Irish Hospitality Ch. 07

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Toms is in demand.

Sal watched Tom over Nena’s lust-driven young shapely body, as he entered her from behind slowly, deliberately, savouring her tightness, she moaned and gasped in pleasure, as he managed to get just three inches of his engorged cock into her unplumbed depths, he realised as he felt the resistance of her hymen. He asked with an edge to his voice, “do you want this Nena”, felling odd using her name for the first time as he prepared to take her virginity.

Her mouth raised from Sal’s wet opening briefly to pant an answer to his question. “Yes, god, yes…! She went back to sucking and licking her bosses pussy.

Tom push in, Nena stiffened as she felt the pressure on her barrier, stopping her in mid lick, a little pain causing her to wince, as he slowly went deeper, “oh that hurts, oh god don’t stop, keep going,” she breathily mumbled into Sal’s muff. Tom kept going, deep into her, fully filling her tight virgin cunt, not all of him was in, about two inches or more wouldn’t fit in her. Nena moaned in pleasure as he slowly slid his rod in and out of her cunt, steadily fucking her, making her moan, pleasurable moans into Sals vulva, licking and sucking her once again. Tom sped, up his urges pushing him on to come in her but fearing the consequences. Nena gasped, trembled and spasmed in climax, mumbled incoherently and Tom pulled out of her pulsing cunt and shot strong jets of sperm over her back, the first reached Sal landing on her tummy, causing her to smile broadly. Lena collapsed forward on to Sal who held her naked wet with a sheen of perspiration body tight, kissed her lustily, holding her through her come down while stroking her back and spreading Toms juices over it. Tom was enthralled at their actions. He lay down by their side and kissed them both for a couple of minutes. Nena having recovered some equilibrium whispered, “thank you both, it was amazing, I loved it!” Tom smiled at this, Sal chuckled. “We need to get you on the pill Lena, it won’t be so messy next time.”

Tom adjusted his clothes, brushed his self down getting bits of hay off his clothes. As he left the stall he notice a movement in the next one. A glimpse of another girl, who must have watched their sex acts.

He sat in the pickup resting, getting his head around what had just happened, his first deflowering of a virgin, witnessing Sal and Lena make love, Lena’s embracing of the couplings, an audience, ‘fucking amazing’ he thought.

He slowly drove the hundred yards to the estate office. He knocked the glossy black painted door, it’s sign indicating ‘Kinsale Estate Office. Manger E Fosthop.’

“Come in” Eve called out in invitation for him to enter. The office was traditionally furnished, well worn oak furnishings, two leather bucket chair facing the desk where the smiling Eva sat in another matching chair, pointing to the chair inviting to him to sit. “Hi every thing ok with Sal?” she enquired.

He nodded not wishing to get drawn Ito talking about Sal.

She passed a list with ten items that needed his expertise, they were prioritised, nothing urgent, nothing that trouble ankara escort him from the point of view of difficulty. “I’ll start on the jobs tomorrow, after I’ve sharpened my tools, if thats ok Eva,” Tom suggested to her. “Great, lets walk over to the studio we can go though the plans there,” Eva confidently suggested smiling broadly, as she tucked a roll of plans under her arm.

Tom liked Eva,she seemed more businesslike, quietly efficient, but in charge. They walked and Eva asked how he was settling in, was he coping with living in the country and the quiet life. Tom replied, “its all good with me, the lack of traffic and it’s noises seems strange, no doubt I’ll get used to it. Everybody has made me welcome, the Irish hospitality is amazing.” She smiled at his reply. “I think the Polish and maybe the Swedish hospitality is equal to the Irish?” She laughed.

At the studio Eva unlocked the door and disabled the alarm, Tom followed her into the building and noticed her locking the door behind them. “We need to take off our shoes, to protect the floor,” she said slipping her calf length leather boots off, Tom took his off and his socks. Eva lead him into what she said was the main shooting area, he watched her tight skirt clad bum as he followed, pert came to mind, at five foot nineish she had everything in the right places, her bum was perfect. His thoughts went to the first night at dinner, Eva savouring a further course if his fresh sperm from the serviette that Vera and Eileen had wanked him into.

Just then Eva stopped in the middle of the white painted two storey shooting area, Tom almost bumped into her, he apologised although there was no need to. Without shoes Tom was about three inches taller than Eva. She just stopped and sat on the white painted floor, unrolled the drawings and patted the floor indicating that he should sit by her. He did, leaning close to her, he inhaled her perfume, she was comfortable with his nearness, it didn’t faze her. She orientated the drawings, explained where the sets were to be built, they comprised of walls, a door way, a raised area and a flight of stairs. She explained the decoration would be done be a contractor and the sets needed to be finished four days before the shooting date.

Tom studied the drawings, which were professionally done, everything specified, sizes, material, etc. “I’ll order up what I need, I’ll get started tomorrow.”

“Do you want to see the rest of the studio Tom?” Eva asked. He nodded his agreement.

Eva explained to him the rise and fall lighting rig in the area they were in, that there were video and photographic lights controllable remotely, other lights were fitted to suit the shoot requirements.

Opening a full height sliding doors revealed a space as big as the main studio, two storey, a balcony rail to the upper area. The lower area was divided into sets, all decorated differently, a authentic looking steel bared prison cell, a hall way and stairs, a black area, several wall backdrops. Addition a single story extension provided a make up area, three changing rooms and a shower.

