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The life of a drug rep is a difficult one. I hope this story brings respect to what they do under trying circumstances. Of course, it is fictional

I hope you enjoy this story. It was edited by LSEiland, my favorite editor.

If you like the story, please comment. If not, tell me why not. Your criticisms help me write future stories.


They call me a drug rep. I hated being called that name. It is so degrading. I am a victim of scorn and ridicule; a handmaiden of the medical profession. I could go on and on.

I had been a Physician Sales Specialist for about 10 years. It was my first job, after majoring in biology and completing a Phar.D. We never refer to ourselves as doctor; we don’t want to offend our physicians. The pharmaceutical business has changed tremendously. When I first took employment, a nice set of legs, a tight-fitting business suit, and a little coquettishness kept those brand-name drug sales perky. Most of the physicians I called upon were male and always receptive to a young female reciting the company line about a new product. If their eyes glazed over, I scratched the inside of my knee to awaken them with the enticing whoosh, whoosh of my lacquered acrylic nails on the nylon hosiery. Pointing out clinical data with an index finger adorned with bright red nail polish, crossing my legs and dangling my high-heeled pump from my stocking clad toe, or slightly arising from my seat to readjust my skirt maintained the attention of the most recalcitrant sales target. The commissions were excellent. The company gave me a car and clothing allowance, so life was good.

Then, the game changed. Congress is now preoccupied with giving out ink pens with advertisements, much less taking a physician to dinner. Most physicians are now employed by large organizations and the last thing these organizations want is to have a salesperson encouraging their physicians to write brand-name drugs. New physicians are predominately female, unresponsive to my time-tested tricks. I still had a few private male physicians that I called on regularly, but their ranks were dwindling with Obama care straight ahead. I was only 35, and not really management material, so my future was insecure at best.

One day, it appeared that this might all change. I received a notice from the company inviting me to a national meeting for select professional representatives and they were going to introduce a new product. They hinted it would be a multi-billion dollar winner. The meeting was to take place in Las Vegas in December at a hotel on the strip, no less. I was unattached and ready to go and have a good time.

The meeting began on a Monday, and about 200 of us gathered. It appeared that only sales representatives under 40 were invited. There were some very attractive men among us, ideal for a single 30-something like me. Male counterparts were a real change, as the pharmaceutical companies knew previously that most physicians were men, and would recruit young women exclusively for their sales representatives. Seeing all those young attractive men meant something new was definitely in the works.

In front of us, after some dull introductions, was Julia Reed, Director of Marketing. She was wearing a fitted black pants suit that was flattering to her figure, I must say.

“We have selected the group of you to represent our new product, and will be breaking new ground in the marketing of our medication to the physician population. Too long have our sales representatives been treated as second class citizens in the medical profession. This product will create a demand unforeseen by any other in the company’s history.”

She then continued as she pointed to the screen with a red laser pointer, “This is to introduce you to Impassion.” The word filled the entire screen, with fanfare in the background from the speakers.

Julia continued, “Our scientists have discovered a compound that counteracts any reluctance to reveal your deepest sexual fantasies to your partner. Impassion works directly in the brain sex nucleus, protecting it from circulating inhibitors, resulting in a more honest, enticing, open interaction where the deepest, most explicit sexual fantasies are revealed without self-consciousness or embarrassment.”

She was followed by one of the scientists who develop the product, and went through a long slide show regarding the brain, the location of the sex nucleus in the brain, and described the half-life and other pharmacokinetics of the drug. There was a long presentation regarding the pivotal clinical trial, the approval by the advisory committee and the FDA. I would need to memorize this data and discuss it with the physicians.

Julia then came back on the stage. All of us were excited, and she had trouble quieting the audience.

Once she had our attention, she said, “This is the next generation of sexual enhancement medications, the likes of czech couples porno which the world has never seen. This drug is ideal for both women and men, as shown in our clinical trials. To market this drug, we want to maintain an aura of exclusivity and therefore, we will depend upon you, our representatives, to select those physicians who you believe will best represent our product to the public. We and the FDA agreed that only a select group of physicians should be allowed to prescribe this agent, so that any side effects will be rapidly reported and analyzed in post-marketing surveys.”

