Instructions Pt. 02

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Instructions Part 2


“What should I do to expand my sexual horizons and how would you suggest I do so?”

Grant considered Belinda’s request which came precisely two months and three days to the date she had first commented on one of his stories. It was both simple and complex at the same time. He had never met this woman nor even seen a picture of her. They had no sexual past or for that matter, future physical sexual relations together. And so the challenge presented was one that was both exciting to consider but daunting to construct if it was to be done in the most effective manner. After several weeks of planning Grant posted the first of many instructions as stories on Literotica.

“My dearest sexually naïve Belinda. What follows are a series of instructions that will hopefully expand your comfort with yourself, your body, your imagination, and your overall sense of sexual confidence. Should you choose to accept this adventure you will need to abide by my directions and demands without question. I’ve considered your relative lack of experience as well as your stated inhibitions and want you to know that all of this has been taken into account in considering just how far you should go and at what rate you will be almost willing to get there.”

“To begin with you will now keep a diary of every sexual aspect of your daily existence. If when you get up and get dressed you notice in the mirror that you look good and it makes you feel confident in your appearance you will record it; if you notice some stranger, friend or coworker checking you out, you will put it to record; if some situation causes you to notice that your nipples have hardened or your wetness has becomes more obvious you will describe the situation in you diary; if you masturbate you will soon after describe what is was that you imagined while you brought yourself to orgasm and the details describing your posture, duration, toys/aids/implements that you used; if you have sex with others you will write a description of the experience; in short, anything and everything sexual that enters your mind or experience, you will preserve in your own personal diary.”

“Now for your first challenge. This first demand will be about developing a more intimate level of comfort with your body. It will demand exploration that you have failed to explore sufficiently despite being in your own self since birth. You will be forced to see yourself the way others might — or might want to if given the chance to explore without inhibition. Photography will be the medium to accomplish this first goal and you will need a tripod to be able to meet the expectations I’ve created for you.”

“The pictures you take and record for posterity are for you and you alone unless you choose to share them. There are various categories which I will describe for you. They begin with what I would regard as tame but be assured, they will quickly progress to ever more revealing and challenging poses. It is less about the product that results from the recording and moreso to do with the fact that you engaged in the process. There are four levels in the first challenge A th-rough D and you will be given at least two weeks to accomplish each although once you begin with B you will likely continue indefinitely. Below, you will find the list.”

Challenge 1A – Photography

1.A selfie in any favourite outfit; X

2.A selfie of you in kocaeli escort your favourite bra and panties; X

3.A pic of your tongue stuck out as far as you can; X

4.A pic of your mouth open as wide as you can; X

5.A seated pose in skirt with panties subtly showing; X

6.A pose laying down in short shorts that reveals panties; X

7.A braless pic in blouse or shirt that clearly shows the outline of your nipples; X

8.A ‘camel toe’ pic in yoga pants; X

9.A ‘camel toe’ pic in varies pairs of panties; X

10.A pic of you touching ice cubes against your nipples; X

11.A pic of your breasts pressed up against glass;

12.A pic of your ass pressed up against glass;

13.A pic in way too tight jeans from salvation army; X

14.A pic in jeans unzipped, panties showing with hand in panties; X

15.A pic in nothing but a bath towel; X

16.A pic in any lingerie; X

17.A series of pics in each bathing suit you own; X

18.A pic in only nylons;

19.Closeup pics of you in many different pair of panties from both the front and the back;

20.A full frontal nude with your hands and arms concealing your breasts and groin; X

21.An exaggerated ‘camel toe’ pic with panties pulled up between your lips;

22.A pic of your ass in a tiny thong; X

23.A pic of you laying naked in a bubble bath; X

24.A pic of each breast being squeezed in your hands; X

25.A naked pic of you laying on your back, side, tummy, all fours, head down — ass up;

26.Naked pics posed while outside, in your car, on a boat or train etc.;

27.A series of pics taken from video while showering; X

28.An revealing pic of you taken while sitting on a toilet peeing; X

29.A pic that appears as though someone is watching you masturbating through the crack of the door;

30.A pic of you in various stages of shaving each shaveable part of your body;

31.A pic of your nipples while pinched and stretched; X

32.A pic of your lips squeezed together between your fingers; X

33.A pic of your nipples with string tied around each; X

34.A pic from behind of your legs together and bent with your lips showing; X

35.A stand up pic of your ass; X

36.A standing pic of your pussy straight on and from below; X

37.A pose laying down pic of your pussy with your legs first together and then spread wide;

38.A pic of you laying with legs closed and open but up in the air facing a mirror. X

39.A pic of your naked pussy sitting on a bike seat;

40.A pic of your pussy straddling a taut piece of rope;

41.A pic of your fingertip touching your clit; X

42.A pic of your clit pinched between thumb and forefinger; X

43.A pic of your lips spread and stretched wide apart; X

44.A pic of one finger inside you; X

45.A pic with multiple fingers inside you; X

46.A pic of you licking your fingers;

47.A pic of one hand on each cheek; X

48.A pic of you standing with your ass cheeks stretched wide apart;

49.A close up pic of your asshole;

50.A pic of first one and then two fingers in your ass;

51.A pic of you bent over, legs spread, ass and lips pressed against mirror; X

52.A pic of you humping a pillow;

53.A pic of you humping the arm of a chair or couch;

54.Several pics of you exercising kolej escort naked — situps, pushups, lunges etc..;

