In Car with My Son’s Friend

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[All the characters in this story are 18 and above.]


I sighed, as I closed the door and started my car. It wasn’t enough that I had a disaster of a date this evening, which was my first date since the divorce, now I have to go pick up my son from this party he went to.

My son Billy, he’s soon gonna graduate high school. His whole school life, he had been bullied and had no friends, but about a couple months ago, he became friends with these few older kids; who’s apparently been saving him from bullies. So, when he said he’s gonna go to his first party with them, I just couldn’t say no. I sent him to his party, got ready and went on the date, which lasted for about like an hour or so, and as soon as I got home, his friends called me to tell me that he got drunk and blacked out. So, now I have to go pick him up.

I didn’t know there would be drinking in the party, but I’m still glad that he’s finally making friends! So, I couldn’t really be “mad” about all these, as I hummed to a tune on the radio, and drove through a pretty empty road.

I was a 37-year-old woman, who got knocked up at 19 by her high school boyfriend, and got married soon after and been with him ever since. That was, till last year, when I found out that he was cheating on me with his secretary and got divorced. It had been a rough year, with trying to handle my job and Billy and my own sadness. So, I had high hopes when I agreed to go on this date with my friend’s brother, also a bit scared as I had never been with anyone other than my ex-husband. I bought this black dress that shows a lot of my cleavage and ends just under my butt, just for this date. But it was a disaster.

I’m not gonna lie, I was a bit intoxicated, as that’s all I had at the date. I know I shouldn’t have driven in this state, but my son needed me. So, I somehow managed to pull my minivan into the driveway, when I finally got to see his new friends.

I pulled down my window, and one of the boys walked to my car. “Is he okay?” I asked, before he could say anything.

He looked back at him and then back at me, “he’s fine, just drank a bit too much. It was probably his first time, I’m sorry Miss Robertson, I know I should have kept an eye on him.”

“Oh, don’t worry, it’s fine, happens at parties. Could you boys help me get him into the car?”

“Yah sure! Absolutely,” he said, before running back to him.

I opened the sliding door, but before I could get out, they had already laid him down the second-row seat. I smiled at them and thanked them before closing the door.

I could see the boy that walked up to the car before, hesitating a bit, while the other one left. “could you umm… give me a lift? If that’s okay with you, I live near to your house.”

I thought, he could also help me later getting him into the house, so I said, “yah sure, hop in!” and started to drive as soon as he closed the door.

“I’m James,” he said, as I was driving.

“Nice to finally meet you James, I’ve heard a lot about you from Billy. Thanks a lot for taking care of him, he never really had many friends, and I heard the bullying was getting worse after the divorce.”

“Oh, don’t worry about it, Miss Robertson, it’s my pleasure. he’s a great friend to be around.”

I could sense him stealing looks at me as I drove.

“I had a date tonight, that’s why,” I said, trying to explain.

“Oh! That makes sense. How did it go? I’m glad to hear it by the way, he told me how sad you had been lately since the Küçükköy escort bayan divorce,” he replied.

I felt a bit weird; I didn’t know Billy was telling his friends about the divorce. But I guess he’s allowed to talk about how he feels with his friends. “Disaster really, haha. But I guess it’s hard to have a decent date when you’re old like me,” I said, in a sad tone.

There was an awkward silence. I didn’t want to make it this way, but it just came out. I guess the fact that my husband had been cheating on me was a huge hit on my confidence. I guess I was blaming myself that he wouldn’t go after a different girl if I could give him what he wanted.

“I think you’re sexy,” he said, suddenly, catching me off guard.

“Sorry, what?”

“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t want to be inappropriate, but I don’t think it should be hard for you to get a decent date, you are sexy as fuck,” he said, and I could sense him staring at me.

“Umm… thank you, you are kind.”

“No, I meant it,” he said, and I could feel his hand on my thigh. I couldn’t risk taking my hands off the steering wheel to push his hand away, as I was already feeling a bit dizzy. “I think you’re sexy af, Jane.”

I shivered as he said my name. I slowed down a bit and looked at him. “What are you doing?” I asked.

