Introducing Melodie

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The very first day that I met Heather she made it clear to me that sex was very important to her. That same night, when she first saw me with my pants down, she explained that since my penis was way too small to ever satisfy her, she expected me to service her with my tongue and lips whenever she wanted.

All my life I’d always loved fantasizing about being dominated by a woman, being forced to dress up as a girl and obey her every command, so when she made me kneel between her legs and lick her cunt that night, I loved it. I did wish that she’d let me actually put my penis inside her but when I asked if I could, she just laughed at me and told me to forget it, saying, “You have to be k**ding! I have absolutely no interest in ever letting you put that ridiculously tiny and completely worthless little thing of yours inside me.” And she laughed and shook her head in disgust.

From then on, that was the way things were except on very rare occasions. I knew that there was nothing that I could do about it so I just did as I was told, did my best to service her pussy with my tongue. I learned to be happy that after I’d licked her until she came she’d occasionally let me stand in front of her and masturbate, maybe once every week or two.

Even on those rare occasions when she’d let me play with myself until I came, she’d tell me how useless my little penis was, how it could never satisfy her, what a complete waste and failure I was as a man, and that she could never understand why she put up with me. It never took long for me to cum because I was only allowed to do it so rarely, and afterwards she always humiliated me even more.

Of course, we both knew why she put up with me; it was because of the trust fund that my aunt and uncle had left for me. The trust fund wouldn’t become completely mine until I was 35 years old — nearly 13 years from the time that Heather and I had met. I was fresh out of college and went to work at bank as a teller, more for something to do than because I needed the job; the income from the trust fund was enough for me to live on very comfortably. Heather was the assistant manager of the bank, and one day she’d noticed me staring at her — she was absolutely gorgeous, with long almost white blonde hair and the face and body of a super model except for her big full breasts, much bigger than any model would have. She came over to me, beckoned with one imperious finger and I followed her into her office, then at her gesture I closed the door behind me.

“You were staring at me,” she said, eyes narrowed and glaring at me. “Almost drooling. That is not acceptable in this bank. Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t fire you right now.” Then without waiting for me to respond, she went on. “And don’t give me any crap about you needing the job. I wouldn’t believe you.”

I blinked. What did she mean about not believing that I needed the job. How could she know that? She quickly answered my silent question.

“I looked at our payroll records. You haven’t cashed your paycheck a single week since you started here a month and a half ago. Your job application says you just finished college, but you aren’t cashing your paychecks. Why is that?” Her eyes narrowed even more. “What the hell is up with you?”

I explained about the trust fund, and admitted that I hadn’t cashed the checks; they were accumulating in the top drawer of my dresser.

She grinned. “So, you have money. And you like to look at me. Well, I think I’ll let you take me out to dinner tonight.” It was not a question. “I know your address; I’ll pick you up at six. Be ready, I do not like to be kept waiting.” She pointed to the door. “Now go back to your station. And don’t stare at me anymore.”

From there things progressed rapidly. We went to a very expensive restaurant for dinner, had a very expensive bottle of champagne, and after dinner (which of course she had me pay for) she took me to a jewelry store and picked out a lovely pair of diamond earrings which she also had me pay for with my credit card.

She then took me to her apartment where she ordered me to strip naked in front of her, then kneel between her legs and lick her twat until she came twice. While I licked her she kept telling me what a worthless little pansy I was, with such a tiny little thing between my legs that she’d never allow me to put it inside her, and that I was lucky that she allowed me to service her cunt with my tongue. Afterwards she had me stand in front of her and beg her to let me fuck her while she teased me about how little my penis was, then told me to masturbate for her. I jerked my little cock frantically and quickly shot a big load of sticky wet cum into my hand while she watched me, still laughing and rolling her eyes. Then, to my dismay, she ordered me to lift my cum covered hand to my lips and to lick up all of my own sperm and eat it. And of course ever since that was what I had to do on those rare occasions when she allowed me to masturbate.

I was totally and completely humiliated, and I loved it, knowing that I’d happily submit to anything she wanted if I could continue to serve her like this.

Three days later she moved into my house, a nice sized three bedroom place on a ½ acre lot on a rather remote street in the hills, and took complete control of my life. She had me add her name to my checking, savings, and credit card accounts, then took away all of my credit cards and my check book and put me on a strict allowance. She made me do all the housework; vacuuming, dusting, cleaning the bathrooms and the kitchen, washing and putting away all dishes, take care of all the grocery shopping and cooking, and do all her laundry, and mine. The only money she gave me was to go shopping, or take her nice clothes to the dry cleaner, or run errands, and I always had to bring her the receipts and make sure that I gave her back all the change. She also arranged with the bank for me work reduced hours, starting at 9 and getting off at 4 so that I was still at the house after she left and back to the house at least an hour before she got home.

She then had me transferred to a different bank branch because she said she didn’t want to have to put up with seeing me during the day, and arranged for direct deposit of my paychecks so that all my earnings went into the bank accounts which now really belonged to her.

Every day she made me strip naked and kneel between her legs to service her pussy both in the morning and in the evening, and sometimes three or four times a day on weekends. But although servicing her got me really turned on and made my little penis very hard, she enjoyed refusing to allow me to cum except for the once every few weeks, and then of course she always forced me to cum in my hand and then swallow all of my sperm while she watched me. She also told me that if she ever caught me masturbating without her permission she’d make me sit outside on the back deck of the house, naked except for a pair of her panties over my head and face for 24 hours, which was terrifying to me, so I never played with myself at all.

Then, on the first month anniversary of our first date, she came home about an hour later than normal, her arms loaded with bags and packages, piled them on the couch and called me into the living room.

I came in as she called, having become well trained in doing whatever she ordered me to do, wondering what she wanted.

She looked at me strangely, then nodded. “OK,” she announced. “Time to move to the next step.” She grinned, then laughed out loud.

“Take off your clothes.” I figured she was going to have me service her, which was nothing particularly new, but I was wrong. Still, I quickly stripped off my jeans and tee shirt, then my underwear and stood in front of her, expecting her to pull up her skirt, take off her panties, and order me to lick her twat until she came.

Instead, she then handed me one of the bags and told me to open it.

To my surprise, inside was a beautiful hot pink lace brassiere and a matching pair of incredibly skimpy pink lace panties, a package of pantyhose and the most incredible high heeled pumps that I’d ever seen. They were a fluorescent hot pink, with 1 ½” platforms and 6″ spiked heels, and I couldn’t help thinking how beautiful I would look in that gorgeous lingerie and those beautiful pink pumps on me. In fact, to my embarrassment, just holding and looking at the bra, panties and sexy shoes made my little penis start getting hard right away.

Heather rolled her eyes, shaking her head and laughing. “It figures. I should have known that just looking at such pretty things would make your ridiculous little thing get all excited.

“But before you get to put any of those on, you need to go in the bathroom, get in the shower, and shave your entire body. Your legs, your groin, your chest & underarms — everywhere, and shave your face again, too. I’m going to take you out with me to the city tomorrow night and we need to start getting you ready.”

I couldn’t believe the implications of the lingerie and high heels with what she’d said. “Um…did you say…you’re taking me out with you to the city..?” and held up the lingerie and heels. “And…what…umm…what are these for?”

“They’re for you to wear, silly.” She giggled and shook her head. “Now go shave yourself and come back here when you’re done. Come back naked.” Then she took the lingerie and shoes out of my hands and shooed me away towards the bathroom.

I didn’t know what was happening, but I had learned in the weeks since Heather had taken over my life that it didn’t matter whether I understood what was happening. I was completely and totally in her power, and I had no choice but to do whatever she told me to, so I hurried into the bathroom, stripped off my clothes, and got into the shower. I quickly shaved every part of my body, legs, chest, arms, underarms, groin, going over every part of me twice to make sure I’d done the best job I could.

After drying off I somewhat tremulously went back to the living room, realizing both that my little penis was very hard, and that I was quite conscious of the smoothness of my legs, arms, chest and everything, and feeling almost feminine in the new hairlessness of my body.

Heather looked up and grinned as I walked in, then told me to stand in front of her with my hands behind my back. As I did, my little penis was rampantly erect — though of course still tiny — and I realized from the heat in my cheeks that I must be blushing intensely.

She stood there looking at me for several minutes while I wondered what would come next, then spoke.

“Well, Mikey. Would you like to put on these pretty panties and bra, and these nylons and sexy pumps?” She held them up, raising her eyebrows questioningly.

Of course I did very much want to put on all those lovely things, but I wasn’t sure what to do. Then she asked again, impatiently.

“Well, do you, Mikey, or do I send you outside to sit on the deck with a pair of my panties over your face?” I knew I didn’t want that!

“Yes, Heather,” I answered submissively. “I’d love to put on the bra, panties, nylons and high heels.”

Without any hesitation she reached out and slapped me on my cock and balls really hard with the palm of her hand, then slapped me again backhanded, hitting my cock and balls even harder this time. The pain and shock of her hitting my tender little genitals drove into my groin like a streak of electricity, shooting up through my entire body, and tears instantly sprung to my eyes as she grinned at me.

“From now on, Mikey, whenever you speak to me you will address me as “Miss Heather” or “Mistress Heather”, or even just “mistress” but you’ll never, ever again address me just as Heather.” And she reached out and again slapped my cock and balls three times, back and forth, back and forth, rocking me backwards with the blows of her open hand and then the back of her hand, the hard stinging slaps on my balls and penis sending shooting, incredibly wracking pain from my groin up through my whole body as I staggered, almost stumbling under the force of her hitting me.

“Yes, Miss Heather,” I gasped. “Yes, Miss Heather, yes, Mistress Heather,” I moaned, tears streaming down my face, my voice trembling with the pain and the fear of her hitting me again. But she kept on hitting me, again and again, slapping my balls and tiny penis back and forth, back and forth so many times that I lost count. I couldn’t help myself, I just stood there as she punished my little balls and hard little cock, sobbing pitifully, crying like a little girl, the tears running down my face. Finally, she stopped and smiled ever so sweetly at me.

“Do you understand, Mikey?”

“Yes, Mistress Heather, Miss Heather, yes, I understand. Please, mistress, please don’t spank me anymore. Please, please I promise I’ll be good.”

“You’ll be a good little girl from now on, won’t you, Mikey?”

“Oh, yes, Miss Heather. I’ll be a good little girl. I’ll do whatever you want, anytime, Mistress Heather. Please, please don’t spank me anymore. Please…”

“Now, Mikey, if you want me to let you put on these sexy girly things, you’ll have to beg me, you’ll have to convince me.

“Now get down on your knees and beg me, you little sissy.” She laughed and shook her head. “I love to have you on your knees in front of me, begging me like the useless pathetic little sissy that you are.”

I quickly sank to my knees, and in a soft, pleading almost whisper I begged her.

“Please, Miss Heather. Please could I put on those beautiful panties and that lovely bra. Please, could I? And could I put on those nylons and those gorgeous pumps, please? Please let me put on those pretty girly things so I look like a good little girl for you. Please, mistress?”

