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“I want to see a pornographic movie, Peter. Will you take me to one?”

I’d met JB through her friend Alice, who in turn came into my life at breakfast one morning with my roommate Jeff. They attended the Institute of Fine Arts where he was cutting a wide swath, partly because he was one of the few heterosexual males there but mostly because he was attractive, energetic, and fun to be with. He’d told me about her but we’d never met, because I had to be at work by 9 and they were horny graduate students with no classes before noon.

When Jeff and Alice parted, I took up with her. We slept together mostly at her apartment, to avoid running into Jeff. We ended it within a couple of weeks but decided we liked each other enough to remain friends.

Jeff and I liked to give 8-person dinner parties. We served buffet and sat on the floor because we didn’t have enough chairs. We tried for a mix of his student and art-world friends and my political and governmental friends. In June, Jeff invited Alice and she brought her friend JB.

Unlike Alice, JB had a job, at the Metropolitan as a junior curator. Also unlike Alice, JB had a clear complexion. They both stood around 5-feet-6, had nice long brown hair, and their chests were small.

JB dressed well for work, in fashionable dresses or blouses and skirts, depending on the demands of the day. At 27 she was reserved, scholarly, and loved talking about her work in the prints department, which thanks to Jeff I knew enough about to carry on a conversation.

“You can do that on your own, you know.”

“And be found dead in a stinking alley off Times Square? No thanks.”

“Do you have any particular subject matter? There must be thirty theaters on Forty-Second Street and more on Eighth Avenue. They all specialize. There are male theaters, there are bikers, places where they do whips and chains, there are —”

“Thanks for the information, Peter. Men and women, please, just normal stuff.”

We met at the TKTS booth north of Times Square and walked down Broadway to Forty-Second Street, then west to the theater. I’d chosen a theater with decent air conditioning and where your feet didn’t stick to the floor. I don’t remember the title of the movie, but its action was pure heterosexual porn.

A beautiful English nobleman’s daughter is alone at her father’s country estate with just the butler and footman to take care of her. They conspire to rape her but she turns the tables on them and has them completely exhausted within hours. She makes them call a dozen of their friends to continue the fun and forces them to line them up with their rampant cocks sticking out of their pants. One by one she strokes them off, blows them, or makes them masturbate as she walks down the line. Think water fountains at Fontainebleau. It was pretty hard core.

“Well, that was fun. Want to go to another one? The place across the street is doing that golden oldie, ‘I Am Curious, Yellow.’ “

“Thanks, Peter. That was more than enough.” She gave me a curt peck on the cheek and headed for the uptown train.

Several weeks later, when she called to ask if I could come for a dinner party on Saturday, I was surprised. I’d figured the movie was a lot more than she bargained for and I’d never hear from her again.

The four other guests were vivacious, entertaining, attractive, and very gay. The two women were a couple who worked at the museum and the individual men worked for a dealer and an auction house. When it slipped out that I knew Jeff I was accorded a pendik otele gelen escort status well beyond my workaday standing as a bureaucrat.

I stayed to help clean up and wash the dishes. JB dried.

“That was fun. Thanks so much for including me.”

“Did you enjoy it? I know most of it was shop talk and I was afraid you’d be bored.”

“Well, it helps that I’ve known Jeff since we met in college. I took a class in prints and bookmaking from the same professor who got him interested in fine prints. I like the craft of printing: type, engraving, ink, and presses. Jeff’s more interested in the artists, so I’ve absorbed just enough to not make a fool of myself tonight.”

“You did pretty well. A lot of people think Jeff has a real future in the New York art world.”

“He’s got a parttime job with Herman Schenkman, the dealer, and wants to either go into the business or into one of the auction houses. If he could find the time to finish his thesis, he’d be launched. But the women keep throwing themselves at him.” I looked carefully at how she responded to my teasing.

“Poor guy! But yeah, that is his problem, he does have to get his degree pretty soon or they’ll start wondering if he’s serious.”

