I wasn’t Asleep

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Big Tits

The following is a fictional story, all of the character portrayed are over eighteen.


Just another house party with the boys, your classic college sausage fest. None of us cared that there were never any girls around (okay, we all cared), these were good people to hang around and get drunk with and we always had fun.

Nathan was throwing the party this time, he lived in a studio apartment which was cool having everyone in the same room, but it was small and we were crammed in together. There wasn’t any privacy anywhere and you could hear everyone’s conversation. That was part of what made it cool though, there was basically one giant conversation or activity everybody was involved in.

Especially the drinking games, which I seemed to always suck at playing. Beer pong, never-have-I-ever, even shot roulette always got me. I got trashed very quickly and ended up passing out on the couch early, it couldn’t have been passed ten o’clock, the apartment was still packed. I woke up at random when people sat on top of me, just my feet and legs at first, but eventually they just squished over and around my comatose body.

I started holding on to consciousness, I could tell I had been out for hours. The apartment had cleared out a little, I opened my eyes long enough to see there were about a dozen people left, most of them my good friends. I knew I was safe here, nobody would steal my wallet out of my pocket if I crashed the night, or sit on top of me, so I closed my eyes and tried going back to sleep, but my attention was drawn to what they were talking about. They were all snickering and laughing.

“Oh my god.”

“He’s just going for it.”

“Whatever man, that shit’s toxic, get it out when you can!”

I could hear it now, someone was jerking it in the armchair near my head that was next to the couch I was sprawled over.

I tried slowly opening my eyes, I didn’t want them to think I was waking up in excitement to one of the boys masturbating, so I wanted to make sure they didn’t see. I opened my eyes a hairline and I could see Bryan, pants around his knees, with his head kicked back, furiously rubbing his cock up and down with his hand. I nearly burst out laughing. This guy! What the fuck was he doing?!

I realized I was watching him masturbate, confirming to myself it was best to just pretend I was asleep. I was still drunk and didn’t want to get caught watching one of my friends rubbing himself, but I couldn’t help it. His cock was much larger than mine, it was surprising. Bryan was one of those scrawny boys that always looked small, even though he was taller than me. I just expected him to have a smaller cock, or average at best, but he had a huge dick.

“Dude, don’t even think of cumming on my furniture or carpet!” I heard Nathan say.

“Go to the bathroom already!” Joe said with disdain.

“Don’t worry, I can’t cum this way.” Bryan explained. He stopped what he was doing, straightened his head back up and just laughed with a huge, silly grin on his face. His cock was still rock hard and he left his pants around his knees as he returned to conversation with the group.

I found myself disappointed as I kept staring at his large cock, which he would stroke every so often to keep fully erect. I loved when girls would cum, and I would eat them out for however long it took for them to orgasm. Something about cum coming out of a hose in a squeezed stream excited me and I fantasized about what it would be like having a man explode on my face and in my mouth.

“Can you put that shit away?” Darrel asked Bryan, whose hard cock was still pointing out in the middle of all their conversations.

“I need to cum. Like, seriously cum.” Bryan responded sorrowfully.

I had always enjoyed Bryan’s company, he was a hopeless romantic that wore his heart on his shoulder, which I could relate to. Hearing that intonation of sadness in his voice, I understood how much he was longing for love, I wished there was something I could do to make him feel better.

“Then cum already, get that poison out!” Jason advised, he was always going on about how cum was a bad thing to hold in.

“I need to cum in something.” Bryan confessed.

“Do it in the bitch with a cock drawn on his face!” someone whose voice I didn’t recognize blurted out. Was he talking about me? It wouldn’t be the first time these guys drew cocks on my face when I was passed out. We all had a good laugh those times, myself included, but I always secretly wished they put real cocks on my face.

“Leave him alone, he’s a good guy.” I heard Joe reply firmly. Joe was always looking out for me, I considered him my best friend.

“Put it in his mouth, he won’t know! Then this guy can finally put his fucking dick back in his pants” the unrecognized voice said again as he made his way towards me. Through the sliver of vision I had, I could see it was Michael.

I should have known it was him. I hadn’t hung around Michael much, but I know one of my ex-girlfriends had an affair with him. I didn’t like him at Gaziantep Yabancı Escort all, but when he put his hand on my jaw and pinched my nose closed I didn’t react. As little as I liked him, he was steering things the way I wanted things to go. Michael was trying to pull my jaw open, but he didn’t really need to try, I opened it voluntarily and allowed it to look like it was from his efforts.

