I’ll help my friend’s Mom

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My friend Carl called me from work, asking for a special favor. His elderly mother Susan, visiting from out of state, had recently gone into decline, her health failing. Carl asked if I could go around to his house, make sure his Mom was ok, see that she had something to eat, and generally make her comfortable. Carl and I go way back, we’d been friends for so long, so who am I to refuse?

I arrived at his house to find the front door wide open, the television blaring, and Susan sitting on the lounge. She was dressed in a housecoat and slippers, her hair a mess, and a cold cup of coffee in her hand. I helped the poor gal up, only to find she had peed herself and didn’t even notice!

I couldn’t leave her in this state, so, with a gentle touch, I steered her to the bathroom.

Before I go any further, just for the record, I’m a 43 year old dad of 3 sons, divorced, with all the usual problems of raising k**s solo, dealing with work, and trying to find my feet again. I must confess I did like Carl’s Mom, a lovely lady of 67, although recently diagnosed with the early stages of senile dementia. She is still a winsome and pretty woman, tall, slim and poised, to see her declining is a sad thing.

I got Susan into the bathroom, but the poor dear was struggling with where she was, and what she was doing, so I started the shower for her, adjusted the temperature so it was warm but not too hot, and asked if she needed help? She looked at me with a look of incomprehension, so I gently undid the fabric belt of her housecoat, allowing it to fall. Underneath, she was naked, her breasts gently sagging, her stomach soft with just the beginnings of a pouch, and her pussy – outlined with still ginger hair, looked like it belonged on someone in their 30’s, not late sixties!

I carefully helped her into the shower, her eyes closed as the warm water cascaded over her shoulders, and softly moaned. I guiltily snatched a quick look at her pussy, its lips full and long, hinting at what lay beneath. She turned around, exposing her back and ass to my gaze. Her ass, once an amazing thing if my eyes didn’t lie, was now softer and just beginning to sag.

I asked Susan if she was going to be ok from here, but she didn’t answer. So, taking charge, I grabbed a cloth, some soap, and trying to avert my eyes as best I could, began to wash her back. She obviously enjoyed this, as she pushed back into my hands, her eyes still closed in bliss as my hands carefully guided the cloth over her back, and down her legs.

She bent from the waist, her butt opening slightly, her long pussy lips hung below, almost inviting me to taste. I gently ran the soapy cloth between her cheeks, which brought a sigh from her, and a groan from me, as my cock, which until now had been behaving, gave up any pretense of gentleman-like behavior, and throbbed to its full 7 inch length.

Susan turned to face me, her eyes glazed over, her hair wet and glossy, its natural redness only now turning to grey. I continued washing her, her shoulders, ribs, under her arms, her soft gentle breasts, and then lower to her stomach.

She had her eyes closed, a soft sigh escaping her lips as I gently ran the cloth over her stomach, then carefully over her vagina. I tried to maintain a level of detachment, but her obvious enjoyment of my touch was too difficult to ignore. My fingers, almost of their own accord, began massaging her pubis, her red pussy hair turning almost invisible, her long pussy lips soft under my fingers. Try as I might, I could not resist a gentle touch, her pussy opened under my fingers, her inner lips heavy and full, slices of ham hanging down. I looked up to see her watching me, a soft smile on her face, her eyes half- closed, as I gently massaged her pussy

I rose, adjusted my hard cock in the confines of my shorts, and with a croak in my voice announced shower- time was over. She obediently stepped from the cubicle into the towel I held open, as I vigorously rubbed her hair dry. I tried to forget the feel of her pussy, but how could I forget its fullness, its warmth?

After Susan was dry, I steered her into her room, where she stood, waiting for me to find some clothes for her. As I rooted through her things, I heard the bed squeak, and turned to find her laying back, the towel discarded her body on display for my hungry eyes. I admonished her, saying she will catch cold lying there like that, but she didn’t move.

After a few moments, she spoke for the first time.

“I always loved it when you washed me Eric,” she said. Eric was her departed husband’s name. He had died almost 3 years earlier, around the time Susan’s faculties began to slip.

“You always had such a gentle touch,” she said, as she turned her head to face me. “You always knew how to make me feel like a woman, and right now, I want your cock”.

I nearly passed out with shock! Here is my best friend’s mom, asking me (or Eric) to fuck her!

“Susan, I’m not Eric,” I told her gently. “Eric is gone, remember?”

