Insatiable at Work Ch. 22

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We had planned to go out to celebrate the 2nd anniversary. I got there early, “I know I’m early…how’s it goin’?”

“It’s all good, I got home early, too.” we hug, “this’ll be fuckin’ sweet tonight.”

“Where’s T?”

With a smile, “Guess.”

“She’s getting dressed or in the shower…the new shower?”

“You got it…she’s in the shower.”

“Your new bathroom…the hotel bathroom…cool! Dude, I’m going to need the tour.”

“Were excited…this’s the first big interior renovation project, we’ve tackled since we moved in. We’ve got some painting to do and I picked up another gallon.”

We walked in and to find her in the shower…still.

“Look who’s here, honey!”

She was just rinsing her hair, “Both of you need to get in here and join me.”

“Rob…I think that was an invitation. What do you think?”

We were both stepping out of our shorts as I replied, “I think it was, Bryan…what do you prefer…pussy…or tits…your choice?”

He smiles, “I’m in the mood for pussy…I think. You?”

“That’s fine with me…my lips need some time with those hot nips.”

“Just get in here you idiots. She shakes her head, “Teenage boys…you two are teenage boys.”

The shower grabbed most of my attention and I noticed very little of the renovation. I did catch the sketches, she’d been working on. They (Bryan and Rob) were hanging, side by side, over the vanity. They were amazing…beautiful big cocks…of course, I’m a little biased. If the sketches didn’t make me hard, what I saw in the shower certainly did. When I peeked around the glass, Tara was dripping wet with water rolling down over her body. The sight of those blue eyes…that tight body and those perky tits…she was always a treat.

I leaned forward to kiss down over her neck and cup her tits…they were warm and weighty in my hands, a sweet fuckin’ handful. I pulled from her lips and dropped down to circle a nipple with my tongue. Her legs were spread and she pushed her labia open…Bryan dropped to his knees, to tongue-fuck, while I moved back and forth, wildly sucking at her tits, as they heaved up and down with her moans. Her voice sensuously murmured, “Ahh fuck…ahhhhh…ahhhh!” “Mmmm…yessssss…that’s it,” every time he probed deeper. Her hands were all over me, stroking over my shoulders and pushing my face into her chest.

I pulled off and grabbed two handfuls of a tight, muscled ass, pulling her into me so hard that she almost left the shower floor. “Fuck, T…yer so fucking hot…fuck!” As her body moved against mine, her nipples were hot and poking at my chest.

“Thanks sweetie…yer fucking hot, too”

Bryan adds, “You know it…dude!”

When her moans got louder, I bent her over the bench and started gently fucking. Bryan brought his dick up to her lips and stroked himself deeper, while I pumped into the steamy depths of her belly. His fingers worked their way into the wet hair and he gripped with both hands, while his dick pushed at her throat, over and over. The gentle, wet slapping grew in volume and intensity as her pussy swallowed hard flesh, faster and faster. My groans were becoming more intense, “Fuck! That pussy’s gonna make me…uhhhh…uhhhh…cum…Tara…Tara…fuck!” When I had to pull out, she tipped her head to grin at me, “Wanna help me with this?”

“That’s some timing, sweetie…excellent timing.”

More than willing, he leaned up against the wall, with that perfection arching out from his body. He pushed it down and water streamed from the tip to splash our faces, as we kneeled below.

Tara and I took turns, teasing him with our throats…licking up and down the hard flesh…sucking at the tip…sucking his balls. Swollen, throbbing male flesh, there’s something very special when you feel it throbbing on your tongue. Finally he started moaning erratically…and breathlessly, “Uhhhh…god damn…fuck…fuck…uhhhh…uhhhh…yer pushin’ me over the fuckin’ edge…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…so good…fuck…cumming…yer makin’ me cummmmmmmm!” Pulling from her lips, he stroked till a strand shot over her shoulder & the glistening seed rolled down over his fingers.

Relaxed and drained, he recovered on the bench and stroked his hand over softening flesh. I took over and bent her over the bench, again. I took her from behind…gripping at that firm, shapely ass and fucking deep into our baby girl’s pussy.

She was rubbing wildly and I pumped her till I, too, unloaded…knowing she was close, I kept pumping into the sloppy seed. “Mmmmmmm…yessssss…you two…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…are gonna make me cum…gawd…fuck me…fuck me…fuck me…that’s right…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck me with all that cum!”

I watched Bryan stroke himself back into the action…he was hard as a rock and grinning, “Babe…sit on this big ride…and fuck me.”

