I Want to See Something

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Jenna and I had an understanding. Neither of us was as adventurous as we wanted to be, but if we waited to overcome our nerves to do something, it would never be done, but asking the other to do something out of their comfort zone was a lot easier. We could ask each other to do things that would push our boundaries, and we couldn’t refuse, unless it was just too crazy, or dangerous.

That brings us to today. Jenna’s 5’4″ with perfect proportions and small, but quite perky and well shaped breasts. She had a bit of an exhibitionist streak, but it was reserved to flashing me in public places, but never anything that could get her caught. She was wearing a t-shirt with a short skirt that showed off her legs quite well. We were driving down the highway that paralleled the beach. This whole area was considered a state park, so there were no houses or businesses or much of anything around besides the beach and the road. We were taking the scenic route, as you do on a beautifully clear and warm day like today.

Then a thought occurred to me, and I knew the perfect stop for it. There was a section of hilly dunes a few miles down from one of the more popular beaches. Few people ventured this far away from the official parking areas, so there would be a decent amount of people on the beach, but not overcrowded. I pulled over to the side of the road, confusing Jenna who looked at me quizzically.

“I want to see something.” was all I had to say, and I had her interest piqued. We got out of the car, I pulled out a large blanket I had in the trunk and we walked into the dunes. There was a particular spot I had found years earlier when exploring the dunes that had a nice clearing surrounded by high dunes and thick bushes. Bushes that I used to obscure myself as I watched a couple having sex in the clearing, all those years ago. It was perfect for what I had planned. I layed out the large blanket that was plenty big enough to give us room to move around and not get sand all over ourselves. We kicked off our shoes, I brought her to the center of the blanket gave her a soft kiss, then laid her down on her back. I lifted her leg and kissed my way down, slowly, teasingly, till her skirt was bunch up revealing her panties, which I moved aside to give me access. I kissed her inner thigh and gave her pussy a good, slow lick. She was already quite wet in anticipation of what might happen, and her nectar tasted delicious as I licked from bottom to top, flicking her clit with my tongue, eliciting a shudder of delight from her. I continued on for a few minutes before standing up to take off my shirt, shorts and underwear. Jenna started to take off her shirt, but I stopped her.

“Not yet”, I said as I dropped down between her legs and positioned my cock to enter her. I slid in easily and continued to slide in and out as I kissed her gently. So far, nothing out of the ordinary, but the anticipation of what I had planned meant that I didn’t last long, as I filled up her pussy with a fair amount of cum. She slid her hand down and started stroking her clit, but I held her hand to stop her.

“I’m so close. Why’d you stop me?” She said, confused.

“I want you fired up for the next part.” I said, keeping things cryptic for now.

I pulled out carefully and quickly moved her panties back into place to catch any escaping cum. I stood her up and lifted the t-shirt over her head. Then I unzipped and dropped her skirt to the ground. She stood there in just a bra and a pair of bikini panties. I took a step back and looked her over. “That’s quite obviously a bra, isn’t it?”

“Obviously.” She said, not sure what to make of my statement. I reached around to her back and unclasped the bra, leaving her in just the panties. The sun made her breasts glow seductively and it took a fair amount of effort to not take her again right there. “Perfect! Now, I want you to go over the dunes to the beach…” She stopped me short.

“But I’m just wearing a pair of panties and I’m topless!”

“Oh, I know, but first, it’s legal to be topless, and those -are- ‘bikini’ panties, are they not? And the pattern on them makes it not completely obvious that they’re panties till you get close.”

“Sure, it’s -legal-, but almost no one does it, and I suppose they’re bikini shaped, but they’re much thinner than an actual bikini, and they’re clinging to my pussy with how wet I am and your cum dripping out of me! You can clearly see the outline of my pussy lips from probably just a foot or two away!” she continued, but I could tell that this was all more fuel for her fire.

“Then it’s perfect, and you didn’t let me finish. I want you to find a guy to lick your pussy while I watch from those bushes.”

“Are you crazy? You want me to find some random guy to eat me out? Even if I could find someone, they’ll know I’m full of cum, nevermind the fact that they’re not just going to do that and leave. They’ll want something in return!” she retorted. Obviously a little apprehensive, but trying Gaziantep Otele Gelen Escort to hide her excitement at the idea.

