Izzy and her Lesbian Initiation

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This is the eighth independent story of our teenage whore Tiffany “Tif”. This story accompanies the Katherine “Kat” storyline. The timing of this event occurs between the end of Kat’s first module and the beginning of the second module; specifically during the first couple of weeks of summer. While it is feasible to read any of these independently, this is a carryover story, so reading them in order is beneficial.

Disclaimer: Nearly all chapters with this character have some exposure to young/old, group sex, lesbian sex, ass-to-mouth, and/or cum sharing, etc. If any of these things offend you, please move to another story.


Kat sits in the drivers seat, with Tif next to her, as they drive to the swinger house, like they do on most Saturday afternoons.

Kat tells Tif, “I am going to hang back for the most part and do whatever you or Steph need okay?”

Tif responds, “Shoot, after kicking things off, I am going to sit back and let Steph run the show.”

Kat smiles, “I do hope I get to do something. Izzy is hot and I would really like to get to taste her.”

Tif nods in agreement, “I did taste her. It was nice.”

Kat frowns, “Did you have an appointment with her without me?”

Tif laughs, “No no no. It was last week when we took Izzy to the guys house. She was riding Eric and having a hard time relaxing, so I started playing with her clit. She relaxed immediately. And I could not help myself. I had to lick my fingers.”

Kat frowns again, not convinced.

The girls pull up to the house and as they go in, they stop in the living room to say hello to some people. Then they head outside where they know they will find Izzy. It is a nice day outside; the weather has not gotten too warm yet. This invites more than a dozen people to either be in the pool or lying out. Ordinarily, this would be very inviting to the young girls, but they have an appointment to keep today.

Izzy smiles as the girls approach. Izzy kisses Tif gently on the lips after their embrace. Tif moves on to say hello to Rob and Steve who are at her side like usual. Kat steps up to her and Izzy initiates a gentle kiss on her lips as well. Izzy says, “I am so happy to see you.”

Kat replies, “Likewise. You seem more confident today.”

Izzy giggles loudly getting Tif’s attention. Tif says, “Kat, what did you say that was so funny?”

Izzy continues to giggle but jumps in, “It wasn’t anything Kat said.”

Tif says, “Ok. Then what is so funny?”

Izzy looks at Rob and then Steve and says, “I can’t hold it in any longer. Tif, I had a threesome with Rob and Steve a few days ago. I did all the things you and Kat taught me. It was awwwwwesome!”

A huge smile comes across both Tif and Kat’s faces. Tif says, “So tell us what happened. Spare no details.”

Izzy says, “Well a girl shouldn’t kiss and tell.”

Tif shakes her head and says, “Uh huh. Rob, tell me what happened.”

Rob looks shocked for a moment and then looks at Izzy and then at Steve. He says, “Well. Uh. The three of us got together on Wednesday. We had a room upstairs. She was able to handle both of us at the same time better than the previous times. Blowjobs and sex. It was great.”

Kat shakes her head and says, “Thanks for the specific detail Rob. Steve, you have anything to add?”

Steve pauses to gather his thoughts. Then he says, “The one thing I would add is that she did a very good job of multi tasking and not letting either of us go unattended for very long.”

Izzy jumps back in, “And I had several orgasms; which was also awwwwesome! I cannot thank you two enough for helping me with my confidence and with some techniques.”

Tif asks, “Did you do anal?”

Izzy responds, “Oh no. I need your help with that. I am not going to do it without you.”

Tif smiles and says, “Ok. Well, it will have to be when we get back from Europe.”

Izzy asks, “Can you remind when you are leaving and coming back?”

Kat responds, “We leave tomorrow night. We will be gone for 6 weeks.”

Just then Tif gets a text. She reads it and looks up to the group and says, “That was Steph. She says she is ready for us.”

Everybody says goodbye to the guys and they girls head back into the house. Steph has reserved the master bedroom for today’s appointment. Izzy asks Kat and Tif to wait for a moment before they go in. She says, “I am little nervous. Both of you were fantastic last week with the guys. But Steph owns this house and is… like… majorly… unapproachable. I am worried that I may be out of my league.”

Tif laughs, “I see how you could be intimidated but listen… There are a few things you need to consider. One, Steph is very approachable. She is amazing, humble, and sexy as hell. Two, we are with you and you know us and I hope you are more comfortable with us now. Lastly, you are incredibly sexy and should be feel a sense of confidence in knowing that any of us would love to spend some intimate time with you.”

