It Starts with a Visit

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I come to your office for a visit, I walk into your office and you don’t get up to give me a hug because your cock is already growing hard. I come over to tease you about not giving me a hug and sit on the edge of your desk. My skirt is riding up slightly and you can see my edge of my stockings, and you can smell my perfume and you realize you also smell my pussy. We catch up with each other, your eyes moving from my face to my pussy. We are left alone in the office and try to continue at the small talk though I notice you staring at me, so I ask you if you like what you see and maybe you would like to see more. I pull my skirt up higher and part my legs slightly and you can see I have no panties on. My pussy already damp with my juices and I push a finger deep inside of me twisting it and rubbing it back and forth until it is coated in my juices. I lean forward to offer you a taste; I can feel your tongue flickering around my finger and sucking it deep in your mouth so you can taste all my cream. I slid off your desk and tell you to call me sometime if you want me to help you with anything.

You cock is so hard, you hand moves down to try to make yourself comfortable but as your hand touches your shaft you realize that you so close to cumming. You know that it would not take long to stroke yourself until you explode or better yet — shove your hard cock deep in my mouth. You want to feel my tongue flickering over the head of your cock, licking around and around sert porno your shaft with my tongue so I feel every ridge, so I can feel you’re growing harder and when you are ready to suck you deep in my throat and you thrust back and forth as you fuck my mouth. You try to get your thoughts on other things as you go back to work, throughout the afternoon your mind returns to thoughts of me sucking your cock, of you licking my pussy and of sliding your hard cock deep inside of my wet, tight pussy.

Later on that evening I hear a knock at my door. I look through the peephole and I am happy to see you standing there. I open the door and I am dressed in a long, hot pink gown. My breasts can be seen due to the plunging neckline and me not wearing a bra. My nipples are pushing the material out. You cup my head with your hands and kiss me deep and hard, our tongues entwining and our bodies are pushing against each other. My hands are pushing your jacket to the floor, then under your shirt, running over your chest and I push your shirt over your head. Then my hands move to your jeans, I undo them and run my hand over your cock covered by your underwear. I push your jeans to the floor. You step out of them and turn me around so I am pulled back tight against you. I can feel your tongue, your mouth on my neck, your hands on my breasts and then slowly moving down my body. I am pushing back against you, my hips moving in circles as I brush back and forth sex mex porno against your hard cock. You grab my hips and pull me hard against you, your hips thrusting back and forth. My pussy is so dripping wet, and I want to feel you deep inside of me, I ask, no beg you to fuck me. Fuck me hard, and make me cum all over your hard cock. You grab my gown and pull it over my head. I love the feeling of your hands on my body.

We move to the bedroom, you pulling off your underwear as we go. Your cock so hard, flat against your stomach and dripping with your pre-cum. I sit on the edge of the bed with you standing in front of me. I dip my fingers in your pre-cum that is smeared on your stomach and I brush lightly over the head of your cock. I bring my fingers to my mouth and lick them clean. You taste incredible. I lean forward to lick your cock head, and love how you moan as your fingers tighten in my hair. I suck you deep in my mouth, and move my head faster moving up and down your hard shaft. Suddenly you push me away and you tell me to move up higher on the bed and spread my legs wide. I feel you between my thighs, your cock in your hand — so hard, and swollen. You brush the head of your cock over my pussy lips. Can you feel how wet I am? Can you feel my cream dripping over your cock? I can feel your rubbing the head of your cock over my hard clit and I already feel as if I could explode, you tease me by pushing into me ever so slightly and then stranded teens porno moving back. I arch my hips up to invite you and you slowly plunge into me. Your hard cock sinking into my wetness, my tightness as I surround your cock and pull you deeper inside of me. You are lying on top of me, not moving as my pussy gets used to your hard, big cock that fills every inch of me. I kiss your deep and hard, thrusting my tongue in your mouth to show you what I want you to do with your cock.

You move slowly in and out, drawing your entire length out of me and then plunging back into me and I can feel your balls against my ass. My juices running over your cock, dripping down and coating your balls. You are fucking me so hard, my fingers move down to play with my rock hard clit, I masturbate as you fuck me with your cock. Reaching down so I can feel you moving in and out of me, I rub my clit over and over in circles until you feel me pulsating around your cock. We soon have the rhythm the perfect rhythm- the one where every erotic area is being stroked, touch and that we could go forever but at the same time know that we won’t last. You are thrusting against me, your body against mine – just fucking me, just fucking me My orgasm rocks through my body and my pussy tightens against your cock almost pushing your over the edge. You pull out me, your hand is wrapped around your cock as your jerk off and your hot cum shoots over my stomach. You milk every drop from your hard shaft, your thumb playing over the head of your cock. You bend down your tongue licking my skin, as your scoop up your cum in your mouth. You lean forward to kiss me, to feed me your cum and I swallow all that you give me, letting it slide down my throat and wanting more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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