Into the Night I Crept

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I’d been at my computer all of twenty minutes. It normally didn’t take me long to key on one person. I singled him out. His casual replies made him seem to lack any urgency or the distinct stench of desperation. I asked him if it was strange being in this chatroom. It was old school with auto refresh features and no emoticons. I told him that we could be texting.

He’d said it reminded him of his college days, logging in at two in the morning, wired on coffee and Twizzlers. To him, it made the need to get off that much more enticing, the way his body seemed to be vibrating from the caffeine and the erotic thrill of sharing a secret longing with another man – like he was now.

He’d explained that his wife was upstairs sleeping. He was in the den. I’d asked him to tell me what he was wearing. I conjured the image of him in cotton pale blue pajama pants and a summer robe. My imagination fell short when the picture downloaded to my screen. Soft light from a desk lamp illuminated the light brown hairs on his upper thighs. They grew sparse leading up into the hem of his red boxers. I was disappointed that he wasn’t hard underneath the boxers. I couldn’t even judge the size of it. There was a slight rise in the fabric that extended up to the waistband of the boxers, but that could have been the fabric folding in a provocative way. I didn’t want him to think that I wasn’t pleased so I sent him a short reply asking if he was a runner. It was an ego stroke to get his confidence up before I asked for a much more revealing picture. He responded to me that he did, three miles a day.

It showed. I scrolled up to the picture once more. His legs were sculpted. I wanted to touch them. I asked for another picture. Before the screen could refresh again an additional photo downloaded. This was what I had wanted to see. The boxer shorts were down around his knees. Lying slightly erect against his lower stomach was his cock, his beautifully uncut cock.

I didn’t want to sound as eager as I was to suck it so I told him in a simple statement how wonderful his cock was. I paused to let the compliment sink in before I asked him to meet me so that I could show him just how much I appreciated him sending the photo.

The chatroom refreshed several times before he answered back with his regret that he couldn’t go out to meet me tonight. I slumped down in my desk chair, disappointed. I recovered quickly and posed to type him that I was sorry to hear that we wouldn’t be able to meet. The chatroom refreshed before I started to type and he sent:

“…but you can come here.”

The implication of those few words made my mind spin in several directions. Each one enticed me. I concealed my eagerness in my acceptance of his invitation.

In three posted messages I had his address and instructions of what time and where to enter the house. I glanced at the clock, switched to a new browser window and found directions.

I answered him to state that I could be at his door step in twenty minutes.

“Great,” was all he sent.

The chatroom refreshed. I saw the notification that he had signed off. I half expected a little more…foreplay. It was alright. Any foreplay he could provide in the way of describing how he wanted it would only serve to amp me up more than I already was. I had the feeling that whatever was going to happen in his house tonight was going to outshine anything he could put into words.

It seemed to take forever to drive to his neighborhood. I tried not to speed. The last thing I needed was a ticket at three in the morning. I didn’t want any delays. Besides, I was too turned on to answer an officer with anything but an honest reply if I were asked, “Where are you headed?”

“To suck some married dude’s thick uncut cock, officer. Maybe swallow his load. Depends on how good it feels down my throat.”

I chuckled to myself, imagining the look on an officer’s face if he got that as a response. I stopped laughing when I realized the fantasy was making my cock hard again. I down-shifted then turned into his neighborhood. It was an older neighborhood. Most of the nişantaşı escort houses had one or two mature trees in the front yard standing guard against the night. The streets didn’t have street lamps which made it hard for me to navigate the winding streets and to see the house numbers. I flicked on my high-beams to get my bearings. I spotted a house number then counted three houses down to his.

His house was the corner lot at the end of the block. His yard stretched around to the beginning of the cross street where he told me to park. I put the car in park then killed the engine. I checked the time. Five minutes early. I couldn’t go in. I had to wait for his signal. A chain linked fence marked the perimeter of his yard, making it easy for me to see the patio door.

I rolled down the window and let the night air sneak into the car. The sounds of the neighborhood filtered around me. Crickets sang to one another from the seclusion of the lawns. A dog barked. Sirens blared from an emergency vehicle far off in the distance. Four minutes.

I felt a swell of nervous nausea. What the fuck was I doing here? In the middle of the night no less. I suddenly wished I’d gone with the guy that told me he was holed up in a Marriott across town and needed some male attention. Then, I thought about the simple message that hooked me: “My wife is asleep upstairs.”

I haven’t ever knowingly cruised a married man before. Knowing was making all the difference right now. My cock flinched again. This time I cupped my hand over it, squeezed and tried not to think about that trail of light brown hairs leading up to a precious mouthful. Two minutes.

