Jan Joins the Family Ch. 03

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[This story features play with bodily functions of all kinds as well as some spanking and other fetishistic play. You will likely enjoy it more if you read the first two chapters before you start this one. If any of that bothers you, please read no further. All characters are 18 or over.]

Jan had settled into life with Steve and his daughter Kate. She’d known him since she had worked for his company, and they had maintained a friendship even after she had moved on to gain advancement. Then his wife Gloria died in an air crash and once Steve moved beyond grieving, in a matter of months, he looked Jan up and romanced her.

It was an easy decision for Jan. This was a man she had always liked a lot. He had three children: Deirdre (Dede), 25; Steve Jr., 21; and Katherine (Kate), 18. They came home for the simple wedding ceremony and Jan got to know them very rapidly. She also learned that the family had engaged in group sex to which each of the offspring were initiated upon turning 18.

Moreover, Gloria had ruled the roost as a dominatrix who disciplined all of them, including her husband. Jan realized that she was expected to move into that role and she found it a congenial one, although her primary emotion was love of her husband. She duly disciplined all of them during that whirlwind weekend and after the two older children had returned to their colleges, she explored her relationship with Kate, who she realized was the only one who also had a dominant streak.

Jan decided to bring up the whole situation in bed that night with Steve. She told him that she had become fond of his children, but she wondered if this was the best thing for them and if this regular incest would damage them.

“Well,” Steve answered, “Dede and Steve have steady boy and girlfriends, respectively, so I think they are doing just fine. Kate has been popular with her friends always and I had no doubt she will end up with someone she likes, too. And you seemed to feel that this fit in with our own relationship.”

Steve leaned over and took Jan in his arms. He reached down and started rubbing his fingers over her smooth panty crotch and began slipping her lavender hicuts down. When he had them lowered and taken off, she whispered to him that her period had arrived just before she had climbed into bed with him.

“Can I get a towel then?” he asked, and she nodded and smiled very positively. When he returned with a thick towel and slipped it under her bottom, he saw her string coming out of her pussy and asked if he might pull out her tampon.

“Sure,” she replied, “but be careful, because I flow pretty heavily at this time of my period.”

He carefully extracted the tampon, which was already soaked and deeply colored dark red almost brown at the top end and down its sides. He flipped it on the floor and bent down to lick her flowing pussy. It did taste a bit strong and somewhat metallic, but Steve loved the smell and taste of feminine flow. He lapped at her labia and insinuated his tongue as deeply into her vagina as he could.

Jan felt happier than she could have imagined under these circumstances. She regarded her period as a normal part of her life but was used to its inconveniences, which included cramps and irregularity which meant she wasn’t always prepared for its arrival—and usually to a lack of sex during its presence—despite her invariably being horny during her flow. Steve definitely was the first lover she had who would go down on her then. Nevertheless, she did not want to make a total mess even if there was a towel. She thought about how she should just let go and worry about cleaning up later, even assuming the towel protected everything else.

Her ruminations faded as her excitement rose. Steve’s tongue was teasing her clit as well as insinuating itself into her vagina. It all was turning her on totally and she was moving very quickly toward a roaring climax. Suddenly it was there: she exploded deep inside in a series of orgasms and lifted her bottom way up even as Steve licked her. He realized she had climaxed and desisted from continuing to service her.

“Now that you’ve earned your red wings,” Jan smiled, “let’s have you inside me.’

She lay back, generously spreading her legs so that below her hairy triangle, her thin lips spread to show the pink inside with the dark reddish smear on all of it. With her finger, she beckoned Steve to move that imposing erection right into her pussy.

This was new for Steve because Gloria had not wanted him anywhere near her pussy when she was flowing. She didn’t ever like having her period and he was lucky if he made it through those days each month without a severe spanking or even a caning just because she was in a bad mood.

Fucking Jan was exciting, then. It felt a little like when they usually made love, but it was both wetter and stickier in her hole.

Once Jan had returned to consciousness, Steve smiled and asked if he could “re-plug” her. She grinned in response and pointed to the box of tampons on her night tire escort stand. Steve reached in and retrieved one, noting that Jan used what looked to be the largest size he had seen yet. He carefully ripped open the wrapper and positioned the applicator at the entrance to Jan’s vagina. Since he had often been directed to perform this service by Gloria, he knew to put it in the right spot, and then push the applicator while holding the sides.

