Is It Art?

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The big difference between school and art college was the inclusion of “life drawing”. It was all very well painting plants and bowls of fruit, but was it really the best of ideas putting a group of 10, 18 and 19 year old boys in a room with a naked model?

As the group of boys sat around the studio each had their easel set up, all facing a central platform with a chair placed upon it. The class had been looking forward to it all week. There was a buzz around the room. The boys had been picturing a beautiful young model, with long blond hair, slender bronze thighs and firm full breasts.

As the clock ticked ever closer to 12, the time the lesson was due to start, some of the lads had to cross their legs in anticipation caused a stirring in their pants. The minute hand moved slowly, 11:50….tick……12:00, the tension in the room was now almost unbearable as they held their breath, waiting eagerly for the gorgeous young girl who was going to stand naked before them.

The room collectively inhaled as the door handle clicked, and the door creaked open.

“Good morning”, came the deep voice which preceded the entry of the lecturer. “I am John Stevens, welcome to life class”. “I realise this will be a new experience for most of you”, he continued “But please try and refrain from any silliness and show the model some respect and dignity as it is a very difficult and demanding job.” “Set up your easels and paper, the model is getting prepared.”

The class fumbled with large sheets of paper and clips as they waited for the entry of the model.

Then the door opened and in she walked, wrapped in a thick black robe. The boys collectively dropped their jaws. However, this was not in awe of her beauty. It was in sheer disappointment, and to some degree, disbelief.

“This is Susan, today’s model” said John as she made her way towards the platform. “Susan is not only the model, she is also my wife”, he continued, as she sat on the chair and put her hands on the belt of her robe. John gave her a nod and smiled, an indicator for her to begin the class. Susan slowly unfastened the belt and opened up the robe.

The boys all hid behind their easels as Susan slipped off the robe and let it fall to the floor. The emotions in the boys ranged from embarrassment to hilarity as Susan shifted herself to a comfortable on the chair. John could hear the odd nervous giggle, and ordered the class to settle down before adding “OK class, begin.”

To be fair, the class did seem to settle pretty quickly and the lads’ faces peered from the sides of their boards to examine the model.

Susan couldn’t have been much further from the idea the boys had created of what she would look like. She was in her mid-forties, not stunningly beautiful (but not unattractive in her own way), with striking green eyes and thick waves of rich chestnut hair framing her round face. She was certainly a well-built woman not massively obese, but certainly very overweight, with stretch marks evident on her thighs, hips and breasts, glimmering silver in the bright spotlights. She had adopted a pose on the chair with her chin resting on her fist, leaning forward with her elbow pressed deep into the soft pink flesh of her chunky right thigh-a pose similar to that of Rodin’s “Thinker”.

Her bosom was very large, but time and gravity had both taken their toll and her breasts rested heavily on her legs, spilling astride her legs, and her leaning forward created 3 large rolls of fat in her belly.

The boys observed and sketched as they focused on their pictures, with Mr. Stevens visiting each boy in turn and giving comments on each sketch.

The pose was held for around20-25 minutes and then John ordered the class to stop work and Susan stood up and put on her robe as the class were given a 10 minute break. The class all filed out and Susan and her husband went round the easels and looked at each picture.

“They’re good aren’t they love?” Susan enthused, happy at the representations of the boys had made of her naked body. Many of the pictures had captured the pose well, and had made her appear much slimmer than she actually was. While this appeared to please Susan, it had the opposite effect upon her art-teacher husband. “Oh, they’ve got the pose”, he explained “But they haven’t at all captured the essence of your form.”

He showed her a couple of pictures to illustrate his point. “These look like you’re carved out of marble. They haven’t captured your gorgeous sexy curves at all.” John slipped a cheeky hand inside Susan’s robe, grabbing a big fleshy handful of her love handles. Susan smiled and grabbed hold of her husband’s crotch, cupping his packet in her hand and giving it a gentle squeeze. “Ooooooo saucy!” she grinned as she felt his penis reacting to her warm hand.

Just as the pair were getting frisky, the handle clicked on the door and the door swung open. Susan quickly withdrew her hand from her husband groin, and smiled as the class slowly filed back in. The first few to enter saw the couple bayan escort and had a wry grin as they saw John slip his hand out from beneath her robe.

