In Deep

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It was Saturday and as usual I was getting a very late start to my day. I’d just got the mail and coming into the kitchen I smiled at Arwana and held up a package and said, “You got a package in the mail.”

Her green eyes took in the box and I watched her hesitate for only a moment before she said, “Good. I was hoping it would come soon. As it is it’s only taken it two weeks to reach this lonely outpost of humanity on the edge.”

I scoffed, “Hey, where unique!”

“That you are darling.” She retorted with and I let it slide with a smile.

She opened a cabinet door and reaching up for something said, “Go ahead and open it Honey.”

Shrugging, I did so. I did not like what I found.

It actually took me a few seconds to realize what it was, but the words were explanation enough. Butt plugs?

“Honey, I told you I…”

Arwana’s fingers curled over my lips and smiling, she shook her head, “You got it all wrong darling. See these two fingers? I made you a promise and I’ll keep it. Those are for me.”

“What?” I said blankly.

Smiling, she took the box out of my hands and opened it further. Giving me a grin she said with an apologetic shrug, “Well, you see it’s like this Honey. You’re such an absolute stud and well, I think learning to graduate my tight ass that you love so much on these plugs will go a long way in helping me to relax and let Haynes have his way with my ass. Don’t you think so Honey?”

Feeling my face blush, I asked again, “What?”

Laughing softly she looked at me tenderly and said, “Oh Honey. Did you think your ass was the only one that could be played with? You’re a boy, you’re built to be stimulated with a finger or two so that the main part of you can get even harder. I’m a girl and I was made to be penetrated. Penetrated by big things like your cock. You’re really big though, and so I want to use these to work me up to being able to take your cock into my ass easier. Does it make sense now Honey? We’ll start slow. See this one is the size of one of your fingers, although I would much prefer it if the first thing that goes into me would be your finger and not this.”

Dazed, I glanced at one of the items from the box that she had placed in my hand and reaching behind her on the counter she grabbed up a jar of olive oil. Smiling, she shook a bottle of oil teasingly and still dazed I took it from her.

Still smiling at me in a mixture of sweetness and sheer sensuality she turned away. She pulled a chair out from the table and knelt down upon it sideways sticking her butt back out towards me. She was wearing a skirt.

Swallowing I looked around. Everything around me appeared to be real.

Feeling like an awkward kid, I stepped forward and pulled up the back of her skirt and let it lay over on her back. Her panties met my gaze as they beautifully encased the beauty of my wife’s rear. A rear that suddenly had new meaning.

What she wanted me to do, I had never imagined doing and yet at the moment it felt right and I didn’t question it. I had always thought her rear entrance to be beautiful even as it was feminine in its appearance, but that she actually wanted me to penetrate it with my cock had never occurred to me and was still hard to comprehend.

That said, my cock was rock hard and I accepted the fact of suddenly how bad I wanted to do something I’d never had the desire to do before. I eased her panties down with one hand and stared at her beauty.

She glanced back at me and I met her gaze. She still had a smile and in almost a shy fashion, she said, “Like I said I would prefer it if you would put your finger in first. Feel free to play around with my ass for a bit too. Think you can do that Sugar?”

I nodded.

Still smiling, she said, “Get your finger nice and oily and just press it in gently and imagine that before too long it will be your thick cock your invading my ass with instead.”

I blinked, this woman was absolute seduction. My cock felt like it was about to explode in my pants from her words alone.

Laying the small butt plug aside, I oiled up a finger and placing it at her entrance, I heard her speak, “Oh and honey?”

“Yes?” I said gruffly as I watched the crinkled ridges of her rear entrance soak up the oil from my finger pressed warmly against the center of her rosette.

“I just want you to know that no man has ever done to me what you’re about to do.”

I felt a shiver course through me and my finger trembled slightly. I glanced at her and she winked at me and breathily said, “I can’t wait for the day that you shove Haynes all the way up my ass and make it yours. Promise me you’ll spill your seed as deep as you can drive it into me when the time comes.”

I nodded.

Her head turned forward.

My eyes fell to her perfect rear and with a shaky breath I pressed on the tightly crinkled flesh of her anus. Softly it gave way and I felt her pushing outward.

