Internet Personals Ch. 01

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This story is chapter one of hopefully many more. This story is primarily gay or bisexual for chapter 1. It will get into more topics like mature, incest, latex, gay and bisexual, any many other areas of interest. If these topics don’t interest you, please don’t read on. As for the story itself, its all made up by me for my masturbatory habits, please understand I am a novice writer. I look forward to your feedback. Except the ones that pick on typo’s or poor grammar. All characters are 18 or older.


At 18 years of age, I am a virgin. Not for a lack of trying I might add. I’ve struck out with the best looking women as well as the worst looking women. My friends tell me it’s about confidence when you speak to a woman. It sends all the right messages and women will respond. So they say.

I’m not the worst looking guy in the world, in fact, I am in great shape. Below my neck, I am pretty muscular; I can’t say I have six pack abs, but close to it. I don’t have any hair on my chest, light hair on my arms and legs. Over all; I could be a model if it wasn’t for a scar that ran down from near my ear to my chin.

Yes, my confidence is low even though I’m in great shape. When I was a kid, I was in a car accident and the head injury left me with a nasty scar that has defined my life so far.

I need to get fucked; I need to lose my virginity. What I really need is for someone other than me to touch me. Jerking off is great and I do that probably 1 to 5 times a day depending on how much free time I have and how horny I am. Like I’m not ever horny, yeah right!

My best friend Brad suggested to me using the internet to get dates. He helped me build profiles on different dating sites; he even took photos of me for the sites. He wanted me to put up a profile picture of myself from the left side of my face, the non scarred side. I just couldn’t do that; it felt like I’d be lying. Let’s just say this attempt was very unsuccessful.

After a month of that, Brad made another suggestion. A personal ad on that Craig site everyone uses. It took some convincing but Brad always could talk me into almost anything. He helped me write the ad first; then he convinced me to put a picture up; in the nude.

Since I didn’t have a picture of myself naked, I tried taking photos with my cell phone. They all came out horrible, eventually I asked Brad to use his camera and for him to take the photo. It’s not like we haven’t seen each other naked in the showers at school or at the gym. So I wasn’t worried about that; it was the fact that he told me he checked out the ads on there and the best ones included a picture of an erect cock. Brad has never seen my cock erect, well no one ever has that I know of.

Brad came over my house after school to help me and he brought his digital camera.

“Mike. How do you want to do this?”

“Dude, I don’t know, this was your idea so you tell me”

“Alright, stand with your back to the bedroom door and I’ll take some pics”

I followed his instructions and he clicked away.

“Now take off your shirt” I did as he instructed. “Tighten your abs”

“Now your jeans” Click, click, click, more pics.

I was naked except for my boxers.

“Dude, do you have those slider shorts you wear for baseball?”


“Put those on instead of the boxers, it’ll outline your cock” Again I followed instructions by removing my boxers and I stood at my dresser completely naked now digging in my underwear draw to get the spandex type shorts. Once I found them, I turned to face Brad and bent over to put them on.

“That looks great Mike; the camera really can pick up the outline of your cock” Click… Click

“Dude, pull them down just below your junk and let it hang over them” I felt like a model now. Click… Click

My cock hangs about 4 inches flaccid and the more he took pictures of me naked and semi naked the more I couldn’t wait to see how they came out.

“Okay, pull them back up” Click… Click

“Now cebeci sınırsız escort for the hard part!”; He laughed at his pun. “Get it hard under the shorts so the picture will show it really well”

I suddenly became shy. I mean it’s nothing for me to be naked in front of my best friend; we’ve been naked around each other in lockers rooms a thousand times. But this was different; I was about to try and get hard in front of him. This has never happened before and I felt like a line was being crossed.

“I don’t know if I can”

“Oh come on, it’s not like I haven’t seen you naked before”

“Yeah, naked is one thing but I’ve never…. You know… uh… you know what I mean”

“Relax dude. You jerk off don’t you” Click… Click. He was still taking pictures.

“Yeah but not in front of…” I didn’t know how to end my statement.

“Come on… I won’t tell anyone, just rub it and get it hard” He smiled and clicked away. “Seriously dude, who am I gonna tell?” Click… Click

He always could convince me to follow his plans and I knew that eventually he would get me to do it so I just said to myself; “Fuck it, why not” and started to rub my cock through the spandex.

“Yeah that’s it buddy, rub it” Click… Click

“Run your fingers up and down that nice cock” Click… Click

I was staring right at Brad; he was giving me instructions but at the same time he was talking dirty to me. Another first in my lifetime; Click… Click

“You starting to get hard yet?” Click… Click

“Stroke it” Click… Click

I kept trying to get hard, but my body wasn’t responding. The homoeroticism of it all just wasn’t working for me.

