Island of Submission Ch. 04

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Chapter 4 – On the Brink of Discovery

Sitting transfixed on my seat, staring uncertainly at Joanne’s naked beauty, I was only peripherally aware of the trainer standing and stepping clear of his chair. He looked sternly at his two bared slave girls.

“Remove my clothing” he commanded, “and do it very well.”

With a smiling glance at each other, Bianca and Lucia stepped over to him. They pressed their naked bodies again him, kissing at his face and caressing him. Then Lucia moved to one side, first rubbing herself against his back and kissing at his neck, then gently taking his wrist, to first undo the cuff, then kiss and stroke his wrist and hands, and suck sexily at his fingers. Bianca, meanwhile, had started to sensuously undo the top buttons on his chest, kissing at his skin as it became exposed, while rubbing her firm breasts against his chest. Lower and lower her teasing lips reached, while Lucia moved to his other arm.

“Master” Joanne said, in a low voice, enticing tone that brought my full attention back to her, my body thrilling with anticipation.

She smiled saucily and curled her finger to beckon me. I stood and walked over to her. Leaning forward on tiptoe, but not letting our bodies touch, she pressed her soft, full lips to mine, her mouth opening to let her sweet tongue twirl against mine in a delicate, arousing, lingering kiss. She turned me gently to face the glass and the erotic scene beyond, then stepped back.

The trainer’s shirt was open now and loose, but still hung on his torso. Bianca was kissing him deeply, holding his face, her naked body writhing against him as she yielded to his mouth. Lucia was rubbing her nude form against his back, gliding her hands languidly over his body beneath the shirt.

And then I was no longer just a spectator. Cristina was nuzzling along the jawline to my mouth, and her tongue licked across my lips, while next to her Laura kissed my throat and chin. Their luscious, naked young bodies moulded themselves against me and their soft hands caressed me. Laura knelt to unbutton one shirt cuff, then the other, then kissed and sucked at the palm and fingers of one hand, gently caressing the wrist and forearm. Cristina stood pressed against my chest, kissing at my face and lips and smiling up at me with those beautiful grey-green eyes, while her slim hands slowly undid the buttons of my shirt. When they were all undone, her hands slid the material to the side while she rubbed her firm breasts and jutting nipples provocatively up and down my chest, her hands reaching up to caress my neck and hair while she kissed me deeply, mouth open, tongue softly lashing against mine. And then Laura’s supple body was rubbing up against my back, her hands wandering teasingly over my frame beneath my shirt.

I glimpsed Joanne, standing back, just watching now with an enigmatic smile.

Beyond the glass, Bianca and Lucia together were sexily removing the trainer’s shirt, slowly and sensuously, kissing at the skin of his chest, belly and shoulders as it was revealed.

Then Cristina and Lucia were pressed against me, and sliding my shirt off slowly and sensuously, kissing and licking at my skin as it was revealed. They grazed their hands over my tingling flesh, sucked at my nipples, stroked and teased and licked and nibbled, now reaching up to kiss my mouth, now rubbing their beautiful bodies up against me, taking my hands in theirs and pressing them to their breasts, or sucking my fingers, breathing hotly on my skin, rubbing their hair and cheeks against me as they exposed my upper body inch by torturous inch.

And then the shirt was gone, and with a few last soft kisses the naked girls slowly lowered themselves down my body, kissing and caressing all the way, to kneel again at my feet. In the other room the trainer’s shirt was off too, and Bianca and Lucia were on their knees, hands and mouths active on the man’s trousers as they sought to undress him, and arouse him.

I looked down at the lovely faces of the two slaves serving me: sparkling eyes, lusciously kissable pink lips parting in their excitement to reveal shining white teeth, flawless skin and that lustrous, light ash brown hair, both girls almost an identical shade. The girls smiled up at me, and their eyes were soft, eager and submissive. They were kneeling at my feet. They were naked. And they wanted to please me.

Delicately and gracefully, one by one, they removed my shoes, each girl kissing and licking at my bared feet.

Then their soft hands, their pert bodies and their hot little mouths addressed themselves to my trousered legs and rump. Holding their breasts and rubbing them up and down my thighs, kissing and licking, stroking and fondling. My belt was undone, cunning hands gliding over my erection with only the lightest grazing touch. Then the trousers themselves were undone, and like the shirt, slowly and sexily eased down, with the girls worshipping and teasing every inch of my flesh as it was revealed.

