In The Groove

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This is a retelling of an experience a very good friend of mine (I’ll call her Judith) had 2 years ago before she met the fella that she recently married. I have her permission to retell the story so long as I did not use her name or the names of anyone else connected to this. Her experience was so good that I don’t need to embellish it in any way. So here goes ….

Judith had been working as an office manager in a medium-sized firm for just over a year. She was highly thought of in her role and was equally well-liked by her superiors and the staff under her. Saying she was firm but fair seems such a cliché these days but, nevertheless, it was and still is true of her.

The ten people she was responsible for were a mixed bunch; one was near retirement age and two were in their early fifties. The rest were mostly aged between 20 and 25 and only one woman, Brenda, was around the same age as Judith. In fact, Brenda and Judith had become friends but weren’t, by then, close friends in the sense that they’d regularly phone each other or go out for a drink.

Judith is a petite, feminine woman and for as long as I’ve known her, which is over 18 years, her figure has never changed and, strangely enough, neither has her hair style. She wears her dark, almost black, hair long, loose and straight. I have always thought of her as a beautiful woman but she is much more than that; she is intelligent and has an honours degree to prove it and she is really good fun to be with. Over the years she had a number of boyfriends but, apart from the sex, there was little else about them that satisfied her needs, intellectual and otherwise.

Brenda, on the other hand, is a bubbly, cheery blonde; good-looking but not on Judith’s level and smart, but not to degree standard. She is also a great worker and is a people person so it’s easy to see why Judith got on so well with her. Apparently she was once married but it just didn’t work out or so she tells everyone.

When Judith turned 30 she decided to celebrate with just a small group of friends; all female, myself and Brenda included. We went to a pizzeria and had excellent pizzas and a few bottles of beer. Brenda was now up for a party and the effect was rubbing off on Judith who was usually more reticent. However, the other three women and I decided to call it a night; I had a work meeting the following day which was a Friday and didn’t want to turn up all bleary-eyed, though I did promise to take her to lunch on Saturday before a spot of shopping.

Arm in arm, they went to a bar just around the corner which was noisy, packed and hot. There was no chance of a seat but Brenda pulled Judith through the perspiring crowd in search of a friendly face or a free corner. Nothing doing. Brenda seemed to know a few people though, including a barman which helped to get quick service.

“Shaun, give us a couple of pints. Cold ones, mind!” shouted Brenda.

“Half litres, Brenda. Half litres. I keep telling you,” beamed the handsome Shaun.

“OK, a couple of pints of Half Litres,” laughed Brenda. Judith laughed too.

Suddenly, someone hugged Brenda from behind and they both turned to see a pretty red-haired girl with the cutest smile you can imagine.

“Brenda babe!”

“Mel,” shrieked Brenda and Judith was surprised to see her give this girl a kiss directly on the mouth and throw her arms around her. Quickly Judith put it down to the fact that Brenda was Brenda and, after all, she had had a few drinks.

Just as Shaun handed over the pints (or half litres) Brenda released Mel and quite seriously announced, “Mel, this is a very special person. Judith, my boss and beautiful friend whose birthday happens to be today.”

Mel shook hands with Judith. Then, to Judith’s total surprise, Mel leaned forward and kissed Judith on the cheek and said, “Happy birthday, Judith!”

Judith blushed and thanked her and, for something to say, complimented Mel on her choice of perfume.

“It’s my favourite. Works every time.” Mel said these words with deliberate provocation which caused Brenda to giggle. Judith merely smiled and shook her head and wondered what it was she didn’t quite catch.

An hour later and Judith felt decidedly hot and sticky in her short sleeved black mini dress. It was like being in a sauna and she was wishing that she hadn’t decided to wear her lacy suspender belt and sheer black stockings. Maybe, for one mad moment back at home, she thought there’d be a Mr Wonderful-Rich-and-Sexy just waiting for her at some point during this night and she’d need her gorgeous black lace ensemble under the simple but alluring dress but that idea wasn’t looking so smart now. Her gorgeous lace ensemble was sticking to her damp skin.

“Are you going to The Groove?” purred Mel.

“Tonight’s Judith’s night,” answered Brenda, smiling at her, “and I don’t think it’s her scene.”

“What’s not?” asked Judith.

“Well, The Groove is, um, ….”

“For people who like a good time,” finished Mel. “For people who like dancing and drinking and chatting and other things.”

“Sounds Casibom good,” laughed Judith.

Brenda leaned into Judith and whispered in her ear, “It’s a gay bar on Thursday nights.”

