It Starts With Abuse

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I laid there crumpled in the corner, abused and feeling unwanted. I no longer want to live, it hurts to breath, when I walk my body spams in pain, and when someone raises their hand I tremble. My body has become used to the my father’s abusive terms. I have a system for it now, it’s called sit there, take the pain, do not speak up, and the hits end sooner. There is a slam, I hear the furniture crash and bang, and a silence falls. I do not like it when things get quiet, because that means he is coming for me. My father bursts through the door locking his eyes on me, his lip furrowing, daddies awake… good morning world.

“Come here you worthless shit! Motherfucker, I can’t believe you, your still in your room, get the fuck up and get to cleaning the yard.”

I say nothing and simply close my eyes as my father began to beat me, slapping me around like a rag doll before tossing me back against the wall.

I am maverick, age 18, currently bleeding against the wall. My eyes are a deep copper, I’m 5,7′ with a broad build, weight 180 pounds. I’m a high school senior. I have a decent build but I won’t dare strike back against my father, it’s been beaten into my head that I can’t win. Everything’s spinning again I have become used to this, something goes wrong…and it is my fault. My dad doesn’t drink, he is not on drugs, he is a marine who comes from a sketchy past. I have learned now, that according to him I am useless, a “dumb fuck,” a “worthless mother fucker,” and a “bitch.”

My mother is dead, she died when I was five from tumor in her heart. I don’t remember much of her. I remember how she smiled, the way that she held me, and how her hair always had the sweet scent of strawberries. I have her pictures in a box under my bed, along with a pair of diamond earrings she used to wear. These pictures bring so much joy in my life, cause it lets me know I have a guardian who loves me; that, even if I can’t see her…she can see me. If my father found these he would take them from me and then I would truly have nothing. I do not worry about him finding the pictures beneath my bed, cause the shoebox is not marked punching bag, I am.

Growing up I was accustomed to not having a life, I am in the confines of my home with the title of “punching back,” which is tattooed on my head with ink only my father sees. I am so excited, today is Monday and that means I won’t be home, it means I’ll be free…if only for a few hours. I hurriedly packed my stuff into my backpack and ran out the door without saying goodbye. Goodbyes meant he can stop me from leaving, running meant it’s too late to catch me. People at school title me as straight, but on the inside I long for a man to hold me in his arms and say its ok. However, with my luck I got a better chance catching a brick to the head. I walked down the street to my bus stop, my head cowering low in a petty attempt to hide my father’s new markings as I board the bus.

“Hey Maverick how’s it going bud?”

It was Ben, he was on the football team, I don’t know him well, but he always tries to talk to me. Ben’s 18, about six foot two inches with a hairy chest well built, a true stud.

“Jesus! What the hell happened to your face! Are you ok? Come here sit down with me.”

I did as I was told, shyly sitting next to this hairy hunk I secretly had a crush on, he looked into my eyes with a look of concern as he examined my face. I sat there lightly shaking not used to hands delicately touching me, I cowered back when he lifted a rag to my face

“Calm down bud I’m not going to punch you or something, why are your nerves so shot? Chill out.”

Ben slowly dried the blood on my face with his sports towel making my head flutter with thoughts; I knew this had to be the towel he stuck in the front of his shorts to catch his ball sweat when he played football. He sternly looked into my eyes, dear God his blue hazel eyes I just loved them.

“Now tell me what happened cause I’m tired of seeing ya come in here looking like this.”

Oh shit! I thought I can’t rat out my dad he will beat me worse if I speak up

“Well I um… tripped walking out the door this morning and face planted pretty hard into the side walk.”

The way he looked at me, and how he cleaned my face, I knew I should of stopped him, I mean everyone thinks I’m straight but his touch was so comforting. It was as if I could hide into his chiseled chest, and he would protect me, I snapped out of my daydream when he began to speak.

“Bullshit, beyoğlu escort your clothes would be torn up to, and they aren’t, now tell me the truth.”

