It’s Only Acting

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“Shit on me, what the…” I said as I looked at the lines to my next part.

‘I am supposed to kiss another man, no I’m sorry make that two men…at the same time…’

The new script for my next film was completely different from anything I had ever done. Moreover, because my last project ran over the estimated time of completion, I had only just picked up the scenes from my agent this morning on my way into the studio.

“Hi, my name is Antonio Bedford, nice to meet you, mate.” A voice from behind me, came out of nowhere, startling me.

I turned around, only to look into the face of a very handsome young man with reddish brown hair, brown eyes, and a striking body.

“Erm, hi, Christian Fahley, nice to meet you as well, chum…” I said to the shorter man.

“Might you be my co-star for this flick?” Antonio took the vacant seat next to me, not distracted by my gaze.

“I am, and seemingly, the script says we are to be…”

“Locking lips, do you have a problem with that?”

‘No, not at all…’

“Nope, I have kissed plenty of blokes before in my short time on the small screen.”

“Good, I hate working with men who act like they can’t play a gay part without being squeamish…”

“Well, why would I be, I mean, it’s only…acting…” I said, grabbing my bottle of water.

Antonio gave me a wry smile, “Yes…it is…if you wish to look at it that way.”

Listening to his statement, I chuckled, “Isn’t that how you look at it…or…”

“Ah sure, however, I don’t have an issue with kissing men since I do it on and off screen…”

“Ahem,” I choked on my last gulp, wondering why he would admit being a nancy so quickly.

Antonio slapped me on my back, “Erm, you alright…”

“Ahem, erm, yeah I, I am, I was just a little taken aback by the fact that you were so quick to say…”

“Yes, confess to being a bender. I thought it to be important since you don’t seem to be one.”

“And how do you know that I’m not?” Our brown eyes met, neither of us blinking.

Antonio leaned in closer, raising an eyebrow. “Well are you?”

“Whatever excites me at that present time I go for it. I’m a rather sexual person…”

Antonio chuckled, “Fair enough and…well…I thought I might let you know about my status so there will be no issues, if…I… continue after the director says cut.” Antonio’s smile was huge; the pearly whites were gleaming.

Again, I laughed, “Oh is that how it goes. Do you treat all your costars that way? Keep kissing them after the scene is supposed to stop…”

“Well, that depends if they are outstanding kissers or not. Maybe, you can let me know what I am up against in our scene…”

“You mean, like a sample or a test run…”


Once more, I giggled.

‘I like him…has a personality like my own.’

We actors have always had huge egos. Moreover, adult film performers were no exception; in fact, we had even bigger ones. Being on camera, showing all your body parts for the consumer to see was work that had to be fully enjoyed; no shyness or modesty allowed.

Unlike in the United States, where I had done work before, here at home, the adult film industry was not as taboo. Particularly because, we are not as uptight here in Britain about nudity. In addition, playing a bender in a movie was not a huge deal.

This new movie, Tight was new territory for me. Although I had done other movies where I would kiss another man on the cheek or even the mouth to turn the lead female on, this one had an all-male cast, which of course meant it was a gay movie. Not to mention, a full-blown sex scene.

“Erm, Christian, so are you willing to give me what I asked…” Antonio said after putting a pen in between his teeth.

‘Shit, he is…delicious…’

For most of my life, I had considered myself openly sexual, meaning I did not mind either. Being labeled was so confining and since I hated being pigeon holed, I never called myself gay, straight, or bisexual. All I knew is if an individual were attractive enough to me to fuck, then I would take advantage of the opportunity.

“Why not Antonio, however, let’s do it in character shall we?”

Antonio smiled after removing the writing utensil from his mouth. “Sure, I’m ready whenever you are…”

“Brill, let’s do the line on page six…” I said whilst flipping through the pages.

“Alright…ahem…,” he cleared his throat. “Brett, the time has come for me to depart, but before I do, fancy a kiss before I say goodbye…”

“Don’t mind if I do…” I said with a smirk.

Slowly, I leaned in, making my lips available for him to connect. As soon as our mouths met, I felt his tongue forcing entry inside, making my cock stand at attention.


The feel of his lips on top of mine was exhilarating. “Shhiii…fuu…” I moaned, while we swapped spit.

“Mmmhhh…damn, I think you passed the test…” Antonio breathed fondling my long, brown locks.