I stepped out of the trousers, and stood clad only in light cotton boxer shorts, the front by now a wet mess of pre-cum, tented xslot by my painfully erect cock. Through the window I could see the trainer was also down to his briefs, bulging impressively.

Exchanging a mischievous glance with each other, the two girls looked up at me and then started tauntingly lapping and kissing at me through the shorts till I moaned. Cristina showered submissive little kisses through the thin cotton all over my cock while her soft hands teased my balls. Laura ran her hands and lips over the naked muscles of my thighs and teased my buttocks with soft caresses. Cristina’s talented lips and tongue melted around the outline of my erection, and slowly started brushing up and down me through the sodden material. After a few moments she knelt back, allowing Laura to press her soft, warm breasts around my cock, enfolding me then slowly rubbing me up and down. They kissed and licked and sucked at me while pre-cum poured out. The hot pleasure was pooling urgently in my loins, the sensitive skin of my penis was on fire and once again I was seconds from coming.

“Girls” said Joanne in a voice like warm honey over ice, “careful now. Cross your wrists and finish undressing the Master.”

Cristina and Laura obeyed instantly, crossing their wrists behind their backs, and leaning delicately forward to take my shorts in their mouths and so pull them down. This exercise would not have gone well, given my throbbing hard-on, had Joanne not lent a hand. Literally. She stepped behind me to press her naked body against my back. I could feel her breasts and flat stomach, the hot centre of her, her rounded thighs. I could not stop myself from reaching back to stroke that soft, perfectly rounded bottom and the tops of her legs.

Then her hand snaked round my waist to slide over my manhood, gently holding it out of the way, while at the same time squeezing hard enough and, like Linda earlier, in just the right spots, to stop the growing heat of the coming orgasm. I panted, forcing the air from my lungs in hard, short gusts of released tension, and for a second my fingers tightened, clawing painfully into the smooth skin of Joanne’s taut rear end. I wrestled with my aroused frustration, but, breathing heavily and dripping with sweat, just about managed to keep control of myself.

The kneeling slave girls completed their task, sliding the shorts down my legs and off my feet, using only their mouths. Then they knelt back, thighs spread, awaiting further instructions. Their excited eyes were fixed on my shaft, throbbing and twitching only a few inches from their lovely faces and parted lips. My manhood was desperate for their touch. I could feel their warm breath upon me. Subconsciously, Cristina licked her lips.

Standing less than four metres away through the glass the trainer, I saw, was also now naked. He was well-muscled, but no more so than I. And I wasn’t about to start comparing dick sizes: he looked well-endowed, but I’d never had any complaints. Bianca and Lucia knelt at his feet, wrists crossed behind their backs, one kneeling up to suck his rod with long deep strokes while the other licked and nuzzled at his balls.

And then I gasped with pleasure. Looking down, I saw Laura’s hot mouth descend over my engorged cock and she started sucking, while Christina’s tongue slid over my full, sensitive balls, tantalising and arousing me beyond belief. Joanne was gently swaying her soft, lissom body against my back. Her hands teased my skin from thighs up to my chest, while she closely watched the two girls so erotically serve my yearning erection.

In the other room, the trainer had allowed Bianca and Lucia to use their hands, and the girls kissed and licked, and sucked and rubbed and stroked and fondled at his manhood. He guided them, and the pace got faster and faster. Inflamed as I was, the sight of them was intoxicating: torrid, and red hot.

In my room too, Cristina and Laura now worked as a pair with their mouths and hands, stroking and worshipping my hard dick with their fingers and lips and tongues, sucking my balls, sliding their lips wetly up the shaft, grazing the frenulum with soft fingertips, or delicate nails, kissing and licking the most sensitive tip, caressing and sucking. Mercilessly, they got me hotter and hotter, bringing me closer and closer to orgasm. Joanne was guiding them and whispering sexily in my ear, arousing and provoking me even further, lashing my skin with her searing tongue and tracing lines of fire across my body as she ran her hands skilfully, tormentingly all over me. The feelings, the sensations, it was too much…it was too much. How could I be feeling all this? How could I take it?