“Dude, I don’t think this is gonna work” I protested now.

“Relax Mikey, just keep stroking it” Click… Click

I rubbed myself in front of my best friend and tried to get hard. It just wasn’t happening and believe me when I say my cock gets hard easily. I mean hell I’m 18, I get erections with a soft breeze.

Click… Click

I stopped.

“What’s the matter?”

“Just not working, I don’t know if I can do this”

Brad walked closer to me; “Relax dude”; he got right in front of me. “Look I…” He started to speak and held his tongue.


“Let’s try something”


“Ummm…. Close your eyes for a second okay?”

Like usual, Brad always gets his way and I knew fighting it would only delay the process so I did as he instructed and shut my eyes. He was right in front of me and I could feel his presence.

“Keep your eyes closed”


“Forget I’m in the room with you”

“I…” was going to protest, but I knew where he was going with this.

“Who do you think about most when you jerk off?”

I understood his question but I couldn’t answer it.

“Come on, who do you think about most when you masturbate?”

“Ummm… Ms. Hale” She was our biology teacher.

“Dude, you know I can tell when you lie to me”

I really couldn’t answer his question with the real answer.

“Ummm… Jennifer” A cheerleader from school.

“Come on, stop lying and tell me the truth!”

“I can’t tell you”


“I just can’t tell you”

“Oh I get it”

I couldn’t tell but it seemed like he was grinning, my eyes were still closed.

“Okay picture whoever it is in your mind. She’s on your bed naked waiting for you to come over and fuck her. Picture her on her back, her big round tits and hard nipples just sitting on her chest aching to be played with and sucked.”

I began to smile as the picture formed in my mind.

“Now she has her legs bent and her feet are flat on the bed. Her legs are spreading, giving you a complete view of her wet dripping shaved pussy. Her fingers are inside her and she’s fingering herself while she looks at you.”

The fantasy in my mind was starting to work; I felt some stirring in my sincan escort bayan spandex shorts.

“You like that don’t you, I can tell” Again I swear he was grinning and my cock started to grow more.

It was then that Brad did something that I had never expected. Brad put his hand on my hip, no not on my cock, just my hip. But the touch was what put me over the edge and my prick expanded immediately to full erection. Someone other than me was touching me in a sexual situation.

“Damn buddy that seems to have done the trick” Brad stated like it was normal and released my hip. Then he started back across the room with his camera in hand.

“Open those eyes again” Click… Click

“Yeah, that cock is hard now” Click… Click

I just stood there dumbfounded and confused, oh and, very hard.

“Touch it” Click… Click. We were right back into the photo session.

“Grab it” Click… Click.

“Put your finger to the wet spot” Click… Click.

“Damn Mike, you’re a grower not a shower” He kept taking photos.

“Okay Mike, drop the shorts”

I hesitated for a second and then did it.

“Damn that’s hot” Click… Click… Click… Click

“Stroke that now for me” Click… Click

“Oh yeah that’s nice” Click… Click

Brad started getting closer as I was jerking myself off. The very first time I’ve ever masturbated in front of someone and here I was being photographed doing it.

“Keep going Mikey” He was three feet away from me now and I couldn’t help lock eyes with him.

“Yeah stroke that big 8 inch cock for me” The dirty talk was certainly adding fuel to my fire.

Brad dropped to his knees in front of me and I froze. I stopped stroking altogether and just held my cock out in front of him in shock. For a second I thought he was going to suck me off and the condition I was in right now, I wouldn’t have stopped him, hell, I couldn’t have stopped him.

“Come on Mike, keep stroking it” Click… Click. He was only a foot away from my rigid dick with his camera lens. Click… Click.

“Cum for me Mikey, come on, cum for me” Click… Click.

It was all too surreal; my best friend in the world was kneeling in front of me less than a foot away from my erection. He was taking pictures of me jerking off and he was telling me to cum. How in the world did this happen. Then… It did happen.

“Oh shit” I groaned while looking down at my best friend. “Oh shit… I’m gonna cum! Oh Shit!”

I was furiously pounding away for an orgasm that was sorely needed now. My balls tightened and that tingle that signals the pending eruption hit me in a flash.

“FUCKKKKKKK I’M CUMMMMMMIIINNNNNGGGGG!” I started to unload and the sperm exploded from the head. The first shot was a long rope that blasted over Brads head and I convulsed. Click. The second shot hit Brad squarely on the forehead. Click. The third landed on the camera. Click. The fourth (Click) and fifth (Click) shots just came up shy of the camera and then the cum dribbled from me. Click.

