In Need of a Man Pt. 04

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Monday morning brought life back to normal. Kevin was at the community pool, and Earl on day shift at the plant. My sister, Jackie called to visit. She told me of her marriage woes – similar story – but no virile teenaged son to fill those needs.

She asked me if I’ve encountered the same, but I’ve never been very open about out marriage shortcomings. I always thought Jackie was thriving in hers, but apparently not. This was also not the time to tell her that Kevin has been my sexual outlet either. I did tell her that she needed to find a lover, if it would get her through this rough patch.

“Is that what you did, Maggie?” Jackie asked, wide eyed. What did I get myself into?

“Listen, Jackie, I definitely thought about it. As long as Earl didn’t find out, I absolutely would have stepped out, if I needed to keep my sexual sanity. Besides, how can Frank blame you for getting something for yourself, that he has no interest in giving you?”

“I don’t know. It would seem so sordid,” she replied. Sordid is a great word for what Kevin and I have been experiencing… and Earl too, if I am to be honest. But sordid is what I really needed.

“Jackie, having an affair isn’t necessarily what you need to do. It is just an option. I don’t know what else to tell you.”

Just as we were finishing up our tea, Kevin arrived. “Hey, Aunt Jackie! Nice to see you.” My son approached as Jackie stood up to leave, her 4’11” frame dwarfed by my six-foot tall son. She reached up for a hug and Kevin pulled her in snugly.

She asked, “Are you ever going to stop growing?” Kevin smiled, stepping back while she gave his body the once over. I saw him peek at the pointy nipples poking through her pale blue blouse. Jackie’s tiny A cups and dark, petite body contrast so much with my light skin and large breasts, that the family joke is that Mom must have fooled around on Dad, to have had Jackie.

Kevin laughed and said, “I’m going upstairs to get changed, so I’ll leave you two to chat.” Jackie outright stared at Kevin’s ass as he left the room, and once he was out of sight, Jackie said wistfully, “That boy will breed beautiful children one day.” Fortunately for me, my tubes were tied long ago, so I won’t have to worry about making her comment come true for my family.

When I opened the door to let Jackie out, there was an Amazon parcel leaned up against it. The label was addressed to Earl, so I set it on the umbrella stand next to the door.

Earl arrived a bit later and took the parcel downstairs to the computer room. At dinner, Kevin mentioned going out with the guys in the evening, and Earl wasn’t able to fully mask his disappointment. I, too, was a bit sad as well, but there was plenty of time to continue our escapades.

After Kevin left for the evening, Earl retreated to the computer room and once I had the kitchen tidy again, I went to the family room to relax in front of the TV. I noticed a new LED clock on the mantle, and called out to Earl, “What is with the new clock?”

The door opened and he poked his head around the corner. “Oh, we don’t have one on the wall. I thought I’d pick one up so we would know what time it is.” I thought it a bit odd, because there was a time display on the remote, so you would only need to know the time if the TV was off.

“Oh, okay,” I said. “Thanks.”

I didn’t give it anymore thought, until the next night, after Earl left for a game of darts at the pub. I was still in the kitchen when Kevin came upstairs, asking, “Why do we have a nanny cam downstairs?”

“A what?”

“You know, a clock with a spy camera in it.” Holy fuck, Earl planted a camera to see what happens in the room when he’s not around.

I asked, “Your Dad bought it. How does he know when to turn it on?”

Kevin told me that it worked on the home Wifi and that you could watch it on a phone app from just about anywhere.

I stood stunned for a moment. Then I said, “I think your Dad is trying to catch us.”

“Oh,” replied Kevin, “Maybe he wants a video of the real thing for himself!” I thought about it for a while.

“Should we give it to him? Maybe just a little teaser?” I enquired. Kevin grinned from ear to ear.

“You mean, show him who the real man is in this house?” We laughed a bit together.

I nodded and Kevin moved in for a long, sensual kiss. His hands wandered to my breasts, weighing the heavy globes through my bra. We made a plan and put it into action. I followed Kevin to his room and borrowed one of his wife beaters, and retreated to my room to change into only that. Kevin put on a pair of loose fitting yalova escort shorts and a white T-shirt.

