In Step Ch. 09

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Deers in the head lights did not begin to describe the looks of sheer terror in their faces.

“Are you guys crazy cutting it so close?” Kendall asked in an excited whisper.

But Donna and Mark were still too stunned to move.

“You’re lucky George is still sitting in his car on his cell phone,” she chided. “Mom, go in your room and get dressed,” Kendall ordered. “And you,” she said to Mark, “snap to!”

Shaking his head in stupefaction, Mark bent over to pull up his pants and underwear.

However, eying his cock all shiny with a cum cocktail, Kendall halted him. “Wait, let me clean you off.” With that, she squatted, licking and sucking his dick clean.

“What about my dad?” he asked worriedly.

“Aw, he’s been on the phone the entire ride home,” she answered calmly. “I doubt he’ll be in for a while.”

“But how can you be sure?”

She looked up and couldn’t help but giggle at his nervousness. “Because he told me.”

Mark gave her a look of mock scorn, but was content to let her finish, which she did just as he heard the horn of his dad’s vehicle beep signifying he had locked it and was on his way in. He hurriedly pulled up his pants and underwear while Kendall retrieved his shirt and helped him get it on.

By the time George entered, Mark already had the stove back on and was stirring the sauce. Donna reappeared with a slightly more respectable shirt, a low cut pullover, just in time to greet him with a warm kiss. The thought of kissing him after she just had his son’s cock in her mouth was a turn on.

After putting the meatballs to defrost in the microwave, she and George went into the living area with beers to talk.

Alone in the kitchen, Kendall said, “You don’t need to look guilty, Mark.”

“I’m sorry, I . . . I—”

“I know it wasn’t you. I know it was her. I should be apologizing because it’s how she and I are. If it had been you and I home alone, we would have been doing the same thing. In fact, it was hard to concentrate on my meeting because I knew the two of you were here doing it.”

“Yeah, but she’s engaged to my dad.”

“Well, get over it. It’ll all work out. My mom will see to that.”

“That’s exactly what she said.”

“Then listen to her.”

“How can you be so sure?” Mark wanted to know.

“Because she’s never let me down yet. Would it make you feel any better if I told you I wanted to fuck your dad?”

“Have you?”

“Not yet, but I’m waiting for the day.”

“This is going to take getting used to.”

“I know. But just think of how great it’s going to be when you are.”

At dinner, George announced that he would not be with the “family” tomorrow (Friday) night due to a teleconference with some people in Tokyo. Due to the time difference, the call could not take place until after five p.m.

“And when I told Peter that Donna and I were going to be married,” George went on, “he insisted on taking me to dinner afterward. So, I’ll probably be late.”

“You better behave yourself,” Donna said, shaking her finger at him.

Even though Mark thought Donna was teasing, he wanted to burst out laughing. With her indiscretions, she was telling his dad to behave!

“Or at least, if you don’t, I don’t want to know about it,” Donna chuckled, to show her playfulness.

“Mark, why don’t you take these beautiful ladies out for a nice dinner tomorrow? I’ll leave you a credit card. Maybe afterward, the three of you can catch a movie or something.”

“Sure, dad, I’d love to,” Mark agreed, certain the afterward would be the “or something.” But strangely, the more he thought of it, he was actually kind of excited about tomorrow evening and how it would likely end up. He suddenly felt two feet rubbing both of his ankles and he looked up sharply, first at Kendall, who had a dreamy look on her face, then at Donna, whose expression was more of expectation, then quickly at his dad, who fortunately was concentrating on his plate and had not witnessed the excitement.

Later, when George and Mark left for home, Donna detained Mark for a minute. “You two better not start without me tomorrow,” she warned.

“Then you better leave work early,” Kendall shot back, “because we get off school at three.”

“By the way,” Mark asked, “when you and my dad were talking after he arrived, were you able to discuss his openness?”

“No,” Donna responded, “he’s heavily focused on work right now. Peter is giving him some great opportunities.”

Disappointed, Mark merely shook his head, and then left after kissing each woman.

* * *

“You’re getting careless in your old age,” Kendall noted after Mark was gone.

Donna shot her daughter a scornful look. “Well, we had to go through the cheating on his dad routine again first. Otherwise, we would have been done. It actually seemed for a while there that we weren’t going to do anything and we really came into the kitchen to start cooking. Then he seemed to suddenly change his mind and next thing I knew I was on the counter.” She shook her head in pity. “I really do need to find a way to bring George in on this. I think that’s the only way Mark is going sumo web tools to be totally comfortable.”

