Janine Loves Jenny

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Janine and Jenny stood on the side of Jenny’s house, taking turns hitting on a strawberry blunt. “This is really good shit” Jenny said proudly. “I’m already feeling it.”

“Yea, it’s pretty good, but this blunt tastes like shit.”

“Boo-hoo, you’re always fucking complaining. You’re just lucky I don’t make you pony up.”

“Bitch please! You know how much of my shit you’ve smoked?”


“This is done” Janine said as she crushed the blunt into the grass. “Let’s go back inside. Whatcha got to drink?”

Jenny smiled. “Cotton mouth?”

“You know it!”

Jenny grabbed a six pack from the fridge, and they both stumbled into the living room and flopped down on the couch.

“This town sucks” Jenny said. “There’s never anything going on.”

“I know. What the fuck does anyone ever do around here?”

“This is it.”

“I guess.”

“What I wouldn’t give for a little excitement.”


They sat quietly, staring off into space for a while. The weed was really kicking in.

“So that sucks about you and Jimmy. I heard your dad like freaked!”

“Yea, pretty much, but whatever. Fucking hypocrites.”

“Whatever, at least you were getting some action! The fucking guys in this town are such losers!”

“Yea, well, you’re not missing anything there. I practically had to beg him to fool around. He was always afraid of getting caught.”

“Well, I guess he was right!”

“Yea… only because he’s fucking stupid. I mean duh! My father was standing right there in front of the glass door, and shit for brains doesn’t even bother to look first!”

They both laughed. “Whatever! At least you got some for a little while, even if it was lame, it was something. Beats the shit out of playing with yourself every night!”

Jimmy was Janine’s boyfriend. He used to sneak in the house late at night, after her parents were asleep so they could fool around, until he walked right into her father one night, who just happened to be getting a late-night snack. Jimmy was lucky her father didn’t kill him. Needless to say, that was the end of their relationship.

There was a long pause, and Jenny was snickering. Janine couldn’t help but smile at how her friend was so amused.

“Dude shut up, it’s not funny.”

“Yes it is. I couldn’t imagine.”

“Believe me, you wouldn’t want to.”

“Maybe you need to start dating girls. Your parents would never see that coming, and they’d never suspect anything was ever going on. You could have all the sex you want.”

“Yea, that would be great if I was a dyke, but unfortunately, I’m not like you.”

“Hey, don’t knock it ’till you try it!”

“Whatever, dyke.”

“So, you never thought about getting it on with a chick?”


“You’re full of shit Cooper! You’re telling me you never thought about what it would be like to go down on another girl?”

Janine didn’t answer.

“Thought so.”

“Whatever. I may have thought about what it’s like, but that’s totally different. It’s not like I get off thinking about a chick.”

“You’re fucking paranoid! What are you a homophobe?”

“No, I’m just not a fucking lesbian!”

“You are a homophobe.”

“Whatever. I’m not gonna argue.”

“So why are you so afraid to admit that you think about it?”

“Cause I don’t. What, are you saying that you get off thinking about girls?”

“Fuck yea! Why not? Some girls are hot! It’s no big deal!”

“Whatever. You keep telling yourself that. Fucking dyke!”

“Whatever. Doesn’t bother me. I’m not a homophobe.”

“Neither am I!”

“So why don’t you just admit that you’ve thought about girls?”

“Cause I never have!”

“See, you’re full of shit! How could you not?”

“Whatever! So what, you want to fuck me now?”

Jenny laughed as she was sipping her beer and spit it out.

“What, is that an offer Coop?”

“No you fucking dyke! I’m just saying, if you think about it, and it gets you off, what’s to stop you from wanting to fuck me?”

Jenny laughed again. “Don’t flatter yourself slut!” Jenny took another beer from the table and cracked it open. “Although I have to say, I’ve thought about it.”

“What? You thought about…me?”

“Fuck yea! You were fucking good too!”

“Ugh! You are a fucking dyke!”

“Yea, I’ve thought about you eating my pussy while I get myself off. I gotta tell ya Cooper, you’re fucking good at it too! It’s fucking hot!”

“UGH! Cut it out! You’re grossing me out!”

Jenny started laughing uncontrollably. “Wh…what, so you never thought about me?”

“You’re fucking gross!”

“What, am I not good enough for you?”

“Please! First of all, if I did think about girls, I wouldn’t think about you!”

“I’m crushed! Am I not hot enough for you?”

“You’re not my type!”

“Bullshit! You want me! And if I ate your pussy you’d love it!”