“Humph, I guess I did, your tongue got a little excited Gaziantep Elden Ödeme Alan Escort there…”

“Well, it couldn’t help itself. It felt too good to stop…” Antonio combed my strands before tracing my face with his fingers.

Gazing into each other’s eyes, I felt the attraction between us to be uncontrollable. Even though we had just met, I knew that this movie would be a fun experience. Moreover, I had always been one to know right away if someone I desired was fuckable; Antonio definitely fit the bill.

“You know Christian; there are quite a few scenes where Brett and Timothy are more than a little close…”

“So there are. Not to mention a third man whose name is…”

“Charlie,” a man’s voice called out from nowhere.

Antonio and I turned to our left to meet the gaze of a fine looking blue-eyed creature.

‘Who is this?’

“Might the two of you be my fellow drama queens, Antonio and Christian…?”

“Well yes, I’m Antonio,” he said extending his hand.

“And you must be Christian then, yeah?” The very tall fellow said to me.

“I would reckon I am, what’s your real name, Charlie…”

“Charlie is my name, as is the character. Just how appropo can that be?”

Both of us laughed.

“True, how long have you been in the business Charlie?” Antonio asked pulling a chair next to him for Charlie to sit in.

“For only a couple of years, got my start doing commercials for Persil detergent as a baby. Then I went on to mainstream acting straight out of University. I also did a bit of singing back in the day but the band never made it…”

“I see, show business is a bit more, steady than the music one at the moment anyway…” Antonio said seriously.

“Yeah, sure it is. At least my pretty face can always be in a magazine or on an advertisement. Musically, if you got no hit record, you drop off the face of the earth…”

“True, Charlie. So, the script says you are to be kissing both of us, does that make you a nervous man, Charlie?” Antonio said with a sly grin.

“Not at all, I’ve done a lot more than just kissing fellows. Not to mention, done more than two…” he chuckled.

Again, I cleared my throat. “Just how many and…”

“The most, about six and we did a lot more than just swabbing tonsils…”

“Well, sounds like you are a pro…” Antonio shifted more in his seat to face our cohort directly.

“I am, just because I’m a newbie doesn’t mean I haven’t done much. What about the two of you…”

Antonio pulled his hands together. “Erm about four years actually, but I haven’t had that many at once. I’ve done a lot more mainstream bender work than pornography.”

“Hmm, what about you gorgeous. I want to say, I have seen you in a couple of films…”

I crossed my legs meeting Charlie’s blues. “Maybe you have. Been in Fire’s Started, Outlaw…”

“Ah, Outlaw. I have seen that, I knew I noticed that pretty face and beautiful hair. Antonio, I have yet to check out your work but I think I will make a pit stop on the way home to pick up a couple of your movies. I like to study the guys I’m with.”

Antonio giggled, “So do I, Charlie. I take it you have no problem with the last scene we are doing then…”

“Not at all, mate. Should be a lot of fun to be one of the bookends on the pretty one, yeah…”

Antonio chuckled, “I’m on the top and you’re on the bottom…”


I looked at Charlie, then at Antonio. “Just what are you two referring to?”

Giggling, both of them patted a body part: Charlie my shoulder after getting up from his seat while Antonio slapped my kneecap.

“Why Christian, you don’t know what the last scene entails?” Antonio met my gaze again.

“Erm, I really haven’t gotten to the end. Only up to page thirty-two.”

Charlie stood in front of me, drinking a bottle of soda. “Wow…Antonio, I think we should enlighten him…”


Antonio took my hand before beginning to speak, “Erm, chum, the ending scene has all three of us, Brett, Timothy, and Charlie in bed together, having sex…”

“Really, we are taking turns or…”

“You could say that, at least Charlie and I, ar. We swap being the bookends…”

‘Oh boy…’

Stunned, I quickly thumbed to the last scene, which said all three characters ending the movie in bed.

*Both Charlie and Timothy penetrate…Brett.*


“Have you ever had the pleasure of such a happening, Christian?” Charlie said placing his hands on the armrests of my chair, leaning in.

“Um, no…I…I haven’t. This would be a first time.”

That moment I became a little uneasy. It was true, I had done quite a bit in my acting career but never had two men fucked me at once. Still, the amount was lucrative; I had no intention of quitting.

“Well, it’s quite an experience, chum. Surely it’s one you will need to be ready for too, maybe we can get you prepared for the huge event, hmmm?” Antonio traced my face once more.

