Jake Hunter: An Unexpected Reward

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Jake sat gingerly at the bar. “Whiskey sour, make it a double,” he said to the bartender. He eased his aching muscles into a semblance of rest, wishing that that ex-KGB operative had been a little more cooperative. While footraces through the alleys of Greece and hand-to-hand combat on a rooftop look fantastic in the movies, they never felt quite as good when they were over.

He spotted the flash of red hair in the mirror. Irena came and sat next to him. “Is it done?” she asked nervously, her Romanian accent thick but sweet.

“It will be,” he answered gruffly, his pain and fatigue putting a snap into his voice. Seeing the girl struggle to control the emotions on her face, he softened. “I got the contact, and convinced him to give up his comrades. We’ve got men going in right now. You should have your brother back by morning.” He was surprised when she threw her arms around him, pressing her ample bosom against his chest and kissing his cheek. He groaned as he felt the muscles in his back protest.

“Oh!” she exclaimed, jumping back. “You are injured! You did not tell me. You should be in hospital, not in bar,” she finished, mixing accusation with concern.

Jake waved her off. “I’m fine, really. Just ran into the floor a few times. Two whiskeys, two aspirin, and a good night’s sleep, and I’ll be right as rain.”

“No!” she declared. “I am nurse, you know. I know injured. If not hospital, at least let me give you hot bath and massage. You cannot get stiff, it will be bad.”

Jake looked up into those rich brown eyes, and thought of a massage. Then he looked down to where her breasts were touching his arm again. He was actually pretty sure he could get stiff, and that it would not be bad at all.

Jake turned off the shower, breathing in the last of the steam. Between the water and the whiskey, he was definitely relaxing. He threw open the shower curtain, and was surprised to see Irena standing there. She handed him a towel from the heated rack, and then filled the coffee pot from the sink. Jake wasn’t sure whether to be insulted or relieved that she hadn’t reacted to his nakedness.

“Er,” he said, “Isn’t caffeine usually a bad idea before a massage?”

“Hmm?” she replied, turning towards him. This time, Jake noticed that her gaze started at his legs and traveled quickly up to his face. “The water?” she continued, “It is not for coffee. Is for warming the oils.” She poured the water into the reservoir of the coffee maker, and then dropped several small colorful plastic bottles into the pot.

Jake trusted that she knew what she was doing. He’d learned to let experts be experts. He finished toweling off, wrapped the towel around his waist, and headed out to the main room. He flipped the TV on to hotel information, just to let the music run in the background.

Irena came out with the other towels from the bathroom. She began spreading them on the bed, to protect the spread from the oils. She looked over at Jake, with a quirk to her lips. “I am afraid these are not enough for your body. I need that one, too,” she said, pointing at the one around his waist.

Jake blinked once, and then decided to throw caution to the wind. He whipped off the towel, and tossed it casually to the girl. She caught it, and then looked openly at him. Jake wasn’t exactly a male model, but a life of riding the edge of action had left him with a nice hard frame, crisscrossed with a couple dozen scars. The only real flaw was a pair of purpling bruises on his ribcage, where the agent’s kicks had found a hole in his defenses.

The sight of the bruises seemed to bring out the nurse in Irena again. She clucked and started looking more closely at them. After satisfying herself that nothing was broken, she guided Jake to the bed. He laid face-down, resting his head on the pillows. She retrieved the first bottle of oil, and began at his feet.

Jake lost track of time. Irena’s hands were wonderful. And this wasn’t the kind of weak rubbing he usually received from girls. Her strong fingers dug into his muscles, undoing the knots from the day’s work. His body relaxed, and his mind floated free. He was also very aware when Irena moved up onto the bed, straddling his hips in order to rub his back.

Then, Irena had him turn face up. Jake knew that his arousal was impossible to miss, but the girl seemed to ignore it. She began at his feet again, working her way up his legs. Before getting to his hips, she shifted and began on his arms. Jake, his eyes closed through all of this, felt the bed shift as she climbed onto it. He felt her straddle his upper thighs again. And, most significantly, he felt that this time her legs were bare.

Smiling, he opened his eyes as she leaned forward to begin rubbing his chest. Her luscious red hair flopped forward, obscuring her face. But, he could see through it to her cleavage, now held only by a pretty green satin bra. Matching panties hugged her hips, mere tantalizing inches from bangbross porno his own. He wasn’t entirely sure when she had shed her sweater and slacks, but he had long ago learned to not question the magic of the fairer sex.