Was I really doing this? I couldn’t believe I was lying on the couch, pretending to be asleep, with my mouth open waiting for a cock to be entered.

“I’m not cumming in his fucking mouth!” Bryan said exasperated.

I knew it was a hopeless dream, Bryan was a good friend, he would never do that.

“It’s easy. Let me show you.” Michael said pragmatically as he unbuttoned his pants.

Fuck that! I hated this guy, I wasn’t about to let me come near me with his… massive fucking cock! Oh my god! Nevermind! I opened my mouth wider to ensure it would fit.

Michael had lowered his pants and a giant cocked snapped out from beneath and bounced above my face. Bryan may have been much bigger than me, but Michael had a monster cock. I felt like a whore, not caring anything about whose cock it was and just wanting it in my mouth. The other boys were my good friends, they would never do anything perverted to me against my will (and I didn’t think they’d want to do anything with my consent), but Michael hated me. I thought if anyone would cum on my face, it would be him.

“Dude, get the fuck out of my home!” Nathan roared at him.

No! I knew Nathan was just trying to do the right thing, but he was about to ruin everything.

“I’m just fucking around!” Michael laughed as he turned around and pulled his pants back up. I almost sighed out loud.

Bryan had softened up enough to put his pants back on too. I guess we were done. What a disappointing turn of events, this world was yet again just teasing me. I tried staying up to see if anything interesting would happen again, but the boys went back to their card games and television and I eventually fell back asleep.

I awoke what must have been hours later. The lights were all off in the apartment and, off the glow of the television, I could make out the forms of several people sleeping on the floor and other furnishings. I slowly looked around with just my eyes, keeping my body still. Focusing my sight on the television, I saw there was a pornography playing. I explored the rest of the room, and on the armrest adjacent to the couch I was on, Bryan was masturbating again. Poor, horny bastard.

I tried thinking quickly of what I could possibly do to get that large cock in my mouth and cumming, so I slowly started opening my mouth. Just a little, so that it looked like I was breathing out of my mouth, but enough that even his big cock could be squished in.

Abruptly, Bryan groaned and threw his head into his hands, he was clearly frustrated about something as he stood up and started pacing back and forth in front of the couch I was ‘asleep’ on. He would stop by my head for a moment, before he resumed pacing back and forth. I thought he was actually contemplating putting his cock in my mouth!

I debated ending the facade and telling him he could just do whatever he wanted, but he stopped beside my head again and started jerking himself again. I could see him start to crouch, his crotch getting closer to my face. I had a brief moment of lucidity and putting my excitement to the side, I wondered how good a friend he might actually be if he was thinking of putting his cock inside his passed out friend’s mouth, but that feeling quickly subsided when suddenly he pushed the head of his cock against my lips.

I had never felt another man’s cock with any part of my body before, let alone my lips. The head of Bryan’s cock was oddly soft and hard at the same time. I had always thought of a man’s cock as some fiere and monstrous instrument of destruction, but this felt unexpectedly gentle and delicate. Almost instinctively, I opened my mouth wider.

I panicked for a moment, thinking Bryan might realize my mouth opened consciously, rather than reactively, but I don’t think he was paying attention to much. He pushed his cock further into my mouth and I entirely consumed the head. He started pulling out and pushing back in slowly, with just the head of his cock. I didn’t know the first thing about sucking cock properly and I knew I wouldn’t be able to take much more of his large cock down my throat, but Bryan put his hand on the back of my head and made his best efforts.

Bryan was pushing his long, hard cock slowly deeper down my throat, pausing between each little bit he was able to fit in. I realized he was trying to be careful not to ‘wake’ me. I was thankful, he gave me plenty of time to adjust and relax, within a few minutes, half of his huge cock was down my throat.

Bryan started thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth quickly in very short strides, while I praised myself for being able to take so much cock down my throat on my first attempt. I didn’t get to relish for very long.

Bryan kicked his head back and let out a large shriek, quickly pulling his massive member from out of my mouth, his giant cock staring me in the face. Immediately, a line of cum shot out from his cock and sprayed into my cheek. I could feel the backsplash landing on my nose and even my shoulder! Another hard streak spat out and covered my nose, dripping down my other cheek onto the couch and again I felt the backsplash land on my forehead and shoulders. Bryan sure did cum hard!

