James and the Gloryhole

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This story is a part of a short series of stories following James a forty-something straight married man who has developed a love of cock sucking. Other stories are based on true events. This is what he would like to do; visit a gloryhole.

It’s a story about the protagonist setting up multiple scenarios to fulfil his urge while on a week-long business trip.

This is the longest and most involved story I have written. Please leave a nice review if you want to.


Five years ago James turned his more kinky thoughts to the subject of sucking cock. In some respects, he was a late starter. He loved his wife, Laura who he met at University 25 years ago.

At first, it was her sexual mind that meant they hit it off. Sex was easy, frequent and hot.

She was a very oral partner giving him superb head many times a week for several years while they finished their degrees.

After graduating they married and continued, as is rather typical of young married couples, frequent sex.

After their daughter was born, James tried to keep and expand their sexual horizons. He loved Laura’s mouth and her super sensual blow job lips and he would buy super red lipstick and lip gloss if he was passing a department store only for it to be deposited on his cock later that week.

James would watch her at her bedroom dressing table lean in and carefully apply the deep red lipstick then paint the top coat of gloss.

This act alone gave him a hard and attentive cock.

With the ritual complete, she would waste no time in engulfing his cock and extracting his semen.

It was a thrill for James if she decided to share this load with him carefully bringing her lips, smeared with lipstick up to his, then slowly kissing then parting her mouth for their tongues and his cum to flow.

This act seeded in James an idea that germinated and grew over several years.

He considered himself to be a fully straight man.

But the idea of what it would be like to suck cum and swallow cum was made.

This eventually happened some five years ago now.

And it formed an urge for James to meet men to suck cock and swallow semen.

James had become rather hungry.

It wasn’t enough. He wanted more.

More cock. More cum. More frequently.

James’s favourite porn was gloryhole porn.

But it was, in keeping with his mostly hetero behaviour, straight gloryhole porn.

This was mostly American made porn with some German and some Spanish.

And he found the best to be an amateur woman being enticed to be filmed giving head to strangers.

The cameraman was either her husband or a pornographer who set her up in the gloryhole with a string of cocks to suck off.

One memorable scene was a MILF named “Heather” who in her first time sucked off eight strangers through the gloryhole.

This idea hit James squarely.

But living in the UK, there was not anything like an opportunity as that on screen.

James left it to fantasy.

A year later James was asked to present a paper at a conference in Phoenix. His scientific career had gone moderately well and he became an expert in a niche field.

He’d been to this conference several times in the last ten years and knew the drill. Four days of presentation in a nice hotel interspersed by eating and drinking.

It never occurred to James at the time the opportunity that presented itself.

It took a particular torrid dream for his subconscious to bring it to him.

He dreamt of cocks and being coated in semen until he spluttered awake in the night.

Laura slept next to him snoring gently.

He had an incredibly hard cock and felt his balls tense.

He had to relieve himself so James went to the spare room, wanked his cock and relieved his substantial load in total silence.

In the morning, James buzzed almost breathless that this once in a lifetime opportunity had come.

Alone in his home office that day he let his mind wander at the possibilities. He watched nearly an hour of gloryhole porn of his favourite: married women sucking off strangers.

“That’s going to me,” James said out loud almost as a commitment to himself, “I’m going to suck lots and lots of random cocks and swallow their cum. I will spend a whole night on my knees in the gloryhole.”


James’s orgasm was intense.

He liked his 6.5 uncut inches that packed a powerful force when worked up both in volume and distance.

James just let his cock erupt and it gushed over his naked chest and reached his face.

Panting, he felt his semen running down his cheek, and over his top lip. He let his tongue savour it noticing the copious load on his abdomen and let his forefinger get coated before bringing it to his mouth and sucking it in.


The six weeks passed and the trip had arrived.

In the week before, James made sure to locate the various adult book stores in the area of his hotel.

To see and know these were there for him settled him. He felt calm.

The eryaman rus escort 14-hour inbound flight from London to Phoenix via Dallas was tedious but was a lot better for being able to turn left on boarding.

James’s thoughts were not at all on the paper he was due to present.

It was on his freedom to explore his cock sucking sexuality.