Fuck, I can’t tell him, I’ll only get hurt worse, the buss came to a stop and I bolted down the aisle and through the buss doors.

As my day went on, I couldn’t stop thinking about him, his touch, his smell, the feeling of safety. Classes were boring but there was no way in hell I was going to ditch, dear god if my father found out I would be rolling to school in a chair. The bell rang, it was time to go home, classes were over. I didn’t want to go back, so I decided to walk out to the field and watch the guys practice football. I found my crush, Jersey number nine…Bens jersey. Helmets clashed in a battle of testosterone, and ben seemed to bolt through every time. God how I loved him, I wanted him, but I couldn’t come out saying I was gay, my dad would kill me.

It was now six pm and practice was over, I missed my bus which left three hours ago. I knew it was going to take me a couple hours to get home, I was about ten miles from the school, and I knew I was going to get beat for being late the second I got home. The sun was going down and it would be dark when I arrived home. I hear the halting of tires behind me, the music from the vehicle is silenced, and a welcoming voice begins to speak to me.

“Hey bud what are ya doing out here walking? Get in my car, come on I’ll give ya a ride home.” Ben must of gotten his car when he left campus with his friend to get some lunch. Seniors can leave campus during breaks; I guess it’s a nice perk.

“It’s cool I can walk but thank you for the offer” I wanted to get in, but I was so nervous. His car came to a stop and his door opened.

“Get in the car now! I am not going to be comfortable in my bed at home knowing your walking out here. What if someone hurts you? I couldn’t live with myself.”

“Alright, alright” I stepped into the car, which smelt heavily of him.

“Don’t worry bud, sit back and enjoy the ride I know where ya live. So did you enjoy practice? I saw you up their watching us.”

“Yea, you did well, it was a nice practice.” Here I was in my crushes car, having a conversation; I think that brick just hit me in the head.

“Good well I’m glad you like watching.” He reached into the backseat when we hit a red light and pulled his jersey out of his gym bag. “Hey bud I want ya to wear this and come to the game Friday night at seven, you’ll support me won’t you?”

The jersey held his fresh scent, I breathed it in slowly, was he somehow asking me out on a date?

“Sure I’ll come out and support you, but don’t you think people will question me wearing your jersey, and being there for you?” He placed his hand on my lap, what was going on? How should I react!

“I don’t care what others think bud, I love you, This is the last year I get to play football, and I want you their.”

“Why me? Aren’t you straight?”

“Ha! Your funny bud I’m not straight, I like men too, and I care deeply for you”

“So your bi? I… I like men too.” He is chuckling dear God did I just fuck this up, why is laughing?

“Bud of course you like guys your always out their watching me, popping a boner.”

The car came to a halt. I was home, with my backpack at my feet and his jersey in my hands. I don’t know what to make of this, my dreams coming true. He leans in hugging me tenderly and kisses my neck.

“So yes that means your mine now bud, no more flaunting that cute ass of yours anymore cause I own it.” A sudden crash breaks the moment as my dad slams the door open sprinting towards the car. His footsteps sounded menacing, I was at hells get and I knew what was coming as his hand reached for the door, pulled it open and yanked me from the car.

“Where the fuck have you been bitch boy? I told you no school, I said clean the fucking yard, you ungrateful little fucker. I put a roof over your head, I feed you, and you’re going to damn well do as I say!”

My father briefly halted realizing that I had just been hugging another man.

“So you’re a fag now too? Worthless bitch ill beat that out of you soon enough.”

His left hand then firmly wrapped around my throat as he slammed me to the ground punching my face in with his right, sending shockwaves of pain throughout my body. My face begin to dribble blood, I knew my nose was busted. The beating stopped seconds after it begun, I couldn’t hear anything, sarıyer escort my ears were ringing and my vision was blurry. I sat up as best I could, blinking my eyes, as vision returned I realized ben had tackled my dad off of me…he had protected me. Before I knew it, ben was up and running for me, he had picked me up like nothing and sat me back down in his car. He buckled me, shut the door, and ran around to his side.

