Jacob’s Little Sister Ch. 02

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I started to panic realizing that I needed to get this cum off me and out of my outfit before my roommate came back from band practice. I crawl on my back to the side of the bed that was closest to my chest drawers. I open up the bottom drawer and got out an old t-shirt and started wiping the cum off my body and clothes. After a couple minutes I had most of the cum off my body so I started to get my clothes off put them in my dirty clothes hamper. I then went to the sink in the room and started to wash off the cum on my face and hair. As I was washing I heard the doorknob start to turn and quickly grab my bath towel and wrapped it around my waist before my roommate walked in.

As my roommate, Dylan, walk in, I quickly stated that was going down to take a shower as I turn off the water. I slide on my flip-flops and grab my bath bag and started my walk to the showers. I was really hoping that I got all the cum out of my hair even though I still had some cum on my legs but luckily for me that was covered by my bath towel. As I enter the showers I found a stall and quickly started washing and rinsing all over my sticky body. After finishing washing I walk back into my room and change into my PJs for the night. As I set in my bed watching TV my roommate started asking me a bunch of questions like “Are you going to go to black fraternity party next week since I got fuck once already?” Most of the questions I tried to evasive as I could be to his questions. As I turn off the TV and roll over to go to sleep my roommate stayed up a little longer reading a book.

The next morning was the first day of classes. At every class I attended most students were talking about if they saw anyone running around campus in panties after “Bitch Night”. I was very quiet around these conversations in hopes that no one saw me running through campus. I also found through conversation that most students would go across the street of the fraternity house next week to watch new bitches walk into the fraternity house.

After my last class that day which was around 2:00, I went back to my to my dorm room to rest and watch some TV. As time past and it got closer to 4:00, I thought it be a great time to go down to the cafeteria for an early dinner.

After getting my tray full of food from the different stations, I found a table without anyone so that I could to eat by myself. As I started to sit down, a familiar voice from behind ask, “Why is a pretty ass like yours setting all alone?” As I turn around I quickly saw that it was Jacob coming to sit by me. As I was about to ask him why he was in the cafeteria so early he retorts, “All the little sisters came to the cafeteria early after bitch night.” This caused me to start to look around the cafeteria and notice several of the other white guys from “bitch night” were in the cafeteria eating alone.

Jacob then ask “Have you gotten the cum stains out of your outfit yet?” As I blush at the question, Jacob just laughs as he replies “I will take that as a no.” He then starts to tell me how much fun he had fucking me and he hopes I come back to the house next week. I reply, “I enjoy last night too but I think I am obligated to come back next week.” This just gets a good chuckle out of him. He then asks the big question “So you enjoy me fucking you?” I lower my head and nod yes and lightly whisper yes. Jacob just laughs and replies, “You were a lot more loud with that question in bed.” Again I just blush and try eating my food without having to answer any more questions. When I get done eating Jacob follows me outside and we start to walk to my dorm room. I start to get really nervous because I knew Dylan would still be in the room and I wasn’t sure if Jacob wanted to go back up to my room for a blowjob or to fuck me. As we get to my dorm, Jacob slaps my ass and tells me that he will see me later. After seeing Jacob walk away I feel a little sad and mad that he didn’t want to go up to my room and at least fool around or something.

When I got back up to my room, Dylan was heading out to go to the cafeteria for dinner before band practice. When my roommate left room, I got on my computer and started looking up some gay porn sites and started jerking off. No matter what was on the screen though my thoughts always went back to Jacob fucking me or squirting his cum on me. After I cum all over my chest I roll my chair over to open the bottom drawer and got a t-shirt out to clean the cum off. As I did this I remember that this would be the perfect time to clean my outfit. I rolled my chair back to my computer and started searching on how to clean lace panties since I have never clean panties before. Most of the sites that I cam across said panties should be clean by hand and not to be put in the wash. They also said to use Woolite detergent. After gathering the information, I went down to the student store and brought some Woolite detergent.