Susan slinked away back to the platform, as the boys retook their positions. John followed his wife over to the platform and took away the chair. The bulge in his pants was quite visible to the lads and they all had little smiles as t5he tutor began. “Your pictures are good, but they lack a certain sense of life.” “The human form is round and soft, these sketches are flat and hard….Susan, would you take off your robe please?”

Susan responded by slipping off her robe, so she was totally naked once again. “Flesh is soft, it yields, it moves”, started Mr. Stevens as he placed his hand on his wife’s stomach. He dug in his fingertips, pressing into her fat as the boy’s watched uncomfortably. “See how it behaves” he enthused, as he moved around behind her. He then reached his hands around her bulky body and cupped her huge heavy breasts, pushing them clumsily together. The boys watched open mouthed as their tutor mauled her breasts. Many of them were also feeling a stirring in their trousers. Although not exactly their ideal of a “dream girl”, watching her sensuous flesh yield beneath his firm grasp was deeply erotic and both John and Susan could see the effect they were having on the class.

“Now boys” said John, “I want you all to come up here and feel the flesh for yourself.”

The class sat frozen, not even flinching towards the couple. “Come on”, he issued again, “All of you come over here.”

This time 2 of the 10 gingerly rose and shuffled their way over. They both looked at each other and tentatively reached out a hand. One boy’s index finger barely brushed Susan’s back and the other placed his hand on Susan’s thigh.

“Come on boys”, smiled John, “Don’t be shy”.

With that the other boys rose and moved over to join their classmates. John moved away from Susan and the boys formed a circle around her. John went to the back of the class.

“Ok class” he said “Touch her, feel the soft sensual flesh.”

The boys each reached out a hand. As she felt 10 cold hands upon her warm naked body, Susan shivered, making her flab ripple beneath the boy’s hands.

John stood at the back of the room watching the group curiously groping and rubbing at his large wife’s body. The group were gaining in confidence, and what had previously been innocent examination at their teacher’s insistence, was rapidly becoming more vigorous and rough, with some of the boy’s wondering how far Susan would let them go.

One boy grabbed a big handful of her ass flesh while another groped clumsily at her soft fat tit. Susan was actually really enjoying having 10 young lads rubbing their smooth hands all over her soft warm body, and she could feel hands creeping slowly up her thighs.

Susan was looking flushed as John watched eagerly as he observed his wife’s arousal growing from the back of the room. Susan could feel hands groping almost every glorious inch of her body and her pussy temperature was rising. Had one boy’s hand ventured a couple of inches higher up her leg, he would have felt that her pubic hair was damp with her pussy juice.

However, that hand was ceased from doing so by an unwelcome interruption from Mr. Stevens. “OK class”, he smiled, winking at his wife, “That’ll do, well take another 10 minute break there and then do the final pose.”

The class were somewhat reluctant but took their hands from Susan’s trembling body and shuffled, with bulging trousers, out of the room. “You bastard!” hissed Sarah, as she watched the last boy close the door behind him as he left, “You enjoy humiliating me did you?”

John smirked, “So you didn’t like it then, all those young horny lads feeling your big tits, rubbing your thighs, kneading your round voluptuous ass?”

Susan could see that John had clearly enjoyed watching her getting felt up by the bulge in his trousers. “You were getting off on that weren’t you?” she uttered in disgust, “Show me!”

“Yes”, beamed John, “I fucking loved seeing all those guys grabbing at your sexy body”, slowly unzipping his trousers. He reached inside and pulled out his cock. Sure enough, it was fully erect, proving he had indeed been getting off.

“You dirty bastard!” hissed Susan as she watched her husband proudly gripping his 8 inch cock.

“You didn’t enjoy it then?” he smirked knowingly, “That’s why your cunt is all wet?”

Susan knew to herself that her pussy was burning, but didn’t know it showed. She reached her hand between her legs and, sure enough, her cunt was leaking fluid which trickled down her leg. She coated a finger tip with her juice and raised it to her lips, tracing her mouth as if applying lip-stick.

“You dirty slut!” muttered John as he began rubbing at his hard throbbing member.

Susan removed her hand and slowly lowered herself to the ground. She now sat on the platform and spread her massive thighs wide open.