“Find a young college guy, but aim for a little nerdy. He’ll be so excited to even see your boobs that he’ll do whatever you say, and his inexperience will blind him from the fact that he’s licking my load out of you. And just promise him a blowjob. You love giving blowjobs and he’ll be more than satisfied with that. Plus I’ll be right there, out of sight, so he won’t scare off, but close enough to jump in if it gets out of control and, just as importantly, have a great view!”

“Oh, you’re really pushing it with this one. Even just walking around the beach wearing only a pair of panties is going to have me horny enough, much less everything else. It’s all a bit much. I don’t know if I can.”

“You know you want to!”

“I want to, but I’m a scared.”

“Think about it. A stranger licking out your creampie. You’ve always wanted me to do it, but I’d lose interest right after I came, plus he won’t last long with the blowjob, and afterwards we can have some more fun in the sun, as it were.”

“I have wanted that, and it would be hot to suck on another cock. I haven’t done that in years. I don’t know. It’s kind of overwhelming.”

“Stop thinking about it and just do it!” I said as I nudged her towards the beach and gave her a light smack on her ass. She walked off slowly glancing back with that apprehensive look that said “I’m gonna get you back for this one.” I picked up her bra, shirt, skirt, and my clothes and headed into the bushes. I had a perfect view of the blanket, but was shaded and obscured enough that I couldn’t be seen without some effort, and he was going to be a little preoccupied.

It had been a quite a while, and I was starting to worry that maybe this time I’d gone to far, when she came over the hill with a guy in tow. He was young. College aged. Very little body hair, decent looking, but obviously not a jock. Just what I had in mind.

“Wait, are those… You were walking around the beach with only… You’re just wearing panties!” he stammered.

She turned to him, gave a sly grin, slid the panties down her legs and tossed them aside. “Not anymore!” She said as she sat down on the blanket and continued “Now eat my pussy before I change my mind!” He didn’t waste a second getting down on the towel between her legs and went to town on her.

Here was my girlfriend, who I had just fucked minutes earlier, completely naked in broad daylight, in public, with a complete stranger’s head buried between her legs. I was hard as a rock and it took a lot of effort not to jerk off to this sight, but if I came, I might realize how crazy this all was and put a stop to it.

He was obviously lacking in technique, but he made it up in enthusiasm. I could hear the licking and slurping as he unknowingly sucked my cum out of her. Jenna was really getting into it, writhing and moaning in obvious pleasure.

“That’s it. Eat my pussy. Suck on my clit! Uhhhh!” she tensed up as her orgasm flowed through her. She pushed his head away. “Hold on… hold on…” she gasped out. He sat back, waiting for her to recover. “Forget about the blowjob.” she said, and I could see his expression turn to disappointment before she managed to get out “I want you to fuck me, instead.”

“Really?” he stammered out as she turned over and repositioned on her knees with her head on the blanket.

“Just shut up and stick your cock in me! NOW!” she said, forcefully.

I couldn’t believe what I just heard, but before I could fully process it, he had stood up, pulled his trunks down in a flash, and dropped to his knees right behind her. I stood up and walked out into the open. I was still naked, but I was behind his back, so he didn’t immediately see me as he pushed into her began to slide in and out with youthful enthusiasm. I started to open my mouth to say something when she saw me and said “don’t say a word and get over here!” The guy stopped in a shock and looked at me. “He’s with me.” She said, “Don’t worry, and don’t stop!” He tentatively began again as she patted the blanket right below her face. Sit down here, and lay this way” gesturing on the ground towards the young guy currently pounding his cock into my girlfriend, “so you get a good view!” How could I argue with that, so I sat right by her head, and lay back, resting my head on the blanket and turning towards them so I head a great view as this strange cock came in and out of view. I felt the warm wetness of her mouth as she sucked my cock in. She was normally great at giving head, but she was a little distracted, and the rhythmic pounding she was getting was throwing off her technique. I wasn’t complaining, though because this was more than I could have hoped for. Perhaps more than I wanted, but my extremely hard erection was telling me that it was all good.

