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As usual Ted rang her on Wednesday, by which time she was feeling more positive, consoled by Mike’s words and subsequent passionate love making. Ted sounded hesitant and apologetic, and she smiled as the image of him tied naked to the bed with her panties over his face popped into her head. Eventually he apologetically told her that a friend had invited him to the races on this coming Saturday, so if she could make it any other day to come, that would suit him better. Feeling slightly put out, she brusquely told him that she was working or busy on the other days, so she would see him a week on Saturday. She told him to have a good time, and rang off.
On Saturday, she made her way to Ted’s house. She had a spare key, she knew he would be out, and she was driven by curiosity to see what was on the USB stick that was kept with her undies. She had her laptop with her, to copy anything interesting she found on it.. She was making her way down the drive to his door when a voice stopped her. “He’s not in. I saw him go out about an hour ago.” It was Jenny, his neighbour. She had some secateurs in her hand. She straightened, putting her hand into her back. “Oh, my back! Just pruning the roses” All that Jan was aware of was Jenny’s very ample bust, which was made more evident by her arching her back. “It’s Jan, isn’t it? You’re his niece?”
“ Yes, we met briefly before.” she replied. “Actually, I knew he’d be out. I was just calling to, er, collect something.” She saw Jenny glance at her laptop, as she walked towards the fence. “He’s a nice old man, your uncle. We get on well as neighbours. He doesn’t get many visitors, in fact I think your the only one. He must get lonely.” Jenny said. “Yes, I know, that’s why I try too see him every week. You’re right, he is nice, but he can also be a bit of an old rascal, too!” Jan said.
“Oh, really? What do you mean?” She laughed. “You’ve got me curious! Do tell!” She moved towards the garden fence.
Jan looked at her. “If only you knew!” she thought, and couldn’t stop the sudden smile on her face.”Oh, you know, the usual! You know what men are like!” Jenny laughed and said “No!” in mock surprise. Jan was taking a liking to Jenny, and decided to confide in her…. just a little. “Yes. He used to be worse when I was younger, I was always slapping his hand away, but now, well, I’ve got him under control!” She smiled at her little deception. “If you only knew how!” She thought.
Jenny moved closer to the fence. “Well, to be honest, Jan, I’ve noticed quite a few times that he is ..er…rather curious.” Immediately, Jan thought of the telescope. So she knew. He’d been rumbled. Innocently, she asked.”What do you mean? Curious? Jenny pointed to the window of Ted’s spare bedroom. “ Well, I don’t know if I should be telling you this, but….he’s got a telescope behind the curtains up there.” she whispered.
“No!” Jan gasped, acting it up. “The dirty old devil!” Jenny was smiling. “Yes. Of course he doesn’t know that I know, but he watches me here in the garden, and in my bedroom, too!” Jan was shaking her head in mock disbelief “Naturally, I was shocked at first, but you know, actually, I don’t mind too much. I realise that he’s just a harmless and lonely old widower. Sometimes I feel quite flattered. I don’t get that much attention from Norman these days!” She looked at Jan meaningfully. “Mmmm…interesting!” though Jan.
“Well, now that I’m over the shock, It makes sense to me. I remember when you first moved in and he was telling me about you and his eyes lit up, so knowing what he is like, I teased him about….well, about the size of your breasts, and he nodded just like an eager little boy, and I gave him a pretend slap on his face, which I’m sure he enjoyed. I know exactly what he’s like, you see.” They both looked at each other, smiling, and Jan felt even closer to Jenny, having confided in her.
“She’s probably about ten years older than me” thought Jan “but she has a lovely face…those eyes and that smile!” She felt herself beginning to flush slightly.
“Well” she said, breaking the silence “What are we going to do? We can’t let it continue, you having my uncle as a Peeping Tom next door. It’s embarrassing! I’ll have to have a word with him.
.” “No, no, don’t do that!” Jenny exclaimed. “Couldn’t we….erm, have a bit of fun with the situation?” She smiled at Jan, then looked up at the window of Ted’s bedroom where the telescope was.
“I’ve got it! Sunday mornings, Norman goes golfing. Last Sunday….confession time now…., when I saw your uncle in the bedroom and I knew he was going to spy on me, the devil in me decided to put on a bit of a show for Mr. Peeping Tom, so I put on a tight top and wandered around the garden for a while, then went up into the bedroom and changed into a dress, letting him see me in bra and pants. Aren’t I wicked? So, maybe we can do something similar. Can you be here tomorrow morning,say at 11? I’ll leave my front door unlocked, I’d get him interested by being in my bedroom, and when I’m sure he’s there with his telescope, you can sneak in, in, and we’ll have a laugh at his expense!!” Jenny said with a glint in her eye.
