Innocence Lost Ch. 08

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Hair Pulling


INTRO: Tammy (18) went along with Harry (39) to surprise his son Rob (18) after her first intense interracial fucking and she’s about to experience her first three-some.

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“Can I freshen up a little before we go?” Tammy asked as she starts to gather her clothes.

“We really don’t have much time.” Harry said.

“Just a quick one, ten minutes tops?” Tammy begged in a charming way.

Harry looked at his watch, “OK, make it quick!”

Tammy ran upstairs and straight into the bathroom. Harry started to dress up and was looking for his cell phone. He sat down as he flipped his phone open and started to press the numbers.

“Hello pops!” Rob answered as he saw his father’s number on the screen of his cell phone.

“What are you up to son?” Harry asked.

“Just playing a little b-ball, what’s up?”

Harry told his son to get his ass home and filled him in with his plan. Rob was grinning ear to ear and was on his way out of the gym before his father even finished talking.

It didn’t take long when Tammy showed up all freshened up. She was wearing a black mini-skirt, a white sleeveless blouse and a flat black walking shoe. She was stunningly beautiful and innocent. Harry could smell her sweet scent as she passes by him, “Ready?” she asked.

Both were quiet as Harry drove, he just made a glancing look at her as he sped through the streets. Tammy just gave him a smile as she notices him looking at her for time to time. He couldn’t help to notice her smooth white legs as it shook in an open close motion with her hands clenched beside her hips. She must be getting nervous or excited, Harry thought as he smiled back at her.

“Nervous?” Harry asked as he laid a hand on her left thigh.

“A little,” she answered. A chill ran through her as she felt his hands caress her thigh.

Harry just smiled and then moved his hand from her thigh back to the steering wheel, “Why?”

“I don’t know, maybe I shouldn’t be doing this?” Tammy said as she looks out the window.

Harry wanted to ask if she’s having second thoughts but he decided not to, she will tell him if she does without him asking. Instead, he reminded her of what she just experienced back in her house.

“I really meant it when I said you were great and I won’t give up a chance to fuck you again. Could you imagine how your tight pussy squeezes my cock?” Harry said and slowly shook his head, “I’m getting hard just thinking about it,” He finished teasing her.

Tammy just closed her eyes as she listen and felt a tingle between her thighs as she closed them tight together and unconsciously slightly rubbing them. She could feel his black cock stretching her tiny cunt and felt pleasures inside her that she never felt before. She couldn’t help to want it and feel it once more.

Harry took a quick glance at Tammy and was satisfied to see her body response. He continued to molest her mind, feeding her with erotic detail till they were finally pulling in his driveway after a few minutes.

Tammy opened her eyes as the car made a quick right turn, jerking her mind back to from where her mind was drifting to. She saw a glimpse of the “For Sale” sign at the corner of the driveway as the car proceeded towards the three car garage doors. The house looks a little bigger and nicer than her house.

“Here we are!” Harry said as the car stopped right in front of the garage doors closer to the pathway to the house and opened the car door. “Where’s that damn boy?” he thought to himself when he got off the car and didn’t see Rob’s car.

Tammy got out as well and was looking around, admiring the house and the landscaping. “I guess you’re really moving,” she commented.

Harry wasn’t paying attention when he thought he heard her, “Did you say something?”

Tammy pointed at the signpost at the end of the driveway, “I said you are really moving!”

“Oh, yeah, there’s already an offer pending, just waiting for my agent’s reply.” he said as he closed the car door, “We’re out of here next week,” he finished and starts to walk towards the house while he scans the road for any sign of his son’s car and with Tammy just a few steps behind him.

Harry opened the front door and waited for Tammy to enter the house. He watched her as she walked by and into the house. He admired the young and sexy body in front of him; her mini skirt didn’t hide much of her white wonderful smooth legs and could feel his cock starts to harden as his lust grew every seconds.

Tammy saw boxes of different sizes all over the living room, some stacked neatly and some were just lying everywhere. She was about to say something when she felt Harry’s big soft hands grab her right hand as he passed ahead of her and pulling her along, turning right next to another room.

Tammy looked around the room as Harry let go of her hands. The room looks to be an office and library, wall-to-wall bookshelves and bayan escort some furniture, although it was covered with sheets of white cloths, she could tell what it is.