The problem with young, inexperienced guys is that they tend not to last long, and he was no exception. He clenched up and I could tell he was filling her with what must have been quite a built up amount of cum. I heard her let out her breath in what must have been a bit of frustration at having it over a bit quicker than she would have liked. He fell back on his knees, gasping for air as she shifted sideways. She lifted her leg over my head and before I knew it, her pussy was directly above me dripping with cum! A split second later and it was planted firmly on my mouth! I was a bit shocked, but immediately started licking away at her. It didn’t taste bad at all. His cum mixed with her copious amount of juices was intoxicating. I had always wanted to go down on her cum filled pussy. The idea seemed so erotic, so dirty, but only when I was horny, and I would always lose interest the second I came. I never could bring myself to it. Here I was doing just that, while horny as hell and loving every second of it. By the sound of it, so was she. She was breathing heavily and burying her head in the blanket to stifle her moans.

Just as I had her all cleaned up, I saw through the brightness of the sky above me a cock lining up with her. Young guys can get it back up so quick, I thought, but then I heard him say, off to the side “Don’t worry, he’s with me!” and I realized that the cock an inch from my face, currently sliding into my girlfriend wasn’t the guy who just fucked her, but was a completely different second stranger.

“Oh, fuck, YES!” she exclaimed in joy as she said to me “Don’t stop!” How could I argue with that, as I continued to lick at her clit and along her pussy, as best I could. His cock… stranger number two’s cock… I didn’t even know their names… was pushing in and out of her and managed to squeeze out even more cum from deep within her pussy. I licked it up and couldn’t help but lick at his cock from time to time as the back and forth made it all but impossible not to. His cock even slid out of her and into my mouth for a second before he lined back up and continued on.

This kept up for only a few minutes before he pushed up against her and I knew he was unloading inside her. I positioned my tongue right at the junction of her pussy and his cock as he pulled out, and I licked her juices off of his cock before he pulled out completely and a large glob of cum fell right into my mouth. I had no choice and swallowed it down as she sat up a bit to better position her pussy on my mouth. My cock lay stiff and wet with her saliva, feeling the breeze on it, seemingly forgotten as my mouth cleaned up the new mess that was presented to me. She was more into this than I thought she could be and had obviously thrown all caution to the wind as she writhed on my face, smearing the combined juices over my cheeks and nose.

Stranger number one was above me again, lining his cock up with her when she said “No!” and he stopped short. “It’s his turn now.” She said as she turned around and lay flat on top of me, sliding down and guiding my cock into her overly sloppy pussy. “But don’t go away.” She continued, “you’re still owed a blowjob!” She grabbed his cock and pulled him just to the left side of my head. She gave him a few strokes and gave the head a tentative lick. “Besides…” she said as she slowly slid up and down on my cock a couple times “I want to see something” she said and pushed his cock into my mouth! I lay there, a bit shocked and not sure what to do when she grabbed the hair on the back of my head, turned my head to him, and pushed my head up so that more of him slid in. I decided ‘fuck it!’ I wasn’t going to argue with her now, especially not with a cock in my mouth! I sucked him in as best I could, then slid him out licking around the head as I did, only to slide him back in.

He let out a gasp, and was obviously enjoying it. He looked over at his friend and said “I don’t fucking care. This feels GOOD!” The friend, already hard again from what he’s witnessing, shrugged and positioned himself to my right. Jenna, with a big grin on her face, grabbed his cock, pulled him over and sucked him into her mouth.

Here we were. My girlfriend and I, out in public, sun shining down as she slides on my cock forwards and back, while sucking a complete stranger’s cock a few inches from my face, while a another complete stranger has his cock sliding in and out of MY mouth!

A few minutes of moans and wet smacking later I hear stranger number one yell out “Anthony! Over here!” I can’t believe he just called a third guy over. This is all too much for me and I explode inside Jenna’s pussy with a pent up load fueled by the insanity happening around me.

“There you guys are. I was wondering where you disappeared … ” Anthony stopped short as he came into view of what was happening. He was a thin guy. A little nerdy looking, but not bad.

“You’ve got to get in on this!” Guy

says “You need it more than any of us” he added, and he sure did look like he needed to get laid. Jenna waved him over with a mouth full of cock, not missing a beat.

He stopped beside us trying to absorb what was going on. “What… what do I do?” he stammered out.