He had spent those thoughts on wondering what would happen. Practicalities like how to get to the store. Imagining the moment when he would enter. How he would navigate the booths.

Should he strip naked in the booth? Was there any limit to the types of cock he would take?

Or the number?

“Could I suck 8 cocks on my first, as Heather did?”

The conference hotel was vast and comfortable.

His room, a suite with more space than was decent.

“What’s a guy to do?” James muttered as he sprawled on the bed after a full day of travel.

He kept to his preference to stay awake until he could no more.

After a decent steak, some wine, James decided to get rest.

Tomorrow night would be his first foray to the adult book store ten blocks south of the hotel.

Later that night, James awoke.

As normal from travelling over it was only 3 am.

“Bollocks,” he whispered to himself.

Watching the clock for a while he decided to do some more research on cock talent in the Phoenix Metro area.

He browsed Craigslist personals to see what was available.

There were hundreds of posts; James would have to be selective.

Narrowing down on other married men with his particular interests turned up 26 with 9 active recently.

This was good news.

Maybe he could draw on this pool of talent in a couple of evenings…

James then browsed the pages of his favourite erotic story archive looking for stories about men emerging to a world of anonymous blowjobs.

There were so many.

A pleasant hour and a half passed as James read one after another turning him hot to his plans later today.

When he finally came after effectively edging himself for 90 minutes it was hugely satisfying.

James loved women.

He loved when Laura gave herself to him. But the climax he gave himself like this was among the very best.

Several more hours passed and the sun came up.

One of the first at breakfast he ran through his presentation for tomorrow and figured out which sessions he wanted to see later today.

Turning his attention to the ABS, wondered what best time to visit, early or late? By the time the proceedings of the day were done, perhaps around 7pm for his first visit?

James could feel a mix of excitement- he felt his heart raise several beats combined with a sense of nerves in his belly.

He felt that telltale pulse at the end of his penis when a horny thought passed through his mind.

The conference started at 9.30 am, so a nice relaxed pace.

Checking in to receive is four-day pass and be deluged with a bag of free gifts from suppliers and literature, James passed to keep the essentials only.

Around noon he decided to check in with Laura for the first time after his flight.

“Hey, kiddo. What’s new with you?” He asked his wife. It was evening back home and she had probably relaxed with a glass or two of merlot.

“Oh, I’m just catching up with some work.” Laura was a history teacher at a high school after a short career in pharmaceutical sales before she became despondent and retrained.

“Mmm. Fascinating. Tell me more…” James teased her.

“Well…” Laura slipped into bedroom tones, her voice dropping seductively, “Let me tell you, Mr, about the antics one king Henry…”

They laughed.

“Well, I’m just checking in. Weather is kind of warm and humid right now.”

“You mean hot, James?”

“Yeah it’s low 30Cs”

While Laura was talking telling him about her day, James’s mind turned to the gloryhole plan.

Might be hot. Need to dress light…

Tuning back into the conversation with his wife, “So have a good day, sweetie. And night” she added.

That last bit shot a spear of guilt through James.

“Yes, thanks.” Was all he could say as of he was boy caught doing something naughty.

Which, of course, was very much the case.

For James, deliberately going to meet anonymous cocks to suck was very much naughty.

And to think about doing it every day he was here was both deceptive to his wife and thrilling.


Day one finished and James got an early dinner and showered.

The time had come.

Calling a cab from the hotel, it took around 12 minutes to reach the block where the ABS store was.

It was quite a big unit at the end of a strip mall. The front looked quite legitimate rather than seedy and run down.

“Here goes…” James said out loud.

The door announced his arrival with a high pitched two-tone signal.

The front of the store was quite large and bright with racks of merchandise.

He noticed gölbaşı evi olan escort a girl on the cash desk. Mid-twenties, petite and fairly attractive.

James approached the desk.

“Do you have any, em, video booths here?”

“Oh, ya. You need change – takes bills. In the back.” The cash girl raised her slight tattooed arm to indicate.

“Have fun!” She added with a slight giggle as James headed off.

A corridor led to a much darker area with doors to what he presumed were the booths.