Laughing and shaking her head in disgust, she handed me the beautiful hot pink lace bra and told me to put it on, then gave me the lovely matching panties and ordered me step into them and pull them up about my hips, tucking my little penis into the soft, silky lace panties. She then had me sit on the couch and showed me how to very carefully put on the pantyhose. They were all sheer from my toes to the waistband, a beautiful suntan shade that made my newly smooth shaven legs look just lovely; very feminine indeed.

Next she handed me those incredible beautiful hot pink high heeled pumps and told me put them on and walk to the hallway and back. Since it was the first time I’d ever worn high heels I found that pretty hard, and felt that I was barely teetering along, taking tiny little steps and almost stumbling several times.

Miss Heather laughed and laughed at my clumsiness in the high heels, but told me that I’d just need to keep practicing, and made me keep walking back and forth across the living room and down the full length of the hallway, over and over. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect, and within ten or fifteen minutes or so I was able to walk without stumbling. She then began coaching me on how to walk as a real girl would when trying to look sexy, placing one foot in front of the other, making my bottom swing back and forth in those gorgeous panties, and still she kept me practicing, walking up and back, up and back.

Finally, after nearly three quarters of an hour she said that was enough, that I should come and stand in front of her again.

It was an amazing experience to stand there in front of this incredibly beautiful woman in just my new pink bra and panties, with pantyhose and those unbelievably beautiful pink platformed pumps. I knew that my tiny little penis was so hard that it was very visible in my lovely panties, and I expected her to have me kneel between her legs and lick her twat until she came. But I was wrong.

Instead she pulled a chair from the dining room next to the couch and had me sit in it.

“Now for your makeup, sweetie.” My what? I thought.

Miss Heather then took out her purse and gave me a full makeover. Hot pink eye shadow on my eyelids with a sparkly silver over the hot pink, lighter pink on the brow just above my lids, then several thick, heavy coats of deep black mascara, followed by a sparkling pink blush on my cheeks and finally hot pink lipstick on my lips followed by a glittery pink lipgloss.

When she finished, she looked at me with a smile and nodded, handing me her makeup mirror so that I could see the results of her work.

I was stunned. The makeup had completely transformed my face; I truly looked like a very pretty young girl of no more than 18 to 20 years old. And if I wore my new bra and panties, nylons and high heels I was sure that with a wig and falsies and either a dress or a skirt and blouse no one would ever guess that I wasn’t really and truly a girl.

I was speechless, my eyelashes fluttering, my cheeks blushing with embarrassment and pleasure, and I couldn’t help myself from asking her, “Umm, Mistress Heather? “Did…did you get me a wig and falsies, and maybe a dress, or a skirt & blouse to wear when you take me out with you?”

She looked at me in amusement, then started giggling, and finally broke out laughing. Why was she laughing at me like that, I wondered. If she were dressing me up like this, doing my face up so pretty and all, why was my asking about a wig, falsies and a dress so funny? Then she answered.

“No, silly. I didn’t get you any of those things.” She grinned. “But I did get you these.” And reaching into another bag she took out a pink tee shirt and white shorts — but as soon as I saw them, I realized that the shorts were really tiny, and that the tee shirt had something written on it.

She handed me the tiny little white shorts and told me to put them on. As I took them, I realized that they were even smaller than I’d thought. As I sat back down on the chair to put my feet through the legs, then stood to pull them up, I discovered that not only were they very little, they were absolutely skin tight. I had to struggle to pull them up over my hips and around my bottom, and then to fasten them around my waist. My goodness they were short! They left two to three inches of my smooth shaven nylon covered bottom exposed — probably the shortest little short-shorts I’d ever seen, and I was wearing them! They made my nylon sheathed legs look unbelievably sexy and feminine and my lipstick covered lips were parted in a mixture of dismay and delight as I looked down at myself.

Then she handed me the tee-shirt, a hot pink ladies style that looked like it would barely reach to the top of my short-shorts with light pink lettering and lots of tiny little lip prints, like someone wearing light pink lipstick had kissed it all over. When I read the lettering, which was on both the front and the back and matched the light pink color of the lip prints I thought I’d faint. It said:

“I love to have my girlfriend dress me up as a girly-girl, but I’m really just a useless little sissy boy.”

Oh my god, I thought. Could she really be planning to take me out dressed up like this and wearing that tee shirt? My mouth fell open and the expression on my face must have told her what I was thinking.

“Yes, sweetie. That is exactly how you’re going to go out with me tomorrow. Dressed up like a girly-girl, but with no wig, no falsies, and your sweet little boy’s haircut combed just like a boy.

“I think you’re going to be just adorable.” And she laughed and laughed and laughed. Finally, she stopped and still giggling said,

“But there are a couple of things we need to do tonight, so you’ll be ready for tomorrow.” Again I u*********sly fluttered my mascara covered eyelashes, wondering what else she could possibly have in mind.

She cocked her head to the side slightly. “Well, if you’re going to be a real girly-girl, you need to be able to wear earrings. And no real girl in today’s world would wear clip on earrings, so we’ll have to take you out to get your ears pierced.” She glanced down at her watch.

‘Now put on this cute little tee-shirt, and let’s get going.” She giggled. “And while we’re at the mall we need to get you a sweet little girly-girl purse and some makeup of your own. I don’t want to have to loan you my makeup all the time. And maybe on the way back we’ll stop and do some grocery shopping. I’m sure you’ll enjoy that.”

It was an incredibly humiliating experience and I absolutely loved it!

Miss Heather parked her car on the far side of the parking lot from the mall entrance, and since it was only a little past six-thirty the sun was still well up in the sky, twilight wasn’t even close. As I got out of the car to follow Heather, my super short shorts, my high platformed spike heeled pumps, the sissy tee-shirt and all my makeup with my flat chest and short boy’s haircut made me feel incredibly self-conscious. I knew that everyone who saw me would stare at me, and I was frankly terrified, but Miss Heather took my hand and pulled me along, giving me no choice at all. Meekly, submissively, I went with her, wondering how I could be so lucky as to have met her.

As we entered the mall I discovered that I had, if anything, underestimated how much attention I would draw. It seemed like every single person, male or female, whatever age they were, gaped at me, their mouths falling open and their eyes widening. As we walked through the mall, heads turned and I saw people murmuring, whispering to each other, pointing at me, and my cheeks flushed bright with embarrassment and humiliation.

Miss Heather loved it, loved seeing how humiliated I was, and did her best to make it even worse for me.

“Now come along, Mikey,” she said fairly loudly. “You know I told you that everyone would stare at you if you insisted in coming here all dressed up like that. I know you love dressing up all sexy like that, and yu really do look almost like a girl in those platform pumps, nylons and those little short-shorts, especially with all the makeup you’re wearing, but you insisted. You really should grow your hair longer so you don’t look so much like a sissy.” She giggled and shook her head. “You wanted to look as feminine as possible to get your ears pierced, sweetie, so you can’t back out now.” And she kept up her commentary as we walked, teasing me, humiliating me, making me feel completely ridiculous.

Finally, after what seemed like an interminable walk through the mall, we arrived at the ear piercing kiosk where a lady in what seemed like her late 20’s was working with two young teenaged girls, probably 13 or 14. Miss Heather pulled me forward and prodded me to speak. As she’d ordered me, I asked if I could get my ears pierced, and the lady grinned, saying of course. The two teenagers stared at me, their lips parting in amazement, their eyes traveling up and down over me, taking in my spike heeled pumps, my nylons and short-shorts, and my heavy makeup, and of course reading my pink sissy tee-shirt. I couldn’t believe how I felt, a wonderful mixture of humiliation and embarrassment with the thrill of it all making my heart throb with delight.

While we were waiting for the sales lady to finish with the two young girls Miss Heather held my hand and we browsed through the various earrings as she searched for the most humiliating possible earrings for me. Finally she selected two little pink enameled hearts, about 3/4″ in diameter for me to wear until the piercing healed, and two incredibly big hoops, at least 5″ in diameter for me to wear afterwards.

Finally my turn came and the sales lady had me sit on a stool while she pierced my ears, putting the adorable little pink hearts in the newly made holes. To my utter embarrassment, the two teenagers didn’t leave, but stood there watching, staring at me in amazement the whole time. Miss Heather giggled and looked over at them, enjoying my reaction to them staring at me.

“He does look pretty ridiculous, doesn’t he?” she asked, and they both nodded emphatically. “He just loves dressing up as a girl, wearing pretty lingerie and sexy things like this. I had him practice walking in those pumps for nearly an hour today, so he’d learn how to walk in them, and he does pretty good, for a boy.” Both girls shook their heads, staring at me in disbelief but joining Mistress Heather in giggles.

“From here we’re going to get him a little purse at Claire’s,” (Claire’s was a store that focused mostly on p*****n and early teenaged girls), “and then to Sephora to get him some makeup of his own so he’s not always asking to borrow mine.” Both of the girls again shook their heads wide-eyed, then broke into giggles while continuing to stare at me.

Our next stop, as she’d told them, was the little girl’s store, Claire’s. Miss Heather paused at the doorway and gestured for me to go first. I was nearly paralyzed with embarrassment, knowing that I would instantly be the center of attention when I walked in dressed like I was, but I knew I had no choice. Unable to look up, I looked down at the floor, tentatively putting one high heeled foot in front of the other, moving very slowly into the store, then not knowing which way to go I lifted my head and looked around. Standing less than five feet away, looking right at me, was the sales lady, her mouth falling open in astonishment, her eyes widening in amazement. It was so embarrassing to see the way she was looking at me I thought I might faint with the humiliation, but Miss Heather gave me a quick swat on my bottom and said, “Go ahead, Mikey. We don’t want you blocking the door,” and having no choice I continued into the store. Glancing around in bewilderment I saw a huge array of girly things everywhere. There were lots of different head bands and hair ties, display after display of earrings, necklaces and bracelets, shelves and floor displays covered with oodles of different kinds of makeup — lipstick, lipgloss, face & body glitter and lots of different blushes.

There were two other girls in the store, both of them a little older than the two at the ear piercing kiosk, probably fifteen or sixteen, and they stared at me, like eveyone else who’d seen me their mouths falling open, eyes wide as saucers, shaking their heads in disbelief at the sight of me. I couldn’t believe how embarrassingly humiliating it was to be there all dressed and made up like I was, almost but not quite completely feminized. My short hair and completely flat chest contradicted the super feminine appearance of my clothes and makeup, and my pink sissy tee-shirt eliminated any doubt that might possibly have remained. And then Miss Heather spoke, adding even more to my humiliation.

“Well, Mikey, you said you wanted to come in here. Now I want you to go pick out some goodies for yourself. I’ll let you get two more pairs of earrings, two necklaces and four bracelets — all in gold color — and then two different lipsticks and two different lip glosses but make sure that the lipsticks and lip glosses are all pink, because we both know how much you love pink. And then see if you can find a cute little clutch purse for you to carry all your makeup in.” She laughed, looking at the sales lady and the two girls and shrugging, then went on, speaking to them.

“What can I say? He just loves pretending that he’s a girl, wearing makeup and all those sexy things. And he’s such a waste as a boy, so tiny, if you know what I mean, that I finally just gave up.”