“Maybe or not. I mean, if we try it before hand it might ruin the spontaneity of it, right? We want it to look and feel as real and enjoyable as possible.”

Charlie twirled my long locks around his fingers. “You’re right, mate. I tell ya, I have been on the receiving end of that and there is nothing like it…”

Antonio pouted a bit before joining Charlie with the fondling of my hair. “Very well, I guess it will wait till the day of, then. Obviously, because of the length of the script it won’t be too long before the event arrives…”

Due to the slight disdain on Antonio’s face, I felt the need to appease him.

I chuckled, “True, but, it doesn’t stop us from testing out other things, does it?”

Charlie shook his head, “Not at all, lovely. Such as the scene on page twenty-one, where Brett, Timothy, and Charlie share in a hot smooch. We could certainly practice that.”

Antonio and I giggled at Charlie’s suggestion; mostly because we liked it, I suppose.

Antonio stood up, positioning himself right next to Charlie. They faced each other with Charlie pulling Antonio into him rather roughly. .

Before Antonio could say a word, Charlie planted his lips on top of Antonio’s catching him off guard.

‘Ah, I am going to enjoy this job…’

While the two of them were still embracing, Charlie removed his hand from Antonio’s waist and motioned for me to get up.

The moment I did, that hand yanked me into the fray, only I had not joined lips with either yet.

“Mmmhhh…Charlie…” Antonio groaned before burying his head into Charlie’s neck.

“Shiii…mmmhhh…,” Charlie moaned as he took my mouth inside of his, wrestling with my tongue.


Antonio joined us causing quite a disruption underneath my denims. The space between the material and my cock was getting smaller by the second.

“Fuck…” I whispered as both of my co-stars hands cupped my thighs, gripping them through my jeans.

“Mmmhhh, guys, erm, the scene only called for a couple of minutes then there is a speaking part, yeah?” We were all lost in the moment, this scene would be hard to finish.

Antonio stopped kissing us to speak. “Christian, not sure the voice portion is needed at this time, yeah?”

“Mmm…not even,” Charlie growled, moving his hand from my ass to the waistband of my trousers. Immediately, I felt his fingers touch my flesh, pinching the skin.

“Shhiii…” I hissed again as my mind started to wander, playing out scenarios of the three of us on camera or off. Did not matter at this point, I wanted both, in with me as soon as possible.

As we continued, someone yelled from a distance, “Hey, cut. Really good to see you all are getting acquainted.”

A short man who I had guessed was the director was walking up to us, clapping.

‘Yeah, getting to know one another is right, I am ready to for that two on one to commence…’


After our initial meeting, the three of us went out, chatting one another up, having drinks at the local pubs after work.

Though we were men who liked men, we all were straight-acting gents, not calling attention to ourselves by acting campy in public. Once we got alone though, mostly at Charlie’s apartment since it was close to all the bars, we practiced those lip-locking scenes, each time, leaving one another hot and bothered for the big occurrence.

One of those evenings, we went out to a local gay friendly club in London called, Hooligan’s. The climate in there was so easy going, that some of the patrons knew one another.

When we arrived, we took a booth towards the back. Antonio sat across from Charley and I, which was fine with me since I felt more of an attraction to Charlie. Although I met Antonio first, Charlie and I got to know each other a little more during conversations on the phone as well as after scenes on the set. Unlike Antonio, who seemed to be more self-centered and shallow, Charlie was more reflective. Yes, he had an ego but he was not brash; he really knew what he wanted to do in this industry and beyond. Seemingly, he was so charming and intelligent; if I desired a steady man in my life, he would be the one I would pick.

“So gents, has the business been a good time or what,” Antonio said taking his first draft from the waitress.

“It has,” Charlie answered, “the best damn job I’ve ever had and since I have not had many, it’s even better.”

“I’m not sure what I would do if it weren’t for the acting business, however, I do know that I would not be as happy as I am now.” I chugged the contents of my glass.

Antonio stared at me with longing eyes, “Hmm, a little thirsty, Christian?”

Amused, “Yes I am, not only that, I love a drink with a frosty head,” I winked.

Charlie chuckled, “You seem to gulp that down pretty easy; you must have a nice size throat.”

“The skills gentlemen, it all comes after a few years of practice.”

“Hmph, deep throat, huh?”