Harry kicked a few empty boxes out of the way and moved a couple of half full boxes to a corner. He took off his suit and pulled one of the sheet covers and took all the sofa pillows, big and small, and placed them on the floor. He pulled a sheet off close to the sofa and revealed a Chaise with its own back cushion.

Tammy was still checking out the room, with her back facing Harry and was unaware of what he was doing. She was startled a little as he grabbed her by the waist, lifting her off the floor and on top of the chaise standing up.

Harry turned her around to face him. The chaise made her perfectly tall enough for him and he started to kiss her soft lovely cheeks, to her neck just below her jaw and ear lobe, and finally to her lips.

Tammy gasps and moaned as Harry kissed her neck and at the same time felt his hands caressing her all over. She felt his hand against her back, legs, butt cheeks; he caressed her breast through her blouse. She returned his kiss as his lips made contact with hers, electrifying feeling rush through her body as she felt his hand slid between her thighs.

Harry kissed her passionately and slid his hand up her inner thigh up to her mound. He felt the wetness against her panty, perhaps from the teasing he was making back in the car. He continued to kiss her and starts to gently rub her slit through her panty, soaking it even more with her cunt juice. He felt her thighs open up a bit to accommodate his hand freely and at the same time she broke their kiss as she moaned in pleasure.

Harry rubbed her slit a few more seconds before he starts to slide both his hands up her legs, lifting her skirt from the side and held the garter of her panty from her hips and slid them down her perfectly shaped legs. She lifts each foot to assist him to finish taking her panty off completely. He wrapped his arms about her hips, lifting her feet off the chaise and slowly set her down on it.

Tammy sat by the edge of the chaise and watched Harry knelt in front of her and placed his hands on her knees, pushing them aside spreading her thighs wide open. She leaned back supporting her upper body with her elbows while she kept an eye on what he was about to do.

Harry positioned himself between her wide-open legs and starts to alternately kiss her smooth legs. He kissed and licked her legs, thighs and to her mound. He still couldn’t believe how smooth and clean looking her mound is, with only a small patch of dark pubic hair just above her slit, just like her mother’s.

Tammy gasp for breath as she felt his kisses get closer and closer to her mound, anticipating what she’s about to felt. She gasp a much deeper breath followed by a moan as his lips finally touched her mound and his tongue starts to slide up and down her opening. She watched him lick her pussy gently, his tongue slowly tracing the opening of her cunt, up and down her pussy lips.

Harry glanced up and winked at her as he continued to lick her wet, slick slit. The tip of his tongue tracing the surrounding of her opening and its pussy lips, he could smell and taste the unusual sweetness of her mound. His tongue went in deeper and deeper as he continues to lick her wet juicy cunt.

Tammy felt the arousing feeling that starts to build inside her and she felt her wetness starts to seep out. She felt his tongue going deeper and deeper inside her, parting her tight pussy lips. Her legs start to shake, her pleasure kept building up that tingles her clit. It seems that he heard her thoughts when she suddenly felt his lips enclosed her now swollen clit that sent waves of indescribable feeling through her body. She gasp and bit her lip as she threw her head back and twist her body to one side putting all the weight on her left elbow as her left hand moved to the back of his head.

Harry heard her little gasp and felt her hand behind his head that seems to push his head and at the same time felt her mound move, grinding her cunt against his mouth. He sucked and licked her clit and heard her arousing moans,

The pleasure was too much for Tammy that she finally laid her back completely on the chaise as her body twist and shiver from the excitement and pleasure he was giving her clit. She was completely into it when a door closing, loud enough to echo through the house broke her concentration.

“What’s that?” she asked as she propped back up to her elbows looking towards the open double doors of the room.

Harry heard it as well and raised his head from between her legs and saw the concerned look from Tammy’s face. “It’s Rob. You know my son?”

Tammy was about to say something when she saw Rob walk in the room. He was a handsome black young man and she was instantly attracted to him. She tried to close her legs and straighten her skirt but Harry’s hands prevented her from doing so.

“Hi Pops!” Rob greeted his father as he approached Harry and Tammy.

“Where have you been boy? I thought you’d be here before we do!”

“Sorry Pops, traffic, you know?” Rob said with out taking his eyes off Tammy.