“Oh!” exclaimed Judith and instantly it sank in – Mel was a lesbian.

Mel shrugged and laughed, “But there’s straight people there all the time. And certain people who like to experiment.” She said this last sentence while smiling directly at Brenda.

Judith looked from Mel to Brenda and pointed at her friend. “Really?”

Brenda was more than a bit embarrassed. “Well, yeah, you know. Why not?”

“Are you two ….?”

“Let’s just say, Mel introduced me.”

After a bit of a lull in the conversation and a long sip of beer Mel looked at both and asked, “So ….. The Groove?”

“Maybe not,” Brenda answered all too quickly.

“No, listen, why not? You say there are straight people, maybe a hunk or two, right? If I don’t like it, I can leave. OK?”

“Of course!” Mel beamed.

Brenda was more hesitant. “It’s up to you, Judith.”

“Well, look around us here. Nothing’s happening. So I say we continue the night at The Groove.”

And with that, they finished their drinks, bade Shaun a good night and headed outside to find a taxi.


Mel paid the taxi driver as Brenda pulled Judith to one side.

“Listen, Judith, any problems or any doubts you tell me and we’re out of here. OK? With you in that little black dress every girl is going to be wanting you tonight.”

“OK. And thanks for the compliment, Brenda.”

Outside it was cooler than in the previous bar and Judith felt the damp lace of the thong nestled tight between her cheeks. Her nipples had also hardened with the cool air against her damp bra.

There were two heavies on the door who nodded to Mel as she led the way in. The interior was dim with red lighting but plenty of bodies thronged the entrance and every one of them turned to see who was coming in. Judith was glad of the red lighting as she began to blush upon realising several girls were nodding in her direction and whispering. Mel led them deeper into the bar and she seemed to be greeting just about everyone, gay men and lesbians. Quite a few couples were kissing and openly feeling each other up.

Mentally Judith chastised herself for agreeing to go along. This, as Brenda had suggested, was not her scene. She was a 100% straight female who didn’t even place that much emphasis on sexual relations with a man. Not to say she hadn’t indulged in sex; she had had various lovers but the missionary position was the height of her experiences which had been enjoyable enough but not memorable. However, she didn’t want Brenda to think of her as a total prude and she didn’t want to offend her either. Brenda was a friend and a good one.

The first ten minutes or so were a blur as she was introduced to many people and at each introduction Brenda stated that Judith was ‘straight and staying that way.’ Finally a foursome decided to leave and offered Mel their seats. Drinks were ordered. Mel sat down for all of ten seconds before she was up and hugging some more females.

“So, er, when did you and Mel, you know …..” asked Judith.

“Oh, about three months ago. I actually met her in that bar early on and we got chatting, you know, about this and that. As you saw she’s dead easy to get on with. She asked me if I wanted to go to a place where the music was good and lively. I did and I had a brilliant time.”

“And you …?” Judith wasn’t sure how to put the question.

“Slept with her?” Brenda smiled. “No, not the first night.”

They both took a long drink and there was a pause before Brenda added, “I hope you don’t think any less of me, Judith.”

“As if!” Judith laughed. “It’s not for me, you know but, if you like it, then good for you girl. You’re still my friend, OK? Nothing changes.”

Brenda quickly leaned over and gave her a kiss on the cheek, close to her mouth. Judith felt the softness and the coolness of it and blushed.

They sat for a while chatting and observing the various partnerships. Each time Judith saw two males or, more especially, two females dancing together or kissing or feeling each other she felt a wave of embarrassment and she would dive into another topic of conversation with Brenda. Several times Mel rejoined them with titbits of information which meant nothing to Judith and several times Judith was informed that somebody was enquiring about her. Brenda warned Mel but Mel laughed and said that almost everyone in the place knew by now that Judith was a Route 66.

Judith laughed out loud, “A what?”

Brenda explained: “Route 66 is sort of a code for straight person, you know, as in the straight highway in America.”

After a while Judith realised she needed to go to the toilet and Mel said she’d go with her. Just before they reached the toilets Mel said to her, “I bet you’ve never been in toilets like this.”

There were two doors, one for Men and the other for Women, but it didn’t Casibom Giriş matter. As they were entering the Women’s toilet an effeminate gay couple in silk tops emerged. Judith stopped on her heels and Mel put her hands around her waist.

“They’re mixed. The Women’s is for effeminate types and feminine ladies. The Men’s is for machos and butch. So we go into the Women’s. Right?”