Once again, I had no choice. I moved around the store hesitantly, looking at all the delightfully feminine things they had, using one of the pink baskets from next to the door to put all my things in, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, lipstick and lipgloss, then took them to the counter and asked the sales lady if they might have a small clutch purse in pink. By this time she’d grown used to watching me move around in my high heeled pumps and little short-shorts, and still with a rather condescending look on her face led me to a shelf with purses and small handbags and gestured to them. I quickly chose the first pink clutch purse that I saw, picking it up, but Miss Heather stopped me, pointing to another one.

“Mikey, I think you’re in too much of a hurry. Look at that pretty one up a couple of shelves,” and pointing to one with rhinestones all over it, and several little lip prints on it, very much like the ones on my tee-shirt. “Sweetie, it matches your tee-shirt!” I hesitantly put the first one that I’d selected back on the shelf and picked up the one Mistress Heather had pointed out, then followed the sales lady back to the counter. By that time the two young girls had left the store and she, Heather and I were alone at the counter.

After I paid for everything, Miss Heather had me open the lipstick and lipgloss packages and put them in my purse, and had me put on both of the necklaces and bracelets before she led me out of the store. I could hardly speak I was so totally embarrassed and humiliated, which of course was exactly what Miss Heather wanted.

From there we went to Sephora, the makeup store, and the walk from Claire’s to Sephora was even more embarrassing than walking through the mall before, because now on top of everything else I was wearing two jingly gold necklaces and two matching gold bracelets on each of my wrists, and of course the adorable pink hearts in my newly pierced ears. As before, virtually everyone we passed, male or female, gaped and stared at me open mouthed, their mingled looks of amazement, astonishment, condescension and disgust making me cringe in humiliation. I was almost completely unable to lift my head up to meet anyone’s eyes, staring down at the floor as Heather led me along, but I heard many of the comments that were sometimes not even whispered. Things like “Oh, my god! Will you look at that!” or “My goodness, is that a boy or a girl? I think…it’s a boy, but look how he’s dressed, wearing nylons, high heels and all that makeup!” or “Honey, look at that — unbelievable!” or the worst that I could remember, “That is totally ridiculous — to be a boy all dressed up like that; it’s like he wishes he were a slutty girl!.”

But doing that, walking with my head down made me watch my feet, emphasizing in my mind my smooth shaven, nylon covered legs and my beautiful hot pink platformed pumps, both of which reminded me with every single step how completely ridiculous I looked.

Finally, after walking at least half the length of the mall, we reached Sephora, and again Miss Heather gestured for me to go first, then as I passed in front of her she reached out and pinched the curve of my bottom where the tiny short-shorts revealed it to everyone, then giggled uncontrollably as we entered the makeup store. Sephora was crowded with women of all ages, and I really created a stir in there. Every single woman gaped and stared at me, and Heather kept up a constant stream of teasing me, telling me that she’d told me everyone would stare if I came dressed up like this, but that I had insisted that she bring me here, and now I’d just have to endure the stares. And to make things even more embarrassing, she kept fondling my bottom as we moved around the store.

The women in the store giggled, stared, some laughed out loud, some shook their heads and looked disgusted — a full range of what you might expect them to show when seeing a sexy little sissy dressed up like I was walking around in those short-shorts and high heels wearing so much makeup and carrying my brand new little pink purse. It was incredibly humiliating, totally embarrassing and I loved every second of it. Heather kept up a running talk about how I was so ridiculous to want to dress up in such sexy girl’s clothes and wear so much makeup. Then she laughed and said it wasn’t bad enough that I was such a little sissy and wanted to always pretend that I was a girl, but I had to look like such a slutty girl and dress like a whore all the time. And of course she always called me “Mikey” and asked how I liked the different shades of eye shadow and lipstick. There was a very attractive woman demonstrating how to blend different shades of eye shadow and Miss Heather had me stand in line, then sit on a high stool while the lady showed me how to do the blending and then put on the new color over the pink that I’d come in wearing. The woman looked a bit startled at first, but when Heather assured her that we’d be buying plenty of makeup she just looked at me with in condescending amusement and went on with the makeup lesson.

She taught me to blend the eye shadow, how to put on mascara so it was thick and black, without clumping by using lots of light coats of mascara, one after another, and showed me how to use lipliner, lipstick and lipgloss to make my lips look their fullest. It was incredibly embarrassing, but I loved it. Miss Heather got me several shades of eye shadow, mostly pinks and lavenders, with a sparkly black and a deep violet, two different mascaras, two kinds of beautiful pink blush, facial powder and a spray on makeup fixer, everything I needed to do my own makeup just like a real girl.

When we finally left I was sure that there wasn’t anything else that she could do to further humiliate me, but I was wrong.

On the way home she took me into a beauty salon and had them put on false fingernails, and then paint them in a bright hot pink with little tiny white hearts on them so that the next night when she took me out there wouldn’t be anything about me that wasn’t completely feminized. Except that my chest would be completely flat and my hair would be completely male. But as I thought about it, I hoped that maybe my makeup, my lovely legs and sexy pumps and short-shorts might make people think I was really a girl, in spite of being so flat and having such short hair.

But then I remembered my tee-shirt that proclaimed me a sissy to all the world, and I realized that was what I really, truly wanted after all — to be a little sissy boy all dressed up as a whore.

Finally, true to her word, Miss Heather stopped at a large chain d**g store and with her following me, had me buy two packages of rubbers and a jar of vaseline. I loved walking around the store in my tiny short-shorts and platformed heels, and again she continued to fondle and pinch my bottom the whole time.

When we got home she made me kneel between her legs and kiss, lick, and suck her twat until she came three times, which took nearly half an hour. Then she told me to go undress myself and go to bed, but it was another hour before I finally fell asleep because every time I thought about all the incredible things she’d done to me and with me that day I got a raging hard on — but I was afraid to even touch my little penis for fear of making it shoot my cum all over the bed sheets.


The next afternoon she again dressed me up the same as she had the day before, then had me sit in front of her dressing table mirror and do all my makeup, face powder, the spray on makeup fixer, blush, three colors of eye shadow, six coats of black mascara so my lashes were as thick and full as if I were wearing false lashes. She then took out the little pink heart studs and quickly substituted the 5″ hoops which made me feel even more like a slutty little whore, with the last touch of makeup being my lipliner, lipstick and lipgloss. Finally, when I finished she had me dress her, and to my astonishment she wore a push up brassiere that revealed over half of her breasts, leaving her nipples completely uncovered, then a garter belt and black stockings with a pair of crotchless panties. Finally she slipped into a pair of unbelievably gorgeous black satin high heeled pumps with 3″ platforms under her toes and 8″ heels that made her tower over me even in my own hot pink high heels.

As I gaped at her, expecting her to put on a dress, she explained to me that the party she was taking me to was a very X rated party, and that although she was going to wear a black leather coat in the car on the way to the party, and that she had a hot pink plastic rain coat for me to wear, once we got inside the party, we’d both leave our coats at the checkroom. I was actually surprised that she was going to let me wear a coat at all since it wasn’t cold out, but then what she did to me showed me why.

“Come stand in front of me, Mikey,” she ordered, pointing to the carpet right in front of her. I did as commanded instantly.

Then she reached down and unzipped the front of my short-shorts, pulling down the front of my pantyhose and panties and gripping my penis. She put a hot pink rubber — I didn’t even know they came in that color! — on my little cock, then pulled the panties and nylons up to just below my tiny balls and left my balls and the shaft of my penis uncovered. Then, to my amazement and horror, she fastened the top of my short-shorts around my balls and penis and zipped the front zipper up halfway, leaving my tiny balls and my rock hard little cock sticking out of the front of my shorts!

I couldn’t believe it. Was she really going to take me to the party like this, with my penis & balls sticking out of front of my shorts? I couldn’t say a word, just trembled in terrified embarrassment. But it was even worse. She reached into her purse and took out a wide pink ribbon and proceeded to tie a little pink bow around the end of my cock, and then looped another long stretch of ribbon around my cock just under the pink bow, tying it in a slip knot so that when she pulled on the ribbon, the loop around my cock tightened painfully, pulling it extremely tight and leaving nearly four feet of it dangling from the end of my very erect penis. She proudly explained through giggles and laughter that I was now on a cock leash, and that she would be leading me around by the ribbon cock-leash all night long so that everyone could see what a complete pansy sissy faggot I was. She then took the end of the ribbon leash and tugged on it, pulling me towards her by my cock to show me what it would be like. She laughed and laughed, leading me around the house by the ribbon cock-leash, pulling and jerking on my cock painfully, making me prance after her in my spike heeled pumps, hurrying to keep up with her or have my cock tortured by her pulling on it with the ribbon leash.

Almost constantly as she led me around the house on the ribbon cock-leash she’d jerk on it, the slip knot noose around the head of my penis tightening painfully, and pulling my cock painfully, making me thrust my hips forward to try to even a little bit reduce the pain she was inflicting on my helpless penis. And when she did that, she’d laugh and laugh, enjoying my suffering, and telling me how much fun she was going to have with me all night long, exhibiting me to everyone at the party.

It was going to be an incredibly humiliating and mortifyingly embarrassing night — and I knew I was going to just love it.

Then before we left she surprised me by taking out a gorgeous long very light blonde wig and putting it on me, then brushing it out so that the long soft tresses fell around my shoulders and down my back and over my chest well past where my breasts would have been if I were a realy girl.

“I figure that with that little dick of yours sticking out the front of your short-shorts and me leading you around with the pretty pink ribbon cock leash on it, and with your flat chest and that sissy tee shirt no one will think you’re a real girl, so I decided to let you wear that pretty blonde wig. If anything, it will make you look even more like a little sissy faggot.” And with that she burst out laughing.

She then jerked me up and out of the chair she’d had me sit I while doing my wig and pulled me along behind her, tugging on my cock leash to keep me close to her. She explained that any time she dropped the end of the ribbon that she was holding I was to stand exactly where she left me to show what a well trained sissy I was.

She slipped on her black leather coat and had me put on the hot pink patent leather coat that barely reached 4″ or so below my crotch, and then with her still jerking me along by my cock leash that led up under my coat she led me out to the curb where a limo was waiting.

All the way to the party she had me kneel between her legs and lick her cunt while she tugged and jerked on my cock leash to keep reminding me what a useless little sissy I was. Any time my licking, kissing and slurping at her juicy twat lagged even the slightest she jerked mercilessly on the leash which pulled painfully on my rock hard little cock. She came three times, the last time just moments before we pulled up to the party. As the limo pulled to the curb she had me get up off the floor and retouch my lipstick and lipgloss, then she stepped out and jerking painfully on my tortured cock led me up the walk with my high platformed spike heeled pumps, all sheer nylon pantyhose and long golden blonde wig making me acutely conscious of my enforced femininity.

At the door she rang the bell, and while waiting there on the porch she again jerked repeatedly on the lovely little ribbon cock leash, torturing my tiny penis. The door opened and a lovely brunette answered the door, dressed very much like Mistress Heather was, in a pushup shelf bra, garter belt, crotchless panties, nylons and high spiked heels. She smiled welcomingly at Miss Heather, then grinned from ear to ear, shaking her head and laughing when she saw me.