Was my clock fast? Was it slow? I wished he’d given me his number so I could check in. “Hey, I’m here. Salivating for your load.” I moved my tongue around in my mouth thinking about licking the bulging vein that ran along the side of his cock. I thought about how that might get a drop of precum out of him. I hoped it would. I groaned and stopped stroking my palm over my hardon.

I saw a flash out of the corner of my eye. The porch light flickered off and on three times. The signal. Now my heart was in my throat. I did my best to not bolt out of the car and run up to the gate like my cock wanted me to. I closed the car door calmly and as quietly as I could and made my way across the lawn. The crickets stopped chirping at random moments. I could hear my footsteps in the grass. I could hear my heartbeat and even my blood rushing through my veins. Adrenaline? I have never been so nervous and so turned on in my life.

“Be cool,” I said to myself as I lifted the latch on the gate. It made a horrible screech. I stood still, half expecting lights to come on in every neighboring house. None. I closed the gate behind me. This time there was a soft whine. The porch light provided enough illumination for me to find the stone walkway leading up to the patio. There he was, standing there in those boxers waiting to open the door for me. Fuck me, he was good looking to boot.

He slid the door open. He didn’t allow me much room to enter. I stepped inside. Our bodies touched. I looked him up and down. My brain pieced together the parts of him that were missing from the downloaded photos online. His hair was longish and curled around his ears. His beard was trimmed neatly, and he was slightly taller than me. I liked.

“Hey,” I whispered.

He touched his index finger to his lips then motioned with his head for me to follow him. The house was dark away from the patio door. I tried to step where he stepped as we exited the dining room. We passed the kitchen. The hood light on the stove was lit. I was able to see some of the stainless steel appliances and tiled backsplash before we turned into what appeared to be a den.

I crossed the threshold. He closed the door. I surveyed the room. Three of the four walls were lined with built in bookcases. Some were filled with books, others with knickknacks and memorabilia. The strangeness brought the nerves again. He walked to stand behind a large oak desk. It dominated the room, dark and heavy. I could kağıthane escort make out some of the carvings on the feet. It reminded me of the Resolute desk in the Oval Office of the White House. We looked at each other for a moment. I was struck by how only half an hour ago he was sitting there, at this desk, in this room looking for…me. I knew it wasn’t me he was looking for, but someone like me. Someone who was willing and able to give him the satisfaction he craved.

A warm, sexy feeling rose up inside me. I walked toward him. My hand trembled when I reached out and touched the fabric of his boxers. The backs of my fingertips touched him. His cock flinched. The corners of his mouth turned up into a slight smile. I smiled back and stepped closer. He returned my touch but was more direct. He captured my cock and balls in his hand and used his thumb to stroke my shaft. For several moments we stood there, our bodies inches apart, tugging on each other through our clothes. I didn’t dare kiss him. I figured I’d freak him out and the moment would be wrecked. I thought it best to relax and enjoy the feeling of his hand on me while we breathed the same air. He smelled like sandalwood and minty toothpaste. I let my mind drift to what those smells reminded me of so I didn’t shoot off in my basketball shorts. Before I could pinpoint a particular memory he stopped touching me and sat down.

His smile was boarder now. His legs were parted. The lamp on the desk lit the fine hairs on his upper thighs just as it had done in the photo. He raised a suggestive eyebrow. Nervous knots tightened my stomach, but only for a second. I regained my “fuck it” attitude and pushed down my basketball shorts. My stiff cock swayed as I stepped towards him. His eyes were locked on mine. Without breaking our eye contact he touched my cock. He tested the weight of my balls in his hand. I begged him with my eyes, “Put it in your mouth for just a little while,” I telegraphed to him. Get sucked off by a married man? Fuck yes!

He grabbed the front of my shirt and pulled me down. I expected a kiss and would have momentarily accepted it in lieu of his mouth on my cock but as I got closer he pushed me down to my knees.

He took hold of himself then offered it to me. I closed my mouth around the head of his cock. My lips pulled the foreskin. His hips rose and pushed his cock further into my mouth. I met his thrust enough to help him gain access to my throat. He sighed. That excited me. His cock felt totally hot down my throat. I ran my hands along his thighs then in toward his crotch so I could stroke him. I watched in wonder at how each stroke made the head of his cock peek out from inside the fold of his foreskin. I licked him, paying attention to how he was getting off on what I was doing. I poked my tongue into the fold of his foreskin. My tongue explored in slow circles. He was squirming now. I looked up to watch his expressions as I alternated between sucking and licking. My mouth mimicked the motion of his and when he gnashed his teeth I pulled up the foreskin with my hand until it formed delicious pleats and coils then began to nibble.