He felt the tampon push out up into Jan’s vagina and from her facial expression, knew that he had put in it properly. Jan pulled him to her now and kissed him deeply on the lips. She was delighted to have gained not only a caring and submissive husband who during working hours, was a high-powered executive and leader, but one who loved to serve her even when she was menstruating.


Jan found that she was growing more and more excited and happy about being in charge. A few days later, her period over, when Steve returned home from his office, he seemed on edge and out of sorts.

“I don’t think you should be in this kind of bad mood when you come home,” Jan said, rather bluntly.

Steve looked at her, wondering why he should worry about his mood.

“I want you to look forward to seeing me, not glum because of some problem or other at the office,” she went on.

“Aren’t you being a bit unfair?” Steve replied. “Obviously things can happen that get me going at work.”

“I don’t expect them to be brought home,” Jan said, “and to make my point a bit clearer, I’m going to discipline you after dinner.”

Steve did a double-take. Jan was now taking aim at his weak spot, his delight in submitting to her, especially when she seemed to dominate him with a whimsical tone.

“And how do you plan to discipline me after dinner, my dear?” Steve smilingly rejoined.

“I’m going to take down those trousers and undershorts and give you a good caning,” Jan responded quite firmly.

Steve felt himself getting hard and he felt ashamed for his wife to notice that.

Jan of course knew that she was exciting him, so she patted his crotch and felt his hardness through his trousers.

“This little boy does indeed seem to have responded to my advising you that you will be punished,” Jan answered.

After dinner, they did adjourn to their bedroom and Jan told him to take off his trousers and then get up on the bed on all fours with his undershorts down at his knees. She loved this humiliating posture that they had been using when she would discipline the whole family.

Steve did move into this embarrassing position and felt his wife standing behind him as she patted his bare bottom cheeks. Then she softly inserted her index finger into his tight anal opening and his humiliation was complete. Having seen how she could bring him to feeling ashamed, Jan then picked up her thin cane and began to use it deftly with a flick of her wrist as she created a pattern of red lines on his bottom with the stinging strokes that had him first moaning and then crying out from the hurt.

“Now take off those undershorts entirely,” she ordered. He complied promptly.

She reached under her skirt and slipped off her panties, which she had been wearing all day. They were white and silky, and she knew they were filled with her intimate scents, especially since she had been aroused for the last few hours since he had arrived home.

“Put these on and wear them until the morning,” she declared.

Steve was amazed at Jan’s seizing control of him at all levels. Amazed, yes, but he was loving it.

He was still hard inside the tight panties and Jan now lay down on her back on the bed and spread her legs invitingly.

“You may now fuck me, darling,” she said with a grin, “but I want you to stick your cock out of the side of the panties when you mount me,” she explained, as if she were describing how to perform a home repair.

Steve reached down and managed to slip his nice-sized penis out the side of the crotch as he moved to be over his wife without leaning on her. He felt her fingers guide his cock into her hot, steamy cunt. She began moving her bottom as his cock plunged into the depths of her sex.

Just before they were likely to cum together, the door opened and Kate walked in with a smile, asking, “I had hoped you wouldn’t mind including me.”

Jan grinned as she loved Kate becoming part of their sex life.

She told her to undress and join them. She had enjoyed the fucking she had directed Steve to initiate out the side of his panties. Now she would orchestrate Kate’s enjoyment of her father.

She told Steve to turn over on his back. He lay there, with a hard cock pointing up since he had been so far deprived of orgasm. She nodded to Kate and their unspoken communication resulted in Kate’s clambering calmly atop Steve and carefully slipping her already sopping cunt right onto his thick, erect penis.

Kate was riding her father and it was clear that torbalı escort she had gauged the contact so that he was hitting her G-spot on each of her moves up and down his shaft. She kissed him deeply and felt herself reaching her big moment. It came so she did, and Steve also exploded into her warm cavern. She let her light body collapse onto his chest and the two enjoyed a long, deep kiss.


