Jasmine Ch. 01

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Shit. Shit. Shit. My legs scrambled up the steps of the university building. Can’t be late…can’t be late. I reach my classroom in record time… head to my desk, and wait.

I picked my desk perfectly, directly in front of the podium-and that little walkway where she spends the majority of her time. My professor has been skipping her way through my fantasies the whole semester. Chloe Vanderbilt is gorgeous, with long legs, golden locks and crystal blue eyes, she looks like a goddess. The embodiment of Venus, all sensuality and grace, all semester I’ve watched her. Observed the way her hair falls over her eyes when she’s deep in thought on her notes. The way her calves move as she struts from one side to the other in the middle of a lecture. The way her breasts always seem to be ready to burst out of her clothing, the way her lips look perfectly kissable. My body ached in response to hers. I always left class having to rush to the women’s restroom to deal with the tizzy she left me in.

It was amazing the effect she had on me. The way my body responded without her laying so much as a touch on me, seemed as if she oozed this sexuality, this erotic response.

All semester I had been trying to get up the courage to make a move. The few times we had met to discuss class work…I would get close, breathe in her scent but never actually cross the barrier. I don’t know if she felt the same way about me, but today I decided to test the waters.

My long brown hair was curled into soft waves, and I had chosen a soft green top to accent my hazel eyes. The skirt was short (as all of mine are) and the back seam thigh-hi’s hugged my skin, my heels (cute little peep-toes) made my legs look fabulous. As she entered, I crossed my legs. Making it much more dramatic than necessary… She noticed. My heart did a little tap dance in my chest.

I spent the next hour feeling utterly horny. My body wishing to touch hers, my breathing becoming slightly labored… and after class, I approached her.

“I need to talk to you about the paper, do you have time?”

“Hmm, my office hours are full right now; can you come by say around 4?”

“Of course.”

I quickly rushed out of the class; with three hours to kill I knew exactly what I was going to do first. The bathroom was quiet; no one was in here presently. I clicked the lock on the stall door in place. Leaning against the wall, my hands quickly reached under my skirt. I pressed my fingers against the fabric of my undies, finding them slightly wet. I slid one finger under the fabric, pressed it against the flesh.

I could feel the heat emanating from me. The smooth wetness welcomed my finger eagerly. I leaned back against the cold metal of the bathroom stall. I worked against the clit, pressing ever so roughly, and then switching back to the softness. I brought myself close, and then eased back. I imagined Chloe, her soft lips against my neck, teasing their way down to my nipples. I imagined her fingers entwined in my hair, pulling my lips to hers.

Then the restroom door opened. I froze. My hand stilled against the throbbing of my sex.

I could feel the orgasm pushing against my hand, it desperately wanted to come screaming out of me. I heard the stall door click shut next to me. I let out a deep breath and continued. The thought of someone near me had me dripping against my palm. The orgasm was even closer, and as my hand made hurried stokes against the clit. The sound of me furiously attacking my clit reverberated in my ears. There was no doubt in my mind that the girl next to me could hear my slutiness. My legs shook as I felt the orgasm getting nearer. I slowed, wondering what she was wondering. I let out a moan, soft, barely audible. Yet it garnered a response. I heard her take a sharp breath.

The exhibitionist in me took over. I sighed, and began stroking again, making sure to keep that nearing orgasm at bay. I wanted this to last. I hoped that my current state would lead to her wishing to take matters in her own hands. If she is Göztepe escort bayan anything like me, she can’t resist wanting to touch when something of a sexual nature is around. I moaned a bit louder this time. I could hear her shifting in the stall. Her breathing was soft, as if not wanting to distract me from the task at hand. I pushed a finger inside, my pussy was hot. The flesh tight against the finger; I slid another one inside. Feeling the rush of juice against my knuckles. I began fucking myself with my fingers. The harder I pressed, the easier the moans came. I heard her breathing become faster. A slight moan escaping her lips.

I pressed against the clit, if I stroked it any harder, I would come. I just knew that I was that close. I wondered if she was doing the same, if her hands had found their way to her waist, and under her panties. My brain concocted a hazy image of the girl next to me, energetically stroking herself in progression with my hurried actions. I could see her thrusting against her own hand. It was then that I heard her moan soft, but loud enough to get my attention; it was followed by a wet stroking sound. I knew she was taking care to get closer. I began to breathe faster. The orgasm teasing against the edge, my clit had been stroked to the point where each touch held that hint of pleasure and pain. I slid more juices against my finger, pressing that one hand against the clit, entering another finger into myself. I was fucking myself frantically now, crashing to cross that line. The orgasm tore through me, and I couldn’t stop myself from letting out frantic moans, I gushed against my hand, hot juices coating my knuckles and wrist. The girl was right behind me, her orgasm was much quieter, and she moaned soft sweet sounds.