“Oh, that’s brilliant!” Jan said. They looked at each other smiling. “I can’t wait! See you tomorrow!” Jan said, then went into Ted’s house She went straight to his bedroom and found the USB stick in the box, then switched on her laptop. While it was booting up, she went to the bathroom and sat down to have a pee, recalling the last time she sat here, with Ted looking on. Back in the bedroom, she plugged in the USB stick and copied all of its contents onto her drive. There were lots of numbered folders. Burning with curiosity, she opened one. Just as she’d suspected, there were lots of pictures of naked and semi naked women of all ages. She decided to look at the others later, so leaving everything undisturbed, she left and made her way home.
Mike was working on a special case, so she didn’t have to make any excuses for going out on a Sunday morning. She parked her car in the next road, and at 11am precisely, she tried the handle on Jenny’s door and let herself in, suddenly feeling flushed with excitement. “Come up Jan!” she heard Jenny call from upstairs. “Is he there?” she asked, as she reached the top of the stairs. “Yes, don’t show yourself yet!” Jenny replied. She was wearing a smart blue skirt with a white, semi transparent blouse, through which her white bra could easily be seen. Jan stayed on the landing and Jenny came out of the bedroom to meet her. To Jan’s pleasant surprise, Jenny leaned forward and hugged her and kissed her on the cheek, then stepped back and pushed out her chest. “What do you think? Carefully chosen to get him interested!” The combination of the white blouse and bra and Jenny’s fabulous breasts was perfect. So sexy, so teasing. “Oh yes!” Jan replied “You’ll definitely have his tongue hanging out by now, seeing you in that! In fact, more than just his tongue will be hanging out if I know that dirty old devil!” They both giggled like schoolgirls. “What shall we do then?” asked Jan. “Well, I’ll go back into the room and unfasten a few buttons on my blouse, then when I give you the nod, you walk in on me, but don’t look at where he is. Act like you don’t know he’s there. Then we’ll just, er..ad lib. Make it up as we go along. I’ll lead, and you follow!” Jenny said. “Sounds good to me!” Jan said excitedly. She didn’t know if it was because it was in her house, the fact that she was about ten years older, or just simply that Jenny had a more dominant personality, but she was certainly in charge of what was happening, and Jan liked that! There was something about Jenny that intrigued her, attracted her in a way that she hadn’t experienced before. By now, Jenny was now stood in the middle of the bedroom, slowly unbuttoning the top buttons on her blouse. She gave a slight nod to Jan, and she walked in, looking directly at Jenny, who broke into a big smile and said “Come right up to me and stroke my cheek!” Jan stepped up to her, and Jenny said “Relax. Smile while you do it.” Jan smiled and began stroking Jenny’s cheek. Jenny leaned forward and kissed Jan full on the lips! Shocked and thrilled, Jan responded by pushing her lips into Jenny’s as the warm, sensuous kiss lingered. She had a mental image of her uncle behind the curtain, watching her in a state of total shock. It made the kiss even sweeter! After a while, Jenny broke away and said “That was lovely! Now, arch your neck for me.” Jan bent back her head and Jenny leaned in and licked her throat, her tongue making its way up towards the lobes of Jan’s ear, which she began licking and nibbling. “Do you think this’ll have made him pop his cork?” she whispered into Jan’s ear. Jan began giggling. “Don’t!” she gasped “You are wicked!” “Wicked?” Jenny whispered huskily. “I haven’t even started yet!” and she pulled away from Jan’s ear, and looked Jan in the eyes, then slowly licked her lips, before plunging her outstretched tongue into Jan’s opening mouth. The effect on Jan was devastating. This was unlike anything she had ever experienced before, and it made her weak in the knees and helpless with a rush of desire. She matched Jenny’s soft wet probing tongue with hers, licking and lapping, forcing it further into Jenny’s mouth. Feeling giddy with the sudden rush of lust and excitement, she clung onto Jenny, feeling the softness and warmth of those lovely big breasts pushing against her own.
Eventually she broke away, fearful of things escalating too much while Ted was looking on. She hadn’t anticipated this! “God, Jenny, that was….!” she burst out. “I know, I know…for me too…it’s been a long time…” Jenny said, panting slightly. Then “C’mon, let’s get on with what we set out to do!” she said. “Let’s get rid of our blouses…keep looking at each other!” The blouses soon came off and both women stood in bra and skirts. Jan imagined Ted, behind the curtain, watching them, his hard cock in his hand, his eye unable to believe what he was seeing. “Now, just follow what I do!” Jenny said. She reached behind to unhook her bra, and Jan did likewise. “Now, turn and face him when I count to three, whip your bra off and wave it at him, jiggle your titties, then we’ll give him a big smile and a final wave, then we’ll close the curtains on him!”
That’s exactly what they did. Of course, they could only see the vague shadow of Ted behind his lace curtains, but they knew exactly what effect they would have on him! They fell into each others arms, giggling helplessly in the now semi darkened bedroom. The giggles subsided and Jan was very much aware of their nakedness, and of the soft warm, sumptuous flesh of Jenny’s warm, ample breasts pressed against her. They looked into each other’s eyes. “Now, where were we?” Jenny whispered, before their lips and tongues met once again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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