“Come to me Eric, fuck me like you used to do, when we were young,” Susan said. “Come and put your cock in my cunt.”

I tried, I swear. I tried not to look, not to take advantage, but all those months of single life had taken its toll, my cock was rock hard, pre-cum oozing from the head as I gazed on her body.

“Let me suck you Eric – let me feel your hard cock in my mouth,” Susan moaned.

I could no longer help it. Almost of their own accord, my hands went to my zipper, my shorts fell to the floor, and my cock, so long ignored, sprang out. She reached out, took my hardness in her hands, and drew me to her mouth.

My cock slid into her warm mouth, her lips shielding her teeth beautifully, as she softly and wetly sucked on my cock head. Her hand went to my balls, her nimble fingers rolling them and gently pulling my sack. She manipulated my scrotum for a few moments, then she slid her hand further back to gently squeeze the root of my cock, the very tips of her fingers lightly grazing my asshole. I was so close to cumming, I had to withdraw from her hot mouth. My cock popped out with a gentle sucking sound, as Susan looked up at me and smiled.

“You always tasted so good Eric, even better when your cock came straight from my cunt or ass,” she said. “Lick me my love – lick me.”

I spread her legs wide, her flaming bush parting as her full lips spread under my gaze. Her pussy lips, swollen and wet, parted slowly, her musk drifting up to my nose. I buried my face into her crotch, sucking her wetness into my mouth. Her hips arched, pushing my face deeper, her legs wide. I licked her clit, sucked her lips, and let my tongue slide past her pussy to lap at her ass.

“Ahhh yessss,” she moaned as my tongue flicked her puckered ass. “Lick me there Eric. You always were an ass man,” she gasped.

I could take no more. I climbed onto the bed, between her parted legs, my hard cock throbbing with pent-up cum.

“Now lover, fuck me,” Susan moaned.

I pushed my cock deep into her, one push. My full length buried to the hilt in her warm pussy. I could feel her pushing back against me as I began to firmly push deeply into her womb.

“Yes Eric. Fuck me hard and deep, cum in my cunt,” Susan moaned in my ear, as I drove deep inside her.

“Fuck me till I cum,” she gasped.

I began to stroke deeper, my cock head hitting her cervix, my balls slapping her ass, as I drove deeply into her pussy. Shirley began to moan deep in her throat, her orgasm approaching. My cum was so close, my thrusts becoming erratic, my cock began that familiar twitching as my orgasm began deep in my bowels.

“Ahh yess,” she gasped, her cunt clamping down onto my cock, her muscles milking my cock as my own cum exploded into her.

“That’s it baby, cum in Muommy,” she crooned, as I shuddered to a climax, my cum spraying into her pussy, its musk joining with hers to form that unmistakable scent.

“MMMmm,” she moaned, as both our hearts began to slow, “That was what I needed.”

We lay there, still joined, for a few moments, then the reality of what I’d done came crashing in. I’d just fucked the mother of my best friend! I’d been sucked, I’d licked her cunt, and I’d fucked her! I felt terrible, what if Carl found out? How would I explain?

I withdrew my cock form Susan, as she lay back, a soft gentle smile on her face, my cum leaking from between her slack pussy lips.

“Thank you Eric, that was lovely,” she said.

Thank God! She still thinks I’m her departed husband I thought as I stepped back into my shorts.

Susan raised herself onto her elbows, her legs still parted, my cum still leaking.

“That was wonderful my lover,” she said, as I sighed with relief, my guilt evaporating.

“I’ll need another shower,” she giggled. “I’ll be fine, you go do your things,” she said.

I moved from the room, back into the kitchen, making sure she had food left out, and generally checking the house out for accidents waiting to happen.

Susan came from the shower, now dressed again in her housecoat, and smiled at me, “Thank you for helping me Dan.”

“No trouble at all,” I replied.

Then it hit me! She knew my name! She said my name! I looked at her, her eyes twinkling with amusement, a wide smile on her face.

“Oops, I meant Eric,” she laughed. “Don’t worry Dan, I needed that almost as much as you did, judging by the amount of cum that leaked form me in the shower,” she laughed, my face turning beetroot red.

“Come and see me again sometime, if you’re up for it sweetheart,” she giggled, as she ushered me out the door.

Dementia my ass!
I'll  help my friend's Mom

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