Everything was spinning, I couldn’t hear, and things were still a little blurry. I stayed slouched into the car seat as the road began to move. The pain was immense, my father was a strong man, i could feel the blood as it trickled down my body. A sharp ringing sounded off as I began to regain my hearing.

“Hold on bud, it’s gonna be ok.”

Those were the last words I remember before passing out.

I woke up feeling drowsy everything around was so white; I heard beeping and realized I was at the hospital. Ben was in a chair on my right side, he looked so worried. I shifted around in the bed shakily as I took in what had just happened.

“Hey bud… how ya feeling?”

“My face hurts” I stuck my tongue out at him and giggled.

“Your nose was reset and you got four stitches beneath your left eye, your dad got some good hits in before I got him off you…You scared me half to death when you passed out in the car.”

“Why…did you save me? … you d..didn’t have too”

“Hey I said your mine and I meant it, no one hurts my bud.” He leaned down gently kissing me, oh God this was my first kiss. The heart monitor didn’t help me one damn bit, the beeping sounds grew rather rapid.

“Well someone is excited, the nurses will check you out soon bud then we can go home.”

Home? What did he mean home? Oh God I’m going back home my dad will kill me. My body began to tremble uncontrollably, and the heart monitor was no help in hiding my fear as it began to rapidly beat. Tears began to trickle down my face, I can’t go back.

“Calm down bud, your dad can’t hurt you…you’re going home, with me” he gently leaned in wrapping his protective arms around me, kissing me tenderly to let me know everything was going to be ok.”

Hours later we arrived at his home, It was around ten at night, and I half expected to see his parents open the door but that didn’t happen. He ran around opening the door for me, he slid in gently picking me up and carrying me to the front door. I giggled lightly, as he held me.

“My face is busted up not my legs silly, let me walk I’ll be ok I promise,”

He unlocked the door and let me in. It was a rather nice house, single story with a big well-mowed yard. All the walls were a light blue, it was calming and I felt safe. I couldn’t wrap my finger on it, I kept looking around for his parents…where were they? His hands slipped in around me and I cuddled into his chest.

“Wont your parents get mad if they see us? I mean I don’t want you to get in trouble I can find someplace else to sleep.”

“O? trying to run away from me already? Bud my parents don’t live here, this is my place, my parents live about 16 miles from here. You’re mine and you’re not going anywhere I take of what’s mine and I’m not letting anyone touch you right now.”

I nodded and tenderly kissed his lips, he carried me to his bed and hid me under the cover, slipping right in behind me.

“Lets get some rest bud tomorrows my game, and I know a certain someone who needs the rest to be there for me.”

I could feel his bulge pressing into my but, God he must be huge, his bulge was spreading my ass cheeks through his shorts. He slowly rubbed my chest and kissed at my neck as I slipped off to sleep. Morning came, he cooked me breakfast, the sweet smell of pancakes was in the air and it smelt delicious.

“Morning sunshine how are ya feeling?”

“Good thank you for taking care of me.” He walked to me and I was filling a little horny I slipped my hand into his shorts gripping his cock as I kissed him.

“If you win at tonight’s game you can have me baby, my special present to you will be my cherry.”

I slipped on his jersey grabbed my back pack was still in his car from yesterday. We headed off to school, all day I got looks, people asking why I wore the jersey and why my face had stitches. I just kept silent. Day turned to night and it was time for the big game. My baby was playing hard and I was their cheering him on. Our school was winning, looked like I was gonna have to keep maslak escort my end of the bargain. Ben ran half way across the field landing a touchdown the score was 42-11. He ran over to me and I didn’t expect what happened next. He had kissed me in front of everyone.

We arrived home and he bolted through the front door with me in his arms.

