If Ever

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She had captured my imagination from the moment I had read her first story, and now she lay naked on my bed. Her body soft and supple, breathing evenly as she lay there in quite anticipation of what was to come. Her perky breasts perfectly shaped cones softly rising from her chest topped by pert nipples centered on her pale pink areoles. Her flat smooth tummy adorned by a beautiful navel, a tuft of wispy blond hair just below so lovingly trimmed, pointing toward her cleanly shaven vulva. With her legs together I could just see that lovely slit.

She smiles softly as I bring her hand to my lips, my tongue slithering over her fingers as they enter my hot wet mouth and I suck on her three middle fingers, looking into her eyes I crawl onto the bed and straddle her, her breasts just in front of my thighs, I take her other hand and bring it also to my mouth licking and sucking her fingers, her eyes never leave mine. Sucking the fingers of one hand I lean forward bringing the other above her and to the corner of the bed securing her wrist in the velvet cuffs. I take her other hand and do the same. I then kiss and nibble my way down her arm paying particular attention to her lovely underarm. I began kissing, licking, nibbling, taking in her fragrance, causing her to whither and moan.

She is now mine, I move to her feet and secure them, one then the other to the spreader bar, spreading her completely, her thighs parting, her pussy opening like a flower, I watch as her lips part revealing the excitement within, a drop of her moisture slowly leaks from her treasure, my treasure.

Quickly hooking the bar to the chains hanging from the ceiling, I begin to raise her feet up and back revealing her most luscious ass. That ass that she had teased me with, those firm round globes that she had sent pictures of in her email to me.

She smiled as her ass rose from the bed, knowing that I had promised to redden it and make it glow. I leaned over her and kissed her deeply my tongue entering her mouth in a passionate kiss, my hands now caressing those firm cheeks. She moans and returns the kiss, her tongue swirling with mine, she tastes so sweet. Our breathing becoming more rapid, the passion building, engulfing us, the kiss continued until finally I had to break away. I stare into eyes, seeing them sparkle, not knowing what I had planned for her, but knowing that I promised her pleasure like she had never known.

I whisper. “Do you want me to begin?”

Smiling knowingly, I moved kissing her cheek, working my way to her ear, where I nibbles her ear lobe and licked the inside of her ear. Feeling her shiver, I kiss her behind the ear and work my way to the nape of her neck where I spend time kissing and nibbling. Her head turns toward me and our lips again come together in a lovers kiss, her tongue probing, our fluids exchanging, she tastes so sweet, I could feel the excitement building in my body as I again break the kiss and begin nibbling my way down her neck to those perky breasts of hers.

I want to make love to her, I have never felt this way about anyone before, yes I had lovers, and slaves, but never have I felt like this. I kissed the soft yet firm flesh of her breast approaching but never touch her nipples otele gelen escort they look like hard little erasers. I smile to myself, her chest rising and falling as the excitement mounts, I moved from one breast to the other, kissing, licking, and nibbling but never touching her nipples, that will come later.

I kiss and lick my way down to her navel, I tongue it, swirling in and out, sucking, and gently fucking it. I kiss my way around her waist until I’m kissing the small of her back just above the crack of her ass. I teased her there, my tongue licking up to the crack and then back. I begin to kiss and gently bite those luscious globes.

I want her hot, I want her to want me, to need me. I got up from the bed and went to my hope chest and opened it. Inside I keep my toys, whips, straps, clips, candles, and oils. Taking out a bottle of massage oil I stepped up onto the bed, taking hold of her foot I began to make love to her toes, kissing and then licking, then applying the oil and massaging her foot while I kiss and lick and nibble her ankle working my way down her calf and then her inner thigh, down to her sweet smelling pussy, nibbling and sucking her inner thigh, tonguing my way around her now wet and dripping hole, careful not to touch it working my way up her other leg finishing with her toes.

I hold the bottle over her ass and let a drop fall on her little pucker, I watched as it clench and then relax and the oil seeped inside.

I lean down and kiss her again… our passion mounting.

“You okay?” I asked. She smiled.

I went back to my chest and removed a feather… she had told me she hated feathers, I was determined to make her love this one.

Beginning with the soles of her feet I slowly move the feather over her body, she struggles, twisting and turning as best she can, screaming for me to stop. I circle and circle and circle her breast her nipples getting harder before my eyes, I draw the feather down her tummy and over her pussy lips… bringing it back up over her tummy, back to her breasts and over her nipples, she arches her back as I bring the feather back down over her body and graze her clit, flicking the feather over and around it, down to her little pucker. I place the tip at her tight little hole and spin the feather between my hands, the tip finding purchase I heard a deep sigh…I remove the feather.

Her lower lip is quivering as my lips press down on hers…

“Now that wasn’t so bad.” My hand moves slowly to her wet pussy, my finger dipping into the pool of juice forming there. “You are so wet and hot.”

She glared at me as I brought the feather over her clit and through her slit again and again.

“No!” She began. “Oh, what are you doing to me, shit?”

Her thighs flexing as I saw the feather over and through her wide-open pussy. I watch as her clit becomes engorged and the tell tale signs of her orgasm begins…

Her juices flowing and now dripping down to her little puckered asshole… As her body begins to stiffen I pulled the feather away, she screamed in frustration as that wonderful feeling began to fade. I take her right to the edge and show her the promised land and sent her back mecidiyeköy escort to the dessert.

I lean down next to her, I whisper. “It’s early yet, we have a long way to go…”

I again go to my chest and remove three clips and a three-way chain.