My finger went deeper and I heard her breath in and out Çankaya Escort deeply as she focused on relaxing. Instinctively I stopped moving my finger inward and almost immediately I felt her relax and when she did, I pressed my finger in gently all the way to the hilt in her ass.

She was tight! Warm too and so very soft.

Groaning, she said out loud, “Oh, I think I’m going to like this darling.”

She wasn’t the only one. She groaned again and tossed her hair as I slowly felt around and then spun my finger inside of her.

Softly she whispered, “Your finger feels huge.”

Instead of fear at the next conclusion of thought, though she surprised me by saying, “You’re thick cock is going to be amazing!”

Finding my voice I asked as I pushed in and withdrew my finger repetitively, “You like this?”

She looked back with a genuine smile that reflected a shy look of surprise, “Yes, very much so. You?”

“Yes!” I said affirmatively.

She smiled and looked forward again. I allowed myself to play with formerly forbidden territory for a few moments longer.

There was nothing about this moment that was wrong and I completely relaxed into the knowing that there was even more to do with my beloved than I had thought there was. What a very pleasant surprise.

I withdrew my finger with reluctance and oiling the small butt plug up I eased it in against her contracting entrance and easily worked it inside of her till it would go no farther. It had come to a secure stop and sighing she straightened up.

She pulled her panties up and then got off the chair and turned to face me as your dress fell back into place. Her face was flushed and looking me in the eye, she said, “Your finger was better.”

I was in complete agreement with that, but I was really past talking and she knew it. Smiling in her lovingly wanton way she opened my pants and kneeling down took my cock into her mouth.

It was only a matter of seconds before I was spewing my seed into her hungry mouth. This woman had a way of completely undoing me.

She knew exactly how to cut through everything and make me feel the rawness of true sensuality. Closing my eyes I allowed myself to fantasize about just how amazing it was going to feel to slide into the warm tightness my finger had just tested.

She was still on her knees before me rubbing the side of her cheek against my softening cock. Reaching down a hand, I stroked her other cheek and she looked up.

Gazing into her green eyes that were blazing with life I said, “Thank you. I know this couldn’t have been easy for you to pursue let alone something to trust me with not to hurt you.”

Gazing at me serious faced she said, “Honey, trusting you is the easy part. I thought I had an idea of how it would be, but I was wrong.”

I helped her get up and she pushed her face against my chest and breathed out, “Right now I don’t trust myself at all.”

“Why’s that?” I asked curious.

She looked up and smirked, “Because more than anything right now I want you to pull this piece of plastic out of my ass and ram your hot cock up it to the hilt. I don’t care how bad it hurts! I want it!”

Smiling, I kissed her and then whispered against her lips, “All in due time. Right now though I intend to enjoy this and play myself to contentedness before I let you have Haynes.”

She groaned, “Why? I want you!”

“I know you do, but I’d much rather torment you for a while and make sure that nothing we do will hurt you.

Gazing into my eyes, she said, “See, I knew I could trust you. I love you Cliff Haynes!”

“Back at you Honey.” I whispered before losing myself in kissing this amazing woman over and over again.


One Week Later – Arwana’s Perspective

His note had been specific. Arwana shivered and that only made her more aware of the fact of the plug buried between her ass cheeks.

It was by no means comfortable or easy to sit let alone try to focus and grade school work. The note had said to put the plug-in at 4:30 and she had.

Over the course of the past week her anus had never seen so much attention. She blushed as she remembered last night.

She’d been laying on her belly with a pillow beneath her hips. She’d already rocked out to the tune of one orgasm from the vibrator Cliff had been manipulating from behind her. The vibrator had been withdrawn and in the blissful release of pleasure after an orgasm she had felt him pull the plug out that she was now clenched tightly about and for a moment, nothing had happened and then his fingers had pulled her cheeks apart and with surprise, her eyes had opened wide even as she had exclaimed, “Oh!!” As the contact of his tongue upon her still contracted open anus rocked through her system.

The feeling had been unbelievable and she had lain there gasping as he had stroked her with his tongue. Eventually he had stopped and then he’d forced her Keçiören Escort anus to open back up as he slid the plug back in until it was seated firmly in place.

