I Won Pt. 03

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For the next few weeks we explored some of the other ways that 3 people can make love. As a side observation, I will admit that it takes me more time than it ever has before to ‘reload’, I guess because of my age. I will also note that it really feels nice to have someone caressing and fondling my cock and caressing my balls when I wake up and at other times during the day. It also feels ‘right’ to be able to caress and fondle others when I wake up and during the day, without that person complaining about it (and that goes for both a man and a woman).

Back to the next few weeks, as an example, we tried out a movie I had seen back some time ago. In the movie, the husband (that’s what the description said he was on the ‘amateur submitted’ site it was on) laid on the bed with his head ‘hanging’ over the side. His wife (see last sentence) slid over him to the point where she could, and did, suck his cock while he was kissing, licking and sucking on her pussy. After a few minutes, a second man appeared and walked up behind her. He slid his cock into her, and slowly screwed her (there was no way to know if he was making love to her, or just screwing her). This gave the husband the opportunity to lick his cock while he was …you get the idea.

Another example from another movie from the same site: The husband was filming his wife and her lover making love on the bed. After a few minutes, his wife decided to get on top of her lover, facing the man’s feet and the camera. The husband put the camera on a tripod and crawled onto the bed. He then kissed his wife and gently pushed her backward, allowing the boyfriend to reach up and fondle the wife’s tits, stroking her nipples, making them stand up. It also created enough room for the husband to lean over and lick her pussy. As she leaned backward a little further, her boyfriend’s cock slid out allowing the husband to alternate between licking her pussy and licking/sucking his cock. After a good couple of minutes, the husband, using his tongue, ‘guided’ the boyfriend’s cock back into his wife’s pussy. She then sat up and started moving on his cock, helping both her and the boyfriend to cum (real or good acting…nobody knows). When the wife rolled off of the boyfriend, the husband crawled over and ‘cleaned him up’. Good movie!

We had a lot of fun re-enacting both scenarios, and quite a few others. Don’t misunderstand, we also continued to ‘practice’ three-somes where in one of us guys got to enjoy sloppy seconds, and Sonya got to enjoy them every time.

Something else you shouldn’t misunderstand is the amount of time we spent in bed. While we did enjoy each other during those weeks, there were other things that we did as well. Since I had so much money, and my income was in the 7 figure range (figure it out: 300 million at the 6% per year I demanded to let the bank use it, then deduct the income tax), while my ‘outgo’ was in the 5 figure range per month, I wanted to find a ‘special’ place that I could buy where I/we would not be hassled for being nude all the time, and outside as much of the time as weather allowed, and it didn’t have to be in this country, either. We were searching for the ‘right’ Realtor. One that I could get along with easily and well. One that wouldn’t try to ‘steal me blind’. And, finally, one who would work with me and us to find the ‘perfect spot’ for what I had in mind long term. Then we found Tony (cue dramatic music).

That happened like this. I found a company called Equatorial Real Estate Limited online. The company was pushing homes in Uganda, but I was looking for an island where there would be no restrictions on what we did with the land. I also found a website called Privateislandsonline.com. I sent them an inquiry and quickly received a reply from a Tony Hamilton. When I told Sonya and Doug about it, they both yelled “Ham”, causing me quite a bit of confusion.

After a few minutes of laughter on their part, they explained that they had gone to High School with a Tony Hamilton, and “Ham” was his nickname. Sonya explained, giggling the whole time, that she and this Ham had been a “hot couple” during their Senior year, and that they hadn’t really done everything the rest of their class had imagined they had done.

At Sonya’s urging, Doug told me that he and Tony had rented a one bedroom apartment in a large coastal community with a board walk after their Freshman year at collage. They had run into each other in a restaurant after landing summer jobs at different places on the board walk. He explained that, about 2 weeks after they had rented the apartment, he had accidently walked in on Tony jerking off. Doug said he realized he was turned on by seeing that, and that Tony had suggested they stroke each other off. That was just the beginning of a very interesting summer for both of them. They learned, although he admitted they tried it, that neither of them enjoyed anal sex, and really wanted nothing to do with it, but they did very much like playing with each other, Gaziantep Elden Para Alan Escort and even sucking each other off ‘once in a while’.