“You know what I’m doing,” he whispered, as he moved closer and gently kissed my cheek.

“Please don’t. You’re my son’s friend, this is wrong,” I said, but not gonna lie, it felt a bit good, getting attention like this from a younger guy.

“I can stop being his friend, if that makes you feel better,” he said with a grin, as he saw no attempts to stop him from my side.

“I… no… I don’t want that…” I said; it was probably the intoxication, but my breathing was already getting heavier. I took a quick look in the mirror; Billy was still sleeping in the second row. “I don’t think we should do this… it’s wrong.”

“Is it?” he whispers into my ear and bites my earlobe with his lips. “It doesn’t feel wrong to me, does it feel wrong to you?”

It did. It really did. I felt so wrong. But… I was scared he’ll stop if I said that. So, I didn’t. I didn’t realize how much I wanted this. I wanted someone. I wanted to be happy too. Why did I my ex-husband get to be happy, and I didn’t, he did all that. I deserved to have this too.

“Ok. Ok. What if Billy wakes up?” I asked.

He stopped and looked back. “He won’t. Why don’t you park the car by the road over there?”

I don’t know what happened, but I couldn’t not obey him. I slowed down, and parked the car by the road. The road was totally empty, not even one car. He got out as soon as I stopped; and by the time took a quick look in the mirror to check my hair and makeup, he had moved Billy to the third row.

I opened the door and walked out; I was feeling so awkward. I couldn’t look at him, as I couldn’t stop blushing. I was staring down as I closed the door and walked around to the passenger side where he was.

He smiled at me, and I smiled back, as he pressed his lips onto mine. I moaned a little as he kissed me slowly and passionately, pressing me against the passenger door; he was a great kisser. His hands roamed around the sides of my body, as I wrapped my fingers around his neck and through his hairs.

But, then suddenly I realized that people could see us out here, so I broke the kiss. “Not here, let’s get into the car, I don’t want anyone to find us like this,” Escort Mecidiyeköy I said, and he chuckled. But he guided me into the second row, and came in after me. He closed the door and turned to me again, as I sat there.

“Are you sure about this?” I asked, taking a look at the third row where Billy was. He didn’t say anything as he moved closer and started kissing me again. This time he rested his hand onto my bare thigh. He bit my lips playfully, as I felt his fingertips tracing against my skin, under my dress to my crotch. He bit my lips and cheeks and gently kissed and slowly moved to my jaw and neck, as he rubbed my pussy over my panties. I shivered as he ran his finger up and down my clit, before gently tugging it down, in an attempt to take them off. My breathing got heavier as I moved up a bit to help him take those off.

“You’re so sexy,” he said as he slid my panties off of me, and threw it onto the front seat.

I blushed as he bit my neck, leaving a hickey. “Now you’re marked as mine,” he said.

I slid my hands under his t-shirt, and dug my nails onto his back, as he rubbed his index against my clit. I moaned into his ear, as he slid two fingers in.

He then kissed my chest and the top of my boobs, and shoved his face into my cleavage. His other hand gently pulled down my zipper in the back, that I barely even felt. He unhooked my bra faster than I can. He knew what he was doing.

He pulled down my dress and bra and brought out my boobs. He took a nipple into his mouth and played with his tongue, and bit around it too, leaving marks.

All these were too much for me, my breathing got heavier, and he noticed. He rubbed my clit faster, and I came, HARD. I moaned loudly, and he didn’t stop. He didn’t give me a break, as he continued to rub my clit and played with my boobs. I was whimpering. And, for that moment, I forgot that Billy was there.

It wasn’t long before I came again, and then again. He made me cum thrice on his fingers, till he gave me a chance to catch a breath.

He was sitting there with a smile, as I was whimpering on the seat. I was shaking. I was a mess, my body was a mess, my dress was a mess, my hair was a mess. That’s how you know I had a good orgasm.

“You look like a slut, and I like it,” he said with a grin, and all I could do is give him an angry look. But it wasn’t real, I actually liked it. It took a lot to stop me from blushing.

“Wow, you really like being called a slut, don’t you?” Somehow, he still knew.