“Now, you will be given a quota of physicians to allow prescribing privileges. For each physician, you will need to explain how the product works, restrictions, and warnings. They will need to take a brief course in appropriate patient selection and reporting requirements. You may want to use this product to reward your physicians who have treated you respectfully, and withhold it from those physician or administrators who have excluded you from your professional marketing activities in the past. Most Physician Sales Specialists will have only 4 or 5 physicians prescribing medication in their region.”

Julia spoke emphatically, “Lastly, there will be very few samples to be given, but we do know you need a few for each of your trainees to fully experience this drug before prescribing.”

I knew exactly who I would select as my first physician. Dr. Frederick, about 45 years old, has always welcomed me to his office whenever I had a product to detail. His assistants were always kind and he would always give me a box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day. As soon as I returned home, I made an appointment to see him.

“Leah, the doctor is ready to see you,” his receptionist said.

I walked into his spacious office. I heard that his wife had left him several years ago and that he devotes himself to his work. He is quite handsome, very fit, his hair styled, and face tanned and rugged.

I shook his hand as I entered the room. I was dressed in a knit dress, clinging to my figure, professional beige nylons, accessorized with a pair of maroon patent leather heels to accentuate my presence. “Doctor, I have a new product that I think you’ll find very useful in building your practice, as you never had expected before.” His interest was obvious as I pulled the brochures from my briefcase.

I nervously initiated my first presentation, “Dr. Frederick, the product is Impassion. It is the next generation of products for the enhancement of the sexual experience. As opposed to Viagra and similar drugs that have a sole purpose of maintaining an erection, this product is effective for both males and females. It works by counteracting a chemical in the brain, removing any inhibition to suggesting and acting out sexual fantasy. The onset is approximately 15 minutes after taking the tablet and lasts between 2-3 hours.”

I pulled out the brochure with the results of the trials, pointing to the important data with my matching maroon nail polish as I highlighted the data. “In the pivotal trials, the frequency of sexual intercourse increased 125%, fellatio increased 45%, and cunnilingus increased 65%. These were the primary endpoints of the trial, but quality of life surveys showed a significant increase in sexual satisfaction in both males and females. Wouldn’t you agree these are impressive numbers?” I maintained my professional tone and appearance, despite the nature of the discussion.

” Leah, has the FDA approved this product?” The doctor asked me, clearly skeptical that they would permit such a product to be released at all.

“Certainly, doctor, and we are only going to authorize a limited number of physicians to prescribe this product. It will not be available to every physician.”

Dr. Fredrick followed, “If this is as good as the data you showed me, it certainly could make my practice revenues increase tremendously, especially if you allow me to be an exclusive physician in the area.”

“Absolutely, you have always been receptive to my presentations in the past and prescribed my products. I wanted to make sure you had the opportunity to prescribe this product. I will give you the website address. You have to do a little continuing medical education, complete a test, and then you’ll be authorized to prescribe the product. We are limiting the number of samples, but will allow the physicians we authorize, to have three tablets.” I could see he was not wearing a wedding ring, nor were there any family pictures on his desk.

I added, “Once I get a notification that you are authorized, tablets will be sent to you by FedEx. I will plan a follow-up visit to see if you have any questions.”

“Thanks Leah, I’m so pleased you thought of me for this product. I’m sure it will be a success.”

I received notification in about a week that he had completed all the necessary paperwork and received his tablets. czech estrogenolit porno I made an appointment to see him in his office, as I had promised. This time, the appointment was scheduled at the end of the day. I dressed in a dark blue business suit that did not require a blouse, just a brightly colored purple Victoria Secret bra under the suit jacket. I always wear nylons, but this time wore some that were slightly darker, with my heels slightly higher.

Dr. Frederick came out to the waiting room, shook my hand warmly, and brought me back to his office.