“Oh,” Judith actually shivered but Mel was steering her in. Inside there were a half dozen people of both sexes waiting to use the four cubicles. Judith felt very, very out of place. She felt Mel take her hand in hers and she actually felt comforted by that gesture.

“They’ll think we’re together so you’ll be alright.”

“Right. Thanks,” mouthed Judith.

“And by the way, without aims and objectives of any kind, I think you’re dead sexy and I wish you were a les.” She smiled and squeezed Judith’s hand.

When she had the locked cubicle to herself – Mel had told her the rules for Thursday nights forbade more than one in a cubicle at a time – Judith reflected on the unreality of the evening which had started out with a pizza between friends. Yet, she couldn’t deny that her ego had received a real boost too, what with the compliments and the stares. She had a fleeting mental image of her and Brenda …. No! Enough! This is not me!

As they headed back to Brenda’s table Judith felt the effects of the four, or was it five, drinks she’d had. She wasn’t drunk but she was certainly tipsy. She felt a hand slide across her bottom, over her dress, and she was aware of a perfumed vision gently taking her hand and leading her to the dance area. The vision was stunningly beautiful; long, lustrous black hair, lightly tanned skin and dark brown eyes. She was slender too and slightly taller than Judith. And, dressed in tight denim jeans and plain white blouse she was as sexy as hell!

The music was a slow ballad and somehow Judith felt magnetised; she couldn’t free herself despite her mind telling her this was not happening. The Vision pulled her close and Judith had no option but to put her hands on her waist. Instantly she felt the heat of the woman’s body through the cotton fabric.

“No. I don’t dance.” Judith argued, suddenly aware of several envious gazes directed at her.

“Hey, that’s all we’re doing. Dancing.” Even her voice was captivating. “My name’s Kareena by the way.”

“Er, Judith.”

“Nice to meet you, Judith.”

She became aware that Kareena’s hands had slipped low on her back and her finger tips were doing a little slow dance of their own around the base of her spine. The dance floor filled up and they were pushed closer together. She felt Kareena’s loose breasts against her chest and, though she tried to avoid it, several times her pubis bone came into contact with Kareena’s thigh.

Then it happened. What Judith would later call the turning point of the night. Just as the song was coming to a close Kareena leaned in and brushed her lips against Judith’s. The lip contact lasted no more than three seconds before Judith came to her senses and, like Cinderella in the fairy tale, ran off.

“Did you see that? I mean, bloody hell, that woman tried to kiss me …”

“She did,” replied a slightly disappointed Brenda.

“I mean, that’s not me. You know. Bloody hell. I need a drink.” Judith didn’t realise she was talking loudly, rather like someone speaking while listening to music through headphones. “And she felt my bottom too. I mean …” She took a long gulp of beer.

Mel came back with a whoop. “Hey, girl!”

Brenda started on her then. “I thought you were looking after her, Mel”

Judith was still flustered. “Who does she think she is? You know ….”

Some silence was broken then by Mel asking, in all innocence, “How was the kiss then?”

“Don’t start on me!” Judith might have been growling. Inwardly, she was in a state of panic. And confusion. The gentle throb between her legs was the last thing she expected or wanted in a place like this.

Mel disappeared on one of her fact-finding missions as Brenda had come to call them. Judith sat closer to Brenda and whispered in a loud voice, “I suppose everyone was watching too?”

“Yeah, I think they were.”

“Oh shit! You don’t think anything bad of me, do you, Brenda?”

Brenda looked into Judith’s eyes for a while and shook her head. “No,” she said. “I never have and never will.”

“I mean she started it and, like, I couldn’t get off the dance floor”

“I know, Judith. But she was gorgeous.”

“I suppose. I don’t know. I wasn’t looking.”

Brenda smiled but there was a hint of longing and sadness in her eyes.


It was just around midnight when Brenda and Judith decided to leave and get a taxi. They gathered their handbags and stood beside the table. Judith knew that Brenda was waiting to say cheerio to Mel who hadn’t been seen for the last twenty minutes or so.

Mel duly arrived and whispered something in Brenda’s ear. Judith saw how Mel was stroking her friend’s Casibom Yeni Giriş back and she knew from her body language that Brenda was enjoying it. After a minute Mel disappeared again.

Brenda turned to Judith, “Come on! We’ll wait outside.”

The air was even cooler now and it wasn’t long before Judith felt her nipples stiffen. “Mel’s sharing our taxi and she said someone else needs a lift. Is that OK with you?”