Jenna let the cock slide from her mouth as she turned to him, reached out, yanked his trunks down and said “Fuck me! Fast and hard!” He didn’t need to be told twice and moved behind her, lined his cock up and slid easily into her pussy, which wasn’t surprising considering it how full it was with my cum. I could feel it dripping out and landing on me as he pumped it out of her. At least I knew this guy’s name, unlike the other two.

The added effect of the forceful jolts of Anthony’s pounding, forcing Jenna’s mouth back and forth on number two’s cock, was getting him close, but it was number one that was going to go first. I could feel him getting a little stiffer in my mouth as he says “I’m gonna cum! Where do you want it?”

Jenna pulled off number two and says, gasping for breath “Cum in his mouth!” I can’t believe what I’m hearing as she leans in and says “Swallow every drop, straight from the source!” Again with that wicked smile as she slides number two back into her mouth. A second later, a grunt from number one, and my mouth is filling with cum! I start swallowing and it keeps coming! He slides in one more time before sliding out and falling back, exhausted.

Number two lets out a grunt and I can tell that he’s filling her mouth up. I can see the smile in her eyes with her lips stretched around a cock while it pulses over and over into her mouth while her head jolts back and forth from the pounding she’s taking from behind. His cock slides out of her mouth and she immediately leans down, plating a kiss on my mouth, forcing her tongue into my mouth. I open up for the kiss and realize that she hadn’t swallowed and gravity was pulling a big load of cum into my mouth! Moaning in pleasure, she runs her tongue around mine, playing with the cum as it slides into my mouth. She puts her head to the side of mine and says “swallow it all down like a good boy!” and I do. She kisses me again “That’s so fucking hot!” she exclaims as Anthony tenses up behind her, filling her with up with her fourth load today, from four separate guys! He slides out and she exclaims “I was so close!” as she quickly slides up. I can feel a few gobs of cum hit my chest as she plants her pussy onto my mouth, once more. A huge glob of cum slides out of her and into my mouth as I lick away at her, cleaning the mess that I set into motion. There was so much cum flowing from her. Anthony really did need to get laid. He must have been saving up for quite a while, given how much was coming out of her.

Stranger one and two had both gotten their trunks and had disappeared. Anthony picks his up and stammers “Th… thanks!” and jogs away while putting his suit back on. Jenna falls to the side giggling. “That was awesome. I’m so glad you suggested it!”

“Hey! Only the first bit was my idea. The rest was all you!”

“Alright. You got me there. I was so worked up walking around the beach topless and in just a tiny pair of panties. I can’t explain it. I know it covers the same as a regular bikini, but it’s thinner, and just more… intimate, if you know what I mean. Felt like I was walking around in public completely nude. Plus I was wetter than I’ve ever been, and your cum was sliding out of me. The panties were clinging to me… I felt so exposed. It took me a while to find someone and by then I was so worked up it didn’t matter that he was with a friend. I told him to come back here after a few minutes and I’d blow him, too. The thought of him licking your cum out of me… the thought of blowing a stranger. I figured, why not two? I’m getting horny again just thinking about it. Then, after he was eating your cum with such enthusiasm… well… I kinda got a little carried away!”

“I can see that. I was about to stop you at that point” I said.

“Oh, there was no stopping me then. I would have fucked the whole beach if they came over the hill at that point!”

“Is that so?”, I said, jokingly.

“You know what I mean … But seeing you suck on him … that was fucking HOT!”

“You got me with that one. Didn’t expect that, but I wasn’t going to argue. I quite liked it, after all. I can see why you enjoy it so much. It’s definitely… interesting.”, I admitted.

“I’ve secretly wanted to see that for a while, but never thought I would. I never thought YOU would!” she said.

“Are you kidding? I swallowed more cum today than you did, by far. That was … holy shit, five loads! I swallowed five loads of cum! I can’t believe it. The things I do for you!”

“Speaking of cum” she pointed at a glob on my chest, laughing. She leaned in, licked it up, then kissed me square on the lips, using her tongue to push it into my mouth. We played with it back and forth before swallowing it down. “We should do this again, soon!” she said, then stood up, picked up her panties and slid them on. “I’m heading to the car. Grab the rest of my clothes, will ya?” and she walked off towards the car which was in full view of the highway.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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