I’m SO Happy My Date Didn’t Show Up

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Full Title – Quick Flash – I’m SO Happy My Date Didn’t Show Up Last Night!


You will not believe where I am right now! I’m typing this on my phone so I may be making some mistakes.

OK, so last night I went to the bar to meet that guy that I had been talking to for a few weeks. Remember that really cute guy we met a few weeks ago at Charlene’s house? Well, His name is Matt and I gave him my number that night and we started texting…and then started sexting…and then started talking. After a few weeks of talking back and forth and flirting over the phone, I decided to go out with him. It seemed like we really had a lot in common and had some chemistry so I wanted to see if the chemistry was also there in person.

It turns out Matt is a super sized McDouchebag with a side of asshole that doesn’t know how to read a calendar or a clock. He asked me out on two dates, but BOTH time he stood me up. The first time, he said he couldn’t make it because his parents showed up to his dorm unexpectedly (yeah right), but last night, I get a text two minutes before he was supposed to arrive, telling me that his dog was sick. OK buddy, I get the hint. You’re nothing but a loser and that is the last time I’ll agree to go on a date with you.

So I was sitting in the bar side of the restaurant, feeling a little sorry for myself since I had been stood up AGAIN. On top of that I sent messages to everyone I knew, asking them to come have dinner with me and everyone already had plans. EVERYONE! I know it was a beautiful, hot, summer day, but usually SOMEONE is bored at home.

I decided I would finish my drink and then just go home and soak in a hot tub. Well…that was my plan until Jennie sat down. Her name is Jennifer but everyone calls her Jennie. She is a beautiful blond woman and she was wearing this very sexy little black dress and these amazingly hot red shoes. It was ironic because I was wearing that little red dress and black shoes I bought when we went shopping together. Remember that outfit I was supposed to wear on the date with Charlie…the one that stood me up by telling me his grandmother just died? Since Charlie never saw the dress and Matt doesn’t know Charlie, I decided to wear the same outfit.

ANYWAY, (stupid men) this woman sits next to me and compliments me on my shoes. I look down and I realize we are dressed very similarly. We started talking and she was really very sweet. She also had been stood up by her date so after talking for a few minutes, we decided to have dinner together. We had another two drinks at the bar while we waited for a table and started talking about nothing and everything.

Jennie is hilarious. She had me laughing all night. We joked about how lame our dates were and mocked their tiny penis’. They HAVE to have small tiny dicks if they are going to leave two hot women sitting in a restaurant all night, right?

So we have a few drinks at the bar and Jennie is kind of touchy-feely kind of person. As she was talking to me she would put her arm around me or touch my arm, and at one point, she touched my leg as she was talking to me. I didn’t mind at all as I thought nothing of it. It was as if we had been friends for years. (Although she would never replace you as my bestie!)

We were finally seated at a booth on the side of the restaurant. Since both of our reservations were cancelled, it was the only table that was still available. We gladly took it since we were both STARVING, and we ordered. (The food there was FUCKING AWESOME. I’m going to take you next week but we will wear loose fitting clothes!) While we were waiting for the waiter, Jennie asks me if I had done anything wild on a date before. You know me, Miss Reserved. I explained the wildest thing I had ever done was get drunk and made out with an old high school crush who was now married that tried to cheat on his wife with me that night. (Remember? With Jeff? BLEH!)

Jennie explains that she has always been the same way. She had never done anything wild on a date and so she suggested that since there was no pressure to impress any guy, we should really get wild and do something crazy. I agreed. Let the games begin!

We sat there talking for a few minutes, and Jennie says, “OH! I know the first thing we can do,” she leaned in and whispered, “let’s take off our panties, right here at the table.”

My eyes went wide! I was trying to think how I would even manage to do that in that dress, when Jennie sat back and started to wiggle her hips. She looked over and noticed that a table of four guys were watching her. She smiled, pulled her skirt up on the sides, and pulled her panties off! Right there at the table while those guys watched! She opened her purse, dropped her panties in, gave them a little wave, and took a BIG sip of her margarita. She was blushing like CRAZY!

“Your turn,” she said.

I was hesitant. I was rubbing my hips, trying to figure out how I would I would get my panties off in such a tight dress.