Harry noticed his son staring at Tammy, Harry turned to face Tammy, “Tammy this is Rob, and you could see from his drooling that he’s very eager to meet you.”

Tammy was just a little shy perhaps from the attraction she felt for Rob or the awkwardness of meeting Rob in her current position and all she could do is just smile.

Rob smiled back and couldn’t believe to see such a beautiful young lady in front of him, not to mention his father between her legs. He couldn’t help to notice her mound, so perfectly smooth and its pussy lips so tightly intact and his cock starts to harden. No doubt he’s quite attracted to her, he would never doubt his father again.

“You know we don’t have much time!” Harry said as he stood up and starts to undress, “You better get your head between those legs and taste that sweet cunt,” he told Rob and went next to Tammy with his already hard cock on hand.

“Wow!” Rob said as he positioned himself between Tammy’s legs and saw her pussy up close and glistening with her cunt juice.

Tammy was a bit shy and was a bit uncomfortable with the situation for a moment till she felt Rob’s hands on her legs caressing them up to her thighs and to her mound. Her legs were a bit shaky as she opened her legs fully exposing her tight cunt to Rob for the first time. Her weariness faded away as Harry’s big black hard cock touched her face.

Harry rubbed his hard black cock all over Tammy’s face and neck before he planted it on her lips. He watched Tammy as she smiled and opened her lips and starts to kiss and lick its purplish cock head and then engulfed it as much as she can.

Tammy tried her best to lick and suck Harry’s cock till she felt Rob’s lips against her excited wet cunt. She let Harry’s cock out of her mouth to gasp and moan and Harry’s hand touched her face stopping her from looking down at Rob.

Harry held Tammy’s head as she moaned and gently shoved his cock back in her mouth, “Keep sucking it girl!”

Tammy didn’t argue and continued to suck Harry’s cock but she couldn’t help to disregard the pleasure Rob was giving her. She let out a muffled moan once in a while as she continues to give Harry a blowjob.

Rob couldn’t believe the unusual sweetness of Tammy’s cunt juice as he licks and sucked her clit while he caresses her smooth white legs. He would sneak a glance up once in a while and watch her suck his father’s big cock. Seeing Tammy’s beautiful face and lovely little lips engulf and suck Harry’s cock made his cock even harder and starts to rub his crotch through his shorts.

Harry was getting aroused himself as he thrust his cock in rhythm of Tammy’s head and watches his cock slide in and out of her lovely tiny lips. He’s ready to fuck her and feel her tight cunt squeeze his hard cock. He looks down and saw his son licking and sucking that tight cunt and rubbing his own cock.

“Son, its time for your old man to fuck that tight cunt and it seems that dick of yours wants some action too,” Harry said and he pulled his cock out of Tammy’s mouth and assisted her to get off the chaise.

Rob stood up and took his clothes off, revealing a muscular body and a nice hard cock. He grabs one of the pillows from the floor and propped it against the back cushion of the chaise and laid his back against it and each leg positioned on both side of the chaise.

Tammy watches and admired the muscular body of Rob (reminds her of her brother Josh) and its hard cock almost as big as Harry and it looks much bigger when he positioned himself on the chaise with his cock completely exposed and sticking up like a pole. She took her blouse off and Harry helped her with the skirt leaving her completely naked just like father and son.

Rob couldn’t describe the admiration he felt towards Tammy as he saw her naked body in front of him. He never saw such a perfect body, aside from those nude magazines, her face, breast, waist and legs seems to compliment each other, and her whole is so proportioned. “Man, she’s beautiful!” he said to himself.

Tammy moved on top of the chaise in all fours, her head just above Rob’s throbbing black cock, her hands planted just in front of Rob’s inner thighs, her knees planted a few inches from the edge of the chaise.

Harry was gently stroking his cock as he positioned himself behind Tammy and between her spread feet. His cock perfectly aligned with Tammy’s cunt as he stood behind her. He guided his cock with one hand and steadied Tammy’s hip with the other. He rubbed his cock head up and down her opening and made a circling motion till its head is glistening with her cunt juice before he starts to insert its head inside her.

Tammy felt Harry’s cock starts to enter her. She held her breath as her cunt lips spread open, stretching her opening till its entire cock head slid inside her.