Much more alert now, he actively enjoyed the feel of her hands on his chest, slipping around in the warm oil. He moved his hand to brush aside her hair, but she clucked her tongue at him. “Just lie back for now,” she murmured. “Is not your turn to move yet.” Never one to deny a lady, he leaned back.

Irena leaned back to retrieve the last bottle of oil, deliberately arching her back to thrust out her large breasts. Jake had to restrain himself from reaching for them. As though sensing his thoughts, the redhead looked back at him. She scooted farther down the bed, until she was straddling his knees, smiling at him.

She leaned forward again, spreading the oil she’d put on her palms across his upper thighs. Her hands traveled across his lower abdomen, tracing the muscles there. Only the very tips of her fingers trailed through his pubic hair. Fingernails tickled his balls, making his cock jump. One oil-slick palm slid up his shaft. Fingers curled around, taking him in a firm grip. Her wrist began flexing back and forth, jacking him with slow strong strokes.

Jake hissed in his breath, the heat of the oil adding a unique dimension to the sensations. He once again shifted, reaching for Irena. Once again, she pushed him back down. Wrapping her fingers back around his cock, she leaned in. Her mountain of flame-colored tresses cascaded forward, concealing her actions. But, Jake did not need to see. He felt her hot breath turn the oil into a sheath of fire. Then her tongue swiped across the head of his penis, causing his hips to jerk up to meet it.

Chuckling low in her throat, she slid her lips over the crown, sucking just enough for him to feel it. Her tongue continued to swirl back and forth, and her hand kept up the rhythm on his shaft. She popped her lips off him, only to run her tongue from his balls all the way to the tip. Jake cried out as she did it again. Then her lips sealed over his cock again, and she began bobbing up and down.

As Irena felt Jake’s orgasm begin to build, she switched tactics again. She released his member from the luscious warmth of her mouth, and moved her hand back up to caress him. The heat of the oil came back, drawing a grunt out of him. She began nipping at his flesh with her teeth, moving from cock to thighs to balls. Jake swept the curtain of hair back from her face, and this time she did not resist. Indeed, she turned her head to look straight into his eyes. She slowly extended her tongue, resting the tip of it on the sensitive spot just below the crown. She held his gaze as she worked her tongue into it, rolling and twisting the tip. He groaned with pleasure.

She closed her eyes again as she again took him between her lips. Jake watched her red mouth stretch around his girth. He felt the warm breath from her nostrils as she lowered her head. He felt the softness of the back of her throat. She pulled back slowly, then down again. She slowly, oh so slowly, increased her pace.

Her hand moved to caress his balls, continuing to work the oil into his skin. It then slipped between his thighs. Her slick finger pressed onto, then split, the cleft of his ass. As her mouth continued to aggressively work his cock, her finger slowly slid its way forward. Jake felt the tip of it press against his sphincter, but was beyond caring at this point. He let out a long low moan as her finger penetrated him. She lifted one knee, allowing him to spread his legs. First one finger, then a second, used the oil to slide into his ass.

Jake exerted as much self control as he could, but this was too much. He felt all of his insides tense into a tightly coiled spring. His muscles bore down on her fingers, and she curled them just a bit. She touched something inside him, and he exploded. His whole world turned inside out, as if his very soul was being forced out of his cock with his semen. Irena kept her lips locked tightly around his cock, milking it of everything he had to give. She kept suckling it, even after both Jake and his cock went limp.

Jake’s breath came in great, ragged gasps. He felt Irena’s fingers pull from him. She crawled up next to him, curling up under one arm. “Thank you, you great, beautiful man,” she said.

Jake looked down at her face. “Oh no,” he said, “don’t think you get off that easily. I’m not out for the night yet. Besides, I still want to see what’s under that pretty green bra.” His hand slipped down her back, and with a deft touch that surprised her, popped the hooks on the bra with one hand. His other hand reached over, and tilted her face up to his. They shared a long, languorous kiss. He could taste a bit of himself in her mouth, along with a bit of the cinnamon oil. But mostly he tasted her breath, and her need.