“What the absolute fuck?!” I heard someone say, I wasn’t paying enough attention to recognize who, as another stream of cum landed in a perfect line over my forehead.

“Yeah man, get that shit outta ya.” I knew that was Jason talking while more cum shot over my lips.

“What the fuck is going on?” I was pretty sure that was Nathan as the lights turned on and Bryan squeezed out the last dabble of cum out of his cock, rubbing the head on a dry spot left on my chin.

“Uh, quiet?!” Bryan finally said after a moment, not quietly, and laughing. “Had to. Jason’s right, something bad was about to happen if I didn’t get that out, and this was the only way to get it out!”

“You just came on your friend’s face while he slept, something bad did happen.” Joe was awake and sticking up for me again.

“He won’t know. What, are you going to tell him?” I now recognized that as Michael. Bryan must have woken everyone up when he shrieked while cumming over my face.

“I don’t think that would serve any purpose at this point.” Joe said sympathetically.

“Good. Then what’s another cock matter, between friends.” Michael chuckled as he quickly dropped his pants, his monster cock flung out again, this time, before anyone could say anything, he pushed Bryan out of the way and stuffed his massive cock hard into my mouth.

A long moment passed, Michael with both his hands already on the back of my head, thrusting his enormous cock in and out of my mouth quickly, before anybody said anything. I don’t know who finally spoke up, I was focused on the cock fucking my mouth and all I could mostly hear were gargling sounds coming from my mouth.

“At least go easy on him, don’t fucking wake him!”

“When you fuck his face, you fuck his face like you want to!” Michael cackled and increased his pace.

“Dude!” someone gasped.

“He’s fucking out!” Michael yelled back, further increasing his velocity as he skullfucked me.

“Well, fuck. Now I need to get this shit out.” I could hear Jason saying.

Michael’s gigantic cock pulled out of my mouth so quickly, it made a loud popping sound as the large head squeezed passed my lips. I hadn’t fully breathed in when another cock was thrust down my throat. I couldn’t see well in the dark, and my eyes were watering from gagging on large cocks, but I knew Jason had committed to get his ‘shit out’.

Jason was always talking about his dick and was actually friends with Michael, we weren’t that close of friends, so I wasn’t that surprised he wanted to fuck my face with his cock. I was surprised, though, when I heard Darrell shout out that he was next.

“Gimme a sec, man!” Jason grunted as he started deepthroating me hard, within a few seconds, I could feel something slimy shooting down the back of my throat. Jason pulled his cock out so that the head was left in my mouth, pushed against my tongue. He jerked back and forth on his cock and stopped as I felt another stream of cum shoot in my mouth. He did this another three times as three more large loads of cum filled my mouth. He left the head of his cock in my mouth for a long moment after. I didn’t think swallowing a bucket of cum was something you could do in your sleep, but I wanted to swallow and more importantly, I wanted to swallow cum.

I swallowed heavily and a warm bucket of thick, slimy cum oozed down my throat. Jason left the head of his cock in my mouth as he caught his breath, then began laughing. I saw Darrell standing beside him now, his pants unzipped and a cock sticking out from the opening. Darrell’s cock was very well shaped and pristine, it was larger than average and looked like he might have a moisturizing routine. I couldn’t wait for him to put his rock hard manhood in my mouth, as I was getting bored of Jason’s deflating cock sitting around doing nothing.

I didn’t have to wait long, Darrell must have been excited to get his cock in my mouth too, because he had to pull Jason back by the shoulders to get the cock out of my mouth. As soon as my mouth was empty, Darrell filled it back up. I was getting really good at relaxing my throat so that a cock could just slide it’s way deep inside, and even though Darrell was sized well, his entire cock disappeared down my mouth instantly, like a magic trick.

I had known Darrell for years, we had been friends since grade school. I remember I snuck a peek at him in the showers once after swim class, but he had grown into a very well developed man since then. Now his big cock was stuffed down my throat, slowly sliding all the way in, then slowly pulling all the way out. Each time the tip of his cock rubbed against my lips as he reentered, I could tell he loved this part, because that’s when he would swear or gasp.