After getting back to the dorm I put a stopper in the sink and started drawing up some water. I then proceeded to wash the lace panties carefully and gently as I could while getting the gum stains out. After ten minutes of washing I finally got the panties to look like they were Ataköy travesti on the first day. I then set them over on the footboard of my bed so that they could dry. I then proceeded to get my clothes out of dirty clothes hamper. I went down to the first floor and started separating the whites and colors. Since I was the only one down there and it was only the first day of classes I used two washers to speed things up. As I sit down in the laundry room I started to read a book from one of my classes while I waited.

After the color clothes were done washing, I held up my little purple shirt to make sure it didn’t shrink in the wash and that the cum stains were removed. I stuff all the color clothes in the drier and set it to gentle cycle to avoid the slightest hint of any shrinkage of my clothes. After waiting another hour my clothes were finally finish drying and I started to head back to room with my clean clothes in the laundry basket. When I enter my room I was horrified to see Dylan back already. As I walk in Dylan muttered “I see you wash you panties already for the party next week.” I try not to say anything and started to hang up and folder my clothes from the laundry basket. When I got to the purple shirt Dylan made the comment “I am going to get a picture of you in that next week and post it online.” At this comment I turn as white as a ghost as I knew that was nothing I could about if he took a picture of me walking in to the fraternity house. I started to plea with him to not take any pictures but his only response was he might or he might not.

The rest of the week was a total blur for me as all I could think about was fraternity party coming up. I think I talk to Jacob every night trying to get as much information as I could from him. I found out guys could wear flip-flops with their outfits and that he wanted me to paint my toe nails to match my outfit. Jacob also told me the best way to get to the fraternity house in my outfit is to wear clothes over it and drive my vehicle behind the fraternity house. This would then allow me to pull off the clothes over my outfit and leave it in the truck. Then just bring my personal item bag and necklace and walk around the house to the front door. Even though I would still have to walk around half naked I didn’t have to walk across campus half naked. Also, Jacob told me he only told me this because he wanted to fuck me again and not have me get arrested and spend the night in jail getting fuck. This made my dick hard thinking that Jacob wanted to fuck me.

As the big night approach I followed Jacob’s instructions and started painting my toenails a purple shade that would match my outfit. I knew this was going to take a while so I started as soon as Dylan left for band practice. After spending an hour drying my toenails I started to put on my little purple shirt and lace panties on. This was the first time that I have worn it since last week. As soon as I slip on the outfit my dick got instantly hard thinking about getting fuck by Jacob again. I then proceeded to put on a dark color t-shirt and some workout shorts. I then slip on my flip-flops and put on the necklace for my personal bag and headed out the door. As I unzip the bag to get out my truck keys I slowly started to realize this was more like a purse then a bank deposit bank.

When I got to my truck I started driving to fraternity house, which was across the street from campus. While driving in front of the house I notice a large crowd of people had started to gather across the street. My heart started to pound at this point but my plan was to walk in as close to 8 as I could to avoid Dylan getting a picture of me and to hopefully to avoid to many people being across the street. As I found a parking space behind the house I look at the clock in my truck that read 7:50. My heart started to beat faster thinking of having to make the walk to the front door. I then put my truck keys in the personal bag and locked it for the night. I then took a couple deep breaths before I started taking the clothes off over my outfit. While removing my clothes, I did see a couple of other white guys from the party last week in their vehicles. I waited in my truck until two other guys got out of their cars. I quickly exited my vehicle and locked the doors then I started walking towards the other guys in the purple outfits. I ask them if we could all walk together which sounded like a good idea to them.

As we started to walk up the alleyway, that ran parallel to the side of the house, someone from across the street yelled “Here come the first round of bitches tonight!” As we heard that all three of us pick up the pace that we were walking. As we came around corner of the alley onto the sidewalk in front of the house we all lower our heads and tried cover our faces as best we could with our hands. Even with our faces covered I could still see flashes of light from people’s cameras and hear people yelling taunts. As we made it to the front of the house and started walking up the stairs to the front porch I could hear taunts like “Yeah shake that ass!!” and “Have fun bouncing on black cock tonight!” As we knock on the door Bahçelievler travesti it seemed longer to open this time then it had last week. While we waited outside I could see flashes of light going off like crazy. Finally the door was open and all three us jump inside as fast as we could. Once inside we handed our personal belongings bags over and started looking around the party. As expected we were the first white guys to the party.