Rolling bangbus porno the girl onto her back, he pulled away the loosened bra. For a moment, he just stared at the magnificent mountains he had revealed. He trailed a finger up the side of one breast, and around the pebbly aureolae. Irena’s breath caught in her throat. When Jake lowered his mouth to lick the nipple, the breath was released in a low moan. He lavished attention on her breasts. His mouth would be busy nibbling the flesh of one, while his thumb flicked the nub at the peak of the other. Then he would suck as much as he could of one mound into his mouth, sucking until he could feel prickles inside his throat. He rolled the breasts together with his hands, helping them stand high and proud. Irena thrashed and rolled under him, running fingers through his short-cropped hair, pulling his head ever closer to her chest.

Before too long, Jake’s hand began its inevitable downward slide. It moved from her breast to her upper abdomen. Then he tickled her belly button while gripping her nipple in his teeth. Finally, his hand slipped beneath the satin waistband of her panties. He noticed that the dark red of her pubic hair stood out in lovely contrast to the green material. He let his fingers play idly in that hair for a bit, ignoring the girl’s bucking hips and mewling need. Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore. She grabbed his hand, and shoved it down between her thighs. Now it was Jake’s turn to chuckle, as he allowed her loss of control.

He gently probed the slick folds of her pussy. She was soaked from desire, and open to his every touch. He slid two fingers into her depths. But, it was quickly obvious that the panties were more obstacle than titillation now. Jake rolled off the bed, moving to the end of it. Irena shifted to the middle, spreading her legs wide open for him. He reached up and pulled down her panties. He looked down at her gorgeous curves, wantonly displayed just for him. He wished for a moment that he had a camera, to capture this image perfectly.

He crawled back up onto the bed. He didn’t bother with teasing now. He dove right for the triangle at the junction of her thighs. He breathed deeply of her intoxicating aroma. He spread apart her lips with his thumbs, and gave her a long lick, from bottom to top. He felt her whole body tremble, and smiled. He lowered his head again, rolling his tongue around the clitoris at the top of her opening. He shifted his weight to one elbow, and slid two fingers from the other hand into her pussy. He thrust them in and out, twisting and curling them to stroke every surface inside her. She alternated between whimpers, yelps, gasps, and animalistic growls. Jake enjoyed a passionate, vocal lover, and she was one of the best he’d ever had.

Then he decided that turnabout was not only fair play, but a fair guess of what she should enjoy. He slid his pinky finger down to her rectum. Sure enough, her legs pulled back, giving him easy access. With all the juice flowing from her cunt, he slipped his pinky in easily. His ring finger followed, almost as easily. The girl began to squeal and cry out, as his hand thrust hard into her pussy and ass, while he assaulted her clit with teeth and tongue. It did not take long for Irena to cry out in orgasm. But Jake did not slow down, bringing her off twice more before pulling back.

He knelt between her open thighs, staring down at her sweat-soaked body. She opened her eyes and looked up into his face. Her lips parted with a soft, sweet smile. Then her eyes traveled down to his waist. She saw that he had risen again, once more filled with need. She met his gaze, and simply said, “Yes. Fuck me.”

Jake leaned forward, settling his weight above her. She reached between their bodies, taking his hard shaft in her hands. She guided him to her hole, arching her back to give him better access. He felt his head make contact, and pushed forward slowly. The petals of her cunt parted eagerly, welcoming him inside. Before he was even fully inside, he could feel her muscles inside gripping him. Her pussy had grabbed a hold of him, and he could feel it massaging his prick. He thrust hard, burying himself fully in her velvet vise. She cried out as their hips met. She wrapped her legs around his waist, and lifted her head. “Do it,” she whispered in his ear. “Pound my cunt and make me come, Jake. I want you to fuck me, you beautiful piece of cock.”

Spurred on by her language, Jake began to move his hips. He went slowly at first, dragging almost his entire length out past her lips, and then sinking back until he could feel their pubic bones pressing together. Her bucking hips and insistent cries drove him on, though, and he began fucking her with more speed, more power, more insistence. Their bodies began slapping together, any cries reduced to incoherence.

Suddenly, Irena flexed her hips. The couple rolled, and she was on top. Jake was surprised by this switch, but hardly beurette tour porno displeased. The girl tucked her knees up until she was sitting bolt upright, just enjoying the feeling of being filled with his cock. Jake reached up, and began massaging those gorgeous tits. Irena moaned, and began rolling her hips around. Jake lifted one finger to her mouth, letting her suck it. He then dragged the wet tip down and over her nipples.

