In the Morning

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Sometimes, when it is warmer, you wake first. You slide out of bed and go to the bathroom for your morning pee, and it is a gush, and the fullness gone from your bladder is wonderful. Your belly feels lighter, but as you spread your legs a little wider to wipe yourself, you know something is missing. Still sitting, your thighs wide and cooling air on the insides there, you trace a single finger down over the soft fur of your mound, and you slowly wonder if there is some morning dew between your lips. So you spread them gently apart to find out, still sitting, thighs spread.

You decide how long you sit there, for I am still asleep and do not know. When you know that length of time, and if it is a longer time that might change what comes next, you rise from the toilet, the seat now warm, and you flush, knowing the sound of water will wake me.

You return to our bedroom, and if it is warm you pull the covers down and see my long body nude on the bed, the soft coil of my cock nestled in my centre like a small snake in Eden, curled and warm. You rest your head upon my belly and my waking hand touches your mane of hair, a caress. But all you are doing is looking, you know there will be movement without a touch. That first movement fascinates you, that this flesh can shift and shape with just a breath.

You watch as the curve of my cock straightens and tightens, and the redder head emerges from its hood, pushing fuller from the stretching skin until the eye of my cock is looking straight at you and winks. The shaft is still flat against my belly, until with a bounce, it rises in greeting, lifting twice. You smile at the recognition. Until now your look has been serious, watching. Now you smile, because my response is yours.

The bounce and rise is what you have been waiting for, because when my cock angles higher, it is a natural thing for your hand to slide into place on my gut, and your palm is ready to feel that first heat. Your one hand and fingers are long enough to cover my whole length, and your other palm cups the coolness of my balls, and that hand can cradle both shifting sacs.

Your hand slowly encircles my shaft, your fingers only a loose fit, for your movement once up and once down my cock is a slow scan of its length and thickness, a reminder, your fingers almost sensing rather than touching the skin and the heat and the length. One hand continues this slow encircling, sometimes a little tighter but still steady and slow. My breathing hasn’t changed, yet. Your other palm slowly cups and caresses the soft sac of my balls, cooler there, and the hair there is fine and soft. Escort bayan It’s never been dark and thick, it’s a softness in the palm of your hand.

You lick your lips, a single wettening touch from your tongue, and you move your head slightly on my belly, my hand still a slow caress in your hair. You close your eyes, for now it is time for scent and taste, and the slow touch of your hands. You guide my shaft and move the silken softness of the skin, my head, around the same silken softness of your lips; for those softnesses are the same, and our skin meets. My breath quickens, a single intake of breath, and your lips open, a single intake of my flesh. You take the fruit of my shaft into your mouth, and swirl your tongue around it, slowly.

My cock is hard, your mouth is hot, the flat of your tongue a soft push against the plum which is the head of me. Your lips stretch as you raise and lower your mouth onto my shaft, and your tongue laps. My hand is always gentle on your head, I never push you down onto my cock. The movement, the depth, must always be yours. You are devouring me. My cock, coiled and soft, was the sleeping snake in paradise, but when it wakes and rises, it becomes the fruit, the purple plum of my head, the shifting dropping weights of my balls in their soft sacs.

As you suck, your spit wets in your mouth and you swallow, a long drop clings to your lips and loops to the head of my cock when you raise your head. I cannot see, but I know your eyes are closed, your hands are slow and hypnotic on my shaft, and there are soft moans from your hungry mouth.

My hand is on the full curves of your rump, curving over the globes of your ass with long slides down the backs of your thighs, pushing into the sideways cleft of your sex. I slowly pull your ass nearer, spreading the cheeks wider so that the cool caress of air breaks through to your consciousness, and you want your sex wide, and my mouth on you like your mouth is upon me.

You make the movement. Holding my shaft between the palms of your hands like a cunt, you roll and shift your body and lower your centre to my face, my waiting tongue, the heat of my mouth.

“Spread me,” you sigh, and both my hands take the globes of your ass cheeks and I spread them wide. Above me, just above me (for you haven’t lowered yourself, not yet) is the dark twirl of your asshole, darker within the pale flesh of your thighs, your ass. My eyes soak up that dark centre, and I lick my lips and my mouth fills with my own spit. I know wetness is needed here.