I also take out my flogger, riding crop, and paddle, along with three different size butt plugs.

We were just beginning…

Her hips still undulating I go back to my chest and take out several candles and light them, placing them around the room, setting one on the night stand next to my bed.

“I’ll be right back sweetie.” I said as I turned and left the room, I went to the kitchen and my freezer, I removed two long phallic shape cylinders and return to the room, wrapped in a towel I set them on the night stand next to the candle.

Grabbing the paddle without warning I smack her left ass cheek, and then her right.

“Ooooowwwww!” She screams.

“Just beginning baby.” The paddle landed again and again, her screams turned into moans. Her ass now pinking up nicely, her clit now visible peeking out from it’s hiding place.

I reach down to the control panel next to the bed and lower her legs and ass back down to the bed.

She is watching my every move, I pick up the candle and see her cringe. Does she know what is about to happen? I hold the candle about a foot over her left breast and slowly tilted it, a drop of hot wax splashes onto her breast just above her nipple.

“Oh!” she cried. “Oh fuck!” As another drop splashes a little closer to her nipple.

Her body recoils into the bed and she twists and turns against her restraints. Not wanting her nipples yet, I move to the other breast, drip, drip, drip, her breathing becomes strained. I move from one breast to the other covering her breast with the hot wax…

Putting the candle down, I slowly peal the hardened wax from her breasts and reach to the nightstand and grab one of the frozen cylinders and apply it to her now super sensitive tits. I could see her nipples actually hardened further as I circled first one then the other with the cold now sweating cylinder. She gasped and moaned. Setting the cylinder down I picked up the candle and held it over her lower abdomen just above her beautifully shaved pussy. Drip! Her hips rise off the bed as the hot wax begins to drip closer and closer to her now swelling outer pussy lips and on her sensitive inner thigh. I cover the area around her pussy with the hot wax being careful not to have it make a direct hit on her pussy itself. Again she cries out as the hot wax splashes onto her sensitive skin, again I remove the wax and apply the cold cylinder to the area that has just been sensitized by the hot wax, again I avoid her clit and her hot wet pussy lips…

“Oh! Please, please, please… you’re driving me crazy… I need you to touch me, my nipples, my pussy, my clit, I need you to touch me, I need to cum! Please…”

I smiled as I pick up the candle… “What do you need baby?” I said as I angle the candle over her breasts, this time the drops splash directly on her nipples.

She screamed and her body shook as the stinging wax grabbed hold of her nipples sending it’s message directly to her pussy. türkmen escort I watched as her pussy spasms and thickens, her juices have not stopped flowing since we had begun were now increasing as she again approached orgasm…

I reached to the control panel and raised her legs and ass off the bed again, her cute little puckered asshole coming into view…

“No… please no…” she pleaded… as the drop of hot wax landed directly on her exposed puckered star…

She screams as I move the candle in a steady line from her asshole to her clit. I can hear a sizzle as each drop of hot wax lands on her wide-open wet pussy. The wax begins to fill the sensitive entrance to her hole and seal her pussy. I covered her pussy with wax until all I could see was her now engorged super sensitive clit. I waited for her to settle down and peal the wax from her pussy pick up the frozen cylinder and removed the dildo shaped ice core from within and placed the tip against her inflamed asshole. She screeches as it slides from that point to the entrance of her now hypersensitive cunt. Slowly I insert the ice dildo into her cunt, her body jerks and pull at her restraints…

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck aaaaahhhhh…” she hissed. I push the frozen but melting phallus all the way inside her. I pick up the candle and hold it directly over her clit.

“Get ready baby.” I said as I tilt the candle and watch a stream of hot wax engulf her clit!

Her body shakes and quivers as the pain seizes her brain and her orgasm burst forward.

“OOOOOHHHHH! CUMMMING! EEEEEEEEEWWWWWW! “ Her cunt contracting and expanding!

I watch amazed as she ejaculates, her cum squirting out of her shooting across the bed.

I was on her immediately, my fingers flipping away the wax covering her clit. My mouth covering her inflamed cunt. The second shot squirts into back of my throat, and then the third filling my mouth. I thrust my tongue as deep as I can into her cold tunnel the ice has completely melted. I licked up to her hot clit I sucked it between my lips. She let loose a banshee scream and passed out…

The smile of contentment on her face makes me so very happy.

I reach over to the control panel and it slowly lower her body onto the bed.

Never, ever has it been so intense.

As she recovered I lower the chains from the ceiling and fasten her wrists cuffs to the coupling, releasing her wrists from the bed.

I begin to retract the chains lifting her to a standing position on the bed.

Grabbing the clips and chain, I step up onto the bed kissing her passionately, then stepping back caressing her breasts, pinching her sensitive nipples feeling them harden and applying the nipple clips. She winces in pain as I tighten the clips and attach the chain and let it fall freely.

I kneel down and give hot wet pussy a kiss, my fingers finding her tortured clit and applying the clit clip…

She cries out her thighs trembling as the clip bites into her clit and I attach the chain connecting it to her tits. She gasps, biting her bottom lip tossing her head back absorbing the pain.

“Oh Fuck!” She screamed as she stands there suspended from the ceiling her body quivering, her thighs dripping her girl juice.

“Baby, You have your safe word…” I say as I pick up the flogger…

Will she say it? I hope not, I want to take her places she has never been.

Well guys I know it’s been a whole, but I do have a life, well maybe my life has me, but I promise more… Please vote, and thanks Beth!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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