“Leah, I’m so glad to see you again. I received my pills the other day. In fact, I took one about five minutes ago, assuming that was the purpose of this meeting.” With that, he gave me a broad smile. We were conversing about the new product. Once again, I showed him the product information.

As matter-of-fact as can be done, he said to me, “Leah, I love the color of your nylons on your beautiful legs. Would you mind sitting on my face?” There was neither hesitation nor embarrassment on his part. I had always had an attraction to him, and thought this would not be unduly improper but now part of the job. He positioned himself on the floor, back to a loveseat along one wall of his spacious office.

“Do you want my nylons on or off?” I asked.

“Nylons on, definitely,” he answered emphatically. Definite nylon fetish, I thought to myself.

He wedged his head between two seat cushions. I could sit on his face without obstructing his breathing and allow him to maintain an intimacy with my privates, still covered with the smooth nylon. I wore a pair of sheer-to-waist-pantyhose, with only a thin strip of reinforcement on the panty. Positioning myself over his head, I lowered myself, and sat gently. I heard a low moan followed by deep breaths, as if he was inhaling an intoxicant but also assuring me his airway was unobstructed. The tip of his nose indented the nylon covering my pussy, and there was an occasional exploratory probe of the tip of his tongue against the taut nylon.

“Is this ok, doctor?” I asked. His voice was muffled, as if he had a tight fitting scarf over his face. I could understand him say, “Delightful.”

Next, he pulled out his penis and masturbated, slowly making his cock rigid.

After a few minutes, I decided to entice him, “Would you like a foot job? My feet are extra smooth in these stockings.”

I could feel him nod his head by the rubbing of his nose on the nylon as he was no longer speaking. Without sitting too hard on his face, I took both my feet and start rubbing them along his rigid shaft. His breathing intensified. He was clearly stimulated by the feeling of the nylon on his dick and after 10 minutes of gentle masturbation, he ejaculated, spreading his cum on his tie.

His cock went limp, and I climbed off his sofa. He sat upright and said, “I think you have a winner.” He showed no regrets whatsoever of what had just occurred. He showed me out of the office, staff still present, never bothering to clean the dripping cum from his tie as if delirious at what just occurred.

A few days later, I received a phone call from Dr. Watson, a female neurologist who has a large practice in the area.

“Is this Leah Fontaine, with Excite Pharmaceuticals?” she inquired.

“Yes, this is Leah. What can I do to help you?” I answered.

She continued, “I heard about a new product and was hoping we could meet to discuss how I might use it in my practice.”

I knew I should introduce it to female physicians as well, and was aware of her stellar reputation as a clinician. “Certainly, Dr. Watson, I can meet you in your office at your convenience. How about Wednesday?” She told me what time she would be available.

I met with her and gave her the same presentation as Dr. Frederick. She was stunningly beautiful, and on her desk was a picture of her equally handsome husband, as well as another showing them in a loving embrace.

At the end of the meeting, I told her that I had to meet with her again to confirm her as a participating physician. She would receive the sample tablets in the mail by FedEx, but samples were extremely limited. “Leah, why don’t we meet in about a week? I will be staying downtown for a conference. We can meet in my hotel room.”

Dr. Watson texted me about a week later, giving me her room number in the hotel. She suggested we meet after the meeting, around 9:30 p.m. I met her as promised. She told me about the conference and she was very pleased with her clinical research presentation. She arranged for a platter of desserts and wine to be brought up to the room, which we enjoyed together.

“Leah, I read all the material and took the test as you required.” She seemed genuinely excited about the product, although I couldn’t fathom why a neurologist would want to prescribe this product. “I am going to take one of the pills you have provided.” With that, she czech experiment porno swallowed the pill with a little wine.

She asked me about sales and the unique way we distributed the product to selected physicians. As I was still standing, leaning over her as she sat at the desk, she began unbuttoning my blouse. I had on a blue demi-cup bra. She folded under the upper half, uncovering my nipples. This adjustment enhanced my breasts in shape and size, baring them to her. My already engorged nipples stood straight out, very inviting. Looking directly at my breasts, I heard her whisper, “Fantastic.”