“Ah, Heather,” she chuckled. “I see you brought your new toy with you. You’ve been telling me so much about it; I’ve really been looking forward to seeing it.” ‘It?’ I thought.” Oh, my goodness. She went on, “You always bring the most exotic things to our parties. And it is just adorable, so very feminized.” She leaned forward to embrace Miss Heather, then she and Heather kissed deeply, mouths opening wide, tongues entwining, and Heather dropped my leash as they embraced, their hands reaching up to fondle one another’s breasts. Then they parted, seemingly reluctantly, and she turned and led us into the entryway.

“May I take your coat, sweetie?” the brunette asked, and Heather slipped it off and handed it to her, then turned her head to me and raised one eyebrow. “Well, Mikey, give Angela your coat, sissy.” And of course I hastened to take it off and hand it to her. Angela turned and called out, “Heather’s here, people, and she has the most adorable new toy with her,” then giggled, smacked me really hard on the nylon covered part of my bottom that was exposed by my short-shorts and went to put the coats away. Heather grinned at me, jerking at my leash really hard, then pulling me along by my little cock so hard that it almost made me stumble.

“Come along, little sissy. Let me show you off to the crowd.” She then walked into a large almost ballroom-like room filled with 30 to 40 people, all of whom were turning to look as we entered. It seemed at first glance that all the women were beautiful, almost all of them wearing nothing but bras, panties (mostly crotchless ones), garter belts, stockings and high heels, though nearly all of the men were in coats and ties, most of them in suits, some in tuxedos. Quite a number of the women were in couples so probably only 8 or 10 of the group were men, the rest gorgeous women, all dressed very sexily. And every single one that I saw was staring at me, laughing, giggling, shaking their heads and apparently very much enjoying my humiliation.

We walked straight across the room to a bar with a bartender serving drinks, all the way me having to struggle to keep up in my high spiked heels as Miss Heather walked quickly through the crowd, towing me after her by the adorable pink ribbon leash attached to my hard little cock. Several times I felt hands grope me, my legs, my bottom, and once someone even quickly grabbed at my cock, but Mistress Heather just kept tugging me along after her.

Then, as we reached the bar, I saw an incredibly beautiful blonde lady come over and throw her arms around Miss Heather, the two of them hugging and kissing each other deeply. As I watched, entranced as seeing my…I couldn’t call Miss Heather my girlfriend, for by now I was thinking of her as my mistress, for surely I was as close to being her slave as one could possibly be, I noticed that there was another lady behind the blonde, not as tall, but very pretty, and somewhat shy looking, in a super short lace & ruffle covered baby pink micro-miniskirted dress with a full white lace petticoat that was so short that it showed off a pair of very lacy ruffled pink panties above the sheer lace topped pink nylons that covered her legs.

The dress was very low cut, covering her nipples, but exposing all the rest of her fantastically beautiful breasts, which must have been at least 40D, spilling out of the lacy confines of her pink lace pushup bra.

This amazingly gorgeous lady was in the highest spike heels that I’d ever seen, with at least 4″ platforms under her toes and what must have been 10″ spike heels, with very heavy but extremely feminine makeup and long almost white blonde hair that fell down to her bottom, nearly to the hem of her dress. She had two pairs of huge hooped earrings in her ears, one pair that was probably 5″ in diameter and the other at least 6″ in diameter. She was truly one of the most feminine and incredibly beautiful girls I’d ever seen in my life.

Finally Miss Heather and the blonde broke apart, and Miss Heather introduced me. “Eileen, this is Mikey, my new toy. Isn’t he just adorable?” And they both began giggling, then broke into full laughter.

“Mikey,” she said to me between giggles, “you are just priceless. Heather’s been telling me that she found a new toy, and had been training you, and I’ve just been dying to meet you.” Then she paused and looked back at her lady friend, raising one eyebrow at her. To my delight, the second gorgeous blonde stepped forward, her incredibly radical platformed heels making her take only the tiniest of steps as she came to stand beside Eileen, who I assumed was her lover.

Eileen reached back, slipping her arm behind the newcomer then up under her petticoat to squeeze, then fondle her bottom. I watched wide-eyed, gaping in astonishment, which turned to near disbelief.

“And Mikey, this is my little toy, Suzette, who used to be named Steven until I changed her into my toy.” I couldn’t believe my ears. This incredibly beautiful and feminine little thing was…a boy?

At my expression, both Miss Heather and Miss Eileen again burst into laughter, but little Suzette blushed brightly, her blush covered cheeks darkening with her embarrassment as she looked down at her toes.

Miss Heather grinned and jerked on my cock with her ribbon leash. “I don’t think Mikey believes you, Eileen. Do you, Mikey?”

My words stumbled over themselves. “Umm, I…I don’t know, Miss Heather. I’m sure your friend wouldn’t say something that wasn’t true, but…but Suzette…Suzette is so beautiful it’s hard to believe…” and I trailed off, not knowing what to say.

Miss Eileen laughed again, then turned back to Suzette and said, “Well, little girl,” I guess you have to prove it to him. Go ahead, pull down your panties and let him see it.”

Her beautiful and extremely feminine eyes squeezed almost shut, the adorable little blonde lifted up her mini-skirt and petticoat with one pink nailed exquisitely feminine hand, then with the other hesitantly took hold of the waistband of her panties and carefully pulled them down to her knees, revealing a very hard and very large cock, standing out from her hips like a pink strap-on dildo. I was stunned, and u*********sly licked my lipstick covered lips in disbelief.

Miss Heather spoke immediately. “Well, my goodness! Did you see that, Eileen? The very first thing Mikey did when he saw Suzette’s cock was to lick his lips? Did you see?”

Miss Eileen nodded, giggling. “I sure did, Heather. I think that means he’d like to suck her dick, don’t you?”

What? Surely, I thought, they couldn’t make me do that, not here in front of everyone?!

But I was wrong.

“Well, Mikey. I think you need to beg Suzette to let you suck it. And beg Eileen to let you suck Suzette’s cock. Don’t you?” I trembled, but I wasn’t sure whether it was in humiliation or with desire, because I couldn’t look away from that big cock jutting out from Suzette’s hips. My goodness, it was so big, so hard. I fluttered my mascara covered lashes, knowing that I had no choice, and as I did, Heather jerked the ribbon leash on my little cock.

“Down on your knees in front of her, Mikey. Down on your knees and beg for her penis in your mouth.”

Helplessly, unable to resist Miss Heather’s command, I sank to my knees in front of this gorgeous vision of lace, silk and femininity, wanting nothing more than to take her rock hard cock in my mouth and make her squirt a big load of her juicy sperm in my hungry feminized mouth.

“Please, please Suzette. Please could I suck your cock, please?” She looked down at me through those mascara covered lashes, her hot pink lipstick covered lips and long white blonde hair so feminine, so beautiful, and softly shook her head. “No,” she murmured. “I…I don’t want a boy sucking my cock. Please, Mistress Eileen. Please don’t let him do that.”

My own mascara covered lashes fluttered and I looked to Eileen. “Please…please Miss Eileen. Please can I suck Suzette’s cock. Please? Please let me suck it. Please I want her cock in my mouth, please?” Then I looked back up at Suzette, her rock hard dick now only inches from my face. “Please, Suzette. Please let me suck your cock! Please let me have it, please let me suck it, please…please!” I begged in earnest. She looked down at me, the most beautiful and feminine creature that I’d ever seen in my life, and silently shook her head.

“Please Mistress Eileen! Please let me suck her cock! Please oh please I want it in my mouth so much! I want to make her cum in my mouth, I want to swallow her sperm, please…please let me suck it! Please, please, please let me suck it!”

Then Miss Heather spoke up. “Mikey, maybe you need to touch up your lipstick. Take out your lipstick and lipgloss and touch up your lips, sweetie. Maybe then she’ll let you suck it.”

I immediately fumbled in my little pink clutch purse and took out my lipstick and lipgloss, but then Miss Eileen spoke up.

“Wait,” she said. “I have a wonderful idea.” And her grin widened. “Mikey, hand your lipstick to Suzette.” I did as she commanded, and Suzette took it.

“Now Suzette — I want you to coat the tip of your cock with that hot pink lipstick, as thickly as you can, and then use your cock like a tube of lipstick, to put the lipstick on Mikey’s lips.” And she and Miss Heather looked at each other, howling with laughter, then Miss Eileen reached over and pulled Suzette’s petticoat and sissy panties down around her ankles, and pulled her dress up so that the hem came no lower down than her waist.

Hesitantly still, Suzette took the tube of lipstick and with one hand holding her rock hard cock, used the other to put a thick coat of the glistening hot pink lipstick all over the head of her throbbing hard penis, then as I leaned forward she used her other hand on her cock to smooth the tip of it over my already glistening lips, using it like a lipstick applicator, coating my lips with the lipstick on the head of her cock.

As she finished, Miss Eileen asked sweetly, “How about now, Suzette. Can Mikey suck your cock now that his lipstick is all pretty?”

“No, no…Please, mistress. You know I’m not gay, I can’t let a boy, someone named Mikey. Suck my cock. You know you only let me fuck girly-boys, not someone with a boy’s name.” And again she shook her head, but I saw her reaching down to grab her huge hard dick and squeeze it, then pump it slowly up and down, making the big head of her incredible cock throb and seem to grow even bigger.

Everyone burst out laughing, and Miss Eileen said with a grin, “Well, Suzette, that’s not a problem. That little slut in front of you is a girly-boy, and we’re making her into a real girl, just like you. You just have to pick a girl’s name for it; that’s the last step in making it into a girly-boy, sweetie. Then you can let her suck your cock.”

“Yes!” I begged. “Please, Miss Suzette! Please! Please give me a girl’s name, please so I can suck your cock, please!” And she smiled shyly down at me, nodding.

“Well…ok,” she said softly. “I guess…I guess I can do that,” nodding again somewhat shyly. “Then…I guess, I guess I’ll name you Melodie,” she said, looking down into my eyes, her soft hot pink lipstick coated lips parting, the little pink tip of her tongue reaching out to touch her lips. Everyone laughed even harder, and Miss Heather jerked again on my little cock, the pain reminding me of the ribbon cock-leash that she was holding.

I looked up, the tip of her lipstick covered cock only an inch from my lips, and begged her, “Please, Suzette. Please let me suck your beautiful penis….please!”

She signed, then looked down at me again, this time with her eyes almost completely closed and breathed, “Yes, yes… ok, I’ll let you suck my dick, Melodie. Go ahead, make me cum with your mouth, sweetie; make me shoot my sperm in your mouth.”