“Well then you dirty pig”, she barked at John, “Better finish what you started, get over here and eat my fucking hairy cunt out!”

John grinned and let go of his dick. As he arrogantly strode over towards his wife, his cock swayed with his movements. As he reached her, he knelt on the floor and crawled on all fours towards her glistening vagina. Soon, his head was between her legs.

When home in their bedroom, Susan loved John to kiss her pussy lips, and he puckered his lips and planted 2 soft kisses on the slit of her moist cunt. The hot breath from his nostrils breezed through her lustrous thick pubic bush.

Suddenly, his gentle kissing was interrupted as he felt Susan’s hands grab a handful of his hair in each hand, and she sharply pulled his head right into her sweaty groin, almost suffocating him in her pubes.

“We haven’t got time for that shit, John!”, she spat, “Get your tongue in there and make me cum!” John responded by opening his mouth and clamping his lips over her slit. Then he puffed his cheeks, and sucked hard, before pushing out his tongue, prising open her vagina. As he lapped skilfully at her pussy, Susan closed her eyes and leaned back, removing her grip on his hair to rest herself, propping herself up on her elbows. Her hands were replaced however, by her legs, as she wrapped them around John’s head, keeping it firmly pressed again her groin.

John was really expert at giving oral sex and within 5 minutes her cunt was squelching noisily as he gobbled at her intimate folds of flesh.

“Oh God!”, she whispered, “That’s good baby, that’s so fucking good!” Susan threw her head back as she felt her climax beginning to build, and she purred softly as John expertly feasted on her pussy, eager to bring her off.

With a few more slurps and sucks, John had his wife writhing and shuddering, and he pushed his face hard against her crotch as he anticipated her imminent climax. John was really munching at Susan’s vagina, when she suddenly jolted violently, making her whole body wobble uncontrollably and her stomach began cramping.

“I’m gonna cum!” she grunted, with her teeth firmly clenched, and sure enough, her hips bucked and she screamed as she sprayed John’s face with her forcefully released ejaculate.

John kept hi face pushed against her throbbing vulva for the 2 minutes that his wife’s fierce orgasm lasted, before she unhooked her legs from around his head, and he got up off the floor and stood over his wife’s huge body, his still-stiff cock jutting out straight in front.

John would have loved to give his wife a good hard fucking, but he knew he didn’t have that kind of time. He decided he would have to settle for his second preference. He didn’t even have time to undress. So he simply stood astride his wife, and lowered himself down, so he was kneeling over her chest. He then steadied himself and laid his long cock in the centre of her chest. Then he pushed her down flat and grabbed her enormous tits in both hands, wrapping them around his fat shaft.

Susan’s breasts were so massive and soft that they had little grip around his dick and had to be assisted by Susan, who also struggled to manhandle her fleshy boobs around John’s cock. However, the pair managed to clamp Susan’s breasts around John’s member, and he was soon thrusting back and forth, clumsily fucking his wife’s huge bosoms.

John had satisfied himself this way several times before, but was usually undressed, and as he slid his legs and crotch over his wife’s naked flesh, the rough fabric of his pants chafed her skin, causing painful looking red grazes on her sides and abdomen. Not that he was going to stop now!

If anything, he became more erratic and roughly pounded his prick into Susan’s cleavage. They both knew that he was close to cumming. Susan lifted her head to see John’s cock head emerging from her bosom with each thrust forward, and he grunted and dug his fingers deep into her ample tits. Susan knew he was very close to cumming now and she looked deep into his eyes as he juddered.

“I’m gonna cum!” he grunted as his gaze met that of his wife.

“I know”, she replied, “Shoot it in my mouth!”

As she ended her sentence, she opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue as far as she could, in anticipation of his ejaculation.

After 3 or so more quick thrusts, John’s cock head emerged one final time before out from it shot a long stream of white creamy spunk, with such force that it clean overshot Susan’s open mouth and it splattered across her forehead and hair. However, Susan was soon receiving the taste she craved, as she felt jets of thick salty jism hitting the back of her throat.

She gulped down all her husband’s cum before gathering the last little puddles which dripped from his softening cock onto her chest on her fingertips, and sucking it off she smiled sexily past her husband to the back of the room.

John clambered off his wife, and putting his long wet cock back into his pants, zipping it away, he turned to see what Sarah was looking at behind him.

