In Praise of Roslyn

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“Hello Mr. Crawford. How are you doing on this chilly November day?”

I was putting my voting ballot in the collection machine when I heard the woman’s voice call my name. I recognized it instantly.

“Miss Roslyn!” I said, turning to greet the short woman who was the head librarian for our local city library. “How have you been?”

“I have been doing just fine.” She answered in her always, upbeat tone.”

“How do you like the new library?” I asked.

“Actually, Mr. Crawford, I have been retired for four years.”

“Well, I don’t get to the library much anymore and the kids haven’t mentioned anything. But, how are you enjoying retirement?”

“I have my garden, my two grandchildren and of course my husband requires a lot of my attention. He’s been an almost total invalid for two years now.”

“I’m very sorry to hear that, Miss Roslyn.”

It’s funny how you have an acquaintance that you might only see once a year and they still remember you like it was yesterday.

Mrs. Roslyn Parnell used to help my children at the library, Matthew even before he started school. She always seemed to be especially fond of my children and went out of her way to help them find reading material or research material for a school project.

In the beginning, I called her Mrs. Parnell, the name on her nameplate, until she asked me to call her just Roslyn. My upbringing would not allow that so she became Miss Roslyn.

I asked her to call me Dave but that never happened either.

She seemed to be a very educated woman always speaking in structured, metered and clear worded sentences.

“You have two daughters, if I remember correctly.” I said, remembering that both of the girls had given their mother quite a bit of anguish in their youth.

“Yes! But they do not live close. I only see my four grandchildren about once a year. It makes me sad but it is what it is.”

Me being me, I studied the woman wearing an old-fashioned, hem below her knees, dark blue, small bird print dress. The birds splashed various tones of pink over the dark blue dress. Her hair was in a boy’s style, but a woman’s length, dark brown hair, peppered with gray. Her eyes were dark brown. What little I could see of her legs showed that they were still strong and shapely, as I had appraised years ago and every time I saw her.

She was the type of person that never seemed to change. I figured years earlier she was probably in her late 50s, attractive at about 4’9″, a well-figured, solid looking woman. Now, with her age closing on 70, I figured, she retiring at 65, she was still quite an attractive woman. There was probably a 30+ years difference in our age, and, then as now, I found an older woman of greater sexual attraction.

“So, you said your husband is sick?”

“No. Actually, he is quite healthy but he has degenerative muscles and is pretty much confined to a wheelchair during the day or sitting in his chair.” She informed me. “Mr. Crawford, did you walk here today as you usually do? It is time for me to take a lunch break. Would you care to join me for lunch and meet my husband? He very much wants to meet you. I could drive you home later.”

“Yes. That would be nice.” I answered, the words “He very much wants to meet you” not raising any flags.

“Just let me get my coat and let someone know I am leaving.”

We chit chatted about the election race during the short drive to her home. I was impressed that the small lady drove a Buick LaSabre. It was a short drive of perhaps 10-12 minutes.

“Mr. Crawford, I must confess to something,” she said as she pulled alongside the house, parking in front of the garage. “I was hoping I would see you today, planning on it really, so I could invite you to lunch and meet my husband. Please take into consideration his physical disabilities. It has made him a bit brash and brazen. It has been hard on both of us for quite some time, as you will discover.”

I followed her into the house, through the back door into the kitchen and on into the living room. I saw a man sitting in a large cushioned chair and heard a TV.

“Darling, I have brought home a friend. Mr. Crawford has agreed to have lunch with us!”

“Good to meet you, sir!” Mr. Parnell welcomed me. “I have heard your name often over the years, you and your children. Finally, I get to meet you. Forgive me for not shaking hands.”

“Mr. Crawford, have a seat at the table and I will bring in our lunch in a few short minutes.” Miss Roslyn said, as she left for the kitchen.

Mr. Parnell appeared to be a tall man, easily well over 6 feet. His features were German as was his accent. His thinning white hair was combed straight down on his head. He wore a white T-shirt and gray cotton shorts.

His arms and legs were seemingly devoid of any muscle tissue.

A wheelchair and a hefty motorized lifting device sat close to the TV chair.

“It’s good to meet you, sir.” I offered, placing my hand on his forearm in place of shaking his hand. I pulled a chair from Gündoğmuş Escort a collapsible table, moving it closer to Mr. Parnell’s chair. “You like soccer?” I asked as it was on the TV.”