Before Janine knew what hit her, Jenny was on top of her, holding her arms down and kissing her neck, and for some reason, all she could do Kolej Escort was laugh. She was laughing so hard she could barely breathe as Jenny licked and kissed her neck. She couldn’t get up the strength to push her off, although she tried. Even if she wasn’t laughing, she still wouldn’t have been able to get away from her. She thought Jenny was just kidding around until Jenny positioned her knee on top of one of her arms, and she felt Jenny’s hand grab her pussy through her sweatpants. She tried to tell her to stop, but she was still laughing to hard.

“Cu…cut the shit bitch…wha…what the f…what the fuck are you doing?…Stop!”

Jenny ignored her, and kept kissing and biting her friend’s neck. Janine bucked beneath her, but was unable to shake Jenny off. Jenny pressed her pussy into Janine’s thigh, while her hand rubbed Janine’s pussy through her pants.

“What the fuck! I swear I’m gonna fucking kill you! Get the fuck off me!”

“No way! I’m gonna fucking make you cum!”

Janine was still laughing hysterically. “I’m telling you, cut it out you fucking dyke! This isn’t funny! You’re fucking disgusting, now GET OFF!

Jenny responded by kissing Janine hard on the lips. Janine kept her mouth closed tight, as Jenny’s tongue tried to poke it’s way through. Janine was still laughing, and finding it hard to keep her lips together. She spoke through the side of her mouth.

“If your fucking tongue goes in my mouth I’m gonna bite it off!”

Even though she was laughing, Jenny knew she would do it.

“Fine, then I’ll find somewhere else to put it!”

“You fucking bitch, get off me!”

Jenny removed her hand from Janine’s crotch, and quickly grabbed the top of her sweatpants, pulling them down almost to her knees. She ran her two fingers up and down Janine’s scantily covered crotch. She could feel the texture of her pussy through the silky material of her underwear. Janine’s panties were warm and slightly damp to the touch. Jenny ran her fingers up to where she could feel Janine’s hard bud and gently pressed on it, causing Janine to inhale sharply, and her whole body to lurch backward.

“Looks like you like this more than you want to admit!”

Janine’s laughter seemed to subside. “Jenny, I’m fucking serious now, get the fuck off me.”

“Yea” Jenny said playfully. “I see.” She continued to massage Janine’s clit through her panties.

“I know you like that, I can tell. You like the way I play with your clit don’t you Cooper.”

Janine didn’t want to admit it, but it felt better than anything she had ever felt before. Jenny knew exactly how to touch her, like the way she touched herself, only better because it wasn’t her. It was completely unlike Jimmy’s fat calloused fingers poking around. Still, this wasn’t right. No matter how good it may have felt, she wasn’t about to have sex with another girl, much less her best friend. She fought as hard as she could to get loose, but Jenny’s fingers were making it difficult. She tried not to show that she was getting any pleasure from it, but Jenny knew it was working.

“Jenny please stop! I don’t want to do this!”

“I don’t know Cooper, you’re pussy is telling me differently. Your clit seems to want it pretty bad.”

“I’m serious! Stop!”

Janine felt Jenny’s fingers slip under her panties and touch her clit directly, causing her to moan out loud.

“See, you love it! You don’t want me to stop! You want me to make you cum.”


“Just admit that you like it and I’ll stop.”

“No! I’m serious, cut it out…Please!”

Jenny pressed harder. Janine could feel herself getting wetter, and knew that Jenny felt it too. There was no point in denying that she wanted Jenny to make her cum. She wanted it badly now, but still fought. What would she do if she got loose anyway? She pictured herself running away, but deep down, she knew she wouldn’t leave. Jenny was still her best friend, and where would she go anyway?

“C’mon Janine, tell me you want me to make you cum.”

Janine stopped fighting. She thought about what was happening. “How bad could it be?” All she could feel was the way Jenny’s fingers felt on her pussy. It felt better than she could have ever imagined something feeling before. Her mind became instantly cluttered with excuses for what was happening. What would her mother say if she saw them? Her parents definitely wouldn’t approve of their innocent daughter becoming a lesbian, but who were they to say anything. After all, this is Jenny. No one would ever suspect that they were fooling around. It’s not like Jenny would ever tell anyone. They were always together anyway, staying at each other’s houses, sleeping in the same bed since they were young. It’s amazing that this never happened sooner actually. And they could do whatever they wanted together without worrying about all the stupid things like getting pregnant. Suddenly, she snapped back to reality when she felt Jenny’s finger slide slowly inside her. It was easy enough now that she wasn’t fighting her anymore.