I told my son that at no time is he to look in the direction of the clock. His father could not think that Kevin knew he was being watched. The two of us grabbed some snacks and went downstairs.

“What do you want to watch?” I asked, setting the scene as I sat on the sofa.

“How about Indecent Proposal?”

“Hmm, sounds familiar. What’s it about?”

“Some guy lets his wife have sex with some dude, for a million dollars,” answered Kevin, from Earl’s chair.

“Oh, that does sound dirty. Hey, why don’t you grab that blanket and come over here and snuggle?” I noticed my nipples poking through my top, and that the hem rode so far up my thighs that it barely covered my pussy. It was perfect.

While the movie unfolded, Kevin and I talked about the plot. “Wow, it is hard to believe a guy would let his wife cheat on him, even for a million bucks,” he said.

“Kevin,” I began, “It isn’t cheating if her husband is aware and agrees, is it?”

“I guess.”

“And besides, it is just sex. Both of them probably have had other lovers before they met. She loves her husband and will always come back to him.”

As the movie progressed, I added, “Some people enjoy knowing that they gave their partner pleasure, even if at the hands of another.”

Kevin said in a low voice, “I suppose.”

“And, there is more than money that women find attractive in a man.” I smiled and he raised his head from my breast.

“Like a handsome guy with a big dick?” he offered, chuckling.

I giggled, shaking my head. “Yes, there is that.”

Our hands moved freely beneath our cover. I slipped my hand up Kevin’s shorts, along his left thigh. I said, “Oh my, I think you qualify.”

“You like that, Mom? Do you want to see it?”

I licked my lips and asked, ” Do you want to show me?”

Kevin three back the blanket and stood on the sofa cushions, the head of his gorgeous dick peeking from the leg of his shorts. I sat up straight so as to have my face at the same level as Kevin’s crotch.

“Pull them down, Mom.” I raised my hands to grasp his shorts at his hips, and ever so slowly lower them, inch by inch. The waistband got caught for a moment on the pink speared tip, and with a quick pull, my son’s dick popped free. His massive cock was an inch from my nose, and a trickle of precum oozed from it. The blue and red veins fully engorged his manhood, winding around his girthy tumescence in random paths

“Don’t look at me for a moment. Look up,” I said in a soft voice. Kevin stared straight up and as my right hand made a fist around his beast, I looked directly at the nanny cam and mouthed the words, “I love you, Earl,” to my voyeur husband, from wherever he was watching us.

“Okay,” I said to Kevin, and he looked back down at me. My eyes never left Kevin’s as I moved my mouth over the pulsing tip. His hips pushed slowly towards me, until I felt him at the back of my throat.

“Do you like my cock, Mom?”

I pulled away and said, “Yes! You are sooo big.”

I slid his length back inside as he asked, “Is my dick bigger than Dad?” This time, I grabbed his ass cheeks and held my son tight, so I could force his spongy head deep into my throat. I answered Kevin with a full nod, unable to speak or breathe with his monster tickling midway down my esophagus.

When I needed to breathe again, I pulled away, with a resounding popping noise when his dick was freed of my suction. It was then that I answered, “Very much so,” and gave Kevin a lick from base to tip.

I couldn’t believe what came from Kevin next. “Now my nuts. Suck on one.” He was in command and I was elated to comply. I used my other hand on my clit, teasing my own fleshy nubbin. I turned my head sideways, and licked my way from Kevin’s frenulum, along the fleshy tube that would later serve up my reward, and on to his swollen ball sack. With my head sideways, I peeked at the camera and then looked up into my son’s eyes.

I inhaled Kevin’s young, masculine musk, as my lips surrounded the tight skin of his left nut. I carefully opened wide enough and gently sucked the slick marble inside. The stubble of his scrotum brushed against my lips, and I made a humming noise that reverberated through him. Kevin uttered, Oh, fuck! Oh, Mom!”

Kevin stood over me, his strong hands combing through my hair, moaning softly. I slid the nut back through my lips and suckled on the other one, until his gripped my head and drew me back to the main course.