“Not to mention all the other fun we could be having,” Kendall added. “You have any ideas on how to accomplish that?”

“I think George and I are going to have to spend the night together on Saturday and in between fucking I’ll have to work the conversation around to how open-minded he is. Hopefully, I’ll be able to convince him.”

“Good luck.”

* * *

On their way to the company cafeteria, George asked, “How are the wedding plans coming?”

“We’re all set,” Donna answered.

“I’m sorry I’ve been so busy here lately and not been able to spend as much time with you,” he offered.

“It’s not your fault. Besides, if it helps your career, it helps our new family—or family to be.”

“I like the sound of that,” George agreed. “And you’re right. And thank you for being so understanding.”

“I wouldn’t be much of a wife if I wasn’t.”

“I just feel like I’m really getting along well with Peter. I think he actually respects me.”

“Well, like I said . . .”

“I also want to thank you for entertaining Mark.”

That caught Donna off guard. She hoped her response didn’t let it show. “H-How do you mean?”

“Between my meetings and Kendall’s meetings, you and he have had to entertain one another.”

“Oh, well that was no problem. He’s a terrific young man, intelligent and handsome.”

“As is Kendall.”

“Wow, we both have a child that the other finds attractive,” Donna noted. “That’s good.”

“Yeah, I’m not getting just one gorgeous woman. I’m getting two.”

“Ditto. And as long as we’re open-minded, there shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Well, I think I’m about as open-minded as anyone,” George proclaimed.

Finally, an opportunity. “Good, because we need to talk—”

“Oh, there you two are,” Peter’s administrative assistant, Chelsea, said approaching them with a grim expression. “Peter has been looking for the two of you. He needs to see you both in the big conference room.”

“What’s up?” George asked.

“I don’t know,” Chelsea replied, “but we need to go there right away.”

“Something wrong?” This, from Donna.

“I really don’t know.”

The couple became worried as they followed Chelsea at a quickened pace. When they reached the conference room, the administrative assistant instructed them to wait outside as she went in.

“Do you think we’re in trouble?” Donna asked nervously.

“That’s the feeling I’m getting.”

“But why?”

“No reason I can think of.”

Just then, the door opened and Peter stepped out with a very stern look on his face. He eyed George, then Donna, then said, “Inside,” and stepped out of the way.

“Surprise!” the chorus rang out from the filled-to-capacity board room. George noticed that all the vice presidents were here, as well as, a mixture of middle and lower management, all of whom were George’s and Donna’s friends and co-workers.

A banner was hanging on the rear wall congratulating George and Donna. Peter was behind them, and after a minute, he signaled for the applause to cease, and escorted the couple to seats at the head of the table. The boss then took the seat to their right, lifted a champagne glass in front of him and said, “To George and Donna. May the road always rise to meet you and may you always be happy.”

A chorus of “Here, here” followed.

Peter motioned everyone to take a seat. When the room quieted, he began, “Many of you—actually, just about all of you, except one—think I’ve been going off the deep end lately, especially those whom I’ve called in at odd hours to come to work. All who were called—except one—let your displeasure be known through subtle body language, sharp tone of voice, and other indicators. None of you knew that there was a method to my madness.

“As you all know, Howard retired a few months back, and I’ve been searching for the right person to replace him as Vice President of Research and Development. I am happy to announce today that I am appointing George to that position, particularly since he has a good reason not to steal my wife—if I still had one.”

The room already quiet, no one knew how to react to the remark.

“Relax, people, that was a joke,” Peter said and started laughing.

As another round of applause filled the room, George’s face registered shock. He had no idea this was coming. He was stunned for several seconds until he felt Donna patting him on the back. “I didn’t have a clue,” he said to her over the din. He became further aware of Peter tugging on his arm to stand.

The room again became silent. Looking around at all the smiling faces, George finally uttered, “I don’t know what to say.”

Chuckling, Peter said, “Say you accept.”

And without further thought, George did just that.

“With my guidance,” Peter went on, “George has put together a deal, which we hope to finalize in principal later this afternoon, with our Japanese friends, which will keep us profitable for years to come.”

More applause.

“Now, let’s all sit and enjoy sumowebtools this wonderful lunch we’ve arranged,” Peter concluded.

