Jake, the Handyman Pt. 02

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Just as everyone was chatting in the living room, the phone rang and Nancy answered.

We heard her talking and after a few minutes she came into the living room.

Nancy said, “We are going to have a young couple joining us today. I apologize but they are getting married in a week and want to use our services before they marry. I explained to them that we are in a session now, but they were insistent, so I told them that they could join us.”

She then asked me if it was ok to move our stuff from the new bedroom to hers and I told her it was fine.

Then Nancy told us to continue with whatever we had planned until they get here.

Ellie helped me and Lisa move our stuff and Ellie freshened up the room for their arrival.

As Ellie & Nancy got ready for their new students, Lisa, Jake and myself found a nice spot to ourselves.

As the three of us chatted, I said, “Hey Jake, isn’t Lisa a great fuck? She really enjoyed you yesterday. I wouldn’t mind seeing an encore. What do you guys say?”

Jake looked at me and then Lisa and replied, “Well, Lisa is great and I enjoyed her and hope that she felt the same way. I would love to make love to your wife again.”

Lisa smiled and said, “Well, it is my intention of always making my husband happy and if he wants to see his best friend fuck his wife, again, I am ok with it.”

Lisa stood up, slipped off her thong and moved over to Jake. He got up as she approached him and I just watched.

In a short time, they were in an embrace, kissing and feeling each other up. Lisa pulled Jake’s shorts down, releasing his already hard cock.

My wife fell to her knees and started sucking his cock. While she was blowing him, I pulled out my cock and started slowly jerking it.

I watched as Lisa sucked his cock and then she got his balls in her mouth and was sucking his cock and balls together.

After a few minutes, she told Jake to sit down and when he did, she sat on his lap and let his cock slide into her cunt.

She was riding his cock as her tits were bouncing around.

Jake finally said he was going to cum.

Lisa rode him harder and faster and Jake let out a moan and shot his cum into my wife’s cunt.

By this time, my cock was ready to explode and I got up and stood next to Lisa and shot my cum on her tits as Jake still had his cock in my wife.

Lisa smiled and said, while Jake’s cock was still in her, “I hope this made you happy because it sure made me happy.”

Then she dismounted Jake and I watched as his cum oozed out of my wife’s cunt.

As we rested, the doorbell rang. We got up, still naked and saw Nancy opening the door.

She welcomed the couple in.

They introduced themselves as Kathleen and Robert.

Nancy introduced us and I told them that we were naked was because we just finished a lesson. They just smiled.

The three of us went to put some clothes on and Nancy took them into the kitchen.

Jake joined them as Lisa and I discussed a few things.

About an hour later, Ellie brought them up to the new bedroom to get settled. After a few minutes, Nancy called us all together.

Nancy said, “Kate and Robert are here to learn about pleasing their each other. Robert wants Kate to please him by being his sex slave and, while Kate is ok with that to a degree, she wants to learn what it entails and how far he wants it to go and I need your help.”

We all said we would help.

Let me describe the couple.

Both had a very light complexion, maybe Irish. Kate had red hair, green eyes, was about 5’8″, 135, long legs, Sinop Escort tight ass and nice sized tits.

Robert also looked Irish with a ruddy complexion, about 5’10”, 170, solidly built and red hair as well.

Nancy told us they would be here for only for a few hours so we had to start right away.

Nancy looked at Kate and told her to undress.

Kate looked around and said, “You mean now, in front of everyone?”

Nancy sternly said, “Yes. Get naked now.”

With a bit of hesitation, Kate started removing her clothes until she was naked.

We all could see that she had a smooth pussy and her tits were much bigger than we thought.

Then Nancy said, “Kate, go to everyone and let them feel you up. When you finish that, lay on the floor as Jake and Tony are going to fuck you.”

Kate replied, “No. They aren’t going to fuck me. I am getting dressed and we are leaving.”

As she grabbed her clothes, Robert went to her and took her aside and said to her, “What are you doing? How can we learn if you run off? You said you wanted to come here, so here we are. Now listen to the woman and do what she says.”

Kate hugged him and said to him, “Ok. I will do it for you. I’m ok now.”

Kate came back into the room and walked around to each person.

We all felt her up and Lisa even gave her a kiss on the lips and let her put her hands on Lisa’s tits. She whispered to Kate, “Hon, do it and enjoy it. I did.”