A wicked smile came over Irena’s lips. She opened her eyes, and looked down at Jake. “You like my tits very much, yes? Good. I like them too.” She then demonstrated by lifting one up, and flicking her tongue over the nipple. Jake watched, mesmerized by the performance. Without breaking his gaze or stopping her performance, she began lifting herself up and down on his pole. Jake just lay there and watched at first. Then his hand slid down her hip, and across her thighs. He began frigging her clit, while she was fucking him. Her head fell back, and Jake felt her cunt spasming around him as she came, her face stretched in a silent scream.

After a few moments, she began rolling her hips again. Before she could really build up a rhythm, Jake sat up. He gave the girl a deep, soulful kiss, and then rolled her off. “Turn over,” he said. And, with a smile, she complied. She dropped down on her elbows, lifting her ass up into the air, wiggling it in the agent’s face. He answered her taunts by burying his face between her thighs, licking from her clit up to her asshole. He could still taste the cinnamon oil from his earlier probing mixed with her own heady musk. Her whole body went taut at his touch, vibrating with pleasure.

Jake rose to his knees behind her, placed a hand on either hip, and drew their bodies together. His cock, a sure, straight arrow, found her center and slid into her cunt. He felt her muscles contract around him again, pulling him in. He used all the power of his muscles to thrust deeply into her. Their hips pounded into one another, drawing out grunts and cries of pleasure. Pure animal lust ruled their actions now, rolling through them again and again.

In an attempt to draw out the pleasure and regain control, Jake slowed down. He began to tease Irena, changing her cries of passion to whimpers of need. “Please, Jake,” she called piteously. “Fuck me harder. I am so close, you beautiful fucker. Drive me. Take me. Fuck me!”

Instead, a smile spread across the young man’s face. He scooped up an oil bottle that was still on the bed, squeezing out the last dribbles onto the spread cheeks of her ass. He worked it into her skin, and then started working it into her asshole. Without moving his cock, he slid his middle finger into her. The girl stiffened beneath him. His index finger slid in next. A shudder went through her body, and she buried her face in the pillows. His ring finger followed, stretching her sphincter wide. Irena let out a long scream as it entered, and then started bucking her hips against him.

Knowing that he had her number now, Jake pulled his fingers back out. He slid his thumb in, and started using it to guide her hips back and forth over his cock. He felt the girl’s fingers come up from below, and start frigging her clit. Knowing that he was getting close to the point of no return, he slid his cock out of her hungry cunt. Irena’s protests were cut short when the head replaced his thumb at her rear entrance. “Oh, yes!” she yelled, her face still in the pillow. Her cries began mixing English and Russian together, but Jake knew enough of both to hear a variety of desperate pleas for him to ream her ass hard.

He pushed gently at first, splitting her rectum with the head of his cock. She tensed up and whimpered, then deliberately relaxed. Pushing together, they felt the crown pop past the tight ring of muscle. After a moment to let her get used to the feeling, Jake pushed forward again. Riding on the lubrication of the oil and a healthy layer of her own juices, he sank his full length into her bowels. When he bottomed out, his pubic hair pressed against her coccyx, he just stopped and savored it for a moment. There wasn’t the movement of the muscles that caressed him in her vagina. But her asshole was so tight that he wasn’t sure he could move.

“Fuck me!” Irena ordered, now speaking entirely in Russian. “Fuck my hot bottom with your big cock, you ass-raping bastard! Ream me hard, ream me long!”

The young American was more than happy to oblige. He used small movements at first, to make sure he wasn’t hurting her. She yelled at him some more and started bucking back against him. He grabbed hold of her hips tightly, and started pounding her. He noticed that her fingers were back on her cunt, rubbing furiously. She was screaming into the pillow, totally lost in the sensations. The bed rocked back and forth, creaking and banging into the wall.

Finally, Jake couldn’t take it anymore. He pushed her ass down and her legs apart to get maximum friction. He pumped harder and faster, feeling the pleasure tighten in his balls. With one great yell, he plunged his dick into her depths, blasting her insides with his come. The spasms of his climax gradually subsided, and he slid to the bed, nearly senseless.

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