Incestuous Harem’s Passion Ch. 14

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Teaching Incest to the Siblings

April 10th, 2027 — Catherine Nicholson

My nerves had me trembling. Today was my first undercover assignment as a cop. I never thought it would be with my brother. But that was what made us perfect for this assignment. My hands smoothed down the skirt of the sundress. It seemed the perfect thing to wear. It was a nice Sunday afternoon.

“You can do this, Catherine,” I told myself as I stared at my reflection.

I snagged my purse and marched out of my room in the house the Sacramento Police Department had arranged for us to stay in. Right across the street from the target. I passed the surveillance equipment set up in the windows recording everything we could about the three houses across the street.

From the outside, they appeared as three different homes, but Clint owned all three of them.

I headed down the stairs where my brother awaited in a pair of blue jeans and a t-shirt. He was a fit and muscular guy, his hair buzzed into a flattop. He looked like he was in the military or a cop. I hope that wouldn’t make the target suspicious.

“You ready?” he asked me.

“Yeah,” I said. “Let’s do this.” I was as ready as I ever was. I had my cover story down, we were realty agents who had decided to buy the house as an investment. I hoped I didn’t get pressed on the details.

At least I didn’t have to fake the sibling part.

I snagged the bottle of wine we were bringing over to the dinner at the Ellistons. I still couldn’t believe we were walking into our target’s house already. We’d only moved in yesterday. Within an hour, Pam and Melody, Clint’s wife and cousin-lover respectively, showed up to invite us for dinner. They were feeling us out and had been eager to get to know us when they learned we were siblings.

It was a short walk across the street. My stomach roiled with every step. I had to be calm. Act normal. Just going to have dinner at the neighbors. People did that stuff all the time. They weren’t dangerous criminals.

Just degenerates.

Incest… How could any woman have sex with their brother?

My brother, Isaac, knocked hard on the door. “Remember to smile, Cat.”

I forced a smile that I didn’t feel. The pressure in my stomach grew. Then footsteps rushed up. The door opened and Pam and Melody were there. The two were as different as could be. Pam was Japanese, her hair black silk that fell loose down to her shoulders. She had a petite build, shorter and skinnier than the blonde beside her. Melody was taller, her hazel eyes flicking over me. Scrutinizing me. Her smile grew.

“Catherine! Isaac!” Melody said and threw her arms around me to give me a hug, pressing the wine bottle between us. “So glad you could make it.”

She broke the hug and then Pam embraced me, full of warmth. After she broke it, she smiled and took the wine bottle from me. “We’re all so excited to have you. It’s nice to have some new blood in the neighborhood.”

“Yeah, we’re a little excited, too,” my brother said.

I nodded. “We didn’t expect to have such friendly neighbors. It’s different.”

“Well, Clint likes to get to know our neighbors. Make sure things get along great on this block.” Pam said and then smiled as Clint Elliston strolled up.

He didn’t look the same as he did on TV. This wasn’t Clint looking smart in a suit. He wore jeans and a t-shirt, looking so normal. Not the monster who was advocating bigamy so he could marry his first cousin, who might be his half-sister, too. The man who thought incest should be legalized. That brothers and sisters should have sex with each other.

“Hi. I’m Clint.” He thrust his hand out at my brother.

“Isaac.” They shook, firm grips as they sized each other up. My brother stood tall, trying to be imposing.

Clint didn’t seem bothered by it. Far, far too confident. We were in his power. He turned his gaze to me, a suave smile on his lips. His eyes flicked up and down me, appreciating my body. I stood tall and fit, my toned legs showed off by the dress.

“And aren’t you just a beauty,” he said. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Catherine.” He took the wine bottle and glanced at the label, nodding in approval. “Come in, come in.”

And just like that, we were inside, passing into the living room where more women awaited. I knew them all from the briefing. The women of Clint’s family. The ones he was all suspected of fucking. True incest with most of them.

“These are my sisters,” he said, motioning to the two of the younger among the waiting women. One was petite with glasses, wearing a pink dress. She looked young, like she was still in college, but I knew she was around [James Rei1]my age, twenty-five. “Alicia and Zoey.”

Zoey looked her age. She had a boldness about her, emphasized by her halter top showing off her large tits. “And my girlfriend, Stefani.”

“Soon to be wife,” said Stefani. “She finally got around to popping the question.”

“Congratulations,” I lied to the redhead. I had to fake this. Be normal. I couldn’t Kıbrıs Escort act like I knew them.