“My gracious yes! I played in high school and college. Almost went professional, but I met Rosy and she won my heart.”

“She is a nice lady. Growing up, my kids adored her. Still do. “

“And a good-looking one too! Do you agree, Mr. Crawford?” He quizzed.

“Please! Call me Dave. And yes, she is a nice looking lady.”

Miss Roslyn entered the living room with a plate full of assorted sandwiches. She pulled the collapsible table over closer to her husband’s chair before hurrying back to the kitchen. It took two trips to place the three bowls of soup on the table and another two trips for the three glasses of iced tea, one containing a straw. Next came the salt, pepper, napkins and eating utensils. She finally took her seat, very close to her husband so she could feed him.

I scooted closer to the table.

“It’s all very good, Miss Roslyn.” I said between bites.

“I’ll make a deal with you. If you will call me Rosy, I will call you Dave?”

I smiled and told her it was a deal.

“You can’t tell it now, Dave, but 10 years ago I was 210 pounds, all from this lady’s cooking. And please, call me Henry.”

“I can understand why! What did you do for a living sir….. Henry?”

“Engineer! Locomotive type. Pulled coal mostly.” He replied proudly.

“How did you and Rosy meet?”

“Met the little lady in college. The captain of the soccer team didn’t have a long enough cock to keep her happy. Stole her away from him!”

Henry’s openly vulgar comment shocked me but I hid any expression on my face. I cut an eye at Rosy who was in the motion of raising the spoon into her mouth. Her eyebrows lifted and her shoulders shrugged.

“Little Rosy is a sophisticated woman, but get her blood up and she’ll ride you until the sun comes up.” Henry continued, eyeing me suspiciously at the finish. “Do you like older women, Dave?” He asked, in a strong voice.

Me being me, reacting to Henry’s vulgarity and adding in Rosy’s earlier statement about his “brashness” and her willingness to tolerate it, I decided to humor Henry.

I remembered an old 85-year-old bed ridden man. His wife somehow managed to convince, or paid, a young girl of perhaps 19 to come and sit on his bed for a couple of hours. He would feel her up and talk nasty to her in a low voice while she would carry on conversations with other family members in the room. Three times a week, like clockwork.

“Yes Henry I do? I answered.

“Then wait until you see what Rosy has for dessert!” Henry chirped.

Rosy seemed to make an effort to keep her husband’s mouth filled with food, maybe, I thought, to keep him silent.

We finished eating and Rosy began to clear the table. Refusing to allow me to help, I scooted my chair back over next to Henry’s chair and began concentrating on the soccer game on TV.

“Rosy! Where are you my turtledove!” Henry bellowed after a few minutes. “You wanted to offer Dave some dessert, didn’t you?”

“I was just finishing up the dishes Henry. I thought I would give you two some time to talk.” She said, as she returned to the door to the living room, leaning against the door-frame.

“I think I have ascertained all I need to from this young man.” Henry replied. “Why don’t you come closer and show Dave what you have to offer for dessert.”

Rosy looked at me with embarrassment in her eyes. “Maybe Mr. Crawford needs to be getting home?”

“What are you talking about!” Henry challenged. “You were so apprehensive that you would not see him today! He is here! Certainly, you are not having second thoughts?”

I like to think of myself as a good person but it was quite clear what was happening here. And aged man suffering with muscle problems concerned about his wife’s sexual health or maybe he was just a dirty old man refusing to give up and wanted to see someone fuck his wife. Or, sensing that Rosy had sought me out, maybe she was a consenting conspirator. I could not make a consensus on that quite yet.

“Do you not have to return to the recreation center?” I queried, offering her a way out.

“No. They are well aware that I need to leave sometimes.” She replied reservedly. “My husband is right. I have you here. I should at lease offer.”

“I have all afternoon Henry.” I rallied “if Miss Rosy is so inclined, I would like to see what’s on the menu.”

“You see! I told you!” Henry exclaimed. “Now, I’m in concert with, Dave, and with you my love. You will make me happy. And he will make you happy! Now, come closer and let your two favorite men see.”

I took note of his comment and pondered if I had conveyed an interest in Rosy over the many years. I had to admit the times I was ever around her my eyes appraised her. Maybe she had picked up on it.

Also, not really noticing before but the blinds and shades Gündoğmuş Escort Bayan in the near vicinity of the room were drawn, the numerous lamps giving the room its illumination.