“Do Ataşehir escort you want me to come help you?” she asked.

“I can do it! My dress is just tighter than yours so I’m trying to figure out-“

“Don’t think. Just do,” she said as she winked at me.

“Thanks, Yoda.” I replied. We both giggled.

I looked over at the ten tables that were across from us. I took a BIG drink, and I slid my skirt up to my upper thighs, reached up under my skirt, and started to pull my panties down. I got my panties down to my knees and THE WAITER CAME TO THE TABLE WITH THE FOOD!

I was mortified! I tried to nonchalantly pull down my skirt as much as possible to make sure he couldn’t see my lady bits as he put the food on the table. I tried let my panties drop down to my ankles but they wouldn’t drop!

When the waiter placed the food in front of me, I think he noticed how high my skirt was because he started to stammer a little. Jennie noticed the look at my face so she looked under the table and then BURST out laughing. In a way, it was helpful because it distracted the waiter. Unfortunately, it also drew more attention from everyone else in the restaurant! Everyone started to look at me, and a few people pointed so I KNEW they saw.

As soon as the waiter was gone, I shoved my panties over my knees and they FINALLY fell to the floor. I didn’t even bother to pick them up. I shoved them to the back of the booth with my foot and pulled down my skirt.

I chugged the rest of my apple martini in 2 seconds.

I should have grabbed them later because they were expensive, but I couldn’t bear the thought of having anyone else see me pick them up!

Well…we did it! We both had done something wild, even though it took me considerably longer to stop blushing!

We ate our meals (the salmon was orgasmic!) and decided we didn’t want the night to end. We were having too much fun together. We paid our bill and we went to the restroom to freshen up before we left. After doing our business, we were standing at the sink, checking our makeup and talking about how having no panties on was kind of liberating, when Jennie walks over to the stalls and starts to push on the doors. I couldn’t figure out what she was doing.

“Good, we’re alone,” she said.

I clearly didn’t understand because I was standing next to the door with my hand on the handle, ready to exit. Once she was satisfied that no one else was in the restroom, she walked over to me at the door. I started to pull the door open and she pushed it closed, grabbed me by the shoulders, and pushed me up against the door, and then she KISSED ME! ON THE LIPS!

It wasn’t a peck on the lips, it was a full on kiss! I was a little taken aback. Of anyone, you know I have fought for gay and lesbian rights since high school, but it was still shocking since we were both into men and it came completely unexpected.

She continued to kiss me…so I kissed her back! I have to say, kissing a girl is WAY better than kissing a guy. Her lips were so soft and she was so tender. She wasn’t kissing me with a purpose. Like, guys kiss just to move on to touching my boobs. Kissing is a distraction for guys, but kissing Jennie was awesome because she just wanted to kiss. She wasn’t kissing me just to move on to something else, she just enjoyed kissing.

I have to say, I enjoyed kissed her too. She took my face in her hands and I put my hands on her waist. She pressed her breasts into mine and it just felt so good to have her touch me so intimately.

We stood there, my back up against the door, kissing for a good ten minutes…until some girl tried to get into the bathroom!

The girl pushed the door and that shoved me forward into Jennie. It was as if my parents caught me kissing a boy in the basement! I didn’t know what to do!

Jennie smiled, put her chin up, put her purse over her arm and then held my hand and we confidently walked out of the restroom, and then out of the restaurant together. Our lipstick was still smeared all over our lips! I started to blush until I saw the four guys at that one table. Their mouths dropped, and instead of feeling embarrassed, it made me feel sexy. It was like we were wearing our messy lipstick as a badge of honor or something.

Once outside, we decided the night was still early and we wanted to have more fun so we decided to go dancing. I offered to drive since my car was closer. We got in the car and fixed our makeup and then I drove off to that club downtown. Jennie wanted to go to that club since it was close to her house. If we ended up drinking too much, she said I could just sleep it off at her place. Since it was only a fifteen minute drive from the restaurant, I thought it was a good idea.

As we were driving, Jennie put her hand on my upper thigh. After a few bumps in the road, I noticed she was trying to slide her hand up my thigh. I pulled up the right side of my skirt, and slid her hand up to my leg. I was very comfortable Ümraniye escort bayan with her and if she wanted to touch me, I would let her touch me.

