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I went into to the toilet for a leak. To my surprise Jane was sitting on the seat with her knickers and jeans at her ankles, and her gorgeous white legs on show. I could see right up the length of her fleshy thighs to the round of her luscious bum cheek. However my view between her legs was obscured as she was leaning forward with her arms crossed over her lap.

I eventually looked at her face. She was looking straight at me. She was so embarrassed (even in her tipsy state) that she was the same bright red as her cropped jumper, which was tautly covering her wonderfully sizeable breasts. These were slightly swinging from side to side due to her leaning forward and her unsteady breathing. Her glare expected me to turn around and leave. I turned around but instead of leaving I closed and locked the door.

I the moved forward and knelt down immediately in front of her. She followed my every move as I placed my hands on her soft ivory knees. She started to shiver but otherwise did not move. I gently stroked her lovely long legs, from where her trousers and knickers lay, to just above her knees where her arms were folded tightly. After a while her shaking calmed down a little. I then put both hands on her knees to part her legs but she kept these tightly clamped together. So with one hand I stroked the side of her thigh going up and around the fleshy orb of her bum to her back. I ran my fingers along her spine very lightly from the small of her back to about half way up. This made her let out a deep sigh and lean back slightly, causing her legs to relax a little and her knees to part far enough for my right hand to shoot up between her thighs. Her knees immediately clamped shut again, but my hand was already up there.

She unfolded one arm and grabbed a hold of my left forearm trying to pull my hand out from between her legs, but I would not relent. She looked at me first with a furious glare, then pleadingly. I just recommenced stroking her back paying particular attention to her sensitive spine. At the same time with my left hand I stroked the inside of her thighs as far up as I could considering the restrictions being placed upon my hand by her grip on my arm and the pressure of her knees. I could just feel some pubic hairs on the tips of my fingers and tickled these as much as I could. Before long I realised my fingertips were touching her actual pubic mound, which I stroked, inching my fingers downwards, until I felt a slight bump indicating I had reached the hood that hid her clitoris.

She seemed to tense again. Jane Bayan Eskort looked at me with a frightened pleading expression and was shaking her head. I ignored this and applied pressure on her hood with my middle finger. Suddenly she let out a little yelp. With the hand that was still in her lap she grabbed my hair, buried her face in my shoulder and springing her knees apart thrust her pelvis onto my fingers. She was still holding my forehand with her left hand, thus allowing me to go no further than her now protruding clitoris. So I just very gently played with her clitoris, teasing it from side to side and occasionally applying direct pressure on to it, as if trying to push it back in.

She was now breathing heavily into my shoulder. With her legs as wide apart as they would go Jane pushed my arm lower forcing my fingers to go along her sopping wet and gaping open cunt. Two of my fingers instinctively went straight into her wide-open hole. She shook my forearm, so I put a third finger in. She then started to grind her fanny onto my pistoning fingers. At the same time I teased her clitoris with my thumb and inserted my little finger into her puckered ass-hole.

Very soon she was vigorously riding my fingers, bouncing up and down on the toilet seat like a jockey riding in the Derby. As she eventually came she pulled my hair with one hand, dug her nails in my forearm with the other bit into my shoulder whilst violently shaking from head to toe.

She then slumped forward onto me, breathing deeply with sweat beads on her face and trembling slightly.

A few minutes later we had both calmed down. My dick was limp again in my jeans, as I now desperately had to piss. With my hand still between her legs I started to lift Jane up as I told her I needed to piss. Jane told me to hold on as she had an idea. I wondered what she was up to.

She kicked off her sandals and then her jeans and knickers. She then lifted off her top allowing those beautiful orbs of suckable flesh to bounce free. Each was capped with a red and very erect nipple. Oh how I just wanted to grab those breasts and chew on the nipples. But I waited to see what she was up to. She stood up and there in front of me stood a vision of ecstasy, the perfect woman, one I had wanked over many a time. Shiny glazed eyes and a cheeky grin on a gorgeous young face still flushed haloed by golden flowing shoulder length hair. Her well-toned upper torso with those more-than-a-handful succulent breasts and neat well conditioned stomach. Those elegantly long Anadolu Yakası Escort legs giving hint to the most squeezable round buttocks ever seen. And that delicately mousy coloured thatch of hair just above the most juiciest quim, which was still parted and swollen red and glinting with moisture.