Sonya then told me they had tried to locate Tony for a threesome after learning she couldn’t conceive. Unfortunately, they couldn’t find him in the phone book for the town where they grew up, and stopped looking after that. She also said it would be really great if that was the same guy they had gone to school with, and Doug ‘seconded’ that idea.

Soon after that, I got a phone call from the man himself. Fortunately, the phone I was using had a speaker in it. I called Doug and Sonya to come to my phone so we could all hear what he had to offer us. I put the phone in speaker mode, and told Tony that I had Sonya and Doug here with me. As soon as he spoke to acknowledge that, Doug yelled and Sonya practically screamed “Ham” and the three of them all started talking at once. He was saying he went to school with two people of the same name, and they were saying they recognized his voice.

Finally, after everyone calmed down, Tony told us he had at least 3 islands that we could look at, and forwarded a link to my email so we could view the pictures and descriptions of all three. We agreed to get back to him within 48 hours to let him know what we thought of the choices. Although we knew there are other realtors out there, since Sonya and Doug knew Tony, and trusted him, I figured we’d explore his islands first.

When we looked at the pictures and the descriptions of the islands, we all rejected the first one immediately because it was small, only had some scrubby grass covering the whole thing, and was mostly beach. Great for someone who only wanted to host a ‘boat only’ cook-out with a few friends (16 or more people would make it seem crowded).

The other two were much larger. One even had a few trees while the other, larger yet, seemed to be covered with a forest and seemed to have many pretty beaches where the trees didn’t reach all the way to the water’s edge. I called Tony back and told him we would like to visit the larger island and asked where it was located. He replied that it is 15 miles East of Cayenne, French Guiana. When I looked up the climate information, it seemed to be perfect for the ‘project’ I had in the back of my mind.

Since it was over 2,300 miles South of where we were, I decided to buy a jet for the “Trunk Hole” private security company we had started. Not cheap, but what I felt we needed and, in fact, that would be large enough to use as a ‘shuttle’ sometime ‘down the road’, if things worked out. Surprisingly, when I contacted Tony with the information about how we were planning to get to the island, he asked if we would give him “a few days” lead before we got there. His reason was that he wanted to inspect the property, making sure it was clean, and being maintained for a visit by a potential buyer. We agreed that Sonya, Doug, and I would fly down there on Monday, and that we would stay there for the entire week, reviewing all it’s features at a leisurely pace. So our flight was scheduled for 9 AM following Monday, and Tony would meet us when we arrived at the Island’s airstrip.

I explained to Doug and Sonya what I had in mind as a ‘special surprise’ for Tony, if he wanted to participate, and they agreed enthusiastically. We decided on the things that would need to be done between now and the time we were to leave and all of us got started. Sonya had volunteered to pack travel bags for each of us, Doug was to handle towels, etc for the beach and other activities., and I agreed to handle arranging for the ‘special’ food and drinks we wanted to take.

During the flight, Sonya, at Doug’s urging, told me about their High School Senior year, and all that she and Tony had done. Surprisingly, it wasn’t as much as I had imagined, based on my, personal, High School Senior year. She explained that Tony had, back then, anyway, ‘magic fingers’, which was a good thing because he would always start cumming as soon as she touched his cock. On the other hand, she never felt dissatisfied with their love making because of the way Tony used his fingers. She related the detail that I lacked any knowledge of, and that was that Tony has large hands with long fingers… and he had quickly learned how to use them inside Sonya to provide them both with the most pleasure. Tony was another man who ‘gets off’ by getting his partner off really, really well.

When we finally arrived at the Island’s airstrip in the ‘previously owned’, but highly customized, GulfStream G100 I had bought, we were tired because it was a very long and, mostly, boring flight. Tony was already standing at the ‘arrival end’ of the airstrip, waiting for us with a big smile on his face and I noted that he is a tall, well proportioned man with black hair and a mustache. He was wearing the ‘traditional’ real estate sales person ‘suit’ of black slacks and a white shirt with the top button open.