Dede returned home for break and found that life was so much pleasanter at the house with Jan in charge instead of the late Gloria. Everyone did his or her part and meals were nice, with whoever hadn’t cooked stepping up to do the washing-up.

Dede wasn’t in much need for sex as her relationship at school had flowered. She spent several nights a week in bed with her intended. At table, she seemed surer of herself than ever, and Jan started to find the 25-year-old oldest child a bit of a burr in her side.

After Dede had suggested rather deprecatingly that Kate would soon grow out of her bad habits, which included some persistent messiness and late arrival at group meals, Jan told her that she was out of line.

This surprised Dede, who really liked Jan, and wondered why her stepmother had come down on her.

“Am I supposed to ignore her childishness when soon she’ll be out of here most of the time like Steve and me?” Dede said in a rather supercilious show of seeming sophistication.

“You are supposed to be behaving as a mature person about to launch a career as you finish your education and are also apparently close to confirming a permanent marital relationship,” Jan responded, adopting a rather cold look as she addressed her oldest stepchild.

Dede was now quite put out and began to get up to leave before she saw the situation deteriorate even more. She even wondered if Jan were still on her period, although she knew that her stepmother rarely showed any particular emotion then that was different from her normal behavior.

“Before you go,” Jan then said, with emphasis, “you should know that you have earned yourself a spanking, Deirdre. And you will report back to me in the family room at 8:00 P.M. You will report dressed as you would for an interview with a prospective employer. That means stockings and a dress.”

Both Deirdre and Kate were taken aback at Jan’s announcement. Kate had already forgotten the usual teasing to which she had been subjected by her sister about the messiness of her room and her clothing. She was amazed that Jan, who had seemed so much nicer than their late mother, could exercise her own kind of dominance, which now seemed as powerful and dangerous as Gloria’s had been.

8:00 P.M. arrived and Kate and Jan’s husband Steve were present in the family room. Jan arrived, having put on a dark charcoal skirt, severe sleeveless white blouse, sheer seamed hose, and pumps. Her hair was up.

Then Deirdre entered, dressed as instructed in a navy suit with good-looking burgundy pumps and sheer hose, with her hair arranged neatly in a ponytail. She looked around and before being addressed by Jan, told her that she was really sorry for having annoyed her to the extent that she was now to be disciplined.

“You will be spanked now,” Jan responded, “and then this will be behind us.”

She sat on an armless chair and beckoned Dede with a pointed finger to come over and stand in front of her. Dede calmly walked over and stood in front of her seated stepmother.

Jan then reached over to raise the hem of Dede’s suit skirt and told her stepdaughter to hold it above her waist. The three seated family members watched as Dede’s pretty, shiny white panties appeared in their lines of vision. Then Jan placed her thumbs in the waistband of Dede’s undies and slowly pulled them down to her knees. Again, she pointed with her finger to her lap and Dede placed herself across Jan’s skirted lap.

Jan took a moment to softly pat and rub her stepdaughter’s bare white bottom. She put her hand in the crack between Dede’s bottom cheeks and a finger teased the now visible anal ring as Dede cringed at the shame of having her most private place invaded before her younger sister’s and father’s eyes.

Worse was to follow. Jan inserted her finger more deeply into Dede’s anus and when she withdrew it, brought it to her nose and eyes.

“You are not as clean back there as you should be, sweetie,” she commented dryly.

Now, Dede was embarrassed as she had not been for ages. Here she had been teasing Kate about being messy and Jan had exposed Dede’s own carelessness in wiping after having a bowel movement.

Jan ceremoniously wiped her finger and hand on a small cloth she had extracted from her handbag.

Then she set about beginning the spanking. She started softly and alternated cheeks. Then the tempo and the strength of her spanks slowly but steadily increased. Dede began to moan and then started to emit small cries of pain. She also was moving her bottom as she almost involuntarily trying to urla escort avoid the now stinging hand of her stepmother.

Kate found the experience of watching her old sister receive this severe spanking amazingly exciting. She was picturing herself in Jan’s position, dealing out just deserts to Dede and even Jan.

Jan felt herself getting wet as she spanked her stepdaughter. She also took a break now and then and let her other hand wander between Dede’s spread legs and lingered over her labia and grazed the tip of Dede’s excited and prominent clit.