It almost seemed to George that Donna was happier than he was about his promotion, which was saying a great deal because he was ecstatic. He’d had a feeling that taking Peter seriously was the right thing to do. The couple had little opportunity to talk much throughout the remainder of the luncheon.

When it was over and all but the boss and the couple remained in the conference room, Peter said to Donna, “I’m sorry to have to keep George from you tonight. I’m sure you would have liked to go out and celebrate, but I promise not to bother him for the remainder of the weekend.” He leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. “Once again, congratulations. Donna, you go finish up anything you were working on and then take the rest of the afternoon off. George, come to my office in about twenty minutes and we’ll start preparing for our call.”

“Will do, Peter.” George pumped his boss’s hand. “And thank you very much. I won’t let you down.”

“I know you won’t.”

After he walked off, Donna’s face beamed. “Oh, George, I’m so happy for you.”

“Be happy for us.”

“I am. I’m sorry you won’t be with us tonight. I can’t wait to tell the kids. Or do you want to do that? I mean, it is your news.”

“No, no, you tell them. And tomorrow night, we’ll all do something special.”

“Sounds terrific. Call me later if you can.”

“Will do.”

They were alone in the board room so they exchanged a passionate kiss.

“Ever do it here at work?” Donna asked with a gleam in her eye.

“No, but I’ve only got ten minutes to go grab my papers and get to Peter’s office.”

“Then don’t waste time standing here talking to me.”

“That’s never a waste of time.” He kissed her once again, and then departed.

* * *

Kendall leaned over to kiss Mark briefly, but passionately as she got into his vehicle when he picked her up from school. “I’m so glad to see you,” she said happily. “We haven’t had any time alone all week. I have been so looking forward to this afternoon all day.”

“So have I,” Mark agreed, driving on to her house.

“Gee, I wish the folks were going out tonight.”

“I do, too, but at least, the alternative is not bad.”

Kendall cast him a curious look. “You sure seem be enjoying humping my mother.”

“But not nearly as much as I do you,” he shot back.

“Good answer.” Kendall smiled. “But you’re right.” Then after a moment’s thought, “What are we going to do if my mom can’t bring your dad around? Once they’re married, we’ll all be home at night after night and not be able to touch one another. That’ll suck.”

“There is that possibility. But we’ll just have to cross that bridge when we get to it.”

“Oh, shit!” Kendall exclaimed in a tone of surprise. Then, “Aw, shit,” this time in annoyance.

“What?” Mark asked.

“My mom’s home.”

“Aw, hell,” Mark said, seeing Donna’s car in the carport. But secretly, he was not as disappointed as Kendall.

Inside, Donna was laying on the sofa, still in her work clothes, a form-fitting button-up-the-front red dress; her knees were up with papers she was reading resting against her thighs. Of course, the hem had dropped to her upper thighs showing off her shapely legs and a whole lot more from the right angle.

Uncertain why he had this sudden stronger-than-usual attraction to Donna, if Kendall had not been here, he would have jumped her on the spot.

“I was kidding last night when I said you better leave work early,” Kendall said by way of greeting.

Donna sat up, much to Mark’s disappointment, and with an obviously happy expression, she said, “I have news.” So, she told them all that had happened today, and they were swept in to her excitement, enough that they were no longer aggravated that Donna was home. When she finished, she stood hugged the two teens, but was surprised, not only that Mark wrapped his arms around her so tightly, but that he pressed his obvious hard-on into her abdomen. When she pulled away, she patted his cock through his pants and remarked, “Don’t worry we’ll get to that later.”

“Did he get a big raise?” Kendall asked.

“I don’t know. He hadn’t discussed any of that with Peter when I left. But judging by what the other VPs make, I’m sure he’ll do okay.”

“Maybe that means we can get a bigger house.” Kendall said aloud what she was hoping.

“Why would we need a bigger house if you and Mark are going off to college?”

“For when we’re home.”

“And you want me to believe that the two of you are going to have your love nest at college and then come home on weekends?” Donna asked feigning facetiousness.

“Well, if we have a really nice house, maybe we’ll want to come home often, particularly if there are no restrictions, if you know what I mean.”

“I did actually attempt to talk about that to George.” She had not told them about that part of the day, but did so now. “Mark, you’re quiet,” Donna noted.

He was amused listening to their conversation about houses. “I’m just happy for my dad. Good things are happening to him and he deserves it.”