We slowly started walking around as a sea of black guys separated and surrounded us. I frantically started looking for Jacob as more and more black men surrounded me. With me being in panties and a group guys looking me over, I never felt more venerable in my life. Suddenly I felt a hand squeeze my openly expose ass cheek. When I turn around to see who grabbing me Jacob pop up between two guys. He then walked between them and with his hand still on my ass cheek he pulls me closer and started to kiss me on the lips. The room erupted in commotion at the sight of this. After sticking his tongue as far as it would go down my throat, Jacob quickly release his embrace on me and grab my hand. He then proceeded to lead me though the room to go get some beer. At the sight of Jacob my dick got instantly hard especially after the passionate kiss he gave me. When we got to the kitchen and he pour me a cup from the keg, he then looked down at my hard dick sticking out of my panties and commented, “I can see someone is excited to be here tonight.” Then proceeded to grab my crotch area to give it a nice squeeze as he handed me my cup. After taking his hand off my crotch, he pour himself a cup and grab my hand again started leading my around the house. Each time we stop, I had to fix my panties and let Jacob squeeze one of my ass cheeks.

As it got later more of the other guys started showing up. At 8:30 everyone started to gather in the main room and the front door was lock for the night. Then one of the guys yell out two names and then the black man that presented the video last week motion for the projector to be lower. As the room got quiet he thank the guys that came back this week for another round of fucking. As he was speaking the projector screen lit up to show a computer screen and two clips of two white guys getting fuck were uploaded to porn website for everyone to see. The black man then stated, “That is what white bitches get when they break our rules.” Then lights came back on and projector screen went black. Then the black guy said he wanted all the “little sisters” to come to the front of the room. I look nervously at Jacob as he pushed me towards the front of the room.

After getting to the front and looking out I could see a lot of eager faces looking at us. We were then instructed to turn around and face the wall as a guy came up and started to pin a piece of paper to the back of our shirts. Then the guy started announcing, “Okay guys here is the annual “Little Sisters” best butt competition. Each “little sister” has number on his back and will jump five times when instructed. After each “little sister” jumps each member of the fraternity will then vote for the “Little Sister” with the best butt. The winner will get this crown and sash. The second and third place will only get a sash.”

Then I hear, “Okay contestant number one start jumping!” Out of the corner of my eye I see a guy walk over to second guy to my right. After the black male steps back the guy proceeds to jump five times facing the wall. After each jump the crowd erupts in cheers and laughter. My stomach starts turning knots thinking about me having to jump in front of these guys. The guy to my right starts to jump after they call contestant number 2 and I sneak a peek at his ass while he is jumping. Then they call contest number 3 and a guy taps me on shoulder and say, “Your turn.” The crowd erupts into cheers and I bend my knees a little bit and leap off the ground. As jump I feel my ass jiggle. I try to do the five jumps as fast as I can but that doesn’t seem fast enough when I hear the cheers and taunts after each jump. After the fifth jump, I stop and the guy goes on to contestant number 4. As I stand up there waiting for him to get through contest, I feel humiliated and venerable knowing guys are looking at us like pieces of meat.

Finally after contestant 28 jumps five times, the announcer says, “Voting can now start.” We are told to still face wall in case any of the guys wanted another look at our ass before voting. I think we waited up there for another ten minutes before we were allowed to turn back around to face the audience. After a couple more minutes a guy comes up the front and hands a piece of paper to the guy that been doing the announcements. The guy looks at the paper and makes the first announcement, “Third place goes to contestant number 14 with seven first place votes.” Contestant number 14 walks to the front of the stage but instead of getting his stash a guy that stands 6’8″ grabs the stash and holds it above his head. Contestant 14 then tries to jump to touch the stash as cheers and taunts come from the audience. After a couple minutes of not touching the stash the guy finally lowers Bahçeşehir travesti his hand and puts the stash on contestant 14.

“Second place goes to contestant 8 with eleven first place votes.” As he walks to the front the same process continues and contestant 8 jumps around trying to get his stash.