I had to tell Sonya and Doug to let the Co-Pilot (both he and the Pilot are employees of the security firm) have the room to get the door open and the stairs down and locked before they tried to climb over him to get out. As soon as they could, they practically leaped down the stairs and ran over to Tony, Sonya jumping, wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. Doug was about two steps behind her, just close enough to keep Tony from falling over backward as he threw his right arm around Tony’s back. I was just close enough to hear Tony say “Well, Hello to you both!” before Sonya’s mouth covered his with a very passionate looking greeting kiss. Doug, while hugging them both, was looking on, smiling widely, happily at the two of them the whole time.

Now, to really envision what Sonya must have looked like you really have to look up “Solid V neck Lace Splice white cotton Sundress” in the “Images” section of your favorite search engine. When you see the picture of that dress, imagine a red-haired woman, about 5′ 6″ or 7″, with small (full A cup, or small B cup) tits with somewhat larger than you would expect aerolas around long nipples wearing it. Oh, and did I mention that she was braless? In the dress she was wearing, this whole scene was a delightful and exciting sight to see!

As I was approaching them after deplaneing, I realized that, from a man’s point of view, that dress just screams ‘make love to me…now!!’. Thinking along those lines, I realize any woman who finds other women to be attractive also would find a woman wearing that dress to be extremely alluring.

Finally, after the very enthusiastic greeting ‘wound down’, I was introduced to Tony as “Uncle Don” Page. Tony pointed to the golf cart he had been standing in front of, and said he would be happy to show us to the ‘Main House’.

Now, I will tell you that most men (and some women) will not pass up the opportunity to look down a woman’s dress, especially if she is braless and wearing a blouse or dress with a scoop neck. Personally, I will never pass up that opportunity, and I’m an old guy. And it doesn’t matter how many times they have seen the woman’s tits, or how big or small they are. My preference is for smaller ones because many times you can see all the way to the nipples, and sometimes beyond…always a pleasant sight! I watched Tony as Sonya leaned over to get into the front seat next to him, and saw that he was no exception to that general rule. Doug was still smiling broadly, knowing also what Tony was looking at and why. Sonya, I think the best word to describe it is “chattered” during the ride from the airstrip to the ‘Main House’, I guess because she was nervous and excited.

Now, the best way to describe our house (yes, we bought it before the end of that week) is to say that it is large, very large. It’s basic style is like a “hacienda”, complete with an enclosed court yard. Besides the Master Bedroom (which is really big!), the house features another 8 bedrooms or ‘Guest Rooms’ (each with it’s own private bath), a large ‘professional style’ kitchen (so described by Tony), a large eating area, with tables and seating for 20, and a correspondingly large Living Room with a giant screen TV. ‘Behind the scenes’ were a ‘garage’ where all of the 12 golf carts were kept and maintained, a laundry room with ‘commercial sized’ washer and dryer and a large table for folding the linens, towels, etc. and, hidden on the western side of the Island was a giant natural gas generator, a very efficient water desalinization plant and an ‘ultra efficient’ sewage plant.

Tony explained that the Island was staffed with 28 employees, all of whom lived in a small ‘community’ at the north end. They were currently cooking an entire pig on a spit just outside of the Main House to be used at the ‘Welcome Dinner’ for us that evening.

Tony then gave us a ‘quick’ tour of the rest of the island and explained that the previous owner had been a very, very wealthy ‘Greek Shipping Magnet’ who had loved to throw parties. He explained how that man had arranged for the natural gas pipeline to be laid from the mainland, had all the other facilities designed and built, before dying at age 101. His wife had died some 5 years before he did, and his 3 children all lived in different countries and had no intention of keeping the island.

That’s when he drove us onto the beach that we instantly named “TheBeachToDieFor” (we’ve since then had a wooden sign created with that name and placed at the end of the path that leads to it). It is beautiful beyond description with extremely clear water lapping gently on the shore line. I know I can’t describe it adequately, so I won’t even try.

While we were all standing, trying to drink in the beauty so we could remember it forever (we hadn’t bought the island yet, and this is how I felt), Sonya looked at first Doug, then me. We both nodded our heads in agreement, so she explained to Tony that we are all nudists, and spent most of our time without clothing. When Tony began to smile, she rushed into an explanation of our real relationship (no familial) and our sleeping arrangement. Tony smiled wider yet, then Sonya explained that we enjoyed frequent three-somes together, and invited Tony to join us in our first four-some. Finally, almost belatedly, since Tony was speechless with surprise, she asked if our being nudists would offend the staff.