“Well I believe someone owes me my prize.”

I kissed him tenderly as he let me stand. I could feel his bulge growing against my leg as he kissed me. My own dick was getting ready to bust through my jeans. I undid his pants button and let his pants fall to the floor. His cock swayed back and forth in all its glory. He was hairy hung and uncut. His cock had to of been around eight inches long and fuck it was thick. I smacked his dick and ran for the bedroom, yelping loudly as he pounced me and laid me on the bed his cock pulsing with blood and swaying back and forth.

“Mmm you trying to run again? I’m going to have to fuck your little but hard now so you can only waddle.”

“Bring it!”

He lustily kissed me while undoing my pants until he revealed my steel hard cock. I wasn’t nearly as big as him I was about six inches and somewhat thick. He parted from the kiss and slid the shirt off of me. He pinched my nipples making me moan and whimper. His hands wrapped around my cock, squeezing at it playfully. I broke from his grasp, sitting up I took his fat cock into my mouth, rolling my tongue around the tip as entered my mouth. This was the first cock I had ever touched besides my own and I was gonna make sure I treated it right.

“Oh damn bud that feels amazing!”

He began to fuck my face, with each thrust I lightly gagged on his thick pulsing meat. I wanted him badly, I need him to fuck me I wanted him now; I took my mouth off his cock and stared sternly at him.

“Fuck me now, I need you inside me, please put your cock in my ass.”

“Well you sure know how to beg bud, you sure you can take all this meat?” he questioned me.

“I can take it I need you badly Ben, fuck me of Hell! Please fuck me!”

He flipped me over teasingly grinding his cock against my ass. He sat up and went to his drawer pulling out a condom and some lube. He greased up his finger and slid it into my pucker, I let out a slight whimper and pressed my ass against his finger. It didn’t take long for him to work three fingers into my hole, he had me moaning and whimpering ever so lightly into the sheets of the bed. He tore the packet and rolled a magnum onto his fat dick. I yelped as I felt to cool sensation of him pouring lube over my hole, I could hear him stroking some over his cock.

“You ready to take my cock babe?”

“Oh God yes! Fuck me already damn it.”

With that, he he poked his hard dick at my pucker and pushed his way in slowly. The pain was their but oh lord the pleasure that came afterwards was so amazing. He slowly buried himself into my rump until his fuzzy pubes tickled my ass. His cock rested in me for a couple minutes till he began to rock his hips and fucking sending waves of pleasure throughout my body. It felt amazing; he had me moaning so wildly.

“Fuck your hole is so tight bud, that’s all going to change in a couple seconds.”

“What do you mean its all going to…”

I let out a loud moan of pleasure as he begin to hurriedly drive his cock in and out of my ass. He would drag his cock out all the way then slam back in. He was forcing the cum out of me, I had never squirted so much pre before I could feel the sheets were soaked beneath me. He grunted heavily as me mercilessly pounded my virgin hole, his sweaty balls smacking into mine was enough to send me over the edge. I jazzed all over the sheets as I continued to moan out load he lifted my as up higher and buried his cock in deep. My walls were wildly spasming over the throbbing bone buried in my ass and I was loving every second of it.

“Fuck, your ass feels amazing, I love you. Daaaahhhmmn bud your ass is gonna make me bust a nut early.”

He wasnt lying when he said he was gonna bust a nut, he came heavily into my ass, I could feel his hot goo building in the condom. He pulled his cock out of my now used hole and slid the condom off his cock.

“Hear bud, now you’re gonna smell like me im marking my territory.”

Ben poured the condom over my chest and smeared his cum around. He collapsed against me, tenderly holding me, I felt safe. We passed out in cum filled sheets, smelling heavily of musk and semen. Tomorrow was Saturday, I was hoping to wake up to morning wood instead of pancakes, and with that, we both fell asleep. It felt right being in his arms, I loved him, he has now become my first, and I hope my last.

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