The unmistakable sound of hardcore porn emanated from the booths.

James stood there.

He exchanged bills for coins and picked a door. He entered.

James felt relief that the booth was quite a decent size and cared for. A ledge for seating and a screen showing options to show straight and gay porn. Lighting was on the dark side.

James scrolled through and picked a video of women giving head. It was merely wallpaper to James’s intentions in any case.

The two side walls had their holes cut with 6-inch apertures.

“Cock and balls”, said James out loud before sitting.

He thought it would be best to remove his shirt and shorts. It was rather warm despite the air conditioning.

James peered through to the next booth. Empty. The opposite one too.

“Patience.” He muttered.

Aware of the 2 tone door opening. Once, twice, three times, it announced new arrivals.

After a few moments, the door on the cubicle to the right opened and clicked shut. James looked through.

Is this it? Is now my time? He wondered in anticipation.

His cock had been aroused though not erect for an hour or so. It was leaking precum and made the head slick.

James decided to remove all his clothes and be fully naked in the gloryhole booth.

It felt freeing. Illicit. Forbidden.

Laura came rushing back into his consciousness. The guilt was there but suppressed.

James decided to make his move. Kneeling he placed a finger at the hole to signal he was there and willing.

In silence and the dim light, a semi-hard dick was carefully positioned through the hole.

“Will you suck my cock?” Came the enquiry of its owner.

James responded by opening his mouth and enveloping two inches. Allowing it to rest on his tongue and sealing the cock with his lips James savoured it and felt a little victory of this prize.

James sucked it. Without hands, he opened his mouth a little wider and took another inch inside.

He became aware of how warm and wet his mouth was. As did its owner when a low pleasurable moan emanated from the other cubicle.

“Mmm. Oh, yeah…”

The cock consequently began to harden. James bobbed his head as it came to full hardness.

He sat back and slowly wanked it as James studied the cock of this stranger. A slow upwards curve. Cut. Probably around 6 inches. It was like his own except for the lack of foreskin.

James decided to give it some concerted care and attention.

Sucking it with mild pressure and giving wanking hand action, he carefully let his tongue cradle the underside while maintaining lip contact around the shaft.

The owner moaned and muttered encouragement.

Some ball attention was in order. James coated them in his saliva. Licking the shaft with his generous tongue was appreciated.

“Oh yeah. Do that, buddy.”

James was aware that his cock was not only hard but rock hard and leaking precum down its length.

He could hear the other guy pant and he thrust towards James.

Taking the cock back carefully James decided to concentrate and finish him off.

The excess saliva was now dripping down his chin and onto his neck. The thrusts from his partner got deeper and more erratic.

In a few more moments James knew it wouldn’t be long.

He heard the knock on the wall as the sign of pending ejaculation.

James decided just to keep sucking and to keep the cock in his mouth.

Then the beautiful moment arrived as the first spurt of cum strafed his tongue. Then more as semen filled his mouth.

Wonderful, James thought with delight.

He caught himself smile as the cock finished its release, the owner also finishing his orgasmic growl.

Managing the quite significant volume of sperm, James swallowed a couple of times and licked the cock clean of residual.

Slut. James thought while feeling elation.

“Hey, thanks, man. You want me to suck you?”

“No, I’m good. Thanks for your cock, eh?”

The stranger was gone in a minute.

Wow! For fuck’s sake! I just sucked a stranger’s cock in a gloryhole! And drank his cum.

That was almost an overwhelming thought to James.

He settled back on the seat. But in a moment, he could glimpse a face at the opposite hole.

“Hey man. That was quite the scene there. You wouldn’t want to do that on me would ya?”

“Be my guest.” Replied James.

The next stranger readjusted himself and let the most beautiful cock through the hole.

It sincan sarışın escort was perfect. The length of about 7 inches nice girth was straight and marble veined perfection.

“Well, what a lucky boy I am..” he pondered while gently grasping the new penis and slowly wanking it.

As well as being visibly wet, this sounded we. It was dripping.

James noticed a thought pass his mind. As is he was out of body watching himself, kneeling with a beautiful cock. Mesmerised and lustful. A slut thinking slutty thoughts.