I bent forward, tenderly, lovingly kissing the lipstick covered tip of her cock with my lipstick covered lips, then kissed it up and down, all over. I licked and slurped and kissed every inch of that wonderful penis, enjoying it, worshipping it like a little girl with a delicious lollypop. Finally I couldn’t stand it anymore and I sank my hungry mouth down on the full length of her cock, my lipstick coated lips parting, stretching to open as wide as I could as I took all of her delicious dick in my mouth, swallowing it, sinking my mouth all the way down to her groin, the full length of her cock thrusting down my throat, almost gagging me. Then up and down, up and down I bobbed my head, serving her, servicing her like a whore, wanting nothing more than to be kneeling there in front of this beautiful feminine person with her dick sliding in and out of my mouth, wishing she’d cum for me, fill my mouth with her hot, sticky sperm.

Then, for the first time in my life, I found what it was like to have a penis erupt in an explosion of sperm in my mouth, to have the cum spurt into my hungry mouth, forcing me to swallow as much as I could as fast as I could. But in spite of my trying to swallow it all, her massive ejaculation of jism was too much and too fast for me, and I felt the cum bubble out of my lips, running out over my lipstick covered lips and down my chin, drooling down to drip on my nylon covered thighs as I knelt there in front of her, feeling her entire body shudder and tremble with the force of her orgasm and the massive flow of cum that she shot in my mouth.

Finally I realized that the flow of sperm from her penis into my mouth had ended, and I reluctantly pulled back, letting her still hard cock slip out from between my lipstick covered lips, then used my fingers to scoop up the dribbles of cum from my cheeks and chin and carry it all into my mouth, and as I did, my peripheral vision made me aware that I was in the middle of a crowd. Virtually the entire crowd in the ballroom, nearly 40 people, was standing around me, having watched me suck Suzette’s cock.

It was so indescribably wonderful, I couldn’t help but smile in happiness.

Then Miss Eileen spoke up. “Well, little Melodie, as you can see, little Suzette’s cock is still nice and hard, even after you did such a good job of sucking it and making her shoot her cum in your mouth.” She giggled, and glancing up at the indescribably feminine and beautiful Suzette, I saw that she was looking down at me, her mascara covered lashes and eye shadow covered eyelids almost closed.

“The reason for that, little sissy, is that I haven’t allowed her to cum for nearly three weeks, because I wanted her to be properly prepared for tonight, to be able to play with you, my darling Heather’s new toy.” She looked over at Heather, and around at the group of people surrounding us, all of whom were watching me with interest.

“Now, Melodie, I want to you pull off those adorable tiny short-shorts and come stand in front of me.” What? What was going to happen now, I thought, but I knew that I had no choice at all but to do what Miss Heather and Miss Eileen commanded. Hesitantly I pulled my short-shorts down around my ankles and stepped out of them, then went to stand in front of Miss Heather in just my pantyhose and spike heeled pumps. She reached down and grabbed my pantyhose, tearing them open around my crotch, letting my tiny penis fall out of my crotchless pink panties and leaving my bottom completely naked.

“Now, Melodie,” Miss Heather said with a chuckle, “we want to lie down on your back and grab your ankles, and pull your legs up near your shoulders, wide apart, so you open your sweet little pussy/bottom for Suzette, and then we all want to hear you beg Suzette to fuck you like a little girl, to fuck your sweet little bottom with her big hard cock.

Trembling, I did as she commanded, turning towards the beautiful feminine Suzette, spreading my legs and grabbing my ankles, then pulling my legs wide apart and up almost to my shoulders, exposing my sweet virgin butt to everyone. The lovely Suzette closed her eyes and turned her head away, refusing even to look at me, but her big still rock hard cock jutted out from her hips, and I stared at it, completely captivated by it.

“Please…please, Miss Suzette. Please? Please won’t you fuck me?” I moaned, meaning every word of it, my tiny little dick throbbing with excitement. “Oh, my goodness, Miss Suzette, please fuck me! Please put your wonderful big cock inside my bottom. Please!! Please fuck me!”

Then she turned her face back to me, opening her eyes and looking down at me through her gorgeous mascara coated lashes, her hot pink lipstick covered lips and long white blonde hair so feminine, so beautiful, and softly shook her head. “No,” she murmured. “I…I don’t want to do that, I don’t want to have to put my dick inside you. Please, Mistress Eileen. Please don’t make me do that. Please?” Her soft feminine voice was pleading, desperate in its begging.

“No, please, Mistress Eileen,” I begged. “Please, please could I have Miss Suzette fuck my bottom, Mistress? Please?

“I need her cock inside me so much, I need to have her fuck my asshole, Mistress. Please won’t you let me have it in me?”

Miss Eileen and Miss Heather were giggling so hard they could barely speak, and everyone around us was laughing and giggling at me. “Well,” Miss Eileen said, “I don’t know. I don’t think Suzette wants to fuck you, Mikey.”

My own mascara covered lashes fluttered and I looked to Miss Eileen. “Please…please Miss Eileen. Please can I have Miss Suzette’s cock in my pussy/bottom. Please? Please let her fuck me with it. Please I want her cock up inside, please?” Then I looked back up at Suzette, her rock hard dick now only inches from my bottom. “Please, Suzette. Please let me have your cock! Please let me have it, please fuck me with it, please…please!” I begged in earnest. She looked down at me, the most beautiful and feminine creature that I’d ever seen in my life, and silently shook her head.

“No, no…I can’t fuck you, Melodie. I can’t fuck a boy, and even though you’re dressed up like a girl, and your face is so pretty all make up like a girl. You even have a nice new girl’s name, but you’re still not really a girly-girl, because you don’t have breasts like a real girl. You’re too flat. Miss Eileen only lets me fuck girly-girls, not someone with a flat chest like you have, Melodie.” And again she shook her head, but I saw her again reaching down and squeezing her cock it, slowly stroking it up and down.

“You’re…you’re pretty enough, that’s for sure. And your makeup is just lovely, your lipstick and eye shadow and mascara make you really look like a pretty little girl, but without breasts…” She sighed and shook her head. “I can’t fuck you when you’re so flat. If I can’t feel my boobs rubbing against your tits, it would be too much like fucking a boy.”

Everyone burst out laughing again, and Miss Heather giggled, then reached back for a bag that one of the other ladies had been holding, “Well, Suzette, that’s not a problem. I have a nice big pair of silicon filled falsies, and I want you to put them in Melodies’ bra, so she won’t have flat chest any more. Then she’ll be a proper little girly-boy. Giving her boobs will be the last step in making it into a girly-boy, sweetie. Then you can fuck her.”

“Yes!” I begged. “Please, Miss Suzette! Please! Please give me big beautiful breasts like a real girl, please so you can fuck me!” And she smiled shyly down at me, nodding.

“Well…ok,” she said softly. “I guess…I guess I can do that,” nodding again. She took the big silicon filled falsies and looking down into my eyes, her soft hot pink lipstick coated lips parting, the little pink tip of her tongue reaching out to touch her lips, she bent forward, pulled up my sissy tee shirt and slipped them into the cups of my bra. Looking down at the sexy pink bra now filled almost to overflowing with my new big full fake tits, I absolutely loved it. Everyone laughed even harder, and Miss Heather jerked again on my little cock, the pain reminding me of the ribbon cock-leash that she was holding.

Then Suzette looked down at me fondly and smiled prettily. “Do you really want me to fuck you, little sissy Melodie?” she asked.

“Oh, goodness, yes, Miss Suzette,” I begged. “Please, please fuck me! Please put your big cock inside me, please fuck me with it.”

Then this incredibly feminine and beautiful girly-boy, Suzette, pushed me down on my back and forcing my nylon clad ankles and high heeled pumps even further apart she pressed her groin and the throbbing shaft of her massive rock hard cock against me, rubbing it against my own panty covered penis.

As she did I heard the murmurs and comments of the crowd, watching as she prepared to shove the whole length of her cock up inside my ass, wondering if I would cry while she was fucking me.

But she didn’t fuck me right way. First she brought her beautiful face to mine, and began softly kissing my lipstick covered lips, again and again, softly and tenderly. I loved looking up into her gorgeous blue eyes, with her eye shadow and heavy mascara emphasizing her femininity, and I parted my lips, hoping and wishing that she’d put that lovely pink tongue inside my mouth where my own tongue would touch hers.

As she felt me open my lips, she broke off the kiss and pulled back an inch or two, smiling down at me lovingly.

“Don’t rush things, sweetie. Let’s go very slowly, and enjoy getting to know each other. Miss Eileen told me that we’re going to be lovers for a long time, that she wants to watch us learn to truly love each other, and make each other happy. Of course, you’ll never ever put your little penis inside me, it will always be me putting my love toy inside your pussy/bottom, but we’ll both enjoy it, won’t we?”

I nodded unhesitatingly and she went on, “So don’t be in a hurry, little girl. I’m going to enjoy fucking you, taking your virginity and making you my very own sweet little girlfriend, but we’ll do everything at my speed. I will be your mistress, and you’ll be my little slut, always and forever.”

Then she brought her lips back on mine, and kissed me again, sliding her slippery lipstick coated lips over mine, then slowly, gently slipping the soft tip of her delicious tongue into my mouth. Knowing that I must always remain completely submissive to her, I sucked only very gently at her tongue, making sure that I wasn’t in any way demanding, merely servicing her and wanting to obey her every desire.

She kept kissing me, licking at my lips and my tongue, but still pressing her groin and cock against me. I loved the feel of it, loved knowing that my femininity excited her, made her want me, want to push her cock up inside my pussy/bottom. The realization that I’d become so pretty, so sexy and so feminine that she wanted to fuck me excited me so much that my own tiny penis throbbed intensely.

Suzette kept kissing me, her tongue continuing to probe into my mouth and wrap itself around my tongue, and I felt her knees forcing my legs even further apart, and of my own will I lifted my smooth shaven nylon clad legs with my spiked platformed high heels up in the air. Knowing instinctively what a well trained little slut should do, I pulled my nylon sheathed ankles up and open, exposing my little pussy/bottom for her, opening myself as wide as I could for her big, wonderful penis.

“I want you to do it, Melodie.” She whispered, “Reach down and grab my cock, and guide it into your pussy/bottom for us.” And I saw her eyes sparkle with excitement and anticipation. I reached down as she’d commanded, and grabbed her huge dick, then guided it to the opening of my pussy/bottom. Loving the thought of it finally entering me, I pressed the tip of her huge dick against my little butthole, and it was so big, so hard, that at first I was afraid that it wouldn’t go inside me, but then almost before I realized it she pushed her hips forward and the huge tip of her gigantic cock slipped past the rim of my pussy/bottom was inside me. I gasped in a mixture of pain and delight as her dick entered me, then groaned and whimpered, because Miss Suzette didn’t hesitate for an instant, but just kept on pushing and to my amazement and the delight and appreciation of the crowd of onlookers slid the full 8″ of her prick deep up inside my ass, burying it to the very hilt in my sweet butt, forcing a scream of pain from my throat at the intrusion of her gigantic cock in my now no longer virgin asshole. And even as she buried her penis inside me, she brought her lips down on mine again, bringing her beautiful incredibly feminine face so close that our noses touched, and plunged her tongue deeply into my mouth, almost gagging me with it.