On the upper floor escort ankara Eva showed him a wet room area with several shower heads of differing types, a bathroom set, three bedroom sets, one was grungy, one modern, one was chintzy, in this one with no pre amble or lead up the attractive Estate Manager smiled at Tom, untied her hair, took off her blouse and skirt, revealing that she was wearing no underwear. Tom appraised her naked body, as she confidently posed her body turning slowly through three hundred and sixty degrees. Tom was enthralled with her, her shoulder length hair framed her beautiful Scandinavia looks, her neck was long and elegant, her breast perfectly shaped B cups, topped with succulent deep pink nipples that were excited and looked to be very hard. Evas tummy was flat and her shaven mound pronounced showing her neat pussy cleft. Her bum was a delight, rounded, toned and her bum crack defined, all on perfectly shaped legs and petite feet.

Toms cock was by now tenting his cords, he was hard as rock, ready for action. “Being in this place always bring out the worst and best in me, it gets me excited, I want to show you Eva’s Swedish hospitality Tom,” she informed him as she smoothly moved towards him, going on tip toes to kiss him passionately. With both hands around his neck she planted her mouth on his, lip locked him and preceded to kiss him deeply, her tongue deep in his salivating mouth, swirling and sensually drawing him into her full on passionate wanting. Eva pulled him to the bed. She was aflame with lust, Tom didn’t resist, he couldn’t if he had tried, his cock was as hard as it ever was, his thought just one. To fuck Eva.

They didn’t break their kiss, Eva wrapped her legs around Tom, he held her to him, conscious of his cock against her pussy as he lowered her bodily to the bed, he frantically struggled to get his cock free of his trousers and boxer shorts, as Eva and he continued to kiss and she writhed wantonly beneath him.

Finally free of the barrier of his clothes between them, his rampant rod was in contact with the object of his desire, his cock was lying against Evas wet pussy cleft, which drove her to writhe even more, Tom rubbed his eight inches of rock hard cock up and down Evas excited body, rubbing her clit as she went into spasms of a climax, only then did they stop kissing as she needed to vent her feelings of inner ecstasy.

Tom positioned his cock head at Eva’s drooling blood engorged cunt lips and eased into her slowly, he watched the expression on Evas face as her eyes widened and her mouth opening in awe of his entry into her vagina, he slid slowly into her, eliciting moans of pleasure as inch by inch she felt the wonderful intrusion of his cock, her lubrication assisting his passage. Fully eight inches bottomed out in Evas warm, wet, welcoming vaginal passage, hitting her cervix with an insistent touch.

Toms sexual appetite reared it’s self as he withdrew his shaft almost out of her, then plunged in again, repeatedly he filled her and withdrew, causing her to wrap her leg around him, moan in pleasure and swear in in English and ankara escort bayan he assumed Swedish, her body was on fire moving with him and at times against him as he steadily picked up his pace of fucking her, swiftly ramming his cudgel in and out of her silky wet cunt, grunting each stroke in effort, holding back his ejaculation till Eva thrashed about beneath him in orgasm, gasping between kissing him deeply and pulling him in with her legs tightly around him, seemingly wanting to lock him there, ensuring she got everything she wanted from their coupling and maximise the pleasure she was feeling from the climax and ensure Tom came in her. She loved the sensation of the pulse of a lovers cock deep in her as it spurted come into her, her sensitive canal, thrilling her with the feeling of spurt after spurt from a cock filling her fully was the thing that did it for her. Tom sensed himself going over the top of the pleasure he was getting and exploded deep within Evas cunt, emptying his sperm into her with eight decreasing spurts, till he was empty. Eva smiled broadly as he did, she looked to be in a warm dreamy state, ecstatic at the culmination of their coupling, holding Tom into her, still smiling…

A few minutes later, with Tom on his back, Eva wanked and sucked his cock back to hardness, settling between his legs she bobbed her head up and down, her mouth engulfing him and her tongue swirling around his glans, coaxing him to steel like rigidity. She wanked him and sucked each ball into her salivating mouth, as Tom breathed deeply in enjoyment. Eva moved his legs up and bent at the knee, dipped her head and kissed his anus, his puckered ring, then Eva probed him with her tongue. The sensation had Tom gasping, he held her head with both hand and pulled her tighter to his groin, indicating his pleasure in her rimming of his bum hole, Eva snorted though her nose to breath as she pushed her tongue into him in response to his encouragement, savouring his tangy earthy flavour, fully two inches of her wet tongue in his opening she sucked him, giving him a sensation not before experienced.

They were both lost in their pleasure, Tom wanked his solid cock as Eva fingered her wet cunt, Tom shot a load of his come a foot in the air, it landed on his taught stomach area, subsequent pulses of his ejaculation dribbled and seeped from his cock, as Eva removed her head from between Toms legs to get more air in her lungs as she climaxed, shuddering, gasping, shaking, trembling in conclusion to her guilty pleasure, anallingus… Dreamily the sexy Swedish lover sucked and licked his sperm from his body, licking her lips and swallowing his come with a relish that he had witnessed at dinner the first night in Kinsale. “This is better than the first time I savoured you, I was the reason you came this time, I want more soon!, but I have to get back to work. Thank you Tom.” With that she kissed him deeply, giving him a taste of himself, he was getting used to it, it made the fucking more committed somehow, more erotic and he admitted to himself he enjoyed it.

As they both left the studio, Eva kissed Tom. “You are quite a performer Tom,” she said as she smile and turned towards her Estate office. He watch her rear, staring at her rear end, a beautiful woman and an amazing bum he thought. The thought crossed his mind, had he been recorded fucking Eva?

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