I pull the cheeks of your ass down, I need your heat Bayan Escort around my face. Your cheeks are spread, and as you lower your body, my tongue finds the hot centre of your hole, and I push into your dark, musky heat, pushing the tight tip of my tongue, tight. Your asshole feels that push, and softens its tightness. Your ass lets me in, and I suck your core into the heat of my mouth, as my tongue probes into the heat of your body. For minutes, but we are not counting them, your mouth forgets my cock, your hands just grip my shaft, as your entire heat is focused on that single half inch of joint flesh that is my tongue in your tightest place, your dark place. My tongue fucks your tight asshole, and I push and push and probe. I feel like I am inches deep inside your body, but my tongue is finite but your ass is not.

I love to suck on the depths of your hole, taking in that dark taste and wiping the whole wide blade of my tongue between your cheeks. I make the whole place wet and cannot breath anything but the centre of you. Oh fuck, your ass in the morning, it’s a dark promise of deeper depths, if you want me there. Sit on my face and take my tongue, tight and wet into your sweet ass hole, fuck your hole on to my face, make me speechless. I want to hear you moan.

“Lick my ass, fuck me with your tongue there, fuck yes, tongue fuck me, fuck me, my ass, my hot hole, my shit place, taste me taste me, suck me in, fuck me, tongue me tongue me, fuck me, ah fuck, you sweet man, taste my ass hole and fuck me there. Ahh, fuck, my sweet, dark hole. Ohh, I’m deepest there, my darkest place. Oh, faster, faster, your tongue in my ass hole, oh yeeessss.”

You are getting so hot now, sucking deep onto my cock, getting your ass probed by my tongue, that a deep ache is thickening in the depths of your belly. You are getting to the point, this leisurely morning on our bed, that only one thing will fill your need, your deep aching need.

You have my cock in your mouth, and that is good, that little taste of pre-cum is good. You have my tongue in your ass and the suck of my mouth’s heat on your back hole is good, so good. Your ass aches for a deep shafting, swooning anal fuck.

But your cunt aches more. Your womanhood has swollen and opened as you crouch above me, the weight of your swaying breasts on my belly brushes your nipples to their peaked tightness and there is an emptiness in the depths of your belly that only one thing can fill.

My heated, passionate woman, you want cock in your cunt. Long cock, hard cock, hot cock, thickening cock. You need my cock in your Escort deep cunt, your emptiness aches for me, your clit throbs for me, you need me to fill you, deep. You need, oh god, your need is a craving for cock, a lust for cock.

“Just fucking fill me, fill my cunt with yourself, your cock. Fill me, my man, just fucking fill me, oh fuck, deep.”

You crawl down my body, lifting your swollen ass hole from my face, and my finger follows your hole as it disappears from my taste and re-appears before my eyes, a dark, reddened, dripping place. You crawl down my body, too fucked in the head with the idea of cock to turn. You crawl down my body until your wet centre slides along the heat of my cock. Sometimes, you will slide on the length of me for minutes, slicking my length with your wetness, your honeyed sweetness. But not now. You crawl down until the tip of my cock slides between your cunt lips.

You anchor your knees and thighs against my thighs and with a quick rise of your centre, and a quick hand to my shaft to place it just right, upright, you fuck down onto my length in one long swoop. The weight of your body and the juice in your cunt is enough. One single drop of your body and you impale yourself. Fucked by my cock, deep.

“Fuck me slowly, fuck me deep.”

Your command is simple – you ride me, I fuck you, I fill you. Your heat clenches me. Cock, cock, long cock, hot cock, ah fuck, how you like your cock. Cunt, deep cunt, wet cunt, ah fuck, how I like my cunt. We are fucking beasts, slowly moving, and because you face away from me, the angle of my cock presses deep into your g and the ache and depth there is intense and a gush starts from your cunt, and the wetness begins to drip, my belly is wetter, wetter.

When you push yourself all the way down, your juice sluices through my hair, and ah Christ you are wet, so wet, hot, so hot. I grip your hips and hold you down on my prick, my hands slide up your long back and grip your ribs. I love the curves of your back, the weight of your haunches.

“How soon, lover, how soon?” I’m getting closer to my peaking pleasure, but I want you to come first, I want your body’s convulsions to suck the come from my spine. You drop your finger to your clit, swirling there, taking your pleasure up to its white height, your blazing peak. “Ohh fuck, fuck me, make me come, make me come, oh fuck yes I’m going to…” And your body gets there first, coming in colours, reds, yellows, gold, a white hot blaze of lights across your mind, as you come.

There is no time, the convulsions of your ecstasy trigger my thrusting pulse, the first explodes deep into your cunt. I grip your hips and hold you still, and I push up into you, deep. Our bodies are still, and you feel every thrust, every pump of my cock into the heat of you, every spurt. Ah fuck, I come inside you, and your cunt drips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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