I Totally Went Back

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Here is the story of my second time with older Taye Diggs! His cock was definitely a hard habit to quite and it was no surprise I couldn’t stay away for too long. Enjoy it y’all!

I Totally Went Back (Of Course I Did)

Steam covered the bathroom mirror. The water from the shower head rained down on my back. I had been in the shower for close to an hour; the hot water was starting to go cold. I ran my razor over the last strip of shaving cream covering my right leg.

“OW! Damn it.”

I said through gritted teeth. A small spot of blood was visible where the razor had nicked my skin.

It was Wednesday night and I was getting ready to get laid! After my first night with older Taye Diggs, who’s real name, I later learned, was Wayne, I knew it wouldn’t be long until I got that itch again. An itch Wayne would happily scratch. We had been texting back and forth all weekend, I couldn’t believe how fast this man could get me all hot and bothered, even over text. By the end of our first text conversation, we had already confirmed this Wednesday night dick appointment, and the doctor was definitely in! I have been buzzing with nervous excited energy all week. This was my first scheduled-in-advance dick appointment, so I actually had time to prepare and make sure my body was ready for the pounding that Wayne was surely planning on giving me. I had already started eating less in anticipation of this man rearranging my guts with that incredible cock of his. I also thoroughly cleaned my hole inside and out, it was so clean you could eat off it, or more likely just shove your face into it! I had spent over an hour getting ready and was buzzing with anticipation as it got closer and closer to my appointment.

“There all done,” I said with pride as I washed the last bits of shaving cream off my body. I ran my hands up and down my newly smooth body, ‘Fuck I feel amazing!’ I shouted in my head; Wayne is going to love this.

I turned the water off, stepping out of the shower and grabbing a towel off the towel rack. My hand brushed against my cock as I dried off and it sent a wave of pleasure through my body, a small moan escaped my lips. I haven’t touched myself since I made the appointment so I was feeling extra sensitive. I finished drying off, successfully avoiding my attention starved cock, and made my way to bedroom to get dressed.

While texting with Wayne last weekend we had talked about me wearing lingerie and if he would be into something like that. He responded with ‘Absolutely!’ So, after work on Tuesday, I made a quick trip to my local sex shop and found the perfect sexy surprise for Wayne. I was now sitting on my bed rolling the lace-suspender-stockings over my legs, the lace felt divine against my newly bare smooth skin. I pulled the lace all the way up my legs and up over my shaved stomach. I stood in front of the mirror on my bedroom door and was absolutely blown away. The lace-stocking-suspenders hugged my legs and lower body perfectly. Holy shit I have curves! I spun around and couldn’t stop staring at the perfect bubble that was my ass. I gave my ass a quick slap and watched the way it bounced, and jiggled. Is it possible to fall in love with your own ass? Cause if it is I was deeply in love with mine in these stockings. I had a brand-new respect for women after all this prep work and shaving to look sexy for their partners.

I regrettably tore myself away from the mirror. I had one final step to make sure I was fully ready for Wayne. I bent over the bed, grabbed my butt plug and lubed it up nicely, before reaching for my bottle of poppers and taking a small hit to manisa escort loosen myself up. I exhaled and felt the warmth flush over my body, the plug found no resistance as it slipped into my tight hole. My body shuttered as the plug settled snuggly inside my ass. I was practically vibrating with desire and lust as I squeezed the plug with my hole; Fuck I needed Wayne’s cock ASAP!

I stood up from the bed and did one last spin in the mirror before grabbing a pair of sweat pants I was too busy imagining what tonight will hold for me. I was excited to fully let myself go and enjoy this man’s incredible cock. I couldn’t wait to feel his cock in my mouth again. I wanted to taste every inch of his thick black cock. I wanted to bury my nose in his balls and smell his manly scent as I stroked his shaft. Fuck was my mouth watering? My hole was clenching and twitching as I thought about sitting down on his cock. Fuck was there a wet spot on the front of my sweats?

I miraculously made it to Wayne’s apartment in one piece, even if that once piece was a horny slutty mess. I was out of my car, up the stairs, and knocking on his door in the blink of an eye. I took a final deep breath and knew I was ready and prepared for whatever Wayne wanted to do to me.