I could see Sonya’s lip starting to quiver and her mouth turn down. She was about to start crying because Tony hadn’t responded to her invitation. As I opened my mouth to try to distract her and Doug, and Tony, and myself (I wasn’t real happy about this sudden turn of events, either), Tony suddenly yelled as he was grabbing and lifting Sonya. It turned out that he was lifting her up to his ‘lip height’ so he could kiss her. I could see the sadness in Sonya’s eyes turn quickly to surprise, then close with pleasure as she responded to Tony’s kiss. He was apparently so happy he, and she, were slowly spinning in place on the sand. Inevitably, they fell over, landing with Tony’s back on the sand and Sonya laying on top of him. When they finally stopped kissing, Tony let out a yell, almost a scream, of delight that must have scared the fish for miles around! Now Sonya was crying, her tears dripping onto Tony’s chin and neck, but with happiness instead of sadness. When Tony finally stopped whooping, it was to ask if they really, really had to wait until tonight.

The kissing resumed for another few minutes until Doug reminded Tony that he hadn’t answered Sonya’s questions. He assured us that none of the staff would object to our nudity, and would probably be nude themselves if that was permitted. Then he answered her other question, first by kissing her again, then letting out another yell of delight before enthusiastically stating that he would just love to be part of our four-some. He then sobered and looked at Doug and I as he admitted that he had a problem with premature ejaculation, but that he was ‘getting better’ over time. He also expressed some doubt that his ‘getting better’ would help him that evening. Doug and I assured him that we could probably help him in that area, but said we would need to show him when the time was right rather than try to explain it now.

With Sonya still hugged closely to his chest, and she nibbling on his ear, he told us that the previous owner had had many ‘orgy nights’ at his home, and that this was probably why the children didn’t want anything to do with the place. He explained that some of the staff were concerned because, with the previous owner, they were “required” to participate if/when any guest asked them to join. This was regardless of any feelings the staff had about the person requesting them to join the fun. That got us into a discussion about the staff, what they were paid, if they would probably stay on if/when we bought the island, etc.

On the way back to the Main House, Sonya and I talked quietly on the back seat of the golf cart. Sonya, I don’t think I mentioned previously, is very good with money and math. In fact, as time went on, she became the ‘defacto’ ‘Finance Manager’ of what ended up being our little corporation (more on that later…maybe).

Anyway, to ‘get to the good part’, I’ll skip the dinner and the party afterward, except to say that the staff was very enthusiastic about us being nudists, and it wasn’t long before we were all eating without our clothes. I will note, though, that I saw a few of the staff ‘eating’ ‘off the table’ delights, but all of that will need to wait for part 4.

When we finally got back to the bedroom, we explained that Tony was to make love with Sonya first, then I would be second, with Doug last, and other details. Not to ‘spoil’ any spontaneous fun, but just to let him know what we planned. Since Sonya was nibbling on his ear while I was explaining all this to him, I have my doubts about what he actually heard after “you’ll make love with Sonya first”.

As I finished my last sentence, they ‘leaped into action’, and you can take that almost literally. Once on the bed (a pleasant surprise for us was that it was an 8 foot round waterbed, just like the one ‘back home’ in the Condo), they started kissing and caressing passionately. Sonya was careful not to touch anywhere near Tony’s cock, which, incidentally is a bit longer and fatter than Doug’s and mine (later measured at 8 inches with a circumference of just over 5 1/4 inches), instead caressing the side of his face. Meantime, Tony was gently squeezing Sonya’s right tit while he was teasing her left nipple, making it ‘stand tall’ as he stroked it between his thumb and fore-finger.

It wasn’t long before Sonya flopped over on her back, put her knees in the air with her feet spread wide apart. Tony, recognizing an invitation when he saw one, dived onto her pussy face first. I, and, apparently Doug, too, always enjoy watching Sonya as she gets more and more excited. As Tony’s tongue got busy between her lower lips, she started pulling her own nipples straight up, making them stand higher and higher.

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