My yalova escort bayan son fed me his cock once more, and I diddled myself into my first orgasm, moaning as Kevin pistoned his cock ever so slowly in my mouth. I looked up at him as both my hands gripped his firm butt cheeks. Kevin smiled down at me, and said, “Good girl.”

Kevin’s hips increased their intensity, driving his fat dick ever deeper into me; each thrust finding my delicious gagging point, filling the room with yet one more gurgling sound. I knew he was close.

Our eyes held firm as Kevin announced, “I’m going to cum!” I released his cock, tilted my head back, and pushed my tongue as far out as possible, offering my son my entire face as a destination for his salty climax.

Kevin’s face contorted while he jacked himself off in front of me. His fist was but a blur as he approached his orgasmic crescendo. Kevin’s ass clenched, his abs rippled, and I stared at the slit at the center of his purplish cock head.

Kevin cradled my head with his free hand, and his eyes grew wide. I actually saw his piss slit expand at the moment the first jet of semen rocketed toward me. It struck my upper lip and nose, shooting up the side of it and into the corner of my left eye.

I squinted, but was too late. Another grunt released his second jet, coating my left eyelid, now tightly shut, and streamed along my forehead and into my hair. I flicked my tongue upwards in an attempt to draw his attention to my waiting mouth.

Kevin yanked his shaft lower, and the next three shots found their mark – my tongue, lips and the roof of my mouth. I saw his pleasure with only one eye, and lunged forward to accept yet more and more of Kevin’s ejaculate.

I knew that this could never be reversed; Earl would never be able to unsee this moment. My tongue swirled around Kevin’s spear shaped knob, bathing it in his own jizz. I swallowed the warm, creamy load.

Kevin used a finger to wipe the pool of cum from my eyelid, but the upper and lower lashes remained entwined with his goo. He reached down and wiped his finger on my right boob and nipple, which had fallen free through the side opening in his wife beater.

I wiped my eye until I could see again, and Kevin’s cock began to soften, still unmoving in my mouth. He pulled out, the tip flopping free, and I sat there watching Kevin’s chest and tummy while his breathing returned to normal.

Kevin knelt down, his manly arms embracing me. “What about you, Mom?” he asked, “Do you want to cum?” I smiled, thinking that my son may be a dominant stud, but still a gentleman.

“I came already,” I offered. But the truth was, that if Earl were watching us, I would be cumming again when he got in.

“Okay,” said Kevin, and the two of us fell onto the sofa and just held on for a long while. Kevin gave me another peck on the cheek and got up from the sofa. He giggled a bit as the closing credits scrolled, and offered, “Looks like we missed the ending,” making us both laugh out loud.

When my son left the room, I walked over to the clock and put my cum-spattered face up close to it, and whispered, “If you’re still watching this, you better get home. I need some dick. And I haven’t had my pussy licked, yet!”

I went to my room and retrieved a housecoat. Kevin retreated to his room for the night, so I made myself a cocoa and sat by the TV. Ten minutes later, I heard our car in the driveway. I met Earl at the door, and we were in an immediate deep embrace.

“Ready for bed?” he asked, kissing me fully, his tongue entering my mouth. It swirled about, searching for the salty remnants of his son’s ejaculate. Earl took a deep breath, smelling our heat.

I took my husband’s hand in mine and quietly led him to our bedroom, closing the door behind us. He sat on the bed and watched me peel away the housecoat; standing before him in the wife beater belonging to his son. I looked down to see my nipples erect once more, and noticed two dried cum stains on the front of my shirt.

Earl asked, “How did you know about the clock?”

“Something didn’t seem right. I figured it out,” I suggested.

“Does Kevin know?”

“Oh, God, no,” I lied. “He probably didn’t even notice there was a new clock down there.”

“Good. I don’t think I’m ready for Kevin to know that this turns me on so much.”

I thought to myself, “All in good time.” We could ease Earl into that slowly.

Earl got up from the bed and approached me, reaching to play with my boobs through the translucent shirt. He knelt down in front escort yalova of me and suckled on a nipple; the one Kevin smeared his cum on. My husband suckled it as his son had as a baby, so many years ago. I pulled him up and kissed Earl, our tongues swirling as we savored the mixture of saliva and semen.