In the other room, after long minutes of devoted oral pleasuring, at the trainer’s command the two slave girls knelt back, wrists crossed behind them, mouths open, and tongues reaching out desperately to touch the trainer’s tip as he finished himself with a pumping fist and sprayed thick jets of white cum onto the girls faces and hair, into their mouths and over their breasts. Lord, that was what I wanted to do too. My need was all-consuming. xslot Giriş I swear I could feel my balls boiling with explosive tension. In a daze, I saw Bianca and Lucia lean forward eagerly to clean their master, taking turns to suck him deep into their mouths, and licking and kissing at him. Then they sensuously licked every drop of thick white cum from each other’s bodies, and knelt back in submission before him. And now I was so ready to come. So desperately ready.

I had watched in fascination as the trainer orgasmed and relaxed. Now I gasped as a naked slave girl tongued the most sensitive tip of my penis, and I gathered myself for my release. And Christina set a rhythm over the top of my manhood, her head bobbing up and down with increasing speed using her soft lips and hot tongue to bring me closer and closer, while Laura’s mouth followed her up and down the lower half of my shaft. I got closer and closer, my muscles starting to tense as liquid fire started to gather in me.

And it was then that Joanne’s cool fingers held me, and squeezed me, and the hot build-up of pleasure ceased.

“Have you ever experienced edge play, Master?” Joanne whispered in my ear, sucking at an earlobe as the two naked girls at my feet carried on licking and kissing at my raging manhood. But now they tortured me with a cruel, careful slowness and agonising delicacy that meant I felt their touch, deeply and exquisitely, but could not come from it.

“I mean, really experienced it. Come to the absolute brink where one more touch or one more second would mean certain orgasm. And then stopped. And then, done it again, and then again. Hard edges that leave you desperately needful. It is part of our training as slave girls. We have to learn to bear it. Masters often seem to enjoy using some sort of teasing and denial on our helpless bodies. You helped earlier, with Tara and Kimberly.”

I moaned, trembling and struggling for breath as I fought to concentrate.

“It requires discipline” Joanne continued, still stroking my body with maddening feathery touches. “Or bondage. With most men, you have to physically tie them up to do it properly. But here we believe the self-control to bear it is one of the marks of a Master. I am told the ability does improve with practice, but you men do not often seem to want to practice, and you are the Masters so it is we poor slave girls who usually suffer it. Of course you might say that this whole tour for you has been one long session of teasing and denial. But until now we have not brought you physically right to the edge and then stopped. Until now.

“Can you hold out, Master? Watch the trainer in his room. Take what we do to you, in this room. Without losing control. When the trainer is done with his slave girls, we will stop. And then the tour is over.”

The next two hours of my life were the most exquisite torture.

The two slaves at my feet had reined in their lascivious tongues and fingers, but now Joanne used them, and herself, as a conductor might use an orchestra. That is, if an orchestra’s purpose was to drive a man out of his mind with arousal, and the musicians were all beautiful naked girls, seductive, sensuous and teasing. Pitiless in the delicious torments to which they subjected me. Joanne had the kneeling slaves start again, their fingers and mouths and hot bodies repeatedly bringing me to the edge, and then stopping, while she maddened me with her touch, and the feel of her nakedness and the things she whispered to me.

“Mmmm… you did say ‘do your worst’, Master…”

“Yes, you can moan if you want to, Master. A girl likes her efforts to be appreciated…”

“Your body is very strong Master. We love doing this to you, don’t we girls. And later we know your pleasure will be all the greater, when you finally get to satisfy all your needs with our bodies. If you can just…mmm…resist us now Master.”

“Yes Master, you must fight it, please…mmm…Even though Laura is so beautiful, naked on her knees and using her soft breasts to please you like that…Ahhh…Even though Cristina’s tongue and lips are so hot on the tip of your manhood. Even though I am naked and helpless, and caressing you all over, and my mouth…mmm…must feel so good. And I am desperate to serve you Master…ahhh…I cannot wait to submit to you. This tongue…mmm…is so hot and eager to be on your hardness, and I want you to come and come and come into my mouth…mmm.”

“Ahhh, Master…What will you do to your slaves when this is over? Will you make us helpless, tie us up or chain us however you want us? Will you force us to beg to submit to you, and then desperately try to please you, in whatever ways you command? Will you punish us for this? Spank us, or whip us? Or perhaps just use us ruthlessly. Fuck us like your pretty little sex toys. Take your pleasure from our naked bodies, roughly, brutally. Mmmm…you must want to come so much now, Master, so very much. Ahhh…and that is so hot.”