“And for the first time in the history of the best butt contest we have a contestant that got over half the votes for first place. Now the best butt goes to contestant number 3.” As I hear this I am so ecstatic that I won that I jump a couple times, which gets some guys to laugh and cheer. When I go up front to get my sash and crown I have to jump forever as guys cheer and yell out taunts at me. After the guy finally lowers his hand and puts the sash and crown on me the announcer says, “And that is our show for the evening. Enjoy the rest of the party.”

As the fraternity guys start to move towards to the front of the room to get their “little sisters”, they stop by to give my ass a good slap. Finally Jacob comes up and picks me up while grabbing both of my ass cheeks. Even though I happy I won the contest, I also feel like I am turning into a slut at this point.

Jacob then starts to lead me to the other parts of the house. I feel so naked and like little slut that I start to drink more alcohol in hopes that it will make me feel better. This made things worse because the bathroom that the “little sisters” used didn’t have a door and we had to sit down on the toilet. Every time a “little sister” used the bathroom someone in fraternity would take pictures. When I enter the bathroom someone yells out, “Best butt is going to the bathroom!” As I prepare to sit down cameras start to go off like crazy. I hear taunts and cheers come for the hallway as I pee.

After my tenth beer, Jacob asked me if I wanted to go upstairs I nod excitedly with a yes. As we climbed the stairs all the guys were giving Jacob high five and yelling taunts at me. When we get into the room Jacob takes off my sash and crown and puts them on his desk. Then he pushes me down on the bed and immediately starts taking off my outfit, which takes a whole five seconds. As I lay there naked on the bed I start to position myself for Jacob to mount me easier while he undresses. After getting undress, Jacob then motion for me to come over to him. When I did he picks me up and holds me upside down facing his dick. He then instructs me to start sucking his dick while he starts lubing up my ass. After he got my ass lube up he then drops me on the bed and made me get on my hands and knees facing the wall. This time while he stands off to the side of the bed. Without warning Jacob shoves his cock up my ass and I scream out in pain. After the first couple of thrusts I realize Jacob is going to fuck me a lot harder tonight. With each thrust I moan in pain and pleasure as his balls slap against my ass. My dick, already erect, starts following the movements of his thrusts by slapping my abdomen every time he thrusts his cock up my ass. While Jacob fucks me the door opens I hear Kevin tell Jacob that he doing a good job fucking me. I look over my shoulder to see Kevin and his little sister head for his bed.

After fucking my ass non-stop for what felt like eternity, Jacob orders me to get on my back and move my head towards the headboard. When I position myself according to his instructions, he then lifts one of my legs and positions me on my side a little. He then proceeds to shoves his cock in my ass sideways. I scream in pain but Jacob pays no attention and proceeds to fuck my ass. Each thrusts he tells me how I am his bitch for now on and he will fuck me however he wants. He then grabs my ass cheek that is off the bed and gives it a good squeeze before giving it a good slap as he continues to yell taunts at me.

After a couple more minutes of fucking me, I start to moan like the little bitch that I am as pre-cum starts to leak out of my dick. I start yelling at Jacob, “Don’t stop! I’m going to cum!” as Jacob continues to pound my ass. My body tightens up and my legs try to get free unsuccessfully. I then start to squirt cum on the bed as Jacob continues to fuck me. After cumming, I try to catch my breath but with Jacob continuing to fuck me it’s hard to do. After a couple more thrusts Jacob pulls his cock out of my ass and takes off his condom. He then grabs me by my hair position my face in front of his cock as he starts to masturbate. I figure that he is going to give me a facial but as the last minute he pushes my head closer to his cock and he tells me to open up my mouth. As I comply his sticks black dick in my mouth as he starts to cum. Wave after wave starts to shot into my mouth and I have no choice but to swallow his cum while he sticks more and more of his cock in my mouth. In amount of seconds some cum starts to slip out of my mouth but I try to swallow as much as I can. Jacob continues to shove his cock down my mouth until dick is touching the back of my mouth and I start to gag. After Jacob finishes cumming he leaves his cock in my mouth as he listens to me gag. After a minute he finally removes his cock from my mouth and I swallow any remaining cum in my mouth, He then instructs me to open my mouth to ensure I didn’t leave any behind. After checking my mouth, he had me clean off any remaining cum on his cock. I lick most of it off with my tongue while every now then sticking his dick in my mouth to slurp off any remaining juices.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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