Kate then laid on the floor and Jake mounted her as we all watched.

It didn’t take long before Jake’s cock was deep inside Kate’s cunt. I watched Robert’s expression as he saw his girlfriend getting fucked. He seemed to enjoy it all.

Jake started fucking her harder and faster and said he was going to cum.

Robert yelled out, “Cum in her cunt.”

Jake yelled that he was cumming and shot his cum in Kate’s cunt.

He then pulled his limp cock out of her and I took his place.

My cock easily slipped in her cum filled cunt and I started fucking her. As I did that, Lisa moved to her and eased her cunt over Kate’s moth and told her to eat her cunt.

As I was fucking Kate, I could clearly see Kate’s tongue darting in and out of Lisa’s pussy.

Kate started moving her hips and matching me thrust fir thrust.

It wasn’t long before I told her I was going to cum. She yelled out, cum in me, cum in me…and I shot my cum deep into her cunt.

When I pulled out, cum oozed out. Lisa then went down and lapped up the cum from her cunt.

We all applauded her and Robert was beaming in pride that Kate did it.

Kate smiled and said, “Thank you all, especially you Lisa. I did enjoy it.”

Nancy told Kate to go shower and then come back down.

In the meantime, Ellie asked Robert why he wanted her as a sex slave.

Robert said, “I love her but I want her to enjoy every aspect of sex and she wouldn’t do that unless she was told what to do. Also, I love anal and I want her to learn to enjoy it. If she were my sex slave, she would learn to love it.”

Ellie replied, “Will you be offering her to others?”

Robert answered, “Not unless she wanted to. If she did want others, I would be ok with it.”

Just then Kate came down, naked.

Nancy said to her, “Robert told us he loves anal sex but you aren’t into that. However, by the time you leave here, you will crave to be fucked in your ass.”

Then Nancy told her to get on all fours.

She told Robert to get his cock out and fuck Kate in her ass.

Robert pulled out his cock which was quite Sinop Escort Bayan large. Nancy gave him some lube and he was ready.

Lisa went over to Kate and got down with her, facing her. She then said to her, “Kate, relax. It will hurt a bit as he slides his cock in you but once his cock is in you, it will feel terrific. Now kiss me.”

As the two kissed, Robert started sliding his cock in her ass. She jumped a bit, but Lisa kept her distracted and soon Robert had his cock deep in her ass.

I heard Lisa say to Kate, “Good girl Kate. His cock is in you. Now just enjoy his fucking your ass.”

Robert fucked her slowly, then picked up the pace.

Soon, Kate was yelling out, “God, don’t stop. It feels so good. Fuck my ass baby. Cum in my ass.”

Then Robert shot his cum in Kate’s ass. He then eased his spent cock out. As soon as his cock was out, Jake got behind her and slipped his cock in her ass.

He said to her, “You like your ass fucked now Kate? After I cum in your ass,Tony is going to fuck your ass. You want that?”

Kate yelled out, “Yesssss…fuck my ass. Cum in my ass. I want more cocks in my ass…Robert, baby, I love you…it feels so good…don’t stop.”

Jake shot his load in her ass and I lined up my cock as soon as Jake was done.

I rammed my cock in her cum filled ass and fucked it hard…cum was flowing out her ass with each of my thrusts, covering my balls.

I yelled out I was going to cum and shot streams of cum in her ass.

As soon as I pulled my cock out, cum just flowed out her asshole.

Lisa kissed her and told her she was terrific. Robert went over and hugged and kissed her as well.

Nancy told Robert to take her to the new bathroom and help her clean up.

Nancy said, “I think that went well. I do believe Kate will be ok with anal going forward. Now, Lisa, did you get fucked earlier?”

Lisa replied, “Yes. Jake fucked me as I sat on his lap and then my husband shot his cum on my tits. It was great.”

Nancy continued, “So, is everyone satisfied to date? Does anyone have any questions or suggestions?”

Jake replied, “I think everything has been great. Lisa and Tony have been very accommodating, in fact they asked me to be their third member from now on.”

Ellie said, “Well, that’s great Jake. So you will be living together from now on?”

I answered, “We aren’t sure yet. We do know that Jake can have Lisa whenever he wants her, even for sleepovers at his house.