“Yeah, that’s fine!”

Two things happened simultaneously then. A taxi pulled up just as Mel and the person in need of a lift emerged from The Groove. It wasn’t until she had closed the front passenger door that Judith turned round and saw that the other passenger was Kareena.

“Judith, Kareena needs a lift. Is that OK? She lives somewhere up near you, I think.”

Judith didn’t say a word on the seven mile journey home. Brenda squeezed her shoulder, saying “I’ll phone you tomorrow”, as she and Mel got off at her flat.

“Where to now?” asked the driver.

“Grange Lane, off Long Avenue,” answered Judith.

Kareena said nothing.

Five minutes later the taxi stopped. Judith rummaged around in her purse but, over her shoulder, Kareena reached forward with a twenty pound note.

“Keep the change.”

Both Judith and Kareena got out and watched the taxi exit the narrow Lane.

“Actually I live nowhere near you,” said Kareena with a guilty shrug.

Judith glanced around to see if any neighbours were peeking through their curtains but it was all quiet. “I sort of figured that one out.”

“Can I use your loo? Please? I hate the toilets in The Groove and never went before I left.”

Judith instinctively understood that Kareena wasn’t lying and said, “yeah, OK!”

She opened the door and then a door in the hallway. “Through there,” she pointed across the room. Light switch is behind the door.”

When Kareena came back almost five minutes later Judith was in the small kitchen boiling water. For a while Kareena stood in the doorway watching her.

“Coffee?” asked Judith.

“If it’s no trouble.”

“Well, there’s enough water for two. Sit on the settee there.”


“Do you want milk and sugar?”

“No, just black. Can I be nosy and look through your CDs here?”

Judith sighed. “Sure. Be my guest.”

She brought the steaming mugs in and handed Kareena’s to her. She felt her cool fingers on her hand as Kareena accepted the coffee. They sipped in a long spell of silence.

“You shouldn’t have tried to kiss me!” Judith attempted to sound angry but wasn’t sure if she succeeded.

Kareena was silent but stared into Judith’s eyes.

“I mean … you’re a woman. So am I. You know. I don’t go with women. I don’t kiss them or feel their backsides. Do you hear what I’m saying? Heh?”

“You’ve never been with a woman?” Kareena’s voice was like smooth velvet.

“Are you kidding? No! Never!”

“Did you not like me kissing you?” Kareena’s slender, manicured fingers were massaging the mug.

“No! Yeah! I mean it wasn’t much of a kiss.” Judith’s hands were gripping her mug tightly and her voice was starting to rise again. “I mean no. No! I didn’t.”

“Might I ask you then why you went to The Groove wearing black suspenders and stockings ….?”

“How the …. How do you know what I was wearing?” Judith’s voice now sounded genuinely angry and incredulous.

“I felt the suspenders through your dress when I was dancing with you and I saw the stocking tops when you crossed your legs on the seat.”

Kareena’s face had a beautiful smile and Judith’s anger dissipated a good deal.

“I suppose you thought you’d meet a gorgeous hunk?” added Kareena.

“Didn’t happen,” Judith replied with a shrug.

“I’m glad it didn’t. Otherwise I wouldn’t have met you?” Kareena practically purred.

“You finished that coffee?” Judith stood up and took Kareena’s mug. Kareena followed her into the kitchen area and stood directly behind Judith as she rinsed the cups in the sink. She gently put her hands on Judith’s waist.

“Don’t! Please!” Judith was shivering as she slowly turned to face Kareena.

“I’ll make you a promise, OK? I’m going to kiss you, just once, and then if you tell me to I’ll go outside and get a taxi home. Is that OK?”

Judith was shaking her head as she backed up against the sink.

“Just once, I promise.” Kareena’s voice, her scent, her deep brown eyes, her hands on her waist had Judith under a spell. “Just once.”

Kareena slowly pressed herself against Judith, sensing her thighs stiffen and then feeling the taut mounds of flesh under her dress making contact with her own chest. She slid her hands behind Judith’s back to press her even more.

Judith felt tears form in her eyes. Her mind screamed that she didn’t want this. But her heart didn’t follow. As she closed her eyes she felt Kareena’s lips touch hers, softly and gently. Without willing it, or so she thought, her mouth opened just a bit. Just enough for Kareena’s lips to close on her bottom lip and gently pull. Now she felt those velveteen lips slide to the corner of her mouth. And then she felt something wet and probing at the corner. She was shocked to realise that this beautiful woman was slipping her tongue gently into her mouth.

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