“And my mom, Cheryl,” Clint said, motioning to the older woman with bleached blonde hair, “her sister, My Aunt Vicky, and my mother-in-law, Asuka Hiragawa.” The aunt had black hair and looked similar to her sister. And to her daughter, Melody. Asuka had darker skin than her daughter, Pam, but their resemblance was obvious. I wondered if they did things together. Incest things.

“And, lastly, my cousin. Lee.” Clint motioned to his other suspected half-sister. He had a child with her, too. She dressed in skinny jeans and a boob tube that clung to her round breasts.

“If you need anything just let me know,” Lee said. “I just want to make your night as amazing as possible.”

“Thanks,” I said, my nerves making me feel awkward. I supposed that was normal.

“We pawned off the kids on our neighbor so we won’t have them running underfoot,” Clint said. He motioned for Isaac and the pair wandered off.

“Kids?” I asked.

“Yes,” Melody said. “They’re getting so old. Clint has quite a few.”

“We’re polygamous,” said Pam, taking my other arm and leading me into the living room. “So Clint’s had more than his fair share of lovers. Plus, his sisters and our mothers have all had their own children. You know, liaisons that have just resulted in little miracles.”

Liaisons with Clint? Would they admit it? I had to be careful now. I couldn’t entrap them into incest, but I had to be ready together anything so we could use it against them.

* * *

Isaac Nicholson

We stopped off in the kitchen where dinner was cooking. Clint set the wine bottle on the counter and then we headed outside onto the back porch. The three yards were connected. Children’s toys abounded, from several play castles and a sandbox to dolls and balls and Tonka trucks. There was also a picnic table and several swing sets.

“So, you and your sister living together, huh?” Clint asked. The evening sun was warm on us. It was a pleasant feeling.

“Yeah,” I said. “We’re reality agents. Seemed like a good investment. Good neighborhood.” I studied him, wondering where this was going.

“I get it,” he said. “There are advantages to living with family.” A smile spread across his lips. “She’s cute. Your sister. I don’t blame you at all for wanting to spend time with her.”

“What are you saying?” I asked, the tension squeezing around my heart. “I mean, I’ve seen you on TV, Clint. Right, that’s you? The incest guy?”

“That’s me.” He rolled his shoulders. “So you’ve heard me speak? Know what I’m about?”


“So I am the last person to judge you for moving in with your sister. Though, I’m a little surprised you’re telling everyone that you’re related. You could easily just let people think you’re married. Less questions that way.”

“We’re not like that.”

“I didn’t say you were.” He glanced at me. “You’re wondering, aren’t you?”

“Wondering what?”

“Do I fuck my sisters.”

I whistled. “You’re just upfront, aren’t you. You always say no on TV, right?”

“I’m not about to admit to a felony.” He smiled at me. “You don’t move in with your sister if you haven’t thought about it even if you haven’t done anything with her.”

Jesus, he was just going straight for it. “Naw, I’ve never thought about her like that. And I date. I have my share of women. Cat and I are just moving in together for the investment. You know, a partnership.”

“Right, right,” he said, a knowing smile on his lips.

“I’m serious. I don’t think of my sister in that way.”

“You did, once, didn’t you?” He gave me a knowing look. “When you were younger. A teenager. You noticed her growing up. Blossoming into a woman. How could you not with a cutie like that living under your roof with you.”

My cheeks warmed as memories rippled and roiled. Thoughts I hadn’t had in a decade or longer, things I had suppressed from my youth, stirred through me. I was shocked by just how much I remembered. Catching her changing, that brief glimpse of her breasts. How she would wear sexier clothing as she matured. The way she changed from an awkward adolescence that I’d ignored into a sexy, young woman.

I’d forgotten all about those moments. How I used to think about things with my sister. Jerk off to her. I couldn’t believe it. Now they were in my mind. Underneath my skin. I swallowed, my heart pumping wild blood through my veins.

“Yeah, you did.” Clint smiled. “It’s natural. Every brother has that moment when he realizes his sisters are sexual beings. That they’re not just those annoying girls he grew up with, but they’re hotties. Hotties who get your dick hard.”

“We don’t have to be talking about this,” I said, embarrassed. I should be getting him to talk about this, but…

I really had lusted for my sister when I was younger.

“You can have her,” Clint said, his voice a low promise. Seductive like a salesman promising you the world. “Sisters are the Lefkoşa Escort easiest. Especially little sisters. They want their brother. She wants you. It’s in her. Just like you want her. Just like you thought about her growing up, she also thought about you. How could she not with a young man in her life exciting her body? As she’s awakening to her body’s new-found desires, she has a hot guy just in the bedroom beside hers.”