Wayne answered the door with a warm smile and my heart started beating a bit faster. He was just as handsome as I remembered. He was shirtless, wearing only a pair of basketball shorts, his cock hanging freely. I felt my hole twitch slightly remembering how big it felt, how good it tasted, and how badly I needed it back in my mouth. Wayne quickly ushered me to his bed room and his shorts were soon on the ground at his ankles. FUCK ME! His cock hung there between his legs like a solid black pipe! It looked heavy, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Wayne has killed someone by turning to quickly to the left and slapping it across that person’s face. What a way to fucking go!

“Get up on the bed with me,” he said with a smirk, “but those clothes have got to go.” He leaned his back against the headboard. The lust that burned in his eyes as he devoured me with his gaze, his dick in hand, made me giddy with excitement.

“I’ll take these clothes off, but first you gotta see the special something I put on for you.”

“Let’s see what you got baby.” He said to me as he continued to slowly stroke his cock.

I looked at him with the best ‘FUCK ME!’ eyes I could muster and slowly pulled my shirt off. I dropped it on the floor next to his shorts, before slowly turning around making sure Wayne has a good view of my ass. I popped my ass out arching my back and keeping my knees locked, like I’d seen countless porn-stars do. I peeled my sweats off slowly, letting the lace stockings reveal themselves to Wayne. I heard him groan a bit as he drank in my curves. I felt so feminine and sexy as I stood there, bent over, my sweats at my knees, my sexy ass on full display. “Yea those can stay on,” his voice dripping with lust as I gave him a little shake and bounced my ass a couple times.

“Do you like the outfit Daddy?” I asked him with a slight giggle, crawling over him and laying down next to him in bed.

“Yes, I do.” He said simply. He was a man of few words, let’s hope I can get a few more words out of him tonight! My fingers wrapped around his hardening cock, giving him a few strokes feeling his cock grow in my hand, FUCK he was so big! His black skin looked incredible next to my white skin. I couldn’t stop tracing my finger tips over every inch and vein of his massive black cock. I never truly understood the phrase ‘cock-drunk’ until I escort manisa watched Wayne’s beautiful black cock grow to its full glory in front of my eyes. My mouth was hanging open and I was leaning forward, like I was on auto-pilot.

“Fuck I missed this,” I said in a submissive voice I was getting used to using the more and more I stared at his cock. I got into position, with me lying on my side with my back towards Wayne with my right arm draped over his muscled torso. I was now staring directly at his cock. This is the moment I’ve been waiting for. I groaned as I slowly allowed him to slide between my lips for the second time. My dick appointment had begun.

We both groaned as my tongue made first contact with his cock head. “Fuck yea!” he growled out as he ran his hand down my ribs before firmly grabbing my ass. That was all the motivation I needed! My brain clicked off; I was in slut-mode. I slowly bobbed my head on his cock, savoring the fullness of his cock as it slides in and out of my slutty mouth. I moaned around his shaft as my tongue swirled over his cockhead. I was in full control of his pleasure and I was drunk with lust at that fact. I slobbered on this man’s dick. Worshipping it with my mouth. I was making noises that I couldn’t believe were coming from my mouth.

I tried to push his cock into my throat but I gagged. I popped his cock out of my mouth, gasping for air. Spit connected my lips to his glistening cock head. Fuck his cock has never looked more irresistible. My hand was moving rapidly up and down his shaft my tongue flicking against his cock head. Wayne was moaning his appreciation as I made love to his cock with my mouth and hand. His finger slid between my ass cheeks and he teased my hole, shooting waves of pleasure through my body. That pleasure told me to get this man’s cock back into my throat.

Wayne’s finger slowly circled into my aching hole, I groaned in pleasure as he penetrated my eager hole. I moaned in anticipation of this man pounding me, making me scream for his cock. I popped my mouth off his cock, and turned to look back at him. “Daddy, I need that cock inside me.”

“Then climb on-board sexy,” Wayne said giving my ass a quick slap.

I was so fucking excited! I sat up and swung my leg over his torso so I now straddled him. I giggled because I could feel his cock nestled nicely between my ass cheeks. I slowly grinded my ass back against his cock loving the feel of his thickness. Before I got too far, I knew I would need some help. While Wayne lubed up his cock and my ass I leaned over and grabbed my sweats from the ground. I dug into the pocket and pulled out my bottle of poppers. Now I had everything I needed.