“You know what he said when I told him I was happy for him?” Donna asked rhetorically. “He said, be happy for us. And I have no doubt he meant all of us.”

“I’m sure he did,” Mark agreed.

“And speaking of houses,” Donna said, “the realtor sent over a list of some places for us to consider with pictures and all. Want to see?”

So, oddly enough, for the three of them being alone, they spent the next three hours looking at homes and floor plans instead of engaging in sexual activity, which is not to say no one touched or teased or played with anyone else, but it was all fairly innocuous and Donna prevented it from leading to anything more, as it very easily could have, because they were going out to dinner. There was brief talk of just ordering in, but Donna indicated that George was insistent that they go out and enjoy themselves. However, in anticipation of a big celebration tomorrow night, they opted for a moderately priced eatery.

Talk during the meal still centered on homes with each pointing out which was their favorite. Interestingly enough, they all pretty much agreed on one on the lakefront not far from where they met that Sunday several weeks ago. It was an ultra modern two story structure that somewhat could resemble a small office building. But on the inside it had a very casual feel with four rooms upstairs that could be bedrooms, office, and play rooms. The master bedroom was on the ground floor below the smaller rooms upstairs. What Kendall and Mark like about the other two upstairs rooms was that they were away from and not directly above the master bedroom and they shared a common bathroom with entrances to either room.

The master bedroom was huge with a very large walk-in closet and bathroom that was as big as the two small rooms upstairs. Of course, the house had a swimming pool.

Its only drawback was that it was pricey, but with George’s new position and hopefully higher salary, it might not entirely be out of their price range.

“Can I interest anyone in dessert?” the server asked after they finished the main courses.

Donna glanced at the two teens with a smirk. “I think we have dessert waiting for us at home.”

After paying the bill, they walked out to the car, Mark in the middle with his arms around the ladies’ waists. Their arms were around his. In the relative darkness of the parking lot, Mark’s hands dropped to their shapely butts where he ran each middle finger down their cracks. Both girls giggled.

At the car, before gentlemanly opening the front and rear passenger doors, Mark turned Kendall to him and kissed her passionately. She threw her arms around his neck. Donna smiled, then reached out and stroked his boner through his pants. A moment later, he turned to the older woman and similarly pressed his lips to hers, whereupon the younger woman replaced her mother’s hand on their man’s tool. With his arms still around the girls, he then directed their faces together, where they shared their own unique kiss.

Primed and ready, minutes later, they were driving home. Kendall raised the console compartment and leaned against Mark, who sat as far to the right of his seat as he could. He rested his hand on her thigh very close to her crotch. From the back, Donna sat on the edge of her seat in the middle where she rested her chin on the spot where the teen’s shoulders met. She also rested her arms on the top of their seats, caressing their other shoulders. Though the drive home was quiet, the air was heavy with anticipation.

When they entered the house, Donna said seductively, “Kendall and I are going to get comfortable. Just sit and relax and come—let me re-phrase that—join us when we call.”

Mark had no idea what “getting comfortable” meant, and aside from knowing where it would lead, didn’t care. He was so filled with love and lust for those two women he couldn’t even think straight. He allowed his head to fall back on the sofa and he closed his eyes to imagine what was to come. However, it had been such a busy week that before he knew it, he had dozed off.

Of course, he didn’t hear his summons, and when he didn’t appear in the bedroom within a few minutes, the ladies, now clad in sexy, revealing nighties, tip-toed down the hall.

“Should we wake him?” Kendall whispered with a giggle. She and her mother were already charged up, having played with and teased one another as they changed.

“No, let’s let him sleep for a bit,” Donna suggested. “It’ll re-charge him and then he’ll be able to keep up with us longer. I think you and I can entertain ourselves for a little while.” She reached out and squeezed one of Kendall’s nipples.

The teen’s eyes lit up, and she and her mother quietly returned to the master bedroom, removing their nighties along the way. Kendall laid down on the bed on her back, but holding her upper body up by her elbows. Donna climbed on, leaned in to kiss her daughter on the lips, while her hand reached down and stroked the younger girl’s right thigh. Mother then pulled back and rolled her daughter over onto her stomach. Donna got on top of Kendall, rubbing her large, soft breasts all over her child’s back while massaging her shoulders with her hands. The woman moved down allowing her hands to knead Kendall’s lower back.

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