Izzy blushes and finally Göztepe escort looks back at Tif and says, “Thank you Tif. You really are the best.”

Kat waits a moment and asks, “Are you ready?”

Izzy nods and they knock gently and enter the room. Steph is standing by the desk and she smiles as the girls enter the room.

First Kat approaches and they kiss gently. Steph says, “Kat, it has been too long. I miss you.”

Kat agrees and steps aside.

Tif approaches and they kiss gently and Steph says, “Tif, you sexy beast, when do we get to spend time together again?”

Tif says, “Soon, I hope.”

Steph looks at Izzy, who is hesitant. She approaches Izzy and embraces her. Izzy is a little taller than Steph, but as Izzy looks down at Steph, her nervousness overwhelms her and she breaks the embrace.

Tif reassures her, “Izzy. It’s okay. Relax.”

Steph jumps in, “It’s okay. We will get her comfortable. Let’s sit and talk first.”

All three girls sit on the couch opposite the bed. Steph drags the office chair over and sits opposite the couch. The coffee table between them provides some comfort barrier for Izzy. Steph starts off, “Izzy, I remember you. Your dad, Jack, is a member of this house. He and I have been intimate, with my husbands’ acceptance of course. He is a really good guy. I like him a lot. He has not been around recently.”

Izzy finally looks up and says, “He has a girlfriend. So he has decided to be exclusive at the moment, apparently.”

Steph smiles and continues, “It happens. Anyway, I remember him bringing you forward for admittance to this house. Your dad said you were a great person, very sexual and needed a safe outlet. That was about 6 months ago I think.

Izzy nods in agreement.

Steph continues, “Izzy, tell me about you. Why do you want to be in the house? Why do you want to be here today?”

Izzy looks at Kat and then Tif and then at Steph. She says, “I am very thankful for my dad getting me into this house. I am indeed a very sexual person and would not know where I would be if I did not have this outlet. I am very interested in both girls and boys, but I am a little nervous in new situations. In fact, I am little frightened of being here today, with you.”

Steph smiles, “Why are you frightened of being here with me today?”

Izzy looks down, pauses, and then back up, “You’re a legend. You’re beyond what any of us in the house could hope to be with.”

Steph has a serious look on her face. She focuses on Izzy, “Look at me. I am a totally normal person. I am flesh in blood. I may be more experienced and a may be partially responsible for creating this environment with my husband, but Kat and Tif can tell you I am quite approachable. I do not want you to be intimidated.”

Kat and Tif both confirm this declaration.

Steph continues, “Izzy. Sweetie… relax. This is not intended to be a pressure filled situation. You are not being evaluated. Tif reached out to me because she sees someone who is a good person that needs a little guidance.”

There is a small pause and then Steph continues, “Izzy, you are extremely attractive. I checked you out as you came into the room. You are very sexy. You are tall. You look like you are an athlete. You’re curvy in all the right places. You look like you have wonderful full tits. You have sexy hands. You are a full package. Why don’t you have more confidence? Why are you nervous?”

Izzy blushes, but soon composes herself. She says, “Thank you for the compliments. Tif and Kat have been complimenting me as well. I really do appreciate it. But my mom died when I was young, so I did not have a mother figure to help me establish my confidence growing up. I think I needed someone to believe in me, like Tif and Kat have recently.”

Steph responds, “Well. You belong here. Believe in that. Hopefully that changes your mindset. I think Tif and Kat can continue to be supporters for you, in between their trip to Europe or Southern California, and I hope after today, you can consider me a friend and an outlet.”

Izzy smiles and says a warm ‘thank you.’

Steph gets up and walks over to Izzy And says, “Let’s start over. As I am sure Kat or Tif have told you, as it relates to relationships with other women, greeting the other with a gentle kiss is a sign of respect and affection.”

Izzy stands up and says, “Yes. They have told me. I am sorry.”

Steph leans in and kisses Izzy gently on the lips. When the kiss breaks Steph says, “I am very happy to be here with you today.”

Steph continues, “This is a safe place for you today. You can say or do anything. This is a time to learn, to ask questions, to try things out, etc.”

Izzy speaks up, “So Tif mentioned that you led a lesson with Kat when she was in a similar position. Can I hear more about that?”

Steph returns to her chair. She looks at Kat asking for approval. Kat nods. “So, Richard and I wanted to get Kat more comfortable with women, so we set Caddebostan escort bayan up a controlled situation. Tif was gracious enough to let a few of our male friends fuck her and leave their loads of cum in her pussy.”