“Mmmmmm…looks like someone’s ready for more…mmmmm…sweetie, sit back”

She moaned as she lowered herself over the fleshy pole and came to rest on his lap. With brazzers porno her man buried deep in her pussy, she started bobbing, up and down, over the pulsing flesh and he rolled his hips up to meet her. My dick felt good in my hand, as I watched my two lovers go at it…T was massaging her clit with a couple fingers and Bryan relentlessly humped into her body.

“Babe, I’m close…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…shit…uhhhh…I’m cumming…cummmmmming!” Screaming her way through orgasm, a second load washed over her insides. “Fuck me…uhhhh…uhhhh…yessssss…fuck me…fuck me, hon…eeeee!”

Once she was feeling recovered, she lifted her body off his and creampie dripped over his leg. We both kissed her and helped each other rinse. We realized breaking in the new shower, had left us with only twenty minutes to drive to the restaurant; so we rushed around to get dressed and headed out.

Dinner was amazing…even perfect. We talked about the trip to Spain that Tina and I had just returned from. “I got some Spanish wines that you guys have to try. We brought you a couple bottles back and I forgot them.”

“Mmmm…that sounds fabulous…I bet the tapas was amazing…the cheeses.

Bryan laughed, “Dude I was hoping for Iberian Ham…where’s the ham, dude?”

“I don’t know if ham will go through customs or not?”

“Maybe we all need to go and you can gorge yourself on ham.”

“He would, too…I’ve watched him devour prosciutto.”

During dinner, they kept going back to making me more comfortable at the house. It wasn’t the first time, it was mentioned, but they really wanted me to feel at home…it’s not like I was moving in, but I usually spent 5 or 10 nights, a month.

That night we had aperitifs in front of the fireplace and snuggled there together for an hour or so. We had a wonderful long talk and they mentioned, again, they wanted me to feel like I was at home. She was excited to show me my drawers and closet space in the bedroom. “I got you the briefs, boxers and even the socks that you like. And Bryan thought you’d look hot in these. What d’ya think?”

“That’s perfect, but you don’t need to do all this.”

“Yes we do, man. You’re a third of this relationship…it’s our 2nd anniversary…and we’ve been together for nearly three years, now. We’re tighter than ever…you know…its working.”

Tara put her hand on my shoulder, “Our threesome marriage works, honey…and Tina even helped us with things. I mean your wife really loves us and supports it all…she even told us where to buy your socks. Bryan’s 100 percent right…we do need to do this.”

I was touched by their efforts to make me comfortable, but this time they were more serious. I guess it was a couple years ago, when they gave me house keys and a code for the garage, but I still feel weird and usually ring the bell. Bryan likes to give me shit…typically he’ll say, “If that’s Rob, use your key…but if you’re selling something, go away.”

They dragged me out to the potting bench, “Look, we got you garden clogs, a spade and pruners. You can garden with me.”

Bryan grinned and tried to imitate a game-show host when he said, “And that’s not all we have for you…come on down! We need to check out the bathroom, behind door number three!”

I laughed “The new one? Do we get to take another shower?”

“Yup the new one…and I think we need another shower, but probably not tonight…just come with us.”

Tara was excited show me. “Obviously, you know the shower and bench were designed for the three of us, because you drew the plans; but did you realize there were three areas in the vanity…only two sinks, but this drawer and cabinet is set up for you…with me in the middle, where I always like to be.”

“No I really didn’t…I knew you liked to spread out in the bathroom…you know…I guess it did seem a little large, but it really didn’t register.”

When they pulled it open, there was my toiletry stuff…vitamins…a blow dryer…even a razor. I looked at Bryan, “That’s why you were asking me about razors…you were buying one for me.”

“Tina and Tara scoped out your vanity and even the toiletry bag in your luggage, so we could get everything you like.”

“We really want you to be comfortable here…like a second home, sweetie.”

We toasted to having a second home and then to my Tina…she’s so understanding and open to my lifestyle choices. When we collapsed into the comfort of the bed, we both kissed our baby girl and held her tight. “Happy anniversary, sweetie!”

I said, “I’ve got a feeling that we got a lot more ahead of us…you know.”

“We do. You two are the best!” ****************************** That next morning, when I made coffee, I noticed she’d finished the café cock sketch she was talking about; it featured two well-proportioned cocks, me and Bryan, dripping cream into a coffee cup, with a bold script reading “Two shot for me!”

I looked over the composition and the detail…it was really amazing…she castingcouch-x porno was talented. They were cumming into the cup from different angles…super naturalistic…it made me a little thirsty.