“Jenny…that Rus Escort feels so good…”

Janine let her legs fall as far open as they could with her pants still around her knees. Jenny smiled, and Janine kissed her hard on the mouth, pushing her tongue as far into Jenny’s mouth as she could. She pushed her hips up to meet Jenny’s hand, and she knew that she was going to cum soon.

Janine pulled away from Jenny. “Wait…If you’re gonna fuck me, then at least do it right.”

She sat up, and Jenny didn’t hold her back. She quickly leaned forward and pushed her panties and her sweatpants all the way down to her feet, Kicking them off on the floor. Just as quickly, she pulled her shirt over her head, exposing her tits to her best friend. It wasn’t the first time Jenny had seen her naked before, but this was different. Janine lay back down, pulling Jenny on top of her.

“Wait!” Jenny said. She quickly stood back up and pulled her shirt over her head. “You shouldn’t be the only one to have all the fun” She said as she unclipped her bra, dropping it to the floor. In no time, they were both naked and side by side on the couch. They kissed passionately, and their hands roamed each other’s body. Jenny wasted no time in picking up where she left off, and resumed fingering Janine.

Janine couldn’t believe how incredible it all felt. This is the first time she had ever been this intimate with someone else. She’s had sex before, but she could never remember being completely naked with another person, completely giving herself to someone else. After all, they never hid anything from each other before. There was nothing to be conscious about, and she was able to completely give in to what was happening. There was no fear of someone walking in on them, or fear of getting pregnant, and of all the people she had fooled around with in the past, Jenny seemed to know better than anyone just how to touch her. She just couldn’t believe that it was Jenny that was making her feel this way.

Janine moaned loudly as Jenny fingered her pussy, Jenny’s mouth now firmly gripping one of her nipples. Janine cautiously slid her hand between her friend’s legs, touching the soft, warm flesh of her pussy. It felt familiar, but completely unlike anything else, and she liked it. She touched her the way she knew she would like to be touched. Jenny responded with a soft moan, and let her legs fall open further, encouraging Janine to continue. Janine quickly slipped two fingers inside her friend, pressing her clit firmly with her thumb, just like Jenny was doing to her. Soon both girls were moaning and panting, their bodies bouncing together as their hips bucked to meet each other’s probing fingers. Both their orgasms were nearing.

“Oh fuck Cooper…Fuck my pussy…I’m gonna cum soon!”

Jenny kissed Janine hard on the lips, and both girls exploded in orgasm. Janine couldn’t believe how excited she got by watching her friend cum, especially knowing that it was because of her. Why hadn’t she noticed how sexy she was before?

Both girls lay side by side on the couch trying to catch their breath. Janine had cum harder than she ever had before, and prayed it wasn’t the weed that made her feel that way. Both girls smiled when their eyes met.

“I told you you’re a fucking dyke.”

“Yea well, you weren’t that hard to convince. At least I admitted it!”

“Was I as good as you imagined.”

“You were okay. I’ve had better though.”

Janine slapped Jenny’s arm. “Fuck you!”

They both laughed, and Jenny kissed Janine.

“I really have to eat something, or else I’m gonna pass out.”

“I’ve got something.”


Janine stood up and started to get dressed, not bothering with her underwear. “I’m serious Jen…feed me.”

“Fine. Go see what’s in the fridge.” Jenny smiled as she watched Janine head out to the kitchen. Her stomach was in a knot. She couldn’t believe what had just happened. She had thought about it for so long, but never guessed she would have had the nerve to actually do something about it. Even though they were best friends, Janine intimidated her a little bit. She never actually thought that anything would ever happen between them. She took a deep breath, barely able to contain herself as she thought about what happened, and what was going to happen. She got up and got dressed, also not bothering with her bra or panties, and headed into the kitchen with Janine.

After finally eating, Janine and Jenny went outside to smoke another blunt. It was dark now, and after the food, beer, and weed, both girls were feeling tired.

Jenny lit up the blunt and took a hit, coughing out the smoke and passing it to Janine.

“Here, I don’t even want to smoke this.”

Janine took a hit and pressed the tip into the patio until it went out.

“Me either, I’m wiped.”

She handed it back to Jenny. She grabbed two cigarettes from the pack on the table next to them, lit them both and handed one to Jenny. Just then, the phone rang. Jenny grabbed Yenimahalle Escort the portable receiver and clicked it on.

“Hello? Oh, hi Mrs. Cooper.” A wicked smile crossed her lips, and Janine gave her a dirty look. “Yea, she’s here, hold on…” Jenny giggled and held out the phone for Janine. She grabbed it and mouthed “I’ll fuckin’ kill you” before answering it. Jenny smiled, and began to rub herself mockingly.