And while I was being thus tormented and denied, I had to watch as beyond the glass the trainer took his two slave girls xslot Güncel Giriş for his pleasure. I stared in desperate need as he ordered the girls into position after position, using them thoroughly. He was creative, and vigorous, and the girls were delicious: beautiful, lascivious and obedient. I was reeling and incoherent as Joanne, Cristina and Laura subjected me to their exquisite sexual tortures, and so I only took in flashes of it all.

Bianca and Lucia running to the waist high metal bars. Spreading their legs widely apart, and throwing their bodies over the bars, heads down, arms reaching back to the steel to hold themselves steady. The trainer, with one hand to each pussy, toying with them skilfully for a short while, then pounding into them from behind, entering them powerfully and using them brutally and thoroughly, first Bianca then Lucia. The slave girls holding position while they were used, then afterward kneeling and kissing his feet to thank him.

The trainer commanding his slave girls onto the wooden table. Lucia on her back, head hanging down over the table. Bianca positioning herself on top of her, using her hands to hold Lucia’s large breasts up in a tunnel, which the trainer ruthlessly fucked, savouring the warm pliant flesh and, positioned as she was, Bianca’s mouth on the other side of it, Lucia’s mouth below his balls. Warm, soft breasts and hot mouth thus served his pleasure. Occasionally he would lower his aim, to face-fuck the helpless Lucia as she lay mouth open, obedient before him.

At a gesture from Joanne, the girls in my room arranging themselves in the same way, lovely Laura underneath, mouth hanging down and open, while Cristina’s gorgeous naked body lay over her, and her slim hands mounded Laura’s large tits for my pleasure. At Joanne’s bidding, and with her standing naked right behind me, I plunged my cock into the soft warm funnel of Laura’s breasts and on into Cristina’s amazing mouth.

In the other room, after a few minutes, the trainer grunted and came vigorously in Bianca’s mouth, thrusting again and again as she desperately struggled to swallow it all. Then he eased back, leaving a wet trail over the valley of Lucia’s tits and stooped to push his still hard cock into Lucia’s warm and willing mouth, where she sucked and cleaned him, while Bianca scooted forward to lick the remaining cum from between her breasts.

In my room, I thrust desperately into Cristina’s mouth, groaning with the amazing sensation of what I was doing to these girls, but of course as my climax approached, Joanne once again squeezed and stopped me.

And on and on the torture went. The trainer had extraordinary stamina, and must have come at least seven times, in the girls’ mouths and pussies and over their gorgeous bodies. Bianca and Lucia too had come several times. I had experienced at least a dozen edges, in various positions, and not come. I was tired, sore, sweating, muscles trembling and despairingly frustrated. But I had managed, just about, to control myself, to allow Joanne to deny my orgasms. And I had not tried to cheat, or use force to get what I so desperately needed, though I could have done.

Still, I was in a hell of a state, muscles clenched and mind raging. I had lost all sense of time.

Looking over to the other room, I saw the trainer had placed his slaves on the table again, Bianca below, Lucia above, facing, and in fact kissing, each other. This time the trainer’s hard cock was at their pussies, which lay next to each other. The girls’ legs were spread and he was thrusting himself deeply now into one of the girls, now the other, till eventually he came with deep plunging strokes into Lucia, bringing her also to another orgasm.

In my room, now, Joanne had led me back to the steel chair, and Cristina and Laura knelt once again at my feet, fellating me with skill and evident passion. They were clearly aroused by this, and indeed both girls had come at least twice over the past hour, either from my desperate thrusting or from each other, especially when they had been in a sixty-nine position on a leather ottoman while I used their mouths and pussies and they also pleasured each other. Joanne had not come, so far as I knew, and I was sure from her erect nipples, occasional gasps and the passion of her whispers to me, that she was in need. But not as desperately as me.

The slave girls were incredibly skilled. They used their lips and tongues, fingers and hands, breasts and nipples and hair and all of their bodies, in an amazing performance targeted completely at my utter arousal. And they were devastating. My eyes feasted on their beauty, which they constantly displayed for me in various ways. The rational part of my brain was kept continually aflame by Joanne’s voice and words. And then there was the feel of their touch. The girls focused on my engorged cock, harder than it had ever been in my life, but also addressed my full balls, my inner thighs, and every sensitive spot on my entire body. Sometimes wet and slippery, sometimes with a tormenting dry friction, somehow they brought me to the very brink of sensation and kept me there, not allowing any nerves to become numbed, always working me so that I could feel the pleasure. And feel it. And feel it. And yearn so much for the relief of the orgasm, which was kept always just beyond my ability to attain.

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