I reached back and wrapped my hand around his cock and lined it up with my hole. I let it sit at my entrance while I grabbed the bottle. I took a deep, deep inhale. Holding my breath as I carefully pushed my ass back letting the head of his cock start to penetrate me. When I felt the head pop into my lubed up hole I exhaled and felt an immediate head rush, the warmth washed over me in a flash, my hole relaxed and I felt myself sink further and further down Wayne’s shaft.

Every inch shot lightning bolts through my body. I couldn’t believe how good this man’s cock felt inside my pussy…I mean hole. Aw fuck it, my ass was a pussy right now and I needed Wayne to give me my daily dose of vitamin D. My ass cheeks finally came to a stop, I had eight-thick-inches of big black cock buried in my white boi pussy. I had the biggest smile on my face as I savored this full feeling. Wayne groaned and grabbed my hips as I attempted manisa escort bayan to twerk my ass a little bit. “You like the way this pussy feels Daddy?” I asked in a raspy high-pitched voice.

“Fuck yea baby,” he growled at me as he thrust his hips upwards. I met his thrusts, slowly picking up speed as I got used to his cock introducing it self to my guts. In no time I was riding him, his bed was squeaking as I bounced my ass on his lap. I gave one final bounce, taking his cock balls deep. I was sitting on his lap breathing heavy trying to catch my breath. We locked eyes and smirked at each other. I knew I was in for one hell of a night.

I took a big hit from my bottle of poppers and let that familiar warmth wash over me. I was slowly grinding and bouncing on his lap just enjoying his cock. Apparently, Wayne was done letting me play because in a flash this man swept me up in his arms and picked me up. In one quick motion he spun around and planted me like a lawn dart onto the bed. I was now on my back looking up at Wayne’s handsome face, my ankles were up on his shoulders. I took a picture with my mental camera because I knew this image was something I would want to recall the next time I’m masterbating. He thrust his hips forward and knocked the wind from my lungs as his cock slammed into my prostate. I let out a stifled grunt as stars lit up my vision.

From there the rest of the night kind of blended together as Wayne pounded me into his mattress in a couple more positions. The sounds of our fucking live on in my fantasies. I just laid there and took this pounding. I was nothing but his cock sleeve, his cock-drunk slut boi.

The next thing I vividly remember as being bent over the corner of his mattress, my feet on the floor, my back arched and my face buried in his sheets. Wayne was behind me his thick black cock thrusting in and out of my ass like a piston. Looking back this was by far my favorite position of the night. I was moaning my head off as I started to throw my ass back to meet his powerful thrusts. Each punch of his cock against my prostate started building a warm feeling that was slowly washing over every cell of my body. Then I felt it, like I was standing on a shore-line watching a wave rise on the horizon. A tsunami was coming for my body and there was nothing I could do to stop it. Before I could fully prepare for it that massive wave was on top of my psyche. “Ohhhfuuuckkk” I moaned out, my hand shooting to my bouncing cock giving it three or four quick thrusts. The wave slammed into my body as my cock exploded over my hand. I had never felt pleasure like this before. My ass was squeezing Wayne’s cock as my own cock twitched in my hand. My body was limp, the only thing holding me up was Wayne, his hands firmly gripping my hips as he continued the assault on my poor ass.

Wayne gave one more deep thrust and a low groan escaped his throat, he pulled out of my ass and my body was hit by another wave as Wayne shot his load over my ass and lower back. Rope after rope of hot cum covered my ass like icing on a cinnamon roll.

I collapsed forward and dangled off the corner of his bed, my knees were useless as I laid there in Taye Digg’s bed. My body covered in sweat and cum. I felt some of his come run down my back and slipped down between my cheeks. Fuck I was covered! I reached back and ran my finger through a puddle of his cum. I brought my finger to my lips and sucked it clean. Come-on! Even his cum was irresistible! We both got dressed, the post-sex-silence was sprinkled with compliments and statements about how mind-blowing that was.

He walked me to the door of his apartment. My hole was already sore; sore and satisfied. My knees made a surprisingly speedy recovery and I was able to walk out under my own power. As I walked down the stairs back to my car in the parking lot I knew I’d be calling him again soon, because I definitely needed to schedule another dick appointment!

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