55.A pic of your pussy lips against a table leg;

56.A pic of your pussy against the corner of a countertop or desktop;

57.A pic of you naked cross-legged on the floor;

58.An under the desk pic of you seated naked on a chair;

59.A pic from behind of you naked and on all fours;

60.A pic of you bent over a table ready to be fucked; X

61.A pic of you masturbating; X

62.A closeup pic of your wetness; X

63.An inside and outside pic of your panties wet; X

64.A pic of you holding your panties to your nose while fingering;

65.A pic of you licking the wetness from your panties while holding a nipple;

66.A naked pic of you wearing only a life preserver; X

67.Several reflective pics of your pussy sitting on and straddling a mirror on the ground; X

68.A naked pic of you doing the splits or as close as you get;

69.A pic from behind as you touch your toes with your hands; X

70.A pic laying down with your ankles behind your head;

71.A pic of your lips as you lay back with your legs together pulling your knees toward your chin;

72.A pic of your clitoral hood pulled back to reveal the tip of your clit;

73.And lastly, a most gynecological pic of you opening your insides for a closeup look.

“Belinda, I hope that you have enjoyed this photographic challenge and have explored your body most thoroughly in the process. Be prepared that subsequent challenges will involve some camera work but oh so much more! For any hesitation you may have felt remember that at least in this first challenge, the required tasks occurred mostly in the safety and comfort of your own home!”

I will eagerly await notice of your successful completion of this first challenge as I prepare your next level of exploration!

CHALLENGE 1B – Exercise

The Orgasm Workout!

This challenge will begin on day 1. This will call for some handy-work that should not be too challenging. Essentially, you will be constructing a weight lifting device to perform a type of Kegel exercises.

What you will need:

– A small ball or series of balls with a hole drilled through the center

– A length of light rope

– A plastic container with a screw top such as a small coffee jar

– A collection of coins or small stones etc. that can be used to weight the container

How to build:

Using a drill, put a hole through the center of the ball and middle of the container cap. Tie one end of the rope through the ball and other through the hole in the lid of the container. When tied at each end, the length of the rope should be at least 6 inches shorter than the distance from your vagina to the floor when standing with straight legs.

How to exercise:

Place a small amount of weight in the container. Standing with legs bent, insert the ball in your vagina. As you straighten your legs the weight of the container will be held by squeezing your vaginal muscles around the ball. This will provide feedback of whether the ball is too large or the weight too heavy or too light.

As you become more accustomed to the exercise you should start to see an increased ability to gradually increase the weight of the container over time to a degree that will likely surprise konak escort you! Eventually, you may choose to insert a smaller ball to force your muscles to squeeze even tighter. As with any workout routine, it is important that you record your schedule, your progress as well as any noticeable effects.

Why Do Kegels:

The available literature is easily found online and suggests that the benefits are many. For the purposes of the quest you have begun the intended purpose is to enhance and strengthen the orgasm experience. By engaging in this exercise you will strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. With strict adherence to your workout schedule you will find that your orgasms become far more intense while also greatly increasing lubrication. Many women claim that this exercise has taught them to become multi-orgasmic. The relatively rare (from reported cases), category of women who are able to ejaculate or ‘squirt’ as it is sometimes referred to, all claim that they are able to do so as a result of intense muscle control during intercourse or masturbation. As a final point it is perhaps obvious to remark that your new exercise equipment is multifunctional — it can be used both vaginally and anally.

How Often Should I Workout?

As with any exercise program, the schedule should be largely based upon your personal limits. It makes the most sense to start out lightly and work up as you feel you are able. Below is one online example for reference only. As you become comfortable with this procedure you may eventually wish to obtain a set of ‘Ben wa’ balls that will allow for a different type of Kegel exercises that can be done just about anytime and anywhere be it while watching a movie, working at a desk, driving or out for a walk.

Start by doing 3 sets of 12 repetitions, 2 times a day, about 3 times a week. To do this, lift and squeeze the weight for 5 seconds, then relax for another 5 seconds. It is critically important that you do not squeeze and contract for over 5 seconds as the pelvic floor is not used to constant contraction or over exertion.

You can gradually increase weight size as you move along in your practice. After about two months, try adding an exercise to your routine to help build strength. While holding the weight in your vagina, do some squats or walk up and down the stairs.

On your workout days you must not masturbate or engage in intercourse prior to your exercise routine. Force yourself to wait until after the workout to give yourself a well-deserved reward. Having said this, you may wish to build the tension while enhancing the anticipation during your workout especially during your final set.

Move through your entire workout in this mindset, focusing on each squeeze and release of pleasure. Feel free to conjure up a dirty fantasy, or squeeze your breasts or nipples. Do not touch your clitoris or vulva until you’ve finished an entire round of Kegel sets — this is the cherry on top for the finale!

Once your workout is complete it is time to reap the rewards. Obviously, orgasm is the goal but the challenge is not to see how quickly you can get yourself there but rather, to prolong and intensify the experience until you simply cannot wait any longer.

Because you’ve allowed your body to gradually build arousal, your entire pelvic region is pulsing with oxygen-rich blood, and your muscles are primed to contract, all of which leads to an earth-shattering, full-body orgasm(s) that you have earned once your workout is complete!

Good luck and here’s to enjoying the benefits you will cum to realize!

Instructions for Challenges 1C & 1D will be provided when you have successfully completed 1A.

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