I took the time to clean myself up, easing out of the stall and washing my hands. I knew she would want to be the last one to leave. I doubt she did this as often as I did.

I left the building with still 2 ½ hours to spare. I decided to make a call.

He answered on the first ring, always energetic to receive attention from me.

“I’m horny.” (By this time there was no need for formalities.)

“Are you now?” his voice held that hint of mockery. He was going to make this difficult. “What do you want me to do about it?”

“I don’t really need you, your cock will suffice.” I laughed, he hated it when I treated him as nothing more than a walking toy(though we both know that this is nothing more than sex, one can’t help but feel a stab of hurt to be treated as nothing more than a fuck.)

“Now, now…we both know that isn’t how this works.”

“Oh?” I teased my voice dropping to that sexy tone I only use in times of desperate persuasion. “I’m sure we could work something out, perhaps a nice little taste and deep fucking is in order?” I concentrated all of my horniness into the word fuck, exploding on the syllable.

He grunted. “You’re such a tease. You know I love it when you say something filthy, reminds me of how your sweet little mouth can do such naughty, naughty things.”

“So we have a deal then? Can you be here in thirty minutes?”

“Patience, my dear.”

“I don’t have time for patience. I’ve got two hours before I’m scheduled to meet Ms. Vanderbilt, and you know I’ve wanted to get in her pants since the beginning of the semester.”

“You think you’re gonna succeed tonight then?”

“Yes, now hurry on over.”

“Fine, fine, thirty minutes…”

I clicked the phone shut.

He arrived shortly after I hung up. Standing a few inches taller than me, Charlie was not someone most would find extremely attractive. Since most girls are shallow, he wasn’t muscled, and he was bald. Even still, he was hot no doubt, and the boy could work wonders with his tongue. He smiled as I opened the door. Stepping inside, he said, “Well, to the bedroom?”

I led him down the hall; we had no sooner entered the room when he pressed a hand against my back. He whipped me around. His mouth crushed against Escort Caddebostan mine, his tongue forcing my lips open. He knew exactly what made me wet, and what would give the responses he desired. His cock was already hard, and it strained against the fabric of his pants. “I do believe someone said something about tasting?” His eyes glittered. I licked my lips, envisioning that perfect specimen of male anatomy against my tongue, among other things. He undid he pants, and proceeded to get undressed.

He stood erect and firm, precum twinkling in the light. I dropped to my knees, and licked ever so gently against the tip. His cock danced. I slowly wound my tongue around the base, sliding up and down in soft quick motions. I then moved to his balls, alternating between licking and sucking each one. I slid my mouth around the head, pushed down and took him in. He pumped against my face, and whenever I could get the chance I would swirl my tongue around the shaft while I held him in a suction grip inside my mouth. Saliva slid down my chin, and I pumped harder and harder. His hand was knotted in my hair, fucking my face, he groaned. He whipped my head back, a smile curling on his lips. He pushed me to the ground.

Sliding one hand under my undies he found me wet and willing. He slid them off of me. Leaving me clothed otherwise. He pressed a finger inside, and dropped his mouth to my clit. His tongue lapped eagerly at my juices and his other hand worked his cock. Keeping it rigid for when he was ready to enter. I reached for his jeans; found the condom tucked in the pocket. I pressed it against his arm. He lifted his head; he always waited for me to tell him when I was ready.


He slid the condom on, and pushed the tip of his cock against my cunt. I could feel the juices running down my thighs. He pushed himself into me. He began to thrust deeper, grunting and moaning. I waited until he was in the backwards movement of the thrust and then slammed my hips against him. The movement caught him off guard, enough for me to push him over and straddle him. I rocked back and forth, alternating between that and figure eight movements of my hips. His hands reached for my breasts, slowly he reached under the fabric, under the bra and he tugged at the mounds of flesh. I moaned loudly. Biting my lip as I pushed him deeper inside. His free hand found its way to my neck and grasped it hard but not painfully. I continued to fuck him this way, until he was near. His hands then settled on my hips, helping me with my thrusts. He pushed me deeper inside. My orgasm neared and as it came I shuddered against him, bucking in wild motions. His hands frantically grabbed my ass as he came violently against me.

Sweat trickled down my spine. I eased slowly off of him. He got up, headed to the bathroom and cleaned up. He smiled as he got dressed. “Fun, as always Jasmine.” He then headed out the door.