Ellie and Nancy both said that was terrific.

Nancy then said, “Just to recap for now:

Jake has accepted our offer to work with us with couples.

Tony is happy now that Lisa will give him the pleasure and happiness from her fucking others, right now it’s Jake.

Lisa enjoyed watching her husband sucking Jake’s cock and that pleased her immensely.

Lisa was very pleased letting a stranger fuck her if it made her husband happy.

Tony loved watching his wife having sex with another woman and would like to see more of that.

Nancy told us that what she just pointed out was what everyone’s idea of providing pleasure and happiness to others.

We all agreed she was correct.

Ellie then said, “Now we have to concentrate on Kate and Robert. From now until they leave, we are to make Kate Robert’s sex slave and to get Kate to enjoy that role.”

We all said we would do that for them.

After what seemed like hours, Robert and Kate returned.

They were all smiles and relaxed. We all asked them how they were and they both said they were Escort Sinop fine and thanked us for helping them.

Nancy said, “Well, it seems that Kate & Robert have completed the first part of their training. But, there is more to come for them. Shall we all go to the new bedroom so we can continue a lesson before dinner?”

We all got up and headed to the bedroom.

Nancy and Ellie started to undress and anyone who had clothes on removed them.

Once we were all naked, Nancy, Ellie & Lisa got on the bed.

Nancy then said, “Kate, please join us. You men may watch or play with each other but no men are allowed on this bed while we are on it.”

The men sat in chairs and watched as the four women started having their own mini orgy.

Lisa paired with Kate and Ellie and her sister paired off.

Now, Lisa knew this was a first for Kate but she went full throttle with her.

I watched Lisa kissing Kate and feeling her up. Lisa even sucked on Kate’s nipples and slipped her hand between her legs.

Kate started getting into it and soon was all over Lisa. She even mounted

my wife and started rubbing her pussy against Lisa’s pussy.

Then Nancy and Ellie turned their attentions to Kate and one was eating her and Kate was eating the other.

The sight was incredible.

I moved closer to Jake and I started sucking his cock. He held my head as I continued my sucking. I even managed to get his balls & cock in my mouth at the same time.

Just then I felt a jab in my ass and realized Robert was trying to get his cock in my ass. I maneuvered myself to where he had access to me.

Jake gave him some lube and in a few seconds, his cock was deep inside my ass.

I looked over and saw Lisa watching me. She yelled out, “That’s it Robert, fuck my husband’s ass hard. Cum in it.”

He pounded harder and as he did, Jake said he was cumming and shot his cum into my mouth. As I swallowed all of his cum, Robert shot his cum deep inside my ass.

Then, I felt some warm liquid and realized he peed in my ass.

As he pulled his cock out, cum and pee seeped out my ass and onto my cock and balls. God, it felt good. I saw Lisa smiling.

For the next half hour or so, Kate enjoyed the three women until they were all exhausted.

By this time, it was time for dinner.

As Nancy & Ellie prepared the food, we all discussed the day’s activities.

Kate & Robert said they learned a lot and appreciated our help. Kate said she was especially thankful for showing her the different ways to please her future husband.

Robert couldn’t thank us enough and said the lessons were well worth it.

After dinner, the couple left.

We cleaned up everything and Nancy brought us into the living room. Ellie brought wine and glasses.

As we all sat around naked, Lisa and I thanked everyone for their help.

Jake said he was happier now than ever before. He had new friends with Ellie & Nancy, a unique job with them and access to both Tony and Lisa.

Ellie and Nancy said they enjoyed the time they spent with us and thanked Jake for his hard work for renovating the house.

I said, “I want to make a toast…to Ellie and Nancy, for their hard work and dedication to the Kama Sutra in helping people realize their sexual potential, and to my lovely wife, Lisa, who promised to make me a very happy man by letting others enjoy her to the max.”

Jake raised his glass and said, “To Lisa, a beautiful woman who knows what it takes to please me and her husband.”

Lisa smiled and said, “To Ellie the one person who lets me please my husband with no incriminations and treats me like a lady…he is also a great fuck.”

The three of us left and Tony asked Jake to join them for the weekend and he gladly accepted.

Lisa and I knew it was going to be one hell of a weekend.

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