Darrell started feeding me his big cock slowly at first, at this pace I was able to think of all the years hanging out and partying with this guy. He was always so shy and timid, I never thought he had a fierce bone in his body, which is why I was so surprised we he volunteered to fuck my mouth after Jason. My thoughts quickly tangled and faded away as Darrell grabbed my hair in his hand and sped the thrusts of his cock up to top speed. Everytime his cock pulled out of my mouth it made a popping sound, as I couldn’t help but suck hard when he thrust it down my throat. I hoped he wouldn’t notice, or somehow he would think that my sucking was just a subconscious reaction, but he didn’t care. Darrell kept thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth and began jerking his shaft quickly with his hand. Everytime his hand came up to the tip of his cock, his fist drove into my lips and nose. I thought my nose might start bleeding and it hurt slightly, but I didn’t want him to stop. I could feel him getting harder and knew he was about to cum.

Darrell pulled out his plump and stiff cock, the beet red head aiming over my lips and open mouth. He rubbed himself aggressively and cum started spurting out like a pipe had burst, first covering my lips, but he made sure to spray his load over every inch of my face. I thought all boys cummed in successive squirts, but Darrell’s cum shot out so quickly, it flowed almost like he was peeing. There was a lot of cum pouring, my face was already covered with Bryans cum, but now I had a second thick coating painted from chin to forehead.

As Darrell squeezed out the last few drops of his cum onto my face, I lay still trying to decide if I had the worst friends a man could have, or the best friends a boy could want. I knew that in the days that followed I would seriously question whether my friends actually had any respect for me, but right now, I just wanted more cock. More cum.

“Joe. Your turn.” I heard Michael command.

“No.” I heard Joe recoil.

“Guys, he’ll fucking say something to someone. We need to all be together in this.” Michael elaborated.

There was a moment of silence. Darrell pushed the head of his cock back in my mouth, I could feel more cum dribbling out over my tongue as he left it there, still holding onto my hair.

“He’s right.” I knew that was Nathan, even though I couldn’t see him. “I’m not letting this get out that this shit went down in my place.”

I now saw Nathan standing beside Darrell, pulling his pants down as his large, erect cock bounced out. Did all my friends have much bigger cocks than me?!

“Move!” Nathan barked as he shoved Darrell on the shoulder.

Darrell’s cock finally pulled out of my mouth and was soon replaced with Nathan’s. Nathan had a much larger cock and he facefucked me hard. I was astonished, we were good friends, and here he was not just fucking my mouth, but fucking my mouth really hard.

Nathan fucked my mouth for a while, standing beside the couch as the other boys had, but after what must have been several minutes, he jerked my head to face the ceiling, twisting me onto my back. Nathan lifted one foot onto the couch beside my face, his leg bent. In this position, with his legs on either side of my face, Nathan was able to take long, hard thrusts and force the entirety of his massive cock all the way down my throat, his balls bouncing on my chin, his ass just over my neck. Nathan’s hands held my head firmly in place as he pumped his pelvis to my lips, forcing his massive cock all the way down my throat with each thrust.

Nathan would quickly thrust his cock entirely down my throat and hold it there for a second, before pulling it out fast and driving it back in hard. It was too much to handle, I couldn’t go on. My eyes burst open and I tried to push him away with my hands on his abs.

“Shit!” was all Nathan said as he froze, the head of his cock still in my mouth.

“Ya man, you’re getting your face fucked! Keep going, Nathan!” I knew that was Michael cheering on.

Nathan remained still, our eyes locked for a moment as the head of his cock was still in my mouth. He waited a moment, almost as though to see if I’d bite down or further resist. Even I couldn’t believe what I did next: I gave a quick lick to the head of his cock that was still in my mouth! Slowly but surely, Nathan started deep throating me again.

I started groaning and pushing on his abs again.

“Fine!” he exclaimed as he leaped back and sat on the couch. “Then go at your pace.”

Nathan pointed quickly at my mouth and then to his erect cock, then folded his arms and patiently waited. I pushed myself up and got onto my hands and knees on the couch, then crawled over him so that my head was beside his cock. Without hesitation, I took his heavy meat in my hand by the shaft and stuffed the head into my mouth. I didn’t bob up and down on his cock, I wanted to savour his soft, hard head in my mouth and just slurped on it.

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