It was time to take this specimen.

And James did taking it as deep as he could.

He drew long sucks deep along the staff back up to the tip them slowly sank back lips stretched to accommodate tongue both wetting and savouring the musky taste.

His efforts were appreciated from behind the panel. And so he continued on the deep thrust strategy. The recipient’s moans meant he knew he was doing well.

A flash of pride went by.

James had never been able to deep throat: the gag always seemed too strong.

But he tried again given this was such a gaggable cock.

“Mmm, yeah buddy. Do that.”

On the thrust in all of a sudden, the cock started pulsing its load directly into his throat.

He held steady and let the flow peak then subside.

Mmm. A copious load well taken.

James enjoyed the thought and sucked the staff clean.

“Hey. Come back tomorrow and you can do that again. I’ll bring a friend and you can do him too.”

“Er, yeah OK.” James responded. Had he just agreed to a cock sucking date?

It felt like he’d been in for hours but it has only been 45 minutes.

Pleased with how this was all going, James thought a change of scene was needed. He dressed, tucked his hard and leaky dick in his pants and wandered out to the store.

A few strangers were browsing some art porn books when he noticed a couple there.

He reckoned they were probably mid 30s.

A man at around 5.11 dark-haired and a petite blond with what James thought was a very beautiful ass.

He checked himself for staring at her just as her partner drifted off to the aisle of dildos and vibrators.

But it was too late. The blonde locked eyes on James and struck up the conversation first.

In a few minutes, James learned that the couple was on a fifth date and decided to pick up some toys for the weekend.

Suzanne seemed sweet and a little flirtatious which was OK by James. It added to his sense of total sexually.

When she asked what James was looking for be surprised himself when he answered, “well, you know how it is. A little bit of hot…”

They laughed a little which got the attention of her partner, Marc.

“To be quite honest with you, I came here for these booths back there.” He whispered to Suzanne”do you know, they have gloryholes back there?”

“Really?” She seemed genuinely intrigued and biting her lip, added, “that is so fucking hot.”

“Marc would like that.” She suggested and she looked over to him. James noticed an exchange of eyes between them followed a few moments later by a verbal exchange.

James checked out the straight porn publications and was startled to find a double for his wife Laura on the cover of Facial Babes: Full Force.

He chuckled at the slight comedic title while his cock pulsed at the thought of Laura being so covered in cum. An idea for when he got home, perhaps.

“Hey, James,” It was Suzanne, “Um, we’re going to find a cubicle and wondered if you’d like to join us..?” She asked boldly with a hint of schoolgirl coy.

James looked at her date, Marc and he indicated his consent with a slight nod and a smile.

“Sure. When in Rome, eh?”

He followed them into a slightly larger booth. Suzanne put on some gangbang porn. James spelled out what he was looking for.

“I’m here to suck cock. Is that OK with you?”

“That’s perfect,” said Suzanne. “I want to watch Marc get blown. And maybe suck a cock too.”

This seemed like a good transaction. James needed to get relief soon as well.

James got down to his knees and undid Marc’s belt.

Feeling inside, he extracted a semi-hard cock he started to jerk it to hardness.

Suzanne settled on the seating step into the shadow as she watched her date prepare for his blowjob.

James took the cock and pressed it up allowing long – 8 inch long licks from sack to leaky tip. He repeated glancing over at the woman who was transfixed at the sight.

James locked eye contact with her, opened his mouth and took her man’s cock a couple of inches.

Bobbing a couple of inches only they watched each other.

He noticed her mouth drop a little and look up to Marc himself watching a stranger he only became aware of 15 minutes before, take his penis.

James enjoying the hardening as he sucked.

The booth fell quiet but for audible breathing, the background hum in the shop and its occasional two-tone door chime and for wet sucking sounds.

The three were all lost in the moment.

Marc, his head falling back and eyes closed mouth open.

His date sitting in the gloom, watching, illuminated by the flickering TV screen.

Suzanne unconsciously stroked a tit running the other hand over her legs and between them.

James continued.

He took a moment to wonder how this couple came to the realisation the man wanted to be sucked and the woman to want to watch.

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