Then, still looking deeply into my eyes, she pulled her penis almost all the way out of my pussy/bottom, until only the tip of it was still in my bottom, and then thrusting her hips forward she slammed it back deep inside me, forcing it deep inside my pussy/bottom again. Ant then she did it again…and again…and again. In and out, in and out she ass fucked me, reaming my butt with her cock…until…until…I started moving with her. As she had known I would, as I began to accept the huge cock inside me, I started moving with her, pressing my pussy/bottom down against her, encouraging her, wanting her inside me, wanting that massive rock hard dick as deep as she could stick it in my ass. My shrieks of agony turned into moans of delight, my whimpers of pain turned into groans of pleasure, and my begging her to stop hurting me turned to begging her to keep fucking me, keep ramming her dick into me, keep slamming her massive cock deep inside my sweet little pussy/bottom.

As she fucked me deeply, she kept kissing me passionately, pressing her beautiful pink lips down on mine, and I loved the feeling of the slipperiness of our lipstick covered lips on each others lips, loved the way her tongue slid deeply into my mouth and opened my lips as wide as I could, wanting her tongue as deeply in my mouth as her cock was in my little pussy/bottom.

I grabbed my nylon clad ankles more firmly and pulled my legs up and open even more, opening myself to her plunging cock, and each time she slammed it fully into me she ground her hips against my pussy/bottom, and I pushed my butt up against her thrusting prick to take it as deeply as I could inside me.

“Oh, god, yes…fuck me! Fuck my pussy, Miss Suzette!” I begged, and smiling down at my mixture of pain, humiliation and pleasure she forced her penis so deeply inside my bottom that it felt like she was going to split me in half.

And then I felt my own little peepee begin to spasm, and almost before I knew it I was cumming, shooting a huge wad of hot sticky cum inside the pink rubber that coated my tiny little thing, and as the waves of orgasm rocked through my body I shrieked in pleasure, feeling so incredibly feminine and sexy that I couldn’t believe it.

Here I was, the beautiful sexy, slutty, feminine little girly-boy, dressed and made up completely as a sexy little girl, lying there with my legs up in the air, holding my nylon clad ankles while being fucked by my wife’s lesbian lover’s sex toy cumming while she fucked me in front of all these other people.

Then she pulled her lips away from mine and spoke softly but firmly, “Now, my darling little Melodie, spread those beautiful feminine legs wider apart for me, grab those little ankles and open up your pussy/bottom even more for me, spread those legs and open up that adorable little cunt for my cock, you darling little girl, so I can put my penis as far as possible up inside you.”

I unhesitatingly did as she ordered, grabbing my ankles tightly and pulling my legs even wider apart for her, opening myself up for her, but I knew that my submissiveness wasn’t going to help.

Her face hovered in front of my eyes, her lipstick covered lips glued to mine, and she kept fucking me and fucking me, slamming her cock in and out of me, ramming it as deeply as she could, then grinding her hips forward against my feminized butt to force her dick even deeper inside me, than pulled it back almost all the way out just to slam it back in me again.

I couldn’t believe how much it hurt me to have the whole length of that her penis ramming in and out of me again, and involuntarily I screamed out, “Oh my god…no…no…please… please don’t!” and I screamed again, begging her to stop.

“Please, Miss Suzette,” I begged, breaking into sobs, crying out in pain, tears filling my eyes. “Please take it out, please oh please…it hurts too much, oh god no…”

I couldn’t stop screaming…I felt like her dick was truly splitting me in half, it was so far up inside me that I could only scream and cry, whimpering, shrieking as she mercilessly fucked my little pussy/bottom with her rock hard penis cock.

“Shhhh, my sweetheart, my little darling,” she whispered, “I’m not going to stop, not until I hear you begging me to fuck you even harder. You know you want it in you, don’t lie to me.” And she pulled her prick almost all the way out of my bottom so that just the very tip of it was still inside my butt, and then viciously slammed it all the way back inside me, once again burying the full length of the her dick deep to the hilt inside me — and again I screamed, thrashing my body from side to side, but still not letting go of my nylon sheathed ankles, still pulling my legs up and open to let her reach deeper inside me with her cock.

My eyes were filled with tears, the tears streaming down my cheeks, my lipstick covered lips wide open as I pleaded with her to please stop hurting me, to stop fucking me so hard.

But of course she didn’t stop, because neither of us wanted her to; she actually did it harder, sliding her cock almost all the way out, then mercilessly slamming it back inside, shaking my whole body with the force of her dick ramming back inside me, impaling me to the hilt with it.

My screams of pain were shrill and ear splitting, as she reamed my tiny little asshole with the vicious thrusting of her wonderful cock. My long beautiful blonde hair flew around behind my head as I thrashed around beneath her, my hands still gripping my nylon clad ankles, pulling my legs as wide open as I could, but even that wasn’t enough for her.

Leaning her weight down on me, she reached up and grabbed my legs, pushing them up over her shoulders, then used the weight of her body to force them wider apart and up over my shoulders beside my head, making my screams of pain even louder as I felt the insides of my smooth shaven nylon clad calves against my cheeks. I couldn’t believe the pain, but simultaneously couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt to have my legs spread so wide apart, pushed so far up over my head while this incredibly, unbelievably beautiful girly-boy fucked me like a little whore.

And then finally as she kept kissing me, kissing my lips and my rouged cheeks and my mascara covered eye lashes, I could feel her dick begin to stiffen even more, and she sped up the ramming of her cock in and out of me, her lipstick covered lips kissing me everywhere. Her hot pink tongue alternated between thrusting down my throat and licking me all over – my lips, my cheeks, and my eyes, my neck and my ears, her heavily made up eyes covered with deep black mascara and glittering pink and lavender eye shadow scant inches from my own as she stared into my own feminized eyes and then her entire body spasmed, her cock pressed deeply far up inside me with her hips glued so my groin, and she shot a huge load of her hot, sticky wet cum deep inside my asshole, and for the first time in my life I knew the feeling of my asshole being filled with sperm, with her luscious cum, making me forever into her slut, her submissive lover.

It was fantastic!

I lay there under this incredibly beautiful fully transformed girly-boy, her lipstick covered lips still softly and tenderly kissing me, kissing my lipstick covered lips, my rouge covered cheeks, my eye shadow covered eyelids and my mascara coated lashes, showing how much she loved having me under her, her huge still hard cock buried deep inside my pussy/bottom. I could still feel the twitching of her dick in my butthole, still throbbing from the massive orgasm that had shot more cum into my feminized body than I had dreamed possible, filling me with the warm, sticky wetness that was her sperm

My legs were spread wide apart with my hands still grasping my nylon covered ankles to keep my pussy/bottom open for her, and the weight of her completely feminine body pressed my nylon sheathed thighs down on my shoulders so that the full length of her wonderful penis reached deeply up inside me. I loved the heavy fullness of the big beautiful breasts that her mistress had let the doctor implant on her chest against my flat, boyish chest, and wished that someday I could have big lovely breasts like hers. Lying there was like being in heaven and if I could have stayed there forever with her cock buried to the hilt in my sweet little butt, I would have been happy to have done so.

But then she lifted her face away from mine and I felt her pull her hips back and suddenly I was aware of a terrible emptiness in my pussy/bottom as her cock slipped out of me and she leaned back on her knees. As she did, I realized that the crowd of onlookers, nearly twenty women and eight or nine men were all cheering at the way she’d plundered me, applauding and laughing at my complete and total humiliation by my Mistress Heather, her girlfriend Miss Eileen, and the gorgeous and incredibly feminine Miss Suzette who had just finished fucking me.

Heather leaned in as Miss Suzette pulled away from me and grabbed my tiny little pee-pee, holding it with one hand and peeling off the pink cum filled rubber into which I’d emptied my own load of cum only a few moments earlier. She grinned and held it out to me.

“Here you go, Melodie. You know my rule is that anytime you squirt your disgusting cum out of that ridiculous little thing of yours, you have to eat your sperm for me.”

Knowing that I had no choice, I took the rubber from her, letting go of my ankles and letting my legs relax down to the ground, still widespread but at least not pinned to my shoulders any more. Then I lifted the rubber up to my lips, opened them as wide as I could, and holding the opening of the rubber as wide open as possible, held it up over my face so that all of my own sticky, wet cum dripped down onto my face, covering my cheeks, my eyes, and my hot pink lipstick covered lips. I squeezed the rubber to get as much of the cum as I could out of it, not daring to actually eat any of it without Miss Heather’s permission, but knowing that if I left any of the cum in the rubber and not on my face my mistress would punish me severely.

The cum dripped all over my completely feminized and heavily made up face, leaving droplets and rivulets all over my cheeks, lips and eyes; there were even droplets of sperm on my mascara coated eyelashes. I loved the way it felt on my face; heavy, sticky, luscious and utterly humiliating.

Then to my surprise Miss Eileen stepped in close to me with a camera in her hands and went down to one knee.

“Here you go, little sweet Melodie. Let me get a close up of your lovely face with all that slimy cum all over it.

“After all, I’ve been filming you the whole time, when you were sucking Suzette’s cock, and then begging for her to fuck you, and of course all the time she was fucking you, kissing you all over, and I’m sure you’re going to be quite the hit on the internet. There’s a great porn site that specializes in little sissy girly-boys and I’m sure they’re going to love the performance that you and Suzette put on.” And as she said it, the crowd surrounding us all laughed and applauded again. “In not too long, boys who wish they were girls will be playing with their little cocks, masturbating while they watch you getting your ass/cunt fucked.” And she grinned, shaking her head in disgust.

Miss Eileen stepped back, and Miss Heather reached out and grabbed my ribbon cock leash, jerking on it so that she tugged painfully on my little pee-pee.

“Get up now, Sissy Melodie. No more lying around on your slutty back — time to get up and get busy, sweetie.”

Of course I had no choice, particularly with the painful jerks and tugs on my little thing, and I scrambled to my feet. Mistress Heather then ordered me to take off my torn nylons and put on a new pair, still pulled up to just below my little cock and balls, and then had me pull my tiny short-shorts back up over my hips and butt. As before, she had me fasten the metal stud of the shorts around my waist, leaving my little thing and tiny smooth shaven balls hanging out the fly of the shorts. She then zipped up the front until it was so tight that every step I took made the base of my pee-pee and the lower part of the fleshy sack holding my little balls strain painfully against the zipper, and with the continuous tugging of the ribbon cock leash on the tip of my tiny penis, I was in almost continuous pain.

But it was a wonderful pain, and I loved that she cared enough about me to make the effort to keep me suffering and see me so completely and totally humiliated.

Finally, as she finished with my shorts, she nodded to Miss Suzette and handed her the end of the cock leash.

“Here you go, Suzette. As we promised, we’re going to give Sissy Melodie to you to be your very own sissy lover and toy. You can do anything and everything you want with her tonight, and Eileen and I will be sure to get the two of you together a lot in the future. I’m sure you’ll enjoy having your very own sissy toy, especially after you’ve been serving Eileen as her pay toy.” Of course everyone laughed at this, but for me, it was incredibly exciting. Miss Suzette was the most incredibly feminine and beautiful thing I’d ever seen in my life. Knowing that she had really been born as a boy, and that her massive tits and delightful femininity were the gifts of her mistress who had transformed her from a boy into an incredibly beautiful girl made me wish and hope that if I were a good little sissy toy, someday I’d be able to be as beautiful, as feminine as she was. I even hoped that maybe if I did everything that Mistress Heather and Mistress Suzette told me to, one day I might even have my own big, full, wonderfully delicious breasts just like Miss Suzette had.