I noticed a few embers from the fire and grabbed another bundle of wood from the garage. Once the fire was going, I got a tray together and headed toward the bedroom. I had thought about making Café Robbie for us, but I spent too much time fussing with the fire.

Tara smiled, “Ah, look at you…you’re such a sweetie.”

“I was just headed for the bedroom.”

“You even built a fire. Let’s have breakfast here, in front of the fire.”

“Before I forget, I like the café art…the mug, showing a hint of your name on the side…cool.”

“Thanks sweetie.” She continued spreading cherry preserves over her bagel, “You know I wish I had known you or Bryan, when I was younger. She licked the knife and flashed a sexy smile, “My cherry would’ve been in better hands with one of you…or both.”

“Giving me your cherry…sounds fun.”

“It would be, sweetie…and by the way, where’d you get this…it’s my favorite…and I think it makes me horny”

I laughed, “Well, I didn’t know that it was an aphrodisiac, but I knew you liked it…I had it with me last night and threw it in the cupboard.”

“Between you and Bryan, I’m the luckiest girl in the world…you both pamper me. Plus, you two are so fucking cute. Last night I was just looking at your asses…you both have cute, rounded man-asses! And then there’s that freckle…he’s why were together. If it weren’t for that, we wouldn’t be here by the fireplace, celebrating our anniversary…I probably wouldn’t even be married.”

We started to reminisce about the wedding. “Honey, I remember when we were on the dance floor, you were so sexy in your dress and you propositioned me.”

“That’s not changed…has it sweetie?”

“No…you’re as sexy as ever and you always proposition me…and Bryan…we both like that.”

“Well…I love my boys.”

“You were so cute, when you told me that you didn’t bother getting the dress cleaned, after we sprayed cum all over. You told me you needed some from both of us, on your dress…and you said it was something borrowed, a part of the tradition of wearing something old, something new…you remember?”

“I do remember…I remember how perfect it all was. When we got married, I got the groom and the best man.”

We both laughed, continued sipping coffee and I looked into her eyes, “Mmmmm…maybe we should celebrate by making that a tradition…you know.”

“You mean getting married or spraying cum on my wedding dress?”

I grinned, “Maybe a reenactment of the wedding dress night…remember?”

“Without the dress…you know…don’t you think?”

She perked up, “Mmmmm…that was a fun night…I think, yes!”

Bryan eventually shuffled in, just as we had that inspiration, “Guys, this looks sweet…breakfast by the fire.”

“Honey, we got a brilliant…and fun proposition! To celebrate, were gonna relive the wedding dress fantasy! Remember?”

He was still groggy, but we could see a smile forming, when he caught up. It didn’t take very long.

Tara added, “…but without the dress, this time.” She looked at us and squealed, “You guys…this’s gonna be so much fun.”

We immediately pulled her robe off and laid her over the bar stool. I slid my hand between her legs…she was steamy hot…dripping wet and sex glistened on my fingers. We both dropped our boxers and took turns poking and dragging dicks through her labia. Each time she moaned, we savored the heat…and what she could do with that pussy. Teasing…poking…and nudging at the tiny slit, I finally gave in and pushed inside. She groaned, “Fuck…ahhhh…mmmmm…that’s perfect, babe…mmmm…fuck…fuck me!”

Bryan had a smile that stretched across his face, “Dude, this’s what we need to celebrate…a spit-roast…just like the first time…it’s all coming back now!”

As I started stroking into her pussy, she moaned, “Mmmmm…yeahhhhh, that’s what a girl needs for her anniversary…a spit-roast…with nice big, anniversary cocks!”

I watched him thrust forward and push it deep into her mouth. When I looked up, our pleasured grins met and broke into big smiles. Pumping hard into that tight, little body, we pushed against each other, squeezing Tara between us…the beauty of a spit-roast! Mercilessly impaled on two big dicks, she surrendered her body to her needs. We grabbed tight to keep her steady, while we penetrated deep and pummeled her body.

“Shit! Fuck! Yer pussy’s fucking tight! That’s my girl…squeeze me with that thing…squeeze me with that pussy…squeeze me…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…squeeze me hard…uhhhh…uhhhh…yesssssss! Work it…sweetie…work that dick!”

With pubes slapping over her ass, she groaned as we fucked like there was no tomorrow. Bryan grinned and pumped his cock through her lips, clips4sale porno “Dude…that’s it…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck yeah…fuck’er good! Fuck’er hard. She loves this!”