“Did he put it inside you, under the blanket?”

“Oh, you’d like that. Wouldn’t you?”

Earl nodded, “Mags, I would.” His hardness pressed into me as he backed me to the side of the bed. Earl gave me a playful push and I fell backwards onto the bed, legs dangling off it at the knees. Earl quickly unbuckled his trousers, and tugged them and his underwear to the floor, then stepped out of them before kicking the clothes aside.

“What would you do if he had?” I asked, parting my legs wide, my shirt no longer covering my sex. My index fingers parted my meaty labia. “Fuck it, or eat it?”

Earl looked like someone who had seen this display for the first time in his life. He licked his lips, and said, “Both!”

“Awww,” I teased. “That’s too bad, because your son saved that fat cock of his for my dirty mouth. So how about you fuck me first, and then you can pretend that Kevin did dump his seed inside me, right after!”

Earl was fully focused on my pussy, no doubt envisioning my illicit words as I spoke them. He said nothing; instead he reached down, grasping the back of my knees, and hauled my body to the edge of the bed.

I raised my legs vertically, my sopping pussy almost touching Earl’s drooling cock. His sausage was angry red; likely from all of the masturbating he did while watching us on the nanny cam. Earl leaned over and spit on his cock for lubrication, but he would soon learn that I had enough wetness inside for the both of us.

When Earl pushed his stubby manhood inside, we heard a squishy sound, and he slipped in easily to the hilt. My legs ran up his abdomen and chest, and Earl wrapped his hand around my thighs and pulled hard, just to ensure I had all that he could give me.

Even without the fullness that Kevin provides, I must say that it felt good to have a cock inside me again. Earl drew back, almost too far, and began to rock his hips back and forth, staring down as he reclaimed his wife.

My well-timed moans helped Earl along. An “Oh, honey, You’re doing it!” caused him to increase the tempo, small mewling grunts emanating from his mouth, while Earl’s balls readied to dispense his need to spill his load inside me.

When I whispered, “Fill me up, Kev!” Earl’s mouth gaped wide. He pistoned even faster, the sloppy, velvety sensations of my pussy on his rigid staff, brought him to the edge.

“Oh, Mags!” was all that Earl uttered, before he delivered one final thrust as deeply as he could. Our bodies mashed together, his dicklet buried, triggering Earl’s orgasm.

His ass cheeks flexed, and in the silence of the room, I felt him squirt four or five times. Earl looked between our bodies, and retreated, seeing the slick, glistening skin of his cock as it began wilting already. He witnessed his softening cock leave me, drooping uselessly between his legs once more.

He saw, too, his silvery deposit appear between my sopping folds, flowing like syrup, toward my pink puckered anus. For a second, Earl grinned at his accomplishment, and then let go of my thighs. Without a word, my husband moved to his knees and observed the runny dribble, before taking his place between my legs.

“He came a lot, baby,” I whispered, leading us into the fantasy of his first cuck cleanup. “I feel so dirty.” Earl moaned as his face neared the sloppy mess, tongue extending.

Earl was hesitant at first, tongue lapping upwards, dragging the silvery slime higher and higher. “Eat it,” I encouraged, and my husband curled his tongue and scooped a dollop of his own cum into his mouth. As each taste registered in his brain, his need for more intensified.

Like an ice cream cone on a warm day, Earl’s tongue slathered all over my vulva, from perineum to clit. I stared at his voracious movements, and assured him with “Kevin’s will taste sweeter.” When Earl had enough of my pussy, I peeled wide my upper folds and said, “My turn,” to which Earl gave all of his attention. When his lips sucked in my swollen clit, I took hold of his head in my hands, grinding my pelvis into his most able tonguing. The entire evening replayed in my head and before I knew it, I was climaxing my juices into Earl’s waiting mouth.

He continued licking along my slit, until my undulations subsided. Earl moved up until we kissed and I enjoyed my share of his deposit, from his flicking tongue. We rolled onto our backs, both fully exhausted from the activities of the night. I fell asleep without washing up as I normally do.

I would find out the next day, at dinner, that my husband would make an offer that neither Kevin nor I could refuse.

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