As Miss Heather handed Miss Suzette the end of my pink ribboned cock leash, she laughed, then turned away and putting her arm around Miss Eileen’s waist, the two of them walked away.

I looked tremulously at Miss Suzette, not knowing what might come next. Smiling softly at me, she then jerked hard on the cock leash, pulling my pee-pee painfully and forcing me to step closer to her. I was now almost back as I’d been when I first came to the party and saw my wonderful Mistress Suzette for the first time. My long golden blonde wig fell down about 5″ to 6″ below my shoulders and my hot pink sissy tee shirt proclaimed in light pink letters: “I love to have my girlfriend dress me up as a girly-girl, but I’m really just a useless little sissy boy.”

I was wearing all sheer suntan nylon pantyhose, an amazingly tiny and incredibly short pair of white short-shorts that left nearly three inches of my smooth shaven nylon covered bottom exposed and the most delightful fluorescent pink flowered pumps, with 1½” platforms and 6″ spiked heels. Miss Heather had forced me to spend hours walking around the house in them, practicing walking as a model would, placing each footstep across in front of the one before to make my butt swing back and forth in a very exaggerated but quite sensuous way.

Naturally underneath my outerwear I had on a gorgeous hot pink brassiere and panty set, and the night before the party Mistress Heather had taken me to a shopping mall where she’d paraded me all over the mall, showing me off in my short-shorts, heavy makeup and spike heeled pumps. In the process she’d stopped as a kiosk and had my ears pierced for the 5″ gold hoops that I now wore, and then on the way home had stopped at a beauty salon and had them give me long false nails painted a hot pink with tiny little white hearts on them.

The only change since my arrival had been that just before she fucked me, Miss Suzette had taken a pair of large and very realistic silicon filled falsies and slipped them into my bra. She’d said that she couldn’t fuck me if I had a flat chest, that she needed to feel big full breasts under her own real 40D breasts so that when she was making love to me she wouldn’t feel like she was fucking a boy.

As Miss Suzette pulled me to her, she looked into my eyes and sadly shook her head.

“Sweetie,” she said. “You have cum all over your face, and it’s dripping down your cheeks and all over your lips. You need to take your fingers and scoop up all of that disgusting cum and eat it before we can do anything else.” She flashed me a quick smile, then jerked viciously on my little pee-pee with the cock leash, sending a shock of pain through my tiny dick. “Now, sweetie,” she commanded.

“Yes, mistress,” I murmured, and quickly took my makeup mirror out of the adorable pink clutch purse that Miss Heather had bought me the night before. Looking in the small mirror, I saw that — of course! — Miss Suzette was right, there was cum all over my face, dripping down my cheeks, droplets of sperm on my bright pink lipstick covered lips, and even droplets of it on my mascara covered eyelashes.

Very carefully, as daintily as I could, I scooped up the cum little by little with my long pink nails and licked it up with my tongue, trying my best to get it all, and licking my fingers clean after every drop while taking special care not to mess up the lovely hot pink lipstick that covered my lips. Miss Heather always made me eat up all of my own cum on those very rare occasions when she’d allowed me to squirt, so I’d come to associate being allowed to cum with the taste of my sperm, and hence had come to love the taste. Now, eating it with the lovely Miss Suzette watching me so closely was amazingly embarrassing, completely humiliating, and even though I had squirted my cum so recently I felt my little pee-pee beginning to stir.

Out of the corner of my eye I had a quick glance of another woman, a very petite Eurasian lady who even in that brief glance I could tell was strikingly beautiful, holding up Miss Eileen’s camera, filming me. Knowing that I was being filmed while licking up my cum off my face, and that very soon I’d be splashed across thousands of internet connected computer displays all over the world, I did my very best to lick up all the cum and swallow it with a smile on my face.

Soon there was no remaining sign of my jism left on my face except for a shininess that the juicy sperm had left, and Miss Suzette nodded approvingly.

“Now to touch up your makeup for you, Melodie,” she said, and proceeded to reapply my rouge, eye shadow, lipstick, lip gloss and mascara, making me again look like a sweet though rather slutty young girl.

She took her time, making sure that every bit of the heavy feminine makeup that she put on my face was just perfect, and when she’d finished she held the mirror up again so that I could see. I was again amazed at how absolutely lovely and feminine I looked, and my tiny pee-pee, which had gradually reawakened as I watched the beautiful Miss Suzette doing my makeup was rock hard and actually quivering with excitement.

As I was gazing at myself in the mirror, truly almost hypnotized at the thought that the beautiful young girl I saw looking back out of the mirror was really me, I noticed Miss Suzette raise her eyes, which were widening in surprise, and look over my shoulder. Her luscious glistening pink lips parted slightly, in what might have almost been fear, but then turned up in a smile.

From behind me I hear a lovely voice. “So, little Suzette, Eileen has given you your own little toy, I see.”

“Yes, Miss Kylie.” Miss Suzette nodded, still smiling. “Miss Eileen said that the true test of how well she’d done in transforming me into a virtually complete girl was to see if I could take another boy as my toy and make him over into a real girly-boy, and to learn to enjoy using her the way that…that I’ve learned to love being used.” And as she said that, I saw her eyes flicker down as if she found it hard to meet the eyes of the lady behind me, and her smile faltered a bit more, again in what I thought might be fear.

“Well, Suzette, I’m sure you’ll do a fine job. Eileen has done a wonderful job of changing you into a sweet, adorable girl, as of course Zach and I both know very well.” Again Miss Suzette’s eyes flickered down, then back up.

“And even though you’ve apparently just started, we wanted to come over and see if we could help.” The voice behind me broke into giggles, then she went on, “Didn’t we, Zach, honey?”

The voice that answered her was deep, extremely male, but both well spoken and well modulated. “Indeed we do, my dear. Indeed we do.” And then the couple came from behind me around to stand beside Miss Suzette and I was able to see them for the first time.

The woman, Kylie, I quickly mentally corrected myself: Mistress Kylie — was truly unbelievably, incredibly beautiful. That she was attractive was no surprise, because every woman I’d seen at this party was gorgeous and very sexily dressed, but Kylie was far beyond the norm even here. Miss Heather had the perfect ‘Nordic goddess’ look with her long golden blonde hair, shining blue eyes and fantastic figure, and Miss Suzette’s mistress, Miss Eileen was of the same mold — blonde, blue eyes, and full figured.

Miss Kylie was Eurasian, very slim, and very petite, probably only 5’2″ or maybe 5’3″, with a long shimmering curtain of midnight black hair falling to the middle of her perfectly shaped bottom and her face, with high cheekbones, a fine aquiline nose which was, of course, most exquisitely made up. Her lips were covered with a gorgeous hot pink lipstick that was enhanced by a shimmering, glittery translucent lipgloss that made me wish it were on my lips, and her dainty ultra-feminine nails naturally matched her lipstick perfectly. Her eye shadow was a wonderful blend of pink on her lids merging into a smoky, glittery black on her lids, and her perfectly done ultra-black mascara-coated lashes framed eyes that seemed to be almost purple. All this was capped by her huge hooped earrings, each of which was probably 6″ in diameter, so big that they actually rested on her shoulders.

This fantastically beautiful vision wore an almost completely transparent shimmering silver dress that clung to her like wet silk, hugging every curve of her amazing body. It was very low cut with what seemed like a built in brassiere that lifted her breasts to display them as if they were on a shelf, and did nothing whatsoever to hide their magnificent beauty in any way. Her big ripe nipples and the luscious curves of her huge breasts were enhanced, not hidden, by the silvery shimmering fabric of her dress. The hem of the dress came a scant inch or two below the neatly trimmed patch of pussy hair covering the area around her cunt.

Through the dress a skimpy black lace garter belt and matching crotchless panties were quite visible, with all sheer black nylons attached to the garters reaching down her shapely legs. And her shoes! My goodness, I never dreamed that anything so incredibly beautiful and sexy existed. They were black platformed pumps whose thin straps wrapped around her ankles and calves, reaching nearly 10″ up her lovely calves, with at least 5″ platforms and what must have been 10″ spiked heels.

As my eyes widened at the sight of those amazing “Fuck Me” shoes, I instantly wished I could fall at her feet so she’d let me worship her by kissing and licking those beautiful spike heeled pumps.

Her partner, Zach, as she’d called him, was, unsurprisingly, the complete opposite. He was a huge, ebony black man who looked like he must be a former football player, at least 6’8″ tall, probably weighing over 300 pounds, but obviously all muscle, with not a visible ounce of excess flesh or fat anywhere on him. He was wearing a cream colored silk polo that clung to his upper body, emphasizing his chiseled pecs, abs, and upper arms. I couldn’t help wonder how big his cock was, fleetingly wishing that I might someday find out.

Kylie grinned at me evilly and explained that Zach was almost always horny, but that she was a very jealous woman, and never wanted her husband with any other woman, and that he was also a very jealous man and never wanted to think about her with another man. Then she giggled and went on.

“But we both agree that little sissy girly-boys don’t really count as men or women, so we figure that when we find the right little submissive sissy girly-boy, we can both fuck the little pansy faggot without either one of us being jealous.

“I’ve had some wonderful evenings watching him while little Suzette sucked his cock as I fucked her pussy/bottom with my dildo, and we’ve also had fun with him fucking her in the ass while I sat on her face so she could eat my cunt for me.” She giggled again and looked at Suzette, then went on.

“You do like sucking Zach’s big dick, don’t you sissy Suzette? And having both of us fuck that sweet little ass/cunt of yours?”

Miss Suzette looked down at her feet in embarrassment, and softly murmured, “Yes, Miss Kylie. I do like sucking your husband’s cock, and I love having both of you fuck my pussy/bottom.”

Mistress Kylie went on. “So you see, sissy Melodie, now that you’re sissy Suzette’s little playtoy, we’re going to let her watch while we do all that to you.” And both she and Zach laughed.

“So, Suzette, bring your little sissy girl over to the couch for us, and then you can tell her how we want this to go.”

Then she and Zach walked to a couch against the wall, and Mistress Suzette, pulling me along by my cock leash, followed her obediently. When we got to the couch, Zach sat down in the middle with Miss Kylie on his left, then she pointed to the spot on the couch on his right.

“You sit there, Suzette, and explain to sissy Melodie what we want her to do.

“You know how we like it — you’ve done it for us so many times yourself, haven’t you sweetie?” And again she giggled.

Miss Suzette went and sat beside Zach, and as she sat down he reached over and put one of his big powerful looking hands on her thigh, immediately beginning to fondle her leg.

She glanced over at him, then at Mistress Kylie, and with a slight sigh looked back at me, smiled and began to explain.