The seemingly modest lady moved forward unbuttoning her dress. Letting it drop off of her, she pushed the table from in front of her husband’s chair. I noted a smile on his face.

She then removed her shoes and lifted the slip over her head, leaving her in light pink Teddy pants and matching laced bra, much more provocative than one might have guessed a lady her age would wear and a perfect complement to her dress. She had dressed with anticipation.

“She’s beautiful isn’t she?” Henry appraised more than asked. “Turn around and let us see!”

He continued, “you may be interested in knowing we spent many years in a swingers forum. We traveled great distances to meet up with a few of them. In great part, due to this lovely lady, I have gotten my cock wet inside some lovely women. How big are you, Dave?”

“7 inches and thick.” I replied proudly.

“You hear that Rosy! I think you have a treat in store for you. Now, why don’t you take off that pretty bra?”

Rosy reached to the front and unclipped the bra pulling it wide to reveal breasts that were milky white, with smallest nipples that were slightly darker than her areolas, the areolas large and puckered. Her breasts, slightly less than a handful, could be deemed perky. Amazing for her age.

She moved to the side of her husband’s chair and lifted his arm, placing his hand on a breast, making his face beam with a smile.

“Now, my dear, show us your treasure.”

Rosy moved back to her previous position, facing us, and pushed the youthful, tight waist, Teddy pants off hips, down her legs, stepping out of them.

Her bush was not lavish but, I thought, it suited her body perfectly and again I was amazed she even had one at her age.

She repeated her first step, spreading her legs, putting her husband’s hand between her thighs and against her pussy.

“I am sure you are hard young man!” Let my wife and I see would you have inside your pants.

I took this comment as an offer to undress. I soon stood on the other side of Henry’s chair, naked, with my stiff erection. With a pronounced domed head, it’s slanted upwards a bit.

“Put my hand on it, sir.”

I did as directed and he was able to lightly grip my cock. He held it only briefly before letting go. I placed his hand back on the arm of the chair.

“Dave, I would appreciate it if you would roll my chair into the bedroom. Through that door.”

I did as directed, figuring he wanted to be facing the bed where no doubt Rosy and I were expected to be.

“Now, Dave, if you would help me onto the right-hand side of the bed.”

Duly surprise, I helped Henry, with Rosy assisting, onto the queen-size bed. She made sure her husband was comfortable and gave me an opportunity to study her ass.

Rosy, naked, was indeed a seductive woman. I intended for her to lead and waited patiently.

“Give me a kiss, Rosie.” He requested. After receiving his kiss, he said. “I leave you two to it.”

Rosy turned to me and moved in close lifting her head, placing her arms around my waist.

“I hope you don’t think bad of me?”

“Never, Miss Rosy.” I assured her, before kissing her lightly, my hands on her holding her upper arms.

After the brief kiss, Rosy walked around the bed and entered it positioning herself on her right side, leaving more than enough room for me to join her, which I did.

We snuggled close, my right knee slipping between her legs as I wrapped her in my arms. We kissed again, much more passionately. We kissed for many long minutes. She was a very feminine creature and smelled good.

She was the first to make a move, gripping my cock, massaging it. I pushed my knee into her crotch and she responded appropriately by riding it, arousing herself.

I broke our kiss and began to kiss around her face, neck and shoulders. Moving down to her breasts, she lost her grip on my cock and I maneuvered her to her back, straddling her hips to suckle on her breast alternately. She reacquired my cock as I caressed her breasts. Minutes passed.

“Bring it up to me.” She whispered.

It took a few moments for me to grasp what she meant. This elderly lady wanted my cock to suck.

I cannot call her a petite woman her being of short statute, but her body was full and solid, so it took a bit of caution to position myself over her face. She scooted down a bit and she took my domed head and about an inch of my shaft into her small mouth as her hands caressed my ass.

I glanced over to her husband. His head was turned watching his wife suck my cock. He caught my glance and looked up at me, grinning from ear to ear. Short minutes passed.

“Rosy, you promised to share.” Henry said.

She released by cock reluctantly. “Let him have a taste, Dave. I promised.

Lifting Escort Gündoğmuş my left leg over her, I hesitated briefly before maneuvering, very carefully, to straddle the old man’s head. I felt reluctant. “You’ll have to push.” Rosy directed. He was soon taking nearly all of my cock into his mouth without choking. As I pulled outward his mouth suctioned my cock. About the sixth sequence I pulled it clear. I was close to coming and my breathing probably showed it. “If you need to come, go ahead!” She prompted. “That’s what he wants.” I put my cock back into his wide, waiting mouth.