Again, I batted an eye towards the object of my lust because even though he was shallow, it did not mean I would kick him out of my bed.

“Yep, maybe someday I can show you just how good I am.”

Once I finished my statement, we all laughed.

This was normal protocol for actors when doing a movie. Hang out with one another so all could be comfortable; so much so that we made a pact to be in touch after the shooting was over.

Finally, the aforementioned event had arrived. The scene was not too hard, all three of us would be enjoying a drink after a big deal and since Tight was a movie about a gay mafia, the upcoming finale would be appropriate.

All of our outfits were uniquely different. While I was dressed in suit, Antonio donned a short black jacket with gray pants and a tie; Charlie was dressed like a rock star with the tightest pair of black leathers I had ever seen. Strange that a mafia man would be wearing such a get up but it is a bender flick after all and Charlie’s character was switching allegiances so, it worked.

Before we were to take part in the event, the director asked us to take a couple of shots for promotions. Seemingly, because his studio, BritBoy, was one of the classiest in the industry, he refused to have covers with nude men on either side. To him, it meant more to have a sleeve that left more to the consumer’s imagination; pretty boys clothed, the person wonders what is underneath.

For most of the photos, we stood relatively apart, meaning there was no embracing on camera. However, we posed where we were a lot closer for a few of them.

Once the pictures were done, we stood in place getting ready for the scene. All of us had our lines down packed, truthfully there were not that many. The scene was to begin with Timothy (Antonio) and me, in a deep embrace with Charlie walking in on us after his gang had been eliminated.

After a few moments, we started with Antonio combing my strands while engulfing my mouth. Promptly, I grabbed his buttocks since I had my eyes on them the whole time before the shoot. Antonio’s response was his tongue, going down my throat, swabbing my tonsils.

“Gods…” I cooed. That was not in the script but the director did not mind, he wanted it to be as natural as possible.

‘I cannot wait any longer…’

While we continued, Charlie walks in, slapping my ass before pulling me into his crotch. His teeth gripping onto my biceps, making me wince and my dick stand at attention.

“So I guess this duel is ova, yeah?” Timothy (Antonio) said, planting kisses on my neck.

“I would say it is, gentlemen. Seemingly, all is well that ends like this…” Charlie said with his arms binding my waist.

Antonio put his around me as well as on top of Charlie’s arms. I leaned back into Charlie’s chest, with my head touching his shoulder. Antonio planted light nips along my throat. I reached out for him, running my fingers through his scalp.

“Charlie, I think it’s time for your initiation, mate; we need to let you know that you are now part of the family.” Antonio said ceasing the nibbling to speak.

“I feel as though I already am…,” said Charlie who inched into me again, grinding his crotch against my ass.


Within seconds, our lips were intertwined again in a three-way kiss. The feel of both tongues invading my mouth caused a spurt of pre-passion juices and my nipples to harden.

In all the sexual experiences, I had, I have never been so ready to fuck in my life. Right then, I wanted Antonio and Charlie to split me in two; their indulgence of me would be for all our pleasure.

After a few moments, the director yelled cut and we were still within each other’s arms and embraces. He screamed cut again while chuckling and we turned, giving him a collective glare.

“Damn it, I am so ready for this now…are you ready, Christian?” Antonio said, fondling my nubs through my shirt.

“Yes, I…I can’t focus right now…you two might need to carry me through this scene…” I was only being truthful; my mind was on one thing only.

Charlie lifted my chin, pecking me on the lips once more, “That’s fine, we are the ones that will be pinning you in a bit, anyway, right?”

“Yeah…” I breathed, bringing him closer, desiring his mouth a top mine again.

“Gentlemen, can we move to the boudoir spot on the set, thanks,” the director ordered.

Without much hesitation, we did as we were asked; however, I had an idea I wanted to run past my costars and the man behind the camera. To make this even more interesting, I desired for us to be filmed undressing, prolonging the act rather than starting the scene unclothed.

While Charlie and Antonio sat on the bed, I went to the director, letting him know what I wanted. Not surprisingly, he loved the idea saying it would add more tension to the film. When I told my two costars, they were pretty excited.

“I think that’s a great suggestion, especially since Charlie is wearing the pants that look as if he were poured into them…” Antonio chided, fondling my long locks again.

I was lying between the two of them, Charlie on my left, Antonio on my right. One of my hands was on each man, playing with whatever body part was the most comfortable for me to touch.

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