“Well, Melodie, as Miss Kylie said, they both enjoy playing with sissy girly-boy toys.” She shrugged slightly, smiled at me again, and went on. “Miss Kylie has a dildo which is an exact replica of Mr. Zach’s cock, made out of a new kind of plastic that looks, and feels, just about exactly like a real penis.” She glanced over at Mr. Zach, and I saw her eyes flicker down to his crotch. Following her eyes, I always looked at his crotch, and realized that he was already getting a hard on — the bulge in his pants was unmistakable, and I found myself involuntarily licking my lips in anticipation.

“What they want is to have their toy — that’s you, of course – do sort of a table dance in front of him, nice and close, so he can reach out and touch you while you’re dancing. Touch your legs, your bottom, and wherever else he wants to touch you.”

Miss Kylie added, “Like that silly little thing of yours, Melodie. What you used to think was your penis.” And she giggled, while Mr. Zach laughed and nodded.

“Come on, sweetie — let’s see how good a dancer you are.” And all three of them, even my Mistress Suzette, looked at me expectantly.

I stood uncertainly, shaking back my long golden blonde wig, tentatively letting the tip of my tongue touch my lower lip, and carefully moved closer to the couch, very conscious of how slutty I must look to them in my tiny short-shorts, my all sheer nylons, and my wonderful spike heeled platform pumps. Then, less than two feet away, I began to dance, trying to remember the stripper like gyrations that I had watched so often on the Playboy internet site, trying to imitate the way those beautiful girls had danced to tease their viewers.

As I did, I saw Miss Kylie reach over and put her hand on Mr. Zach’s groin, rubbing the bulge in his pants as she looked up to watch the intent look on his face as I swayed and squirmed in front of him. Miss Suzette, too, reached over to touch that growing bulge as Mr. Zach’s hand kept fondling her leg, sliding up and down her nylon covered thigh almost idly as he watched me.

Then he reached out to me and put his hand on my leg, then slid it up to cup my bottom, squeezing and fondling me as I moved under his hand. Then his other hand reached out for me and was sliding up and down my nylon sheathed leg. His hand was so powerful, the fingers so strong, yet not ungentle, and I absolutely loved knowing that he found me attractive.

I saw that Miss Kylie had unzipped his pants, that she and Miss Suzette were pulling his fly open, and then his massive cock was free, sticking up like a huge column of black flesh from his pants. He pulled one hand back from my leg and cupping the back of Miss Suzette’s head pulled her mouth down to him, down to his rock hard dick. She hungrily began to service him, licking, kissing, slurping his cock all over, paying special attention to the sensitive vein on the underside of his massive penis.

“Don’t take it in your mouth yet, Suzette,” Miss Kylie commanded. “Just kisses and licking for now. I know you want his cock in your mouth you little sissy slut, but you can’t have it until I give you permission.” And again she giggled, now holding his prick at its base, slowly jerking it up and down to make it as hard as possible.

Dancing there in front of them, Mr. Zach’s hands on me, fondling my legs and ass, I couldn’t look at anything but his incredibly gargantuan cock. My eyes were wide, my lips open in unsuppressed hunger for that massive penis, and I knew it must be 10″ long and at least 3″ in diameter — bigger than I’d ever thought any man’s dick could be. And I desperately wanted to have it in me, first in my mouth, then in my cunt/ass. My pussy/bottom almost quivered at the thought of having him on top of me, plunging that gigantic penis into me, deep into my cunt/ass, then having him pull it out and stuff it in my mouth, forcing me to taste the juice of my own cunt/ass on him. And the thought of making him cum with my lipstick covered lips, feeling the eruption of cum as he shot his massive load of sperm down my throat made my little pee-pee quiver and twitch with desire.

Then from somewhere a hot pink fly swatter materialized in Miss Kylie’s hand, and she reached out with it to viciously spank my little pee-pee, then my tiny balls which were still sticking out of the front of my tiny short-shorts, sending arcs of pain shooting through my body, then hitting me again and again, punishing, torturing my little pee-pee and tiny balls with her stinging slaps.

But of course I had no choice but to keep dancing, undulating, pirouetting in front of them while Miss Kylie kept viciously spanking my pee-pee with the fly swatter, watching my mistress Suzette kissing and licking Mr. Zach’s cock as he fondled my legs and bottom. It was simply wonderful; the dream of a lifetime come true!

Moments later Miss Kylie ordered me to drop down and suck Mr. Zach’s huge dick. I thought she’d never get to it; finally I was able to get my dainty feminine hands on his magnificent penis, to worship it, kissing, sucking, licking his massive shaft like a little girl with a lusciously delicious lollypop. As I did, unbeknownst to me Mistress Kylie had taken out her dildo and strapped it on, and then as I knelt there in front of Mr. Zach, complete absorbed in my adoration of his throbbing prick, she pulled down my short-shorts and pantyhose and with no warning placed the tip of her fake cock against my asshole/cunt opening and then mercilessly slammed her huge dildo deep to the hilt into my unprepared pussy/bottom. The feel of that huge plastic penis ramming into me was an exquisite combination of pain and ecstasy, filling me the way I’d always dreamed it would be to have my ass/cunt fucked by a beautiful woman with a dildo, but it was so big that I felt like something inside me might explode from the pain.

But that thought didn’t even enter Miss Kylie’s mind, and she grabbed my hips, pulling me towards her as she pulled her false dick almost all the way out, then with a thrust of her hips slammed it back inside me, again and again and again. All the while, Mr. Zach was grabbing the back of my head and forcing my mouth down on his cock, the incredible size of his gigantic dick forcing me to stretch my lips as wide open as I could for him, the huge tip of his penis reaching well down my throat. When his dick was its fullest extent into my mouth and throat it reached beyond where the windpipe from my nose joined my throat, completely choking me, leaving me no possible way to breathe. At first I panicked, terrified when I realized that I couldn’t breathe even through my nose, but he must have done this many times before, probably to Miss Suzette among others, and he only left me choking for a few seconds, then allowed me to pull back just enough so that I could catch a breath through my nose.

What came next was so delightful, so wonderfully beautiful and sensuous that I felt like I was in heaven. On my knees, sucking Mr. Zach’s 10″ penis with his wife, Kylie, behind me madly fucking my sweet pussy/bottom, there was suddenly my gorgeous Mistress Suzette beside me, kissing the corner of my lips, my cheeks and even my heavily made up eyes, whispering to me how beautiful, how feminine, how sexy I was, and how much she loved me. She kissed me everywhere, licking and nibbling my neck, making sweet love to me as I was being fucked in my mouth and my pussy/bottom, and then Miss Suzette joined me in kissing and licking Mr. Zach’s massive black cock. The feel of our lipstick covered lips meeting on his fantastic cock, feeling this gloriously feminine girly-boy who now owned me joining me in kissing and slurping at his huge penis was indescribably sensual, and I knew that Miss Suzette loved it as much as I did.

Finally as Kylie slammed her huge dildo in and out of my little ass/cunt, making me feel like she was going to split me in half with her gigantic fake cock, Zach grabbed my head, forcing my mouth all the way down on him, and as I started to choke and gag on his hugeness reaching down my throat he exploded his massive load of cum in my mouth. I couldn’t believe how much sperm shot out of his huge prick into my throat, filling it with far more cum than I could swallow, forcing the cum down inside me like it was coming from a pressure hose. Suddenly, as I was gasping, choking on his dick and his cum, I felt the pressure push his cum up into my nasal passages from my throat, and my nose filled with his cum and I felt it dripping out my nostrils. He pulled my head away from him, then forced it back down, up and down on him as he kept shooting more and more cum, so much that some of it burst out of my mouth, leaving gobs of it on my lips, chin and face as I struggled to eat as much of it as I possibly could, wanting to feel it sliding down my throat and filling my tummy.

No sooner had his cock stopped spasming and shooting cum than I felt Miss Kylie pull her dildo out of my ass/cunt, and Mr. Zach’s huge hands lifted me and flipped around so my butt was toward him, then turned me over to my back and forced my legs apart. So quickly that I hardly knew what was happening Miss Kylie slid forward and lowered her sopping wet twat over my mouth, commanding, “Lick my cunt you sissy faggot slut!”

By reflex, well trained sissy that I was I began licking her pussy, reaching up for her clit with my lips and tongue, and as I did, I felt the tip of Mr. Zach’s still rock hard cock poised against the opening of my ass/cunt. Without an instant’s pause he thrust it into me, driving it all the way into me until the full 10′ were stuffed deep inside in my bottom, and my scream of half-pain, half-delight was smothered by Miss Kylie’s hot, went twat covering my face. Mr. Zach kept fucking me like a pile driver while Kylie bounced up and down on my face, wiggling, gyrating her cunt over my mouth as she and I both strove to bring her to climax. Adding to my mixed pleasure and pain, Miss Suzette tortured my little pee-pee with tugs and jerks of the ribbon cock leash and sharp slaps of her dainty hands, keeping my little dick bouncing around in delight. Finally I felt Kylie’s body shudder and climax to my licking and slurping her twat, and Suzette’s jerking, slapping and punishing brought my little penis right to the verge of squirting its tiny drops of cum as Zach again came, this time with his cock buried deep inside my ass/cunt.

Finally, after Miss Kylie and Mr. Zach were both utterly satiated, Miss Suzette lay down between my legs and began to again make soft, gentle and tender love to me. She kissed my lips and all over my cheeks, nose, eyes, ears and neck, constantly whispering how happy she was to have me as her toy and her lover, how much she loved me and wanted to be with me forever. I was overcome with love and desire for her, and whisperingly begged her to please fuck me, to please make me her little girl again. Smiling softly, she reached down between my legs and slid the tip of her massive erect penis into my ass, which was completely lubricated by the huge load of cum that Mr. Zach had just shot into me, and slowly, lovingly fucked my little pussy/bottom as tenderly as if I were a young girl just losing her virginity. Finally, as she whispered sweet nothings into my ears, our lipstick covered lips touching softly, our lipstick blending and sliding smoothly against one another, she asked me if I were ready to come with her.

“Yes, yes, mistress…please! Please make me cum,” I begged her. Smiling down adoringly at me she thrust herself further inside me, wiggling her hips from side to side, kissing me again and thrusting her delightful tongue into my mouth. Entwining our tongues we joined in ecstasy as the feeling of her wonderful penis reaching into the very deepest part of my body and then exploding into a warm burst of her cum into my pussy/bottom brought me to an unforgettable climax. Miss Suzette and I came together in a simultaneous orgasm as her cock squirted sperm up into my pussy/bottom while my tiny pee-pee squirted my own cum into my rubber, a fantastic climax to an incredibly wonderful night, a night that I hoped would be just one of many more that my new owner and I would share.

As our mutual shivering, whole-body wracking ecstasy slowly ebbed away, she never stopped kissing my lipstick covered lips, my rouge covered cheeks, my eye shadow covered eyelids and my mascara coated lashes. Holding me closely, gazing deeply into my eyes, her soft gentle kisses showed how much she loved having me under her, having her huge still hard cock buried deep inside my pussy/bottom, and knowing that I was hers for all eternity.

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