“I have to say, you’re an amazing kisser,” she said.

“So are you!” I replied.

“So let’s see, taking panties off at the table and kissing another girl. I would say that is a good start to our wild night, wouldn’t you?” she asked as we giggled.


We drove a few more blocks.

“What are you going to do next?” I asked.

“I have an idea or two,” she replied.

“Like what?”

“You’ll just have to trust me, but I think you’ll like it.”

I was a little concerned and a little unsure. You know I HATE surprises, but I decided to just wait and see what happened. The entire night so far had been out of my comfort zone, so why would that change now.

We get in the club and order a few more drinks. By this time of the night, the place was already packed. The DJ was playing awesome music so everyone was dancing. I’ll tell you about the club some other time because the place is really fun but I want to finish this story.

We finished our first drink and went out to the dance floor. We danced for a few hours. Jennie is a great dancer and we were having so much fun. Then, some creepy guy starts to dance in between us. God, I HATE that. Why do guys have to be so lame? I was in the middle of a turn and some guy slid in between us and started to grind against me.

I felt his nasty dick rubbing all over my ass! He had his hands all over me and he was so gross. It had all happened really fast. I assume he had been watching us because as soon as he had an opportunity, he took it. I shoved his hands off of me and tried to step forward to get some space between us, but there was nowhere to go.

Jennie then SHOVES him so hard that he fell on the floor! It created a commotion and she caught the attention of the bouncers. She goes to that club often so the bouncers recognized her and came over right away and threw the guy out.

Since the music was so loud, I just hugged her to thank her, and when I went to back up to dance again, she held onto me. We started dancing very, very close.

Once again our breasts were rubbing together, but now her leg was in between mine. We danced together for a few moments, and then I told her I wanted to sit down. We walked over to a high table that was off to the side. There was only one seat available so I sat and she stood next to me, on my right side.

“Are you OK?” she asked.

I nodded and fanned myself. It was way too loud in there to try and scream over the music. I was tipsy and hot and I just wanted to sit down to cool off for a minute. Since I no longer had anyone to try and impress, I took my hair and pulled it up to a ponytail to get it off my neck, and then took a sip of my drink.

Jennie started to softly kiss my neck. I closed my eyes, slowly put down my drink, and got lost in the music and her warm, soft lips. She kissed my neck, behind my ear, and down to my shoulder. The club was hot, but I still found myself getting the shivers whenever that beautiful woman would kiss my skin.

I felt my breathing slow down and I quickly forgot we were in the middle of hundreds of people. It was just Jennie and I, and no one else. She placed her hand on my leg and I reached around and put my arm around her waist. I moved my head to the side so I could kiss her as well. Her lips hovered over mind as her hand slowly slid up my skirt. I gasped as her finger, ever so softly, slid over my slit.

Closing my eyes, I kissed her softly. Her lips and her touch were both so soft. I could feel her finger slide up and down my slit. It was hard to keep my lips against hers as her touch made me breathe irregularly. I slowly spread my legs. I wanted to let her feel more of me.

Even though her hand had more room to move, she still just slowly and softly rubbed my pussy. It was such a tease and it was driving me crazy. Well two can play at this game. I reached up and massaged her left breast as we continued to kiss.

She pressed her finger in between my pussy lips and slid downward until she could feel my wetness. She then made little circles with her finger, teasing me as I continued to get wetter and wetter. Her tongue slowly entered my mouth and glided over my tongue as her finger slid inside of me.

I spread my legs even wider as she started to slide her finger in and out of me. I started to moan as she again kissed my neck while her finger probed and teased me.

Then I had a very funny feeling, like I was being watched. I opened my eyes and looked down. Some creep was squatting down, looking up my skirt! I closed my legs and shoved him with my foot. Jennie grabbed my hand and yanked me out of my seat and we headed for the door. I was furious! That stupid asshole interrupted one of the hottest moments of my life!

Without even thinking, I stormed out of the club and walked Escort Bostancı with Jennie down the street. I was so mad I just kept walking, even though I had no idea where I was going. I was going on and on about how disgusting men can be when I realized I was still holding Jennie’s hand. Then I realized why we had been getting cat calls for the past three blocks. Two very beautiful women walking down the street, hand in hand, with short, tight dresses on.