I was aware of Rosy moving in behind me. Glancing behind me, I saw her sucking on the shriveled cock of her husband.

I found the events bizarre. A little over an hour ago I was voting. Now, I was in bed with a near 70-year-old woman and her invalid husband engaging in bi-sexual behavior. I remember the comment about the swingers forum and wondered if Rosy had ever had her head between a woman’s legs. I figured she had which only made me desire her more.

I was fucking Henry’s mouth trying to constrain myself so as not to choke him, but he was suctioning on my cock driving me insane. “AAAhhhhhhhhh!” I moaned loudly as my cock exploded, filling his mouth with an abundance of cum.

As I withdrew from him, Rosy was maneuvering to the outside edge the bed. I flopped on my back between her and her husband. Rosy moved in close to me placing her right leg over my legs. She snuggled against my chest and began playing with my limp cock.

“Have you invited someone over before, Rosy?” I queried.

“We traveled. Not so close to home, but we have done this numerous times. Mostly single men. It’s become too difficult and I was never comfortable. Henry has been pushing me to talk to you. He hopes you will want to play regularly. I really hope you don’t find this revolting?”

“Not at all, dear lady.” I assured her. “I do find it a bit humorous that I thought of you all these years as a straight-laced lady.”

“Oh, I’m far from that, young man.” She said, as she maneuvered down again taking my cock, my growing cock, into her mouth.

The old man next to me was smacking his mouth, tasting my cum, while he watched his wife suck my cock.

It did not take long, thinking about the eroticism of it all, to get my 7 inches back to full erection. I watched in fascination as Rosy straddled up over me, taking my cock into her hand, lifting her ass, positioning the head of my cock to her, and settling her-self onto it.

I found her pussy tight and it took a few moments for her to take it all.

“I can’t see it, Rosy!” Henry called with concern.

Rosy lifted herself off of me and directed me to change directions, putting my head all the way to the bottom of the bed. Thus repositioned, She went though the process all over again, which I found quite pleasing to watch.

She sat on the entire length of it for long moments. She then began to ride it slowly, not withdrawing much of it, just thrusting herself down onto it.

“Rosy?” Henry questioned

“Henry, give me a minute, are you going to let me enjoy myself? I know what you want. I won’t forget!”

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” He replied apologetically.

Rosy rode my cock a bit longer before letting her chest down on me.

“There, my love, do you see it now?”

“Oh yes!” He said gleefully. “Is my Rosy’s pussy tight, Dave?”

“Very tight, Henry!” I replied. “I feel very fortunate to have my cock in your lovely wife’s tight pussy. Thank you for sharing her treasure with me.”

I made lengthy sentences using sexually explicit banter, knowing it was thrilling to the old man’s ears.

“You really think my pussy is tight?” She whispered lowly into my ear, not intended for her husband to hear.

“It’s very tight, warm and wet.” I assured her just as secretively.

“Is my pussy wet?” Her loudness intended for her husband’s ears.

“It’s glistening with lady juice, my love!” He exclaimed. “Your young man’s shaft is glistening wet with it too.”

“Has a man ever suck your cock before?” She asked in a normal volume. “My husband, I’ve been told, is quite good at it.”

“Rosy, You suck a cock real good too, I’m here to say!” Henry interjected.

“My first. And this little lady does, I can attest! She sucks a cock real good! You see how quick she got me hard after you sucked my cock dry, coming in your mouth. Now, I can fuck her all day!”

Rosy had not moaned much up until now. Her breathing was audible and I felt it against my chest. Her thrusting of her ass back onto my cock was increasing in rhythm and I felt her nails biting into my sides.

She lifted herself up and her ass gyrated on my cock. My extended talk, intended for her husband, had, no doubt, an effect on her too.

I watched the lady, her eyes close, hands on her thighs, with fascination as she rode my cock. She was laboring hard to bring herself to orgasm.

“Come for us, Rosy!” Henry urged loudly. “Come on Rosy!”

“Shut up…… Henry……… Please!”

“Okay. Okay.” The old man muttered lowly.

Lying passive until now I began to thrust slightly upward. It seemed to please her and I ventured to make it a little bit stronger. I was intoxicated with the effort this older lady was putting into her effort to come.

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