Interviewing… Belinda and Emily

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Interviewing… Belinda and Emily

Author: Bonercreator69

As it had been for all the versions of the show, the first episode of The Truth Behind the Women of TV had been very successful, the episode watched by millions of people. Luckily for me, no-one knew about the after-show events that had occurred and so the memory of my cock inside Fearne Cotton and Holly Willoughby, although I did still have the video evidence.

The second show promised to be just as good as the first show had been, with top-class guests booked again. On this show, I would be interviewing Inbetweeners stars Belinda Stewart-Wilson (who plays Will’s mum) and Emily Head (who plays Carli D’Amato). Ever since I started watching the show, I had fantasized about Emily, and admired Belinda, and now was my chance to finally meet them.

As I introduced them to the stage, my heart rate quickened at what the girls were wearing. Belinda was dressed in a sexy, red outfit, that was both low-cut to show off her boobs and short, which showed off her legs. Emily, on the other hand, was looking equally sexy in a short, black dress that nearly exposed her ass.

“Wow, you girls look incredible.” I said, welcoming them to the show. “Welcome to the Truth Behind the Women of TV. This is the show where I can delve deep into the lives of the world’s favourite TV women with no forbidden topics and where anything goes. Did you manage to see the first show with Holly and Fearne?”

“We saw the last 20 minutes or so,” Emily replied. “As we were doing some PR stuff for the movie.”

“Well, you get the gist of how this show works, then.” I explained. “So, let’s start with the Inbetweeners and in the show, you both get lusted over by the boys. Is that weird or difficult in any way?”

“I guess it is kind of strange to be lusted over by three guys that are young enough to be your sons,” Belinda answered. “But that’s part of being an actress, it’s just a role. There’s not really a romance for Polly (Will’s mum) and so that’s sort of the way the writers make one.”

“Yeah it’s strange, but in my case, I’m only lusted over by Joe (Thomas, who plays Simon).” Emily added. “The other boys think Carli’s hot but don’t have the fascination with her that Simon does. But for me, it’s less weird cause there is a romantic interest, one with Simon, so that means it’s less difficult.”

“Emily, your father, Anthony Head, played Will’s dad in the movie. Is that strange to be in a movie alongside your dad?”

“I think it was stranger for him than me. I mean, I don’t think he coped with me being the sex interest very well but we weren’t in scenes together so I tried to stay away from him.”

“Belinda, you’ve appeared on a few TV shows, including The Inbetweeners but you worked alongside your then-husband Ben Miller on Primeval. Did that contribute to your marriage break-up?”

“Yeah, I think it did. I mean, when we were both filming other shows, it didn’t get in the way but we were having problems anyway and so it was just the final straw. But we’re still on good terms, and we’ve got a son to think about, so it’s all civil.”

“This show tends to revert around sex for at least two thirds of the show and so I guess it’s that time again. Emily, you’re were the only one of the cast to not be in a relationship, but now Belinda’s joined you, is that difficult to be single?”

“For me, I don’t think it is,” Emily answered. “As much as I want to have a relationship, I enjoy being single, it can be fun. Obviously, I do miss the sex but I can deal with that.”

“Yeah, I’m similar in some ways,” Belinda agreed. “I loved Ben, don’t get me wrong, but I think I needed time to play the field if you like, and experiment.”

“Does that mean you’ve experimented with girls?” I asked, hopes raised.

“I’ve played around with girls, they’re good fun. But I wouldn’t say I’m bisexual or anything like that, it’s just a bit of fun.”

The conversation continued along these lines for the rest of the show, where we learned Emily was open to having sex in public places, and Belinda was looking for a friend with benefits.

“Finally, you both spend a lot of time on set with each other. Have you ever had fun with each other?”

“No, although I think that’s been because there’s always so many guys on set, they’d get the wrong idea,” Emily answered. “I think Belinda’s beautiful so maybe one day, we’ll have some fun.”

“There’s been the odd kiss but nothing serious,” Belinda responded. “But yeah, hopefully, because Emily’s incredibly sexy.”

“Well, unfortunately that’s the end of the show, many thanks to both Belinda and Emily. Hope you can join me next time when my guests are stars of the NCIS series, Cote De Pablo and Daniela Ruah. See you then.”

The time that followed after the show was strange. Before I’d known it, the alcohol in my dressing room had run out and Emily was lying on my bed, her dress practically coming off, exposing her red underwear and her hands gripping mine as I lay next to her. Without warning, the actress leaned in and gave me one of the greatest first kisses I’d ever received, her lips so tender against mine, her tongue rolling against my tongue. She brought her hands to my chest and began to unbutton my top, still kissing me passionately, her eyes looking into mine. She withdrew my shirt and began unbuttoning my trousers, as I could feel my cock start to grow at the thought of what was happening. My hand reached around and took off her dress, not difficult given how it had been laying, and as we looked at each other in our underwear, it was only then that she spoke.

“I enjoy being single, but I miss the cock.” she said, running her hands down my body. “I want you to show me what I’ve been missing.”