He had risen up over her then and rode her hard with his cock plunging deeply into her vagina from behind. The feeling of the double penetration was absolutely incredible and every orgasm that saw something in her ass made her descend into a fit of moaned half screams of delight.

Why didn’t more women do this? Granted, she hadn’t completed the act, but that would not be the case for long.

Tonight, he was going to do it. Tonight he was going to take her anal virginity and make her ass fully his.

Far from fearful of the reality Arwana groaned as sitting in her chair her body convulsed about the plug in her ass and she came explosively. The orgasm was entirely different and it left her gripping the sides of the table for support.

Shakily, she got up. The plug felt huge, but in reality it wasn’t big enough by half. Shakily, she knelt down on the floor.

Closing her eyes, she whispered out loud, “God you’ve done a wonder in me. I’ve gone from being any man’s woman to just one man’s woman. You put it in my heart to do something selfless and I’ve only received pleasure in return. You are amazing! The more I learn of You the more I want to know. The more I see of You the more I love you. Thank You for not letting me go and stay the wanton fool that I was in my worldly denial of You. I can never thank You enough for the man that You’ve given me to. I want tonight to go well. This may sound strange, but I’m learning little by little that the journey of faith can be strange and not at all what one might think it should be like. That said, I humbly ask that You would gift my… my ass with the ability to relax and accept all of my husband. I want it to go well. Please make it go well. I ask this in Jesus Name.”

Arwana stood up and then stopped as the feeling of a voice she’d heard once before said, “His seed will go deep. See that you let it stay within you.”

Arwana blinked and glancing around, she decided to be brave, as curiosity struck her hard, “If I may ask, I ask this, why?”

“What do you know of a man’s seed?”

Arwana stuttered out, “It’s the foundation of life. Without it there would be no babies.”

“Yes, it is life.”

Silence reigned for a moment and driven to speak Arwana asked with curiosity, “What’s going to happen to me tonight?”

“You will be possessed by the seed of your husband. It will control you from this time onward and your thoughts and desires will be solely of him.”

“How… I… um… please… I don’t understand. I want to understand!”

“Seed placed within the womb brings forth a child. Seed within your bottom is directly absorbed into your blood. The life is in the blood. His seed is life. The essence of your husband’s life will travel throughout you and forever be within your mind as a positive force for him. His seed will complete his ownership of you in a way no man’s ever has before and no other man ever will. You are his and your thoughts will be of him continually. It is how a woman is to be to the man, but the world hides it and encourages men to do it with each other and they do nothing but seed death to each other as man was not made for man, but woman was made for man, even so freely submit yourself to him tonight and let him have everything.”

Shaken Arwana nodded and whispered, “I will.”

After a moment she whispered, “I had no idea.”

“Few do and those that do use it to corruption and to further their control over men, between husband and wife though the marriage bed is undefiled. Do not be fearful. You were made to accept your husband’s shaft. Through his faithfulness he has gained you and now I ask that you give him everything, even as I have put it on your heart to do this thing for him.”

A truck roared to a stop outside. The time had come.

Arwana walked out the door with a new awareness of many things. Chiefly though her awareness was focused on giving over everything to her husband.

She smiled at Cliff and brushing by him she got up into the truck. He closed the door and giving him a look of passion she asked, “When?”

He smiled, “Now.”

He got in and put the truck in gear and they drove. It was a warm day and the spot they drove to was the site of their first date. A picnic was laid out and smiling Arwana glanced to Cliff and said, “This is sweet honey and I’ll do whatever you ask, but with all of my heart, I just want to focus on getting you in me and maybe later we can eat? Sound like a plan?”


Gazing into her eyes that reflected intense earnestness I said, “Sure.”

Without a word she got out of the truck and started walking. As she did her clothes started dropping to the ground. By the time she reached the blanket she was as bare as the day she’d been born.

I stopped behind Etimesgut Escort her and let my hands fall to grasp her wide flaring hips. Just the touch of her skin was a delight to me.

In complete meekness she glanced up and whispered, “How do you wish me?”

Something was different about her and it had my cock pumped out to the maximum of conceivable dimension and a part of me truly feared for her. This was a day, however that I couldn’t lose control.