He had clearly lost all track of time, and as he turned, he was greeted with the sight of his class, all with serious bulges in the front of their pants, staring at Susan’s naked body and cum-spattered face.

John wondered how long they had been there and whether or not Susan knew they had come in. Whatever the case, he could see from their state of arousal that they had clearly seen plenty. As it turned out, Susan had seen the lads come in while John was eating her pussy and had watched them silently shuffle behind their easels. As John feverishly nuzzled her cunt, the lads had been scribbling on their papers, before they finally emerged and gathered to watch as John shot his cum deep into Susan’s eager gullet.

Now here John was, stood startled, fumbling for something to say. Susan came to his rescue as she broke the silence.

“I think they’ve been busy love”, she smiled “show him boys”.

The boys all turned their easels to show their latest efforts. They had sketched images of Susan getting her pussy eaten and her tits fucked, but it was not the subject matter which caught John’s eye. He was pleased to see that the group had portrayed the expanses of flesh with vigour and life.

“Fantastic!” he enthused, as he viewed picture after picture accurately depicting the sensous curves and folds of his wife. “See class, you just need a good teacher!” he grinned.

The boys laughed. “Yeah, but I think you may have been a bit too good!” said one, gesturing down towrds a large swelling in his trousers.

“Oh I think I can help there boys” shouted Sarah, sitting up and spreading her legs.

“You sure love?” questioned John, “All 10?”

“Sure babe”, she enthused, if as she was unsure about satisfying all 10 boys, she was determined to have fun trying.

“You heard the lady fellas”, laughed John, “Help yourself, but be gentle with her, she’s quite a delicate creature!”

John left the room, leaving his naked wife alone with 10 horny young students, all of whom were busy frantically tearing off their clothes.

They al stood naked before Sarah, whose hand was rubbing the hairy triangle between her bulky thighs. “OK then boys, lets see what you’ve got!”

Sarah’s eyes traced along the line of erect penises, briefly glancing up at the face of it’s owner, before eyeing what he had to offer downstairs. The cocks ranged from around 5 to 7and a half inches, but there was one which immediately caught her eye and made her gasp as she took it all in.

It’s owner, an 18 year old lad was proudly stroking his fist along 10 and a half inches of gristly hard cock meat, it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen.

She was extremely keen to feel what such a beast would feel like inside her, but as the boys moved towards her, it was a case of “first come-first served”, and the prize place between her legs was soon filled by a rather average 6 inches.

Soon, Sarah was inundated with throbbing erect penises: she had one inside her cunt, one in her mouth, one in each hand and 5 more engulfed in rolls of fat which the lads had wrapped around their shafts to satisfy themselves with.

The guys showed their inexperience by not bothering with any foreplay, and soon Sarah was being pulled this way and that as cocks were being thrust into her body from all areas and she was trying to keep up a steady rhythm on the two cocks she was manually masturbating. However, despite being kept busy by 9 horny young studs, she couldn’t keep her attention away from the guy with the huge ten-incher, who was sat on a chair stroking his big cock slowly, not attempting to bring himself off, but merely keeping it erect. He sensed Sarah was confused by his actions, and winked at her as her frame was pummeled by his eager classmates.

“Don’t worry bitch”, he muttered arrogantly, “I’ve got somewhere special planned for this!”

Sarah’s attention was forced back to her own predicament, as some of the more inexperienced boys were close to cumming.

It was the cock in her right hand which was first to jerk, splashing a stream of cum across her right tit before more drizzled down her palm. It was closely followed by one wrapped in a fold in her belly, and then a third beneath her left breast. Soon a forth beneath her right bosom and a fifth in her side was spraying its load.

As those who had cum withdrew, little puddles were left of deposited spunk all over Sarah’s body, with 4 more still inside her somewhere or other, not to mention the cocky bastard with the monster erection sat in front of her.

Within a minute, a guy with his cock embedded in her right thigh was pouring spunk down her leg and after another 2 minutes the cock in her mouth and the dick up her cunt were filling her from both ends as their owners achieved orgasm almost simultaneously. Finally, the boys watched as the final boy who had been happily screwing a fold in her belly thrust one last time before firing a long jet of spunk across her stomach, again making a little pool of cum on her, as his cock poured out its load.

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