Rob loved her facial reactions and her arousing soft moans. He reached under her and starts to caress her firm breast and pinched her erect nipples that made her moan even more.

Harry let go of his stiff cock and held her hips with both hands as he starts to thrust his hips forward; his cock starts to slide deeper and deeper inside her tight little cunt. He held her hips in place as he gently force his cock in her, pussy juice starts to seep out as he filled her pussy with his big black cock.

Rob watched Tammy gasp and held her head from both side and starts to guide it down to his stiff black cock.

Tammy gasps and moaned as she felt Harry’s cock stretch her cunt. She could feel every outline of his cock, even the veins that lined his shaft as it slid against her cunt walls. She let out an erotic moan as his cock penetrated her tight cunt deeper and deeper. She then felt hands caress her face and then held her head as if it was pulling her head down.

Rob saw her eyes open and took a quick glance at him and then watched her open her mouth to engulf his throbbing hard dick. He could explain how it felt when she closed those lovely red lips against his cock, completely engulfing its cock head. Intensifying pleasure rushed through his flesh as she begins to suck and felt her tongue playfully traced its head inside her mouth.

Harry continues to fill her cunt in slow motion till only two to three inches of his shaft when he shoved it all the way inside her, his front hips slams against her ass cheeks as he pulled her behind to meet his thrust.

Tammy let out a muffled moan as she sucks Rob’s cock when Harry finally thrust all his length deep inside her. She wanted to let go of Rob’s cock when she felt Harry starts to make a grinding motion against her behind and felt his cock stir inside her.

Rob held her head in place as he felt her about to let go of his cock. He caresses her face as he heard her muffled moans with one hand and stroked her long pony tailed black hair.

Harry held her tiny hips as he began to slowly move in and out of her tight cunt in slow long strokes, enjoying the tightness he felt against its shaft as it slid against her opening.

Tammy wanted to let out a moan but started to bob her head up and down, sucking Rob’s hard cock instead. She would pause for a second to breath through her nose and couldn’t avoid ignoring the pleasure Harry’s cock was giving her.

Rob couldn’t help to notice the facial expression on Tammy’s face as she tried her best to suck his cock and he knew his father’s cock got something to contribute to it. He let go of her head and moved his hands, reaching underneath her and starts to caress and pinch her delicate sensitive pink nipples.

Tammy let Rob’s cock slid completely out of her mouth as she raised her head and sucked in some air followed by an arousing moan. Her back arched down and head up high as she felt Harry’s cock penetrate her cunt deeper and deeper and Rob’s hand against her sensitive erect nipples adding to her pleasure.

As Harry saw her back arched and heard her moans, he thrust his cock a little harder and pulled her hips to meet his, her behind slamming hard against his front driving his cock hard and deep inside her.

Rob felt and saw Tammy’s body shudder as Harry fucked her hard from behind. He didn’t stop caressing her breast and pinching her nipple as he watched her moan with every thrust Harry made.

Tammy couldn’t help but moan as Harry’s cock fucked her tight cunt in fast and short thrusts. She took a quick glance at Harry after a few seconds and then looked at Rob smiling at her. She moved her right hand to Rob’s cock, wrapping her soft hands around its shaft and starts to stroke it, sliding her hand up and down its hard black cock.

Rob nodded and smiled in agreement as he watched Tammy’s hand masturbate his cock, he stopped caressing her breast and moved his hands to her face. He leaned forward and planted a kiss on her red lovely lips a couple of times and playfully bit and lick her lips till she gave in and returned his kiss.

Tammy closed her eyes and passionately kissed Rob as continues to stroke his cock with her hand.

Rob returned her kiss as well, their tongues twist and slid inside their mouths, kissing and biting each other’s lips. He could feel once in a while the moans she releases as they kiss in conjunction with her body shaking from Harry’s hard thrust of his big cock behind Tammy.

Harry was getting aroused watching his son passionately kiss Tammy and at the same time felt her cunt tighten even more against his shaft, squeezing it.

Tammy was getting aroused her self, and could feel her pleasure building up fast inside her and then her grip tightened against Rob’s shaft and stroking it a little faster than before. She heard Rob moaned when she broke their kiss and then lowered her head on his cock. She relieved her left arm with her weight as she bent her elbows to support her upper body in place of her hand.

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