Without permission, she was licking and nuzzling my breasts with her eyes closed as if she did not want to look at me, perchance I would tell her to stop. I had never had a lesbian encounter, but found her exceedingly attractive and seductive. Her licking of my breasts was extremely sensual. She released my nipple from her mouth. Looking up at me, she took her forefinger and traced a line from my breasts to the top of my skirt. Her finger ran around the waist. I gave her a slight nod of consent and she unbuttoned the waist and lowered the zipper, letting the skirt fall to the floor. She removed my panties, leaving me only in my high heels and the adapted demi-bra with my bare breasts protruding.

She looked at my pussy, free of any pubic hair which was a result of a request from a prior lover of mine. “Wow,” she exclaimed. She lifted one of my legs, positioning my shoe on the corner of the chair. This position left me teetering on one heel, my cunt lips spread and my clitoris was fully exposed. Sitting in front of me, her face met my pelvis. The room filled with the aroma of the perfume I had applied just an hour ago, vaporized by the heat of my pussy.

She then nibbled each of my cunt lips, tugging slightly with her teeth before releasing it. She gave the same pleasurable attention to the other. Once satisfied, Dr. Watson started to lick my clitoris with a delicate, deliberate, and dreamy circular motion. This technique was totally unfamiliar to me and opposite the rougher approach of my male lovers. The pressure was just enough to maintain my excitement.

After exploring my pussy to her satisfaction, she sat back in the chair, reached her first two fingers into her panties and started masturbating ferociously. Her vigorous, rapid strokes were more reminiscent of an internet porn clip than simple self-satisfaction. I reasoned that she was afraid the effects of the medication would diminish, returning to her straight, monogamous life without consummating our lesbian encounter.

She had a screaming orgasm within 2-3 minutes, followed by a limp exhaustion. She stood up and gave me a long lingering kiss. “Thank you, Leah,” was all she said.

“You’ll be able to prescribe the medication starting next week,” I told her as I got dressed and left the room, remaining professional in spite of our intimacies. Upon leaving, I closed the door, leaned back against the wall, put my hand in my panties, and masturbated to a quick orgasm, oblivious to any hallway security cameras, before leaving in the elevator.

The product was besting sales projections widely within the first four months of introduction. I had selected my group of physicians and heard they were all doing very well. Dr. Frederick had hired three young physician assistants to help him handle the newfound patient load. He now drove a new BMW convertible, waving to me whenever we crossed paths. Dr. Watson had changed her neurology practice to a female only practice. The word was out that she was sensitive to lesbian requests for Impassion. She had separated from her husband and became a spokesperson for the lesbian community.

I received a call I had always expected would come. Dr. Arnold was the supervisor of a large academic medical clinic with over 800 physicians. Many years ago, when it was permitted, Dr. Arnold allowed me to bring lunch for his physician colleagues, but severely restricted any marketing efforts. I felt more like a personal assistant seductively servicing the members of the gentleman’s club, rather than a professional drug representative. He would greet me with leering glances and would always remain after the meeting, watching me clean up afterwards, requiring me to bend over to pick up any remaining napkins. He had blatantly dropped silverware and food to make sure I bent over to his satisfaction. More recently, he had forbidden any contact at all with his medical staff, as if brand-name drugs had no role in medical care.

I made an appointment, thinking to myself, this meeting should be a lot of fun.

I wore a new tight-fitting grey business suit that had a sheeny finish, looking like supple leather, the jacket buttoning in front. I completed my outfit with suntan nylons and a pair of matching knee-length grey boots. Very sexy, I said to myself as I looked in the mirror. I generously applied eyeliner and mascara. I wore my raincoat, so as not to arouse suspicion, and went to his office, sitting outside until the appointed time.

“Leah, how good to see you again after all these years. How have you been? You look great,” he said as he greeted me at the door, shaking my hand and putting his other hand to my back with uncharacteristic enthusiasm.

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