“Lay down on your back.”

Gracefully she knelt down and turning she leaned over and wetly kissed the head of my shaft that was dribbling pre-cum. She licked it clean and then again with utter meekness of behavior she laid down.

Her swollen breasts jiggled softly with her breathing even as her erect nipples were a pleasure to behold that begged to be touched. I’d planned many pleasurable things for her, but suddenly they were all shot away.

Something was very clear to me. I had to be in her ass and she knew it.

Smiling, she whispered, “Don’t you want me on my knees?”

Shaking my head I said, “No, for another time.”

I lifted her one leg and grasping her by the ankle I lifted her body off the ground. I’m a strong man and at this moment I’d never felt stronger.

With her bottom off the ground I slid a hard pillow beneath it and set her back down. If ever there was a female lying helpless in the grasp of a ragingly passionate man it was her.

She lay there and then slowly she splayed her thighs apart and drew her knees upward. Her actions revealed the oily plug buried deeply between her cheeks, which would soon be hosting the thrusts of my shaft.

I looked up at her to see her expression entirely wanton and full of the eagerness to please me. Didn’t she know how I was going to hurt her?

I’d lost every aspect of control. Trembling, I knelt before her begging myself to be better than this.

“She knows exactly what is going to happen, but she is yours and is poised for your possession of her. Ask her and she will tell you the same.”

Obediently I did as I came nearer to her and let my big hands, rub up the backs of her full thighs,” Honey, I didn’t even know to want what I’m about to do to you, a week ago. I… I’m going to take you now. I’m not going to be gentle. Part of me feels like I should apologize for that, but I’m not going to. I’m not going to stop. Do you understand?”

She smiled and reaching a hand up, she touched my chest over my heart and said, “I’m no longer my own. I don’t have any concept of self that I should withhold anything of me from you. You have all the power, any I ever had I give to you and I willingly submit myself to your shaft and to your seed’s possession of me however you choose to do so.”

She kissed the air and with my hand shaking, I pulled the largest of the three plugs free from her ass. Taking my raging shaft in hand, I rubbed coconut oil on it and then the head of it was against her contracting anus.

Falling forward onto my elbows I crushed her breasts and kissed her deeply as I began to force my invasion into the most sensitive and vulnerable part of her body. The tightness of her anal canal gave way to the head of my shaft.

As the head of my shaft came into the plush openness of her rectum her canal only got tighter about the thicker regions of my shaft. The feel of her was unbelievable hot softness tempered with a pleasure inducing tightness that was indescribable.

She turned her head to the side and breathed heavy. Her thighs pressed against me and I saw tears fall down her cheeks.

I hated myself and yet I had to take her. My actions were slow and with the oil I slid in, but she was so very tight.

I came up against a wall. I’d bottomed out.

Breathing heavy she glanced at me and I read the resolve in her eyes as she whispered fiercely, “Do it you big stud!”

I pivoted my hips, feeling with the head of my shaft and as I discovered her inner opening which lead from her rectum deeper into her body I rammed my cock solidly home even as I felt her pushing out in the acceptance of my deep plunge. Her inner doorway gave and the head of my cock plunged into the beginning reaches of her colon.

Her eyes were huge and her nails dug deeply into my back. Taking a deep breath I let go of it and closing my eyes, I pulled my shaft back and slowly plunged it all the way right back in where it had just been.

My eyes were tightly shut as I didn’t want to see her tears. If I saw them, I might stop and somehow I knew I wasn’t supposed to stop.

I kept on thrusting all the while feeling my orgasm rise as I stroked my cock through the tightest ring of flesh that I’d ever felt. Suddenly her lips kissed at my ear and with a groaned whisper she said, “Harder you big stud. Take me harder!”

Something in me relaxed and I did exactly that and soon she was screaming. Her ass only got tighter as orgasmic ripples forced it to contract around me.

Crying out, I went in deep and spilled everything of me directly into the lower reaches of her colon. She’d jolted up against me as if something electric had just happened. I knew being so deep had to hurt and spent of my seed I pulled back from her colon.

I started to pull free of her rectum, but her legs came around my hips, “Stay my love. Stay in my ass.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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