This time I blushed, and giggled a bit too. I had caught my breath by now, and he noticed. “Help me get out of this dress?” I asked.

He helped me get out of my dress, and I pulled his t-shirt off of him. Then I pressed my lips against his, unhooked his pants and pulled them down. I touched his dick through his boxers, and he smiled into the kiss.

He then guided me down back on the seat, and pulled down his boxers; as I lied down there, gawking at his body. It was pretty dark and cramped, but I liked what I could see.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him towards me, making him laugh. He then set his dick onto my clit, and bend down onto me. He kissed me deeply, and then suddenly, shoved his dick into me, making me gasp. He was bigger than my ex-husband and it had been a long time since I had sex.

He chuckled as I gave him a stern look, but then I smiled and kissed him again, as he started to move in and out of me. I had my legs Merter escort wrapped around him and my fingers ran through his hairs, while he was fondling my boobs with his hands. He was being rough with my tits, pressing them hard, and pulling my nipples, and sometimes even digging his nails into them.

“Ouch, that hurts,” I said, in between moaning and kisses.

He chuckled and said, “you want me to slow down?”

“No,” I said, smiled and kissed him again.

I was moaning hard and pulling his hairs. He broke the kiss and moved down to my chest, biting and leaving hickies.

Then, wrapping his hands around my back, he quickly sat up, with me sitting on his lap now.

I knew what to do. I put my hands onto his shoulders, and started to move up and down. His hand was on my ass, cupping and pressing them. He slapped my ass hard, I cried out. But he didn’t stop, he slapped again.

He put his tongue on my areola and licked around. He bit my boobs and gave me a hickey on my shoulder.

“Stop doing these, people will notice,” I said, but I couldn’t make my voice strong.

“Let them, I want people to know what a slut you are. I want them to know you’re mine.”

I blushed again. He started to press his fingers into my butt, and I started to whimper. I was gonna cum again, and he noticed. I started to bite his dick with the inner walls of my pussy, and he moaned. He started to pull me up and drop on his dick now, and all these was too much for me. I screamed as I came again. I totally forgot that Billy was there.

It was a long one, I came hard, and the whole time through my orgasm, he fucked me. But I realized he was getting close too, as his breathing got heavier, and I could feel his dick tighten in me. And then I realized he wasn’t wearing a condom.

“Don’t cum in me,” I said, as I was panting.

“What?” he asked, also panting.

“Don’t cum in me, I’m not on pills. Let me suck you off.”


He let go of me and pulled me off of his dick. Oh my God it was huge and beautiful.

He sat there as I bent down on the seat by him, with my ass high up in the air, and I took a lick of his dick. My juice mixed with his precum tasted so good.

I wrapped my lips around his dick and started bobbing my head up and down as my used my hands to pull my hairs up.

He moaned as I licked his dick, and put his hand onto my ass. He caressed my ass as he came into my mouth. He shot a huge load down my throat, and I drank it all.

“Good slut,” he said.

“Your slut,” I replied.

I licked his dick off completely and got back.

“I’ll drive us home, you catch your breath,” he said, chuckling, as he pulled up his boxers and pants and put on his t-shirt.

He drove us home as I caught my breath in the second row, and then somehow put on my clothes with my trembling hands.


He helped me take Billy to his room, and wrote down his number for me on a piece of paper.

As he was leaving, I grabbed his t-shirt and pulled him around to kiss him.

“Thanks for an amazing night. I hope I’ll see you again?” I asked.

I bent down and kissed me again. “Obviously,” he said, and left.

I was too tired to get a shower or get out of this dress. I somehow pulled me onto my bed when I remembered that my bra and panties were still in the car; but I decided I’ll get them later.


Next morning, I woke up with a headache. Then I remembered what happened last night and giggled like a teenager.

I grabbed my phone and pulled down my dress a bit, bringing out my boobs, then took a picture of my tits with all his bite marks and hickies, and then sent him the picture with a text, “Thanks for last night.” I really was thankful. I smiled and waited for his text when I heard Billy shout, “MOM! HOW DID I GET HERE?”

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