I went to the bathroom, and hopped in the shower. I still had an hour to kill before my meeting. I needed to get cleaned up.

After I was sufficiently ready, I headed back on campus. I made my way to Chloe’s office.

I knocked on her door. Her melodic Midwestern voice said come in.

I eased the door open. The sunlight shone through her window causing prisms to dance in her hair.

I handed her the paper. “Sit down, Jasmine.” She patted the seat right next to hers. My fingers shook as I settled into the seat. She began reading over the paper, making little marks here and there. After a little bit, she sat the paper back in front of me. She leaned in close, and I could smell her shampoo: roses and honeysuckle. As she went over her corrections with me, I kept finding ways to touch her skin. My fingers grazing against her hand, my thigh pressing against hers. After an agonizing hour, she turned to me. Her bold blue eyes locked mine. “You want to fuck me don’t you?” There was no hint of sarcasm, no questioning, she knew.

I blushed, my cheeks turning beet red. “Yes, desperately so.” Bağdat Caddesi escort There was no need to hide. “How’d you know?”

“It was quite easy to tell actually, you’d always leave in such a hurry after class. The way you’d watch me so diligently, and then of course, cross and uncross your legs every time you wore a skirt. “She paused, “of course the real tell was today, when I followed you into the restroom.”

My eyes widened. The recollection of the restroom ran across my brain. “That was you?”

“Yes, you’d did a number on me you know.” She swiveled in her seat. “Well, do you want to fuck me now?”

I licked my lips, the moment was here. I could take her. I nodded. “Show me.” I leaned in pressing my lips against hers. They were just as soft as I’d imagined. I slid my tongue into her mouth. She eagerly kissed back. My hands settled on her waist, and I slowly reached further down. Her skirt had hitched up her thighs. My fingers trembled as I started to ease my hand under the material. She moaned against my lips, my agonizingly slow movements causing her to shift.

I pressed against the fabric of her undies. My hand feeling the immense dampness there. I pulled the fabric to the side, and entered one finger into her cunt. She was hot to the touch, the wetness of her juices running down my finger. I plunged my finger in. Pressing harder as I curled and pushed against the sensitive spot that we all search for. She pushed against my hand and I slid out of the chair. I started to pull her undies down, and she rose, sitting on the edge of the desk. I licked my lips, breathing in the scent of her. I lifted her skirt and pressed my mouth against her cunt. My tongue traced against the clit, and I flicked it back and forth. I felt her juices began to flow faster and I worked hard against the slit. I sucked on her clit and pushed two fingers inside. She fucked my hand, writhing against the bone. I lifted my face and stood. I slid my undies off and pushed her further back on the desk. Office supplies rained on the floor, papers floating softly to the ground. I wrapped my legs around her waist, pressing my clit against hers. I slid up and down moving in time as I grinded against her sex. She moaned, and her mouth found mine tasting her nectar on my tongue.

I slid off her blouse. Pressing my mouth to her nipples and drawing them in. She pushed me back. “I want to taste you.” I stood and she cleared off the rest of her desk. “Lay down.” The solid oak frame looked sturdy enough, so I did as she told. She rose, and straddled my face in the sixty-nine position. I knew what she wanted, and as my tongue found her clit, she responded by burying her face in my snatch. As we licked in time wriggling against each other’s mouths, I could feel my orgasm getting closer. I bucked against her mouth, in turn she shoved a finger inside and then another. Pretty soon I was fucking her whole hand. I in turn did the same to her. We lay on her desk, hands buried in each other’s cunts. Tongues working furiously against the clit. I heard her moan against my sex. I could feel my own orgasms begging to break free. I shuddered against her mouth. I felt her head rise, and her fingers take over. With her leaning further back I was able to taste all of her, and it made it easier for my mouth to work its magic. I ate at her eagerly. In response she began to cum, her body thrashing against my mouth and her fingers working hard on my clit. I pushed against her and my orgasm racked my body. She bucked harder and my mouth was filled with juices. I swallowed it eagerly. I kept licking, feeling another orgasm mounting in her body. She shuddered against me. Her cunt riding my face harder. I pressed my mouth to her flesh. And she came again. Her mouth settled on my clit and as her tongue lapped at my juices I grabbed her head pushing her further down and fucked her face. I felt our orgasms receding and we both pulled ourselves apart. She stood and picked up her undies, I did the same.

I smiled at her shyly. She responded with an equal grin. “Next time, I think this session should happen at my house.”

“Yes, Ms. Vanderbilt.”

“Good, run along then. See you in class.”

I turned and headed out the door. “Oh and Jasmine?”


“Excellent paper.”

I left, looking forward to our next meeting already.

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