“Challenge accepted,” I stated, and I stood up, bent down at the foot of the bed and began to play with her pussy through the nylon of her underwear, a job made easier by the fact it was already dripping wet.

Outside in the corridor, with my dressing room door slightly ajar, Belinda entered, wearing absolutely nothing and watching this sight unfold in front of her had made her pussy so wet. It had been an age since she’d had any kind of sexual activity and the opportunity now was killing her. Sitting down just inside the room, she began to insert fingers into her pussy as she watched the action unfold.

Before I knew it, I’d removed my underwear and Emily’s and was face fucking the actress, her mouth going down on my cock just as I imagined it, trying to take my whole 9 inches in her mouth. I face fucked Emily harder and harder still, and it was at this moment when I saw who was gate-crashing our party. Belinda was completely naked, sitting just inside the now-closed door, and was massaging her tits as she finger-fucked her pussy with the other hand. Not wanting to stop the fantastic blowjob I was receiving, I winked at Belinda and continued to grind my cock deep inside Emily’s mouth.

“I want you to take this all inside your mouth, you slut,” I said as I felt my cock begin to throb and within seconds I had exploded inside Emily’s mouth, my cum filling her mouth. She swallowed the load and looked up at me, lovingly, wiping her mouth clean.

“Is it my turn now?” she asked, eagerly trying to get up.

“Oh yeah, most definitely,” I replied, pinning her down. “But I’ve got an idea of how to make it better.”

I reached across and found the tie I had been looking for, and quick as a flash, had tied it as a blindfold around Emily. Then, beckoning to Belinda, who had been trying incredibly hard to have a quiet orgasm in the corner, I got off Emily and went down to the foot of the bed.

“Now, you just lay there and let me take care of you…” I said, and I saw her body relax and knew that my plan might actually work.

Bending down, I inserted two fingers into Emily’s dripping pussy and began to massage and rub her clit, listening to the groans from the actress, her senses heightened by the loss of her sight. Belinda had taken the initiative too, and joined me at Emily’s pussy, but her hands found their way to my cock, growing back to its normal erect length.

As I brought my tongue to Emily’s clit and began to lick, I felt the pace on my own cock start to quicken as Belinda sped up the hand job I was receiving. Thinking fast, I stopped the pussy licking I had been giving Emily and instead instructed Belinda to do it, f0rcing her to stop the hand job and therefore, not make me cum before I’d revealed the secret.

Moving up to the top of the bed, I admired the scene for a minute as Belinda worked Emily’s pussy with her fingers and tongue, making the young actress groan and moan more still. It was at the point when Emily’s back began to arch and the moans turned into screams that I decided to reveal the dirty secret. As Emily’s juices began to flow and were lapped up by the waiting Belinda, I brought my lips down to Emily and kissed her softly, watching the sight below our heads.

“Woah, what? How can you be kissing me? I can feel you on my pussy,” she stammered, confused as to what was going on.

I lifted the blindfold and the reality hit her as she saw her co-star down lapping up her juices, and me lying next to her, hand on my cock, slowly jerking to the sight.

“Oh my god, that was, erm, that wasn’t you?” she asked. “It was you?”

“Yeah and I bet you enjoyed that, didn’t you honey?” Belinda replied, standing up to reveal her perfect tits and shaven pussy. “I know you’ve needed that for a long time.”

“It was…. Well it was good but….” she answered, struggling for words.

“Look Emily, you enjoyed it, we all know it, you said you wanted to experiment,” Belinda responded. “Now is our host here gonna have to return the favour or will you do it?”

With that I knew it was time for me to re-enter the games, and I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Positioning myself at the foot of the bed once more, I pulled Emily’s dripping pussy towards me, as she still tried to understand the arrival of her fellow cast-mate. I carefully inserted my cock inside Emily and her face turned into one of pleasure as she felt my big member inside her for the first time. Belinda decided that this wasn’t fair and she climbed onto the bed, positioning her pussy over the face of Emily, who was about to be face-fucked for the second time that evening.

I increased the pace on Emily’s pussy as I became more turned on by the sight that was directly in front of my eyes. Emily’s tongue worked ultra-fast as she licked the pussy of Belinda, who this time was making no efforts to conceal the pleasure she was getting.

“Oh yeah, that’s right. Fucking lick my pussy, Emily, while he fucks your pussy. Oooh, make me cum, let me fill that little mouth up with my juices. Let me watch as he fills your pussy up with cum…”

The dirty talk and sexy sight that was occurring seemed to make me reach climax much quicker this time but the girls seemed to sense this and came up with a suggestion.

“Let’s all cum together,” Belinda shouted. “I’m close, stud hold on, Emily how close are you?”

Her muffled reply seemed to indicate that she too was almost ready to orgasm. With the count of three, I exploded inside Emily’s pussy and felt her juices too flow onto my exploding cock. Looking up, I saw Belinda’s back arched and her mouth speechless as she too joined the climaxing fun, filling up Emily’s mouth with pussy juice.

Tired out, we all collapsed on the bed together, and it wasn’t long before we were all sleeping. The fact I was woken up the next morning by two actresses going down on my cock and balls, asking for another fuck was fantastic, but that’s another story.

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