“Fuck,” he whispered.

The sound of his voice made chills run down my arms. I stroked myself and fell into an aggressive rhythm up and down on his cock. I wanted him to cum. I wanted to feel his load flooding my mouth.

The sound of a door knob turning made him pull away, dislodging his cock from my mouth.

“Under the desk,” was all his had time to say.

I crawled into the small space. He further crammed it by scooting his legs and part of the desk chair underneath as well.

“What are you doing up this early?” a woman said.

“This late. I haven’t been to bed.”

“You’ll do great. I don’t know why you are so worried.” Her voice sounded closer now. I pulled my legs up toward me, afraid to be seen.

“I figured that looking at it a few more times would help stick it in my brain.”

She giggled. “Are you sure that’s all you were doing?”

He stammered. I heard the mouse click.

“You were jerking off weren’t you?”

“I osmanbey escort needed to… relax.” I could hear the smile in his voice.

“Well, you should have let me help you.”

“You were asleep.”

“I would have woken up.”

“You haven’t seemed…very interested in weeks.”

“We’ve both been busy,” she cooed. “But never mind that. I’m very interested now.”

He stood, blocking her from getting around the desk.

“You didn’t have to hide this from me.” She made a pleasurable noise. They began to kiss…loudly.

“Let’s take this upstairs,” he said. I let out the breath I’d been holding.

“Nuh-unh. Right here.”

Papers shuffled and the desk creaked. I saw her dainty foot dangle in front of me from over the side of the desk. He stepped in front of her. His legs were spread. I heard her murmur something before their bodies commenced to slapping together, hips meeting thighs and buttocks.

For the first few moments all I could hear were her exaggerated exclamations then I blocked them out and listened for him. He made occasional grunts and audible huffs. Each one gave my balls an excited jolt. Precum had begun to leak from my cock. I rubbed it into the head to tease myself. I focused on his legs. I watched them flex and relax, so strong, so sexy. I followed my impulse and touched him. He flinched then froze. I left my hand on his calf. He began to move again.

His acceptance of my touch encouraged me. I leaned my head out into the opening of the desk. His legs were on either side of me. I looked up to watch him sliding between his wife’s parted legs. I could see his tight cum filled balls swaying, tempting me to touch them…so I did.

I heard him moan. I allowed my fingers to explore behind his balls, excruciatingly close to where I wanted to taste him. I stroked myself harder and in time with his thrusts.

“Fuck. Fuck yeah,” he exclaimed. “I’m gonna –”

“Yes,” she said and I whispered.

His legs began to shake. I held onto him, feeling his pleasure course down his body and into me somehow. I squeezed my eyes shut and lost myself in the thought of how his cum might feel spurting on me. From the hours of the teasing, the horny minutes of contact to the blend of fantasy and reality, everything cut through me like white hot flame. My orgasm rippled along my muscles and electrified every hair on my body. I pulled my hand away to catch my load.

His wife made a high pitch squeal then broke into excited giggles.

“Put me down,” she said.

“Once we get to the shower.”

“That was so good. You got it everywhere. I think you even got some…” Her voice trailed off as they left the room.

I slumped back against the desk. My heartbeat was normalizing. The quakes of my orgasm had subsided. The only thing not right was that I was cramped under a desk with my basketball shorts around my ankles while my cum seeped between my fingers.

I crawled out from under the desk. I used my clean hand to pull up my shorts. I thought against wiping my hand down my shirt and went for the door. I gave the room one last glance. I’d dodge a bullet and done something incredible just now. I was pleased with myself.

I stood in the doorway and listened for anyone nearby. Nothing. I slipped into the hallway and out the patio door. The early morning air was crisp and cooled my skin. When I exited the gate I leaned down and ran my hand on the ground to let the morning dew and blades of grass cleanse this expedition off my hand. But the scenario was still with me, deposited into my spank bank and eerily lingering on my face and mouth.

A crowning sun helped me find my way out of the neighborhood and onto to the main street. I felt energized. I flipped on the radio and listened to a thrasher station at max volume all the way to the interstate until red and blue lights caught my attention in my rearview mirror.

I guided the car to the shoulder. With my license and registration in hand I waited on the officer to approach the car. I cranked the window down when he stopped at the side of the car.

“License and registration,” he said while he peered suspiciously inside. He analyzed the cards, handed them back to me then said, “What’s got you out on the road at this hour?”

I chuckled and wiped my hand across my face before I replied.

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