She stepped in the bath and lay down. Then said that I could now have a piss but not in the toilet. Realisation of what she wanted suddenly hit me and my eyes lit up even more, if it were possible. I went over to the edge of the bath and began to undo my flies. She told me to take all my clothes off and get in. Which I did quick-flash. I stood between her knees holding my semi-soft penis and admiring this heavenly body spread out in front of me. “Fire away!” Jane smiled. At that I relaxed the tension of my bladder and let my piss shoot forth. She loved it as I sprayed all over her body – on her tits, on her face, on her tummy and then on her wide open cunt as it lay exposed due to her legs hanging over the edge. As my jet hit her clitoris she shook violently to another orgasm. She didn’t wait though, but sat up and grabbed my still gushing penis to guide the flow of the golden piss into her mouth. This she gulped down very noisily until every last drop had been squeezed out. She licked her lips and had the smug expression of a very satisfied person.

She then looked at my penis, which was now growing in her hand and placed it in her mouth. She then commenced sucking on it very noisily and vigourously, her head bobbing back and forth at break-neck speed. Very soon I was holding onto her shoulders to keep balance as my legs weakened due to the ecstatic feelings Jane’s mouth was giving me. And then I grabbed her head and rammed it four or five times viciously into my groin as I shot my load of hot sperm down her eager and very hungry throat. She sucked me dry then allowed me to sit back in the tub my legs feeling like jelly. She was grinning like a Cheshire cat.

Jane then said it was her turn, and with that she stood up and bent her legs so that she was almost squatting. She had moved up astride my chest so that her hips were about a foot away from my face. I looked up into her invitingly gaping pussy, glistening with her love juice and still dripping wet with my piss. Then suddenly a golden shower of warm piss came shooting out of her groin and hit me on the nose. This then was aimed all over my face and hair until the golden fountain finally came to rest aiming at my open mouth. I gulped down as much as Pendik Escort I could of that warm salty liquid. The stream seemed to go on forever, but eventually ended with a few final squirts. Jane then lowered herself onto her knees so that her cunt was an inch away from my mouth. I grabbed hold of her soft but firm bum cheeks, and pulled her pussy onto my mouth. I lapped at her gaping pussy tasting the mixture of salty piss and the sweetest love honey. I nibbled and teased her clitoris, making her squeal and squirm, but I held her bum cheeks tight. I then put my tongue into her love hole as far as it would go, whilst at the same time rubbing her clit with my top lip and nose. By this time she was going mad. She was leaning on the wall and grinding into my face so much that I thought I might suffocate. She then came to a shuddering orgasm. Not once but twice in succession banging her cunt into my face, trying to swallow my tongue with her vagina.

She then let herself slide down my body until she was lying on top of me with my face buried in her ample cleavage. I then took a hold of one of those magnificent breasts and suckled and nibbled on the taut nipple whilst massaging the flesh. Very soon she was moaning again and sliding her groin up and down my stomach. I had a very painful and throbbing and hard-on by now. Jane slipped further down me and started sliding her slimy quim up and down the length of my rigid shaft. I could stand it no longer, so as she slid up my length to the end of my knob with one lunge of my hips I thrust the whole length of my shaft into her invitingly warm hole. Jane gave a squeal of surprise and delight then settled into a rhythm of bouncing up and down on my knob whilst I continued to maul and chew her pendulous tits.

After a while she very suddenly raised herself off my shaft altogether. I wondered what she was up to. She got hold of my willy, and then guided it to her arse-hole. Jane then sat back down, burying my whole tool up her warm and very tight bum. I then bounced her arse up and down on my prick with pelvic movements. She was going crazier and crazier, then started thrashing around wildly as she came. This also sent me over the top, and I shot my hot spunk right up Jane’s arse, almost biting her nipple off in the process. We then collapsed into each others arms exhausted.

After a brief rest Jane gave me a long, deep, tongue-entwining kiss. She then turned the shower on, drenching us both. After rinsing myself off I quickly dried myself and dressed. I fetched Jane a clean towel from my room before returning to the party downstairs. Soon after I was startled by a hand on my bum. I turned to see a refreshed and smug looking Jane. She looked over to where her husband (my best mate) was dancing in the lounge. Nobody had noticed us missing. We rejoined the throng.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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