly feeling. He’s so sweet, so I lean into him. He makes me so wet, and he knows that.

He moves back a bit again; I know he wants me to continue, I do too, so I do.

I slide my blouse over my shoulders, and am suddenly very cold. My nipples tighten. Bras aren’t much use usually. I don’t mean anything improper by it, they’re just not comfortable.

His hands drop mine smoothly and squeeze my breasts tightly. I blush again and move away a bit. It wasn’t at all hard enough to hurt, but I wasn’t expecting that at all either.

He’s smiling as he says “sorry” and thumbs my nipples before caressing my breasts way more gently and kissing my sex izle lips again. I do like that. I open my mouth, just a little, and our tongues meet, just a little. That’s So exciting, I can barely help myself.

I hold him close to me, and he does the same. His hands go from my breasts to my back. He rubs slowly, then puts his thumbs between the elastic waistband of my skirt and panties and my hips. He goes back to sucking my neck, and moves his hands, panties and all, down more. Then my collarbone, right where I like it. That’s good too. I sigh, and I can feel him smile. Then he kisses the top of one of my breasts, and looks up. He’s so evil, he’s so good. He takes my nipple into his mouth and sucks as he was doing on my neck just moments ago. I have to admit, my breath might be getting a little heaver at this point.

He kisses my stomach, and I run my fingers through his hair. It’s always so soft and so nice. I like this part best, almost. With him kissing my stomach and me just, almost, petting him. It’s so nice and intimate and innocent. It makes me feel a lot more then you think it would. It gives me those butterflies, I always get so wet.

Of course, he’s on his knees now, and my last few garments that were protecting my modesty are now at my knees too. He pushes them to the floor.

“Step out.” he orders quietly. I obey, of course. He pushes them away and moves close to my… His hands on my thighs. I sigh and blush and cover my face. He laughs, he’s so evil.

“Move your legs apart a bit, baby.” he says, so calm. I do, and he takes his hand right to my.. you know, and caresses so nice and soft. It feels good…

“Like this, baby?” He sexmex porno asks.

“Yes.” I respond, still blushing.

“Yes what?” he inquires with mock innocence.

“I… I like it..” I whisper back.

“Sorry, what?” He’s so evil.

“I… like that. I like you touching my… um… my… pussy… like that…” I stutter and whisper the word he likes, I’m so nervous! and for no reason.

“Is this all you want?” he asks. Obviously not. He’s only rubbing the surface… obviously i want… more…

“..No..” I say quietly.

“What do you want then? What should I do, right now?”

“I…” I sigh, defeated, “put a finger in, a bit, maybe, and, rub my, um… clit… please…” blushing again, with him grinning again, he does as I ask. It feels crazy good, my knees get weak; I can’t help it. Just that much, I could come so soon.

I take two fingers inside me, as usual, when he moves the one attending my clitoris away. It’s good, his are bigger than mine.

I, so obscenely, drape a leg over his shoulder, and he… takes his tongue to replace his finger. It’s such a different feeling. It’s wetter and warmer, and moves in an entirely different way. I like it, I like it so much. He just flicks his tongue back and forth while his fingers move in time, in and out, and, God. My knees were weak before, I can’t take this. I am breathing heavily now, no denying that. Sighing and even moaning. Biting the tip of one of my fingers, my other hand placed on his unoccupied shoulder to steady myself. I’m so vulgar, only he could ever see me like this.

When I’m nearing my climax, if I came standing I really would fall, he stops.

“Get sikiş izle on the bed, pretty.” he tells me. I obey, again, far more eager this time though, it’s so lewd, but God, it’s so good.

I lie down and open my legs, knees bent, showing all of myself to him. I’m embarrassed, but, it’s nice.

He just rubs me with his palm and kisses my stomach first. He knows how much I like that. Then, as I’m sighing and gasping, he goes back to what he was doing. With his talented fingers and the delicate flicking of his tongue.

I bite my finger and cover my face and the feelings intensify. My breaths becoming more shallow and rapid, my body begins to tremble, my thighs quaking.

I try to hold back, I do. I want it, but, it’s wrong. It’s good, what he’s doing, and, Oh God, I just can’t…

I break, moaning loudly. I cover my mouth more and move my knees higher. Most of my body moves involuntarily, my back arches and my breast are pushed towards the ceiling. It’s so obscene, it’s so good.

When I get control of myself back, and my breathing starts to go back to normal, though I’m still trembling and I can feel my wetness dripping down onto the sheets, he crawls up me, between my open legs. I smile at him. He kisses my lips.

“Look at you, pretty baby” he says, feeling my wetness. I’m depraved, but I’m not ashamed. Even if I should be, or would be in any other case.

He places his finger, wet with my… liquids… on my lips. I open my mouth for him and suck, his finger, but, myself, for him. He smiles his wicked smile. I blush, and smile back.

Its, so wrong. But he makes it all okay. Better than okay. It’s always, amazing. I may be going to hell, but, it’s worth it.

He nuzzles my cheek. I like that.

His… cock… is pressed against me. I should be disgusted, but… I love his. He’s so good to me. It’ll be his turn to experience that beautifully immoral feeling now.

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