I swallowed.

“Isn’t that right, Zoey,” Clint said. “Sisters want their brothers.”

* * *

Catherine Nicholson

I sat down on the couch between Pam and Melody. Cheryl and Vicky headed to the kitchen to work on dinner while Asuka, Alicia, and Lee settled down on other furniture in the living room. They were all focusing on me.

I swallowed, my cheeks warm from the scrutiny. I was being studied by the targets of the investigation. It should be the other way around. My mind reeled. They had talked about children. With Clint. What must that be like to have your brother’s child? Weren’t they afraid of birth defects? Recessive genes causing issues?

I had so many questions.

“I find it fascinating that you moved in with your brother,” said Asuka. The older woman had her legs crossed as she sat beside Alicia on the love seat facing us.

“I’d move in with mine,” Alicia said, smiling at me. “Just me and my big brother. It would be so exciting.”

“Yeah, she’d love it,” said Lee, a big grin on her lips. She sat cross-legged on the recliner. She squirmed like she couldn’t sit still. “She always clung to Clint growing up. His little princess.”

“I still am his little princess,” Alicia said. “You get it, right, Catherine. Isaac’s a handsome man. It must have been exciting growing up with him.”

“Well,” I said, swallowing. “I mean, I guess.”

“I do find it fascinating that you moved in with your brother,” Pam said. She put a hand on my knee. “I’m a psychologist. A counselor who specializes in family dynamics. I help women and those they’re related to understand each other. Come together and get closer.”

“Oh, well, my brother and I get along fine,” I said, squirming between the two women.

“I’m sure you do,” Melody said, smiling at me. “I mean, you two bought a house together.”

“Moved in together,” added Pam. “You don’t do that unless there’s something there.”

“What?” I shook my head. “Of course there’s not. We’re just siblings.”

“Mmm, you sure?” Melody asked. “You grew up with him. You spent all that adolescent time with him as you matured. As you came into your sexuality. I mean, I fell in love with Clint. We’re first cousins and grew up living next door to each other. He’s practically my brother. I knew him so well. My first fantasies were of him.”

Alicia nodded in agreement.

“It’s really, really not like that,” I said, squirming. They were coming broaching the subject of incest already. I wasn’t ready for this sort of talk about my brother. We might be undercover cops, but we truly were related. We had grown up together. “It’s just an investment. The house. That’s it. I mean…”

“What?” Pam asked, leaning into me.

I had to be careful here. Let them bring certain things up. My heart pounded. “Nothing.”

“You want your brother,” Alicia said, a big grin on her girlish face. “That’s it, isn’t it?”

“No,” I protested.

“Yeah, you do. He’s your big brother, right?” Alicia sighed, this dream look flitting across her face. “That’s so sexy.”

I swallowed; she was so open. “Have you… No, no, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t ask that.”

“Ask what? If Clint and I are lovers?” Alicia shuddered. “He took my virginity. He’s my big brother.” She gave a wicked grin. “Sometimes, he’s my daddy and I’m his little princess.”

I couldn’t believe how open she was, just talking about incest with me. My heart sped up faster. And no one else reacted like this was shocking. They all knew. Every woman in this room besides myself was having sex with Clint, but only Alicia was provably incest. Her birth certificate clearly showed that she and Clint were brother and sister. First cousins, like Melody and Lee, weren’t incest in California, but siblings were.

“I can help you and your brother accept your feelings for each other,” Pam said, her hand stroking my knee. “I sensed the attraction when we met yesterday. It’s subtle. I doubt you’re both truly aware of what is pulling you together.”

“It’s why you wanted to buy a house and live with each other,” Melody added.

“Smart investment,” I muttered.

“how many times did you masturbate to Isaac when you were younger?” Pam asked, her eyes penetrating.

I swallowed as a rush of memories flooded through me. “A… few times.”

* * *

Zoey Elliston

I strode out onto the back porch, following the script Pam had come up with. I smiled at Isaac. He had this wild look in his eyes. He couldn’t believe this conversation with Clint was happening. That my brother could even be bringing up these things Girne Escort to him.

Not so quickly. Isaac knew who Clint was. Knew what he advocated for. And here Isaac was, living with his sister, walking that line, aching to toe over into those incestuous depths himself. He just needed a push.

I loved giving pushes. I did it all the time at the massage parlor I owned with Stefani and the Campo sisters.