“Hello…yea mom…I told you, I’m staying here tonight. No mom…no boys. Nothin’ just hangin’ out… I know…” The whole time Jenny kept pretending to masturbate, and Janine, finally giving up on pretending to be mad, just smiled. Janine continued her conversation.

“…okay mom, I will…YES I know…ugh…fine…I know! Look. I’ll be here, just me and Jenny, call back later if you want…fine…okay…OKAY, BYE!”

She clicked the phone off and threw it back on the table. “Fucking bitch.”

“Still giving you a hard time cause of the whole Jimmy thing.”

“What else! I wish they would just leave me the fuck alone!”

“Well, maybe she was just checking to make sure you weren’t coming home so she could fuck herself silly!”

Janine slapped Jenny in the arm. “Shut-up already!”

Jenny giggled “OW you fucking bitch, that hurt!”


Janine dragged her cigarette angrily while Jenny rubbed her arm.

“Maybe you should just tell her you’re a dyke now and she’ll get off your back, or better yet, maybe she’ll want to watch!”

“That’s it, I’m gonna kick your ass!”

Jenny screamed and ran into the house as Janine chased her. She ran up the stairs and into her parent’s room. She tried to slam the door, but Janine was already there.

“You’re dead!”

She pushed her on the bed and jumped on top of her, straddling her stomach and holding her arms down.

“Okay, I give up! I won’t say anything else, I promise!”

Janine smiled and rolled off her. They stared at the ceiling for a moment, not talking. They knew what they wanted to do, but for some reason, they waited for the other to make a move. Jenny finally rolled towards Janine and gently placed her hand on her stomach, tugging on her shirt. Janine put her hand on Jenny’s and pushed it down to her crotch. She turned her head and they kissed. Jenny’s fingers rubbed Janine’s slit through her sweatpants. Janine suddenly pulled away.

“Hey, don’t your parents have that big Jacuzzi tub?”

Jenny smiled. “Why? Feeling dirty?”



“Have you ever had sex in it?”

“Not with anyone else!”

“You perv!”

“Whatever! It’s fucking awesome!”

“So…what are we waiting for?” Janine kissed Jenny again and pulled her up. They made their way into the giant bathroom. Janine couldn’t believe the size of the bathroom. It was bigger than her parent’s whole bedroom. Jenny turned the water on, and they undressed each other while they waited for the tub to fill up.

Jenny shut the water off stepped in and sat down. She pulled Janine between her legs, both facing front. Janine rested against Jenny as Jenny kissed her neck and teased her stiff nipples.

“This is so fucking weird.” Janine said.

“What’s weird about it?”

“I don’t know, just…this…you…I can’t believe we’re doing this.”

“Do you want to stop?”

“No! That’s what’s weird about it. This is probably the best sex I’ve ever had, and it’s with you.”

“What’s wrong with me?”

“It’s not you, I mean…I just mean…you know what I mean.”

“So you’re still telling me you’ve never thought about this? I mean…us?”

“No! I never really considered being with a girl before, especially you…I mean, just cause…you know, it’s you! What’s weird is that I just can’t believe we didn’t think of it sooner.”

“Yea, I guess.”

“Did you really think about this before?”

“Fuck yea…I told you.”

“What did you think about?”

“I don’t know…everything.”

“You whore.”

“Fuck you.”

“At least now I know you’ll be thinking about me.”

“Don’t be so sure.”

Jenny slipped her fingers between Janine’s legs and slid them between her folds. Janine opened her legs, encouraging Jenny not to stop.

“I can’t believe how good your fingers feel in my pussy.”

“Oh yea, wait ’till you feel this…”

Jenny leaned back and turned on the jets. Janine felt a blast of water hit her stomach and jumped.


Jenny slid Janine forward, lifting her legs and resting them on the outside of the tub. Janine’s head rested on Jenny’s stomach.

“Lift your hips until you feel the water.”

Janine slowly raised her hips until the water was directly on her pussy. It was the most incredible thing she’d ever felt. The water immediately filled her entire pussy, stretching it open, while at the same time pounding on her clit. She yelled in surprise.

“Just pretend it’s a big cock filling your pussy.” Jenny said.

Janine began pumping her hips into the water. Jenny leaned forward and began to play with her clit. Janine couldn’t hold back and was cumming in just seconds. She screamed loudly as her orgasm hit her, and them immediately scrambled to get out of line with the jets.

Jenny laughed. “Pretty fuckin’ awesome huh?”

Janine nodded.

“It makes you pretty sensitive for a little while, but it’s worth it. Okay, now it’s my turn.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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