For her part, Dede was both ashamed and incredibly excited. She was, after all, submissive in her sexual nature, and although she had not let her soon-to-be-affianced intended of her proclivities, she looked forward to enjoying bringing him into her orbit.

Jan then told Dede to stand and motioned to Kate to take over Jan’s seated position. Kate now realized that Jan was going to have her punish her older sister for embarrassing Kate about her messiness. Kate was ready to play and hoped Dede understood the spirit in which she would correct her older sister.

“Deirdre, our stepmother has already commented on your own failure to present yourself as entirely clean,” Kate said calmly with no sneer or other snarky tone.

Dede now was totally abashed and realized that her face was as red as her bottom after she had been spanked by Jan. Kate then motioned to Dede to get back across a lap, this time Kate’s grey-skirted lap. Dede did that, resigned to more humiliation and spanking.

But Kate had other ideas. She wet her finger and softly inserted in between Dede’s red cheeks and into her anus. Kate pressed the finger as far in as she could and was not too surprised that she felt something deep in there.

“Hmmm,” Kate then said knowingly as Dede cringed, having felt that finger and knowing what was to come, “it seems, Jan, that this little girl has some doody in there and will need to use the potty soon.”

“Perhaps that is why she decided to embarrass you earlier, Kate,” Jan answered sympathetically. “Deirdre, do you feel you will need to make a doody soon?”

Shamefacedly, Dede murmured that she probably would. “Tell us a bit more clearly what you will need to do soon,” Jan responded, sharply as if speaking to a child.

“Jan, I will need to make a doody soon if you will permit me to use the toilet,” Dede managed to get the awful admission out, using the childish word she knew Jan was waiting to hear from her.

“Is it going to be a big doody, Deirdre?” Jan followed up, driving the humiliation home.

“Yes, Jan,” Dede said as she began to shed a few tears, “I will be passing a long log out of my heinie.”

“Then let’s go into the bathroom so we can see that you excrete and wipe properly,” Jan intoned. “Deirdre, you can get up and we will all go into my bathroom. Sit on the toilet, keeping your panties down, and face the back so we can watch your little hiney hole.”

They proceeded into Jan’s well-appointed bathroom. It was now mostly hers because she had indicated to Steve that while they might use it together, she would prefer that he use the hall bathroom when he needed to defecate, so she would not have to endure the smell of his using the toilet to make a bowel movement.

Deirdre did as Jan had told her and sat with her panties down on the toilet with her back facing out and her bottom and anal opening on full view by Jan and Kate.

She felt the doody coming down without her needing to push so she relaxed and did emit a small fart as then the log, dark and thick, slowly emerged from her small hole, which was stretched significantly by the exercise.

“Oh, that is a big doody,” Kate remarked loudly to Jan, as it finally tailed off.

After it dropped into the bowl, Jan told Deirdre she could wipe her anal opening but that she should show them the soiled toilet paper after she wiped.

Deirdre by now was accepting of her supreme embarrassment, having never had to have a bowel movement in front of anyone else before. She wiped from front to back, pressing in deeply on her anal opening to make sure she wiped all the fecal residue that her thick movement had left around the crinkly hole.

Then she held up the soiled paper, which had major brown marks on it and Jan told her she had better wipe some more. Deirdre again applied some toilet paper to her anus, pressed again, and showed Jan that the paper was now clean.

“That’s very good, sweetie,” Jan commended her as if commenting on her daughter’s recently becoming toilet trained. Deirdre asked plaintively if she could pull up her panties and let her skirt down.

Jan turned to Kate, who still merited some dominance time over Dede, Jan thought to herself.

“Dede,” Kate said sternly, “I want you to turn round on the seat now and hold yourself open in front so I can inspect you down there.”

Deirdre’s face again turned crimson and she did what she was ordered to do by her younger sister, who peered down to examine Dede’s outer and inner feminine parts as the elder sister held her labia open, exposing the opening of her pink vagina.

Kate looked very closely at Dede’s vulva and vagina, and noticed that her older sister’s now excited and erect clit. “Does this excite you, Deirdre?” she asked.

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