“That’s right,” I told him. “Sisters think of their brothers all the time. Mmm, and we’re just waiting for our brother to be strong. To show us that he’s a man. Unless she’s gay, she craves it deep inside of her. Every woman has that in her. That desire to submit. To surrender. How can we not when every time we make love to a man, we have to spread our legs and let him mount us? Take us. Slide into us. Sex for a woman is bound in surrender.

“Just like sex for a man is bound in domination.”

Clint seized a fistful of my hair. I shuddered as he marched me out to a picnic table, holding tight. He bent me over, thrusting my ass out at Isaac. I shuddered at the feel of the wood beneath me through my halter top. I wiggled my hips, my pussy on fire.

“He had to punish me when he found out I was hiding being a stripper,” I moaned.

“Jesus,” Isaac said. Shock throbbed in his voice. “You’re just… Jesus.” And awe. A touch of respect. He wanted to do this to his sister. At some level, he wanted to bend her over and ram into her hard.

“Just do this to your sister,” I moaned as Clint reached around and unsnapped my jeans. He ripped them down my ass. “Bend her over the armrest of the couch. Your kitchen table. Hell, bend her over her own bed and show her that you’re a man.”

Clint ripped down my panties next, exposing me utterly to Isaac.

“Show her that you’re strong and that you love her,” I moaned as Clint’s hands gripped my naked ass.

He pressed his face into my shaved twat. Before this near-stranger, he ate me out. He showed him how a brother had to treat his sister. My pussy clenched as his tongue fluttered up and down my folds. I could feel his eyes on us. And Stefani. My lover watched from the house, no doubt rubbing herself.

“Show her that you want to give her pleasure!” I groaned. “The way to any sister’s heart is through eating her pussy like a man! Make her cum so hard she drowns you in pussy juices. Oh, my god, just like Clint’s doing to me.”

He was. He stirred my pussy up. The incestuous rush of his tongue fluttering up and down my folds sent a wild surge through me. This heat swelled in my cunt, stirred up by his strokes. His fingers dug into my ass while his whiskered cheeks rubbed into my hot flesh.

He thrust his tongue into my pussy’s depths. I groaned, my back arching. My nipples throbbed through my halter top. They drank in the texture of the wood beneath me. It was so incredible. My entire body shook. My cunt clenched. I groaned, shuddering from the wonderful delight rippling through my body as Clint feasted on me.

He licked me.

Lapped at me.

Loved me.

The pleasure surged through me. I groaned as he dug his tongue into my cunt. He thrust it in deep. He swirled it around. It was incredible. I groaned, my heart pounding in my chest. Blood rushed hot through my veins.

“You’re just… Jesus,” Isaac groaned. “That’s your sister.”

“I am his sister!” I moaned, staring at the shocked man watching. “And this is how my brother took control of me. He made me feel like a woman. He made me cum like no other. Not even my Stefani makes me cum like my brother!”

I loved the attention. I wasn’t as much an exhibitionist as Melody, who’d happily go around naked and masturbating, but Isaac’s watching awe built and built my orgasm. My brother devoured me. He licked me out with such hunger.

Such feverish licking and lapping.

His tongue plundered through me. He thrust it into my cunt. He swirled it around in my depths. My body shuddered. My pussy clung to his tongue. He stroked around in fast circles. He attacked. He gave me such delight.

He pleased me. My juices flowed. I gasped as his tongue brushed my pierced clit. He fluttered against that naughty ring through it as he licked up my tart delight. He battered it, flicking it up and down. It felt incredible.

“Oh, my god, I’m going to cum so hard on my brother’s mouth, Isaac,” I moaned. “Just detonate. This is what you have to do to that cutie. Your sister! Make her cum. You eat out her pussy, and even if she marries someone else, she’ll be sneaking off to have some incestuous delights with her big brother.”

“Jesus fucking Christ,” Isaac muttered.

“I know,” Clint growled between sucks. He nipped my pierced clit. “It’s a treat having your sisters to play with. You’re going to want it.”

“Yes!” I gasped. “Oh, my god, watch my brother make me cum!”

I was getting so close. I squirmed on the picnic table. My hips wiggled from side to side as my brother sucked and nibbled on my clit. He fluttered my piercing around with his tongue. The gold, threaded through my bud, stimulated my nerves from the inside.

My cunt clenched. My body bucked. I gasped and moaned. I couldn’t take much more of this. His fingers gripped my ass. He massaged them as his sucking on my clit detonated little sparks inside of me. Little fireworks.

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