Jennie turned and I followed…right into the front door of her building. We stepped into the elevator, Jennie pushed the button for the sixth floor, and then she pushed me into the corner of the elevator where she started to kiss me once again. Our hands were all over each other and our lips never stopped touching until we heard the “ding” for the sixth floor.

Jennie once again led me by the hand to the door of her apartment. She flung the door open, walked inside, poured two glasses of wine as she stepped out of her shoes and let her hair down.

“I’m hot and sweaty so I’m going to take a quick shower,” she said.

“No problem,” I said, disappointed that she was going to leave the room, even for a second.

I heard the water turn on and I was able to hold back my lust for a whole fourteen seconds. I kicked off my shoes, let my own hair down, and boldly walked into the restroom.

Jennie didn’t see me at first. She had her eyes closed and her head was back as she let the water wash over her. She has an AMAZING body and I found myself just staring for a moment. Her breasts are full and perky and she is completely shaven. She has a beautiful hourglass shape and it was obvious that she worked out often. I suddenly felt self conscious about my own body. I was thinking about leaving the restroom and letting her finish alone…until she reached out her hand.

I unzipped my dress and pulled it over my head, suddenly remembering I wasn’t wearing any panties. Of course, I knew I hadn’t been wearing them, but I suddenly felt exposed. I quickly took off my bra and let it fall to the floor. I opened the glass door, stepped inside, and joined this beautiful woman in the shower.

Andrea, WE are doing this the next time I see you. Showing with another woman is AMAZING! I don’t care if your husband doesn’t like it or even if he wants to watch. I just know I want to be in the shower with YOU one day. One day soon!

Our breasts rubbed against one another as we kissed. I could feel her legs rubbing against mine. I loved it when our tummies and hips would touch. The soap would help us slide over one another. The kissing in the shower was just INTENSE. We kissed for maybe thirty minutes…maybe more? It was simply awesome. I don’t think I have ever kissed anyone that long. It was way more enjoyable than kissing a man.

“Bed?” Jennie whispered in my ear in between kisses.

I didn’t answer, I just turned off the water, grabbed her hand and quickly led her out of the shower. I quickly realized I had no idea where her bedroom was since this wasn’t my apartment! She started to lead me to her bedroom, as soon as we arrived at her bed, even though we were soaking wet, she pushed me onto the bed and climbed up on top of me, in between my legs. With such a hot day, laying there naked and soaking wet actually felt wonderful.

She kissed my lips and my neck and then started to work her way down my body. I let out soft moans as she started to softly kiss my chest and then down to my left breast. She then took my left nipple into her mouth and nibbled and sucked on it softly. I massaged my right breast and pinched my nipple while she licked the drops of water off of my left breast.

My hips started to gyrate underneath her. With a man, I always find myself telling them to slow down. With Jennie, I wanted her to hurry up! All of the kissing had made me SO HORNY! I wanted her to touch me. I wanted to feel her inside of me. I wanted her as close to me as possible.

She continued to kiss and lick down my body, her warm tongue licking up random drops of water that were on my skin. She kissed over to my left side and then down to my hip. From my hip she kissed down my bikini line right to my pussy. I whimpered and moaned as she softly kissed all over my pussy lips.

And then she licked me…

I had never been this aroused prior to sex before. I was a little self conscious with how wet I already was, until she buried her tongue in between my pussy lips and took a nice long, slow lick. She looked me in the eye and smiled.

“Delicious,” she whispered.

I closed my eyes and concentrated on every lick of her tongue. Holy shiitake mushrooms her tongue felt good! She nibbled on my inner thighs, kissed and licked my pussy lips, and kissed every crease with her warm, soft lips, but she never touched my clit. It was as if she was intentionally avoiding it.

She then placed her hot mouth over my pussy lips and clit and softly moved her tongue in swirls above my clit. I was whimpering and I pulled her head into me. I wanted more and I didn’t want to be teased any longer.

Her tongue slid through my slit, guided my throbbing clit into her mouth and sucked and on my clit while at the same time flicking it with her tongue. Her mouth is very talented.

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