Eventually, I reached down to stroke her clit. “Fuck yeah! Mmmmm…she likes that…I felt her lips tighten, dude! “


“Yeah…fuck yeah…mix it up…let me have some…have some pussy.” He rammed himself through her puffy lips, and fucked savagely. She rocked back into his thrusts, to drive him deeper into her belly. “Fuck me!” she screamed, “Fuck my pussy…use me…use my pussy…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…yessssss…fuck me…fuck me…hard…yessss…fuck me hard!”

Watching him beat the hell out of her pussy, I quickly took the other end and pushed her mouth down over my dick. She couldn’t even begin to hide her exuberance for what we were doing…her whole body shook and quivered from the ecstasy of our thrusts. The moaning, trapped by the cock in her mouth, reverberated through her body. Pumping…pounding, it felt so good to fuck her mouth…she was loving every minute. More than familiar with her needs, she wanted to be fucked hard and we were doing exactly that. Bryan joked, “Fuck’r harder…maybe we can meet in the middle!”

We both laughed with some satisfaction, knowing she wasn’t lasting much longer; we were wildly fucking and she had her fingers rubbing over her clit. All that stimulation, was way more than anybody could handle. Her body began to jerk and tighten up. “That’s my baby girl…squeeze those dicks…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…tighter…squeeze’m tighter…fuckin’ feels so…uhhhh…uhhhh…yesssss…so good…fuck! She’s so fucking hot to fuck…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck…Tara…fuck!”

Bryan was almost breathless, “Fuck yea! Uhhhh…uhhhh…she…she is…she knows how to fuck…our baby girl knows how to fuck!”

When her body started to buck and thrash, we felt orgasm building and slowed to ride her through it. With long, deep thrusts we were able to stretch out her pleasure…and ours…watching her shudder, as it flowed through her body. She didn’t ever want it to stop; she wanted it…and needed it so bad.

He threw his head back, yelled and pulled out, “Fuck! Fuck! I almost lost it, there.” Trying to stall the orgasm, his hand choked the base and slapped it hard, over her ass. “There…I hope that pushes it back some.”

Tara was still recovering so I pulled out, “Give yer dick a rest and come get this guy.” I was swollen, shiny with spit and standing proud, ripe for his lips. Grinning, he dropped to his knees to lick up and down, over the shaft. His tongue rolled over the tip and poked at the hole, tasting the sex.

Still bent over the stool, I was humping my dick through her husband’s lips, inches from her face. She was still horny as fuck and started rubbing; she must’ve been tender, but I watched her go at it pretty good…and it wasn’t long before she was finger-fucking.

She looked up and smiled, “Mmmmmm…love watching my guys play…turns me on…mmmmmm…so much. Fuck’m…pump it in there, Rob…pump it into that throat….looks so yummmmy!” After a few minutes, she wanted in and said, “Sweetie, let’s share?”

Both craving cock, they passed it back and forth, taking turns to lick, suck…and worship the rock-hard shaft. They bathed it with their tongues, swirling and dancing wildly over the swollen, purple head. I went back and forth, thumping it over their faces, poking and dragging it over their lips. Pumping through her lips…then his…till I coaxed Bryan to move to where they were facing each other and kissing…I separated their lips with my girth and pumped it through their lips, Tara’s covering the right side and Bryan’s covering the left.

She raised her head and looked at us, “You know…I’m horny as shit, but I think we need to move…I need to get off this stool.”

I led her over to the fireplace and laid her down on the rug, while Bryan got a pillow.

I tweaked her nipple, “Comfortable Sweetie?”

“Super cozy…you two are so sweet to me…I know you love fucking my titties…bet you’d enjoy putting some cock right there.”

I moaned, “Mmmmmm…yeah,” and rolled the hard nip between my fingers.

I taunted her, by smearing on lube, just above her face. “Mmmmmm…love what I see there!”

Squeezing a big handful of tit and smiling, “Love what I see, here.”

Bryan grinned, “There yours, dude…you go first…I’ve got a craving for some pussy.”

As I slapped it between her tits and pressed them together, “Fuck yeah…use those titties!” She nudged my hands aside, “Here, let me hold the girls, so you can fuck’em good.”

I started wildly fucking myself with her tits. They were breathtaking, beautiful mounds of perky and they quivered from the dick, thrusting through the tight, fleshy channel. Bryan positioned himself behind me and started rubbing his hands over my ass. He felt the muscled flesh, flexing as I humped between his wife’s tits, “Dude that’s amazing to watch when you fuck…tasty ass, man!”

He’d spread her legs wider and nestled in close; she closed her eyes and moaned when she felt his tongue…I couldn’t see, but I could see the pleasure in her face. She was crazy with lust, with a tongue in her pussy and a big cock fucking her tits.

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