“Fuck that was hot Mikey”

I just shivered and leaned back against my bedroom door. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever had and it was in front of my best friend. Hell some of it landed on my best friend.

Brad got off his knees and made his way to my bed to sit down. I watched through my half closed eyes while trying to regain my strength. He put the camera down on the bed next to him and I watched in amazement as he used his fingers to wipe the sperm from his forehead.

What he did next just about made me fall to the floor. He brought his cum coated fingers down in front of his nose and sniffed the musky juice. Then he licked his fingers, tasting the sperm I had just shot onto him. His eyes were big and round like saucers as he took in the taste of me, his best friend.

“Dude, what are you doing?” I asked in amazement.

“Oh shit…. Uh…. Sorry.” He didn’t know what keçiören escort kız to say for a change.

“Did you just lick my cum from your fingers?”

“Uh… yeah” He was flustered and the look on his face was clear. He was caught doing something that was clearly gay in the eyes of 18 year old boys.

I stood straight up now that I recovered from my mind blowing orgasm. I just looked at him and then I realized he was rock hard in his jeans and he just tasted my juices.

“Are you gay Brad?”


“Then… why?”

Brad dropped his head down. I wasn’t sure, but the position looked like he was about to cry.

“Mike, I…” he was stammering; “Can I tell you a secret?”

I was standing almost naked, with my wet shrinking cock hanging in front of me over my half pulled down sports shorts. My cum coated my hand and I was looking at my suddenly fragile best friend. So I pulled my shorts up and walked over to the bed and sat down a couple of feet away from him.

“Dude… You can tell me anything, you know that”

Brad sniffled.

“Seriously, I won’t tell anyone anything you tell me, you have my word.”

My friend looked up at me and recognized the look on my face. He knew I was telling the truth.

“Mike, I…” He started again but couldn’t get any further this time either.

“Are you gay?” I asked again.

He dropped his head again, but this time covered his face with his hands.

“It’s okay if you’re gay dude.” I tried to make him feel better as only best friends can do, I put my hand on his shoulder. “It’s okay; just tell me what’s going on.”

It took a minute for Brad to gather himself before he spoke.

“Mike, I’m not gay.”

“Okay Brad, then what’s wrong?”

He finally lifted his head to face me, my hand stayed on his shoulder.

“I’m….” He paused. “Bi-Sexual”

“Oh” I really didn’t know what to say.

“Please don’t tell anyone, please.”

“Dude, you know I wouldn’t do that.” I took my hand off his shoulder; I didn’t know what to do.

“Look Mike, let me just download the pictures to your computer and go home. We can talk about this tomorrow, Okay?”

“Yeah… Sure buddy”

I got up and went to the bathroom to clean up and left Brad in my bedroom to work on the pictures. It only took a couple minutes; I took off my shorts and pissed. Washed my hands and put on my robe, then went back to my room. Brad was finishing up downloading the pictures to my laptop.

“They’ll be done in a minute.” He was trying to be cordial, but there was awkwardness between us for the first time ever. “Please just don’t tell anybody”

“I won’t, you have my word”

“They’re done. The pictures are in a file named CLP. I gotta go.”

Brad bolted from the room with his camera and seconds later I heard my front door slam when he left.


After dinner that night, I went back to my room to look at the pictures and post my ad on the website.

I looked at the hundreds of pictures Brad took of me and I was amazed at the clarity of them. But more so, the sexuality of them; these pictures were good. So I chose 4 pictures and copied them to a different folder on my computer.

The first photo was of me fully clothed from the neck down. The second photo was of the spandex shorts with my erection clearly defined and trapped against me. The third was a close up of my hand stroking my cock and the last one was my personal favorite. It was the money shot, a rope of cum was shooting out of the head of my prick. My dick was a little blurry, but the cum shot was clear. It was headed right for the camera. I was very impressed with the pictures brad took. He had talent.

I opened the internet browser and got to the site and posted my ad under “Casual Encounters” and attached my photos.

Title: Looking to Lose My Virginity

I am 18 years old and a virgin. I am looking for a mature woman to help me experience my first time in a safe way. I would like to meet someone that can teach me how to be a good lover. I am not looking for a one night stand. I hope we can be friends with benefits.

Please be opened minded and wanting to do this more than just once. Please respond with a picture to let me know that you’re serious and let me know what you are looking for. Here are pictures of me.

I hope we can be good friends!

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