Tif says in the background, “The pleasure was all mine.”

Steph continues, “You see, Kat has a cum addiction, so we set it up where immediately following this event with Tif, Kat showed up. I instructed her to lean in and inspect Tif a little more closely. She could smell the cum and could not resist. She dove into her best friend like she was starving.”

Izzy looks at Kat and she blushes. Steph continues, “Kat I did not mean to embarrass you. Please tell Izzy what the experience was like and how it has been since then.”

Kat takes a moment to gather herself and then answers, “It was abrupt. I think you have more of a chance to prepare for this than I did. I had never had a single experience with another girl until that day. But I absolutely loved the experience and I have sought after experiences with women ever since. I have spent quality time with Steph since then. And of course, Tif and I are best friends and spend intimate time with each other regularly.”

Izzy seems to brighten up as a result of hearing this.

Kat continues, “And by the way, it was the first time I realized that Steph was married and that this woman was going to lead my lesson. You are in a much better position!”

Steph replies, “And we have become very close since then huh?”

Kat nods in agreement. Steph asks Izzy if she is ready to get started. Izzy nods.

Steph asks them to follow her over to the bed. When they do, She pulls Tif close to her. She looks into her eyes and they nod. Steph leans down and kisses Tif, her tongue sliding into Tif’s mouth, as their kiss quickly gets passionate. As the tongue tango continues, Steph reaches around and grabs Tif’s ass and pulls their bodies closer.

In between kisses, Steph takes Tif’s shirt and bra off. Steph briefly looks over her teen conquest and leans down to attach her mouth to Tif’s long erect nipple causing her to lean her head back and moan. Steph reaches to the side of Tif’s skirt and lowers the zipper. As she switches to the other nipple, she pulls the skirt down and Tif steps out. Steph grabs Tif’s bare ass and intensifies the kiss. Kat and Izzy watch with slight jealousy.

Steph breaks the kiss and Tif pulls her thong down and throws it on the floor next to the rest of her clothes. Now completely naked, Steph leads her over to the bed and lays her down.

As Tif gets comfortable, Steph takes a moment to address Izzy, “There is nothing better than getting your partner revved up while you undress her. Come join me down here so you can watch.”

Izzy joins Steph on the bed a mere foot or two from a naked Tif who is now lying on her back with her legs slightly spread.

Steph instructs, “Be as sensual with the person as you can before you go down on her. Watch…”

Steph stands up and gets undressed quickly, but consciously pauses to allow Izzy to look her up and down. She is thin, muscular with a fit runner’s type body. Her breasts are a B cup and still firm. Her pussy is shaved clean and for her age, she is incredibly sexy.

Kat raises her skirt up, sits back in the chair, and pulls her panties to the side.

Steph climbs back down on the bed next to Izzy. She looks at Izzy again and says, “If this is your first time with a person, you have to explore what the person likes. I have been with Tif before, so I know what she likes, but I will show you the gauntlet so you know for future reference.”

Steph crawls up on top of Tif and the kissing continues. They rub their naked bodies on each other and let their hands wonder. Steph breaks the kiss and moves down her neck. Her hands move to Tif’s tits. Soon her mouth follows. She flicks her tongue on a nipple and then engulfs it completely. She sucks gently but firmly. She repeats this process on the other nipple causing them to stand at attention.

Steph takes her time, but soon works her way down to Tif’s nether regions. She slowly goes through a series of small gentle kisses along the insides of Tif’s thigh and over her pubic bone. As she kisses the deep recesses of Tif’s inner leg, she pushes both legs back where Tif grabs hold.

Steph runs her hands around Tif’s sensitive areas without touching her pussy. She looks at Izzy and says, “It is excellent foreplay to kiss a woman passionately, to run your naked bodies together, and suck and play with her nipples before moving in for the more the more substantial actions. It is erotic to kiss and lick and touch the sensitive areas around a girl’s parts before diving in. Do you see how I am gently rubbing Tif’s sensitive areas, teasing her and warming her up?”

Izzy nods. Steph positions herself deeper in between Tif’s legs. Steph leans down and licks up the length of Tif’s pussy with her tongue. Tif shakes a little, almost coming Escort Bağdat Caddesi to an orgasm immediately. Steph stops on her clit and flicks it several times and then back down to her pussy. She licks up the entire slit again and pulls off to savor the flavor of Tif’s nectar.

After the brief pause, Steph sticks her tongue deep into Tif’s hole and then back out and up to her clit again. Tif moans loudly. She clasps onto her clit and slides a finger into her waiting pussy. Tif pinches her own nipples and groans and has a small shake in her legs.

While continuing to slowly slide her finger in and out of Tif’s wetness, Steph addresses Izzy again, “There are two distinctions I want to make. Like when giving a blowjob to a man, you are either stimulating him or bringing him off. It is the same thing with a girl. I like to stimulate a woman for a little while before bringing her off. Licking and sucking and changing rhythms will keep her engaged without putting her over just yet. It is also a good way to see what she likes. Pay attention to how she reacts when you do different things.”

Steph moves her focus back to Tif and gets a rhythm going with her finger and then adds another. She leans back down and goes back to working on Tif’s clit. She pulls off just as Tif ‘s moans intensify.

Steph looks over at Kat who is doing a little work on her own pussy and smiles. Then she says, “Kat, don’t get yourself off yet. I have plans for you.”

Steph addresses Izzy again, “I know from previous times that Tif loves penetration. So I am going to give her an orgasm after all this teasing.”

Steph increases the pace on her fingers and goes back to flicking her clit with her tongue. Within a few minutes, Tif bucks her hips as an orgasm finally surges through her body. Steph gently licks and swallows down the sweet juice Tif gives her.

Steph pulls her fingers out of Tif and offers them to Izzy, “Why don’t you have a taste. She is delicious.”

Izzy sucks Steph’s fingers without hesitation. When she lets them go she says, “mmm. She is good.”

Steph rises up to even level with Izzy and continues, “I have shown you some things with Tif. I want to ask you… have you gone down on a woman before or had one go down on you?”

Shyly Izzy responds, “No. I have done everything with a woman and had one do to me everything except that.”

Steph says, “That’s okay. That will enhance this portion of the lesson then. I would like to ask Kat to go down on you so that you can experience that perspective. One thing to notice is that Kat has never been with you and will have to explore what you like and respond to what she learns.”

Kat smiles as she rises out of the chair. Tif moves to the headboard out of the way. Steph moves over to make room for Izzy and Kat. When Kat gets to the bed, she pulls Izzy up. Now standing eye to eye, Kat leans in and kisses Izzy. Her tongue quickly finds Izzy’s as the heat is turned up. Kat reaches around and grips her ass and pulls her closer.

Izzy breaks the kiss and the girls pull of each other’s tank top. Izzy aggressively leans in and kisses Kat again, this time unclasping her bra. When the kiss breaks Kat throws the tank top and bra on the floor. Kat quickly pulls her skirt and thong off and adds them to the pile. Izzy gets undressed in record time.

Steph moves over and sits next to Tif against the headboard.

Kat pushes Izzy onto the bed and crawls on top. She leans down and the kissing continues as their naked bodies rub together. Kat can smell the sweet scent of Izzy’s perfume as she nuzzles her mouth into her neck. Her kisses turn gentler as she moves her way down the contour of Izzy’s neck and into the valley between her breasts.

Tif gently pulls Steph over. She indicates that she should sit facing the action and lean against her. When she does, Tif wraps her arms around her and starts playing with her tits. As Tif gently pinches Steph’s nipples, they watch the action in front of them.

Kat moves her hands to squeeze and massage each breast while letting out a warm breath over each one of Izzy’s nipples. A slight gasp of anticipation escapes Izzy. Kat gently pinches each nipple with her thumb and forefinger. As she rolls them over and over, Izzy moans. Her nipples get hard reacting to the attention. Soon Kat leans down and takes a nipple in her mouth and sucks gently. After a few seconds, she pulls off and flicks it with her tongue causing Izzy to rock in momentary ecstasy. Kat moves to the other nipple and repeats the process.

Steph moans as Tif starts kissing her neck and flicking her erect nipples.

Kat moves down Izzy’s flat stomach leaving a trail of affectionate kisses along the way. When she reaches Izzy’s pubic area, she raises her legs a little higher in the air. She runs her fingertips around Izzy’s sensitive areas while she kisses the deep inner crevices of her thigh. Kat runs her hand up through Izzy’s trimmed bush as her kisses move to the sensitive outer area of her hot pussy.

Kat places her tongue at the bottom of her opening and licks all the way up, stopping at her clit to flick it once. She repeats this several times, very slowly, sending a charge through Izzy’s body each time. Kat licks her lips enjoying the flavor of this young teenager’s pussy.

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