We finished putting the glasses and silverware away. I thanked her again for the lovely dinner and moved to leave. JB brought out a bottle of Drambuie and two glasses and motioned me to the couch.

“I should have been more appreciative to you for taking me to the movies that day, Peter. I was pretty appalled at what I saw. So thank you very much” and she kissed me, now on the lips.

I kissed her back. When we broke apart, she shifted backwards slightly, then brought her legs up under her and faced me.

“Was there any reason why you wanted film?” I asked. “There are images in your collections at the Met that are as graphic as what we saw, and all sorts of bookstores have good stocks of literate erotica.”

“I can’t rummage through the prints that way. They’re catalogued by artist. And the bookstores aren’t much better than the theaters. If I’m going to learn about sex it’s going to be with film.”

“Did our excursion help?”


“Are your friends happy for you?” I said, meaning the four who had left not an hour ago.

“They’re ambivalent, but Alice isn’t.”


“Yes. We’ve talked a lot about my locked-up life. My therapist says that there’s nothing wrong with me that a decision, followed by acting on it, won’t cure. My problem is not being able to come to a decision.”

I knew better than to follow that up, so I waited.

“That’s why Alice wanted you to take me to the movies.”

“Alice and I are friends. I really like her,” I parried.

“You and Alice were lovers, just like Jeff and Alice were lovers. Everybody knows that. Alice wants me to get on with my life, and I’ve decided she’s right.

“That’s why you’re here tonight.”

We moved into each other, kissing hard. She knew what she wanted and had her tongue in my mouth faster than I could move mine. My hands reached for her and I felt the bra hooks, which opened easily. She pulled away.

“Let’s put the Drambuie back on the shelf first,” she said. I saw her breasts loose under her silk blouse and straightened my erection in my pants to not be so obvious.

We stood kissing and grappling each other. I reached down to her skirt and lifted it up to reveal her black panties. She sighed and stroked my pendik rus escort face and beard.

“We need to be at your bed, JB. Where is it?”

In her bedroom she slipped off her shoes and undid her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. I slid out of my loafers, undid my belt, and was fumbling with my pants when she reached for the zipper and pulled it down.

Her blouse and bra soon joined the rest of her clothes and she was in only her panties. I got out of my pants and we stood one item away from nakedness.

“You’re very attractive, JB. I love your neck and shoulders. Will you let me take off your panties so I can see all of you?” She sighed heavily and said “Yes.”

She stepped out of them and watched as I took my jockeys off. While her bush was neatly trimmed and showed her pussy lips off in their already silvery wetness, my cock was bobbing and my balls were already coiled tightly.

“I’ve never been with a man, Peter. Can you tell?”

“No, and I don’t care. If you want to make love to me, I want to make love to you.”

I’m taking the pill. Will that make it easier?”

“It eliminates one problem, that’s for sure. Come here” and I reached for her waist and drew her to me.

We kissed heatedly and fell onto her bed. She had no inhibition about anything I moved to do. As I touched her breasts she pushed her chest to me. As I suckled her nipples she moaned and ran her hands upside down on my chest and belly. When I moved beside her to finger her pussy she grabbed me cock and yanked it.

“Ouch! JB, can you just stroke me? Please be gentle.”

Oh, sorry. I took the phrase literally.”

“What phrase?”

” ‘Jerk you off.’ “

“You’re sweet, JB,” I said, and lifted my index finger to my lips, ostentatiously licking it, “and so is your pussy.”

For the first time she looked uncertain. “Am I supposed to do something, Peter? I want to.”

“Yes. Let’s get a towel and get properly into your bed.”

“The towel’s for —”

“Good housekeeping. We’re going to make a mess the first time, so there’s no point in making more of a mess than necessary. Oh god I love your smell,” and I licked my finger again and leered as she took me in.

We spread the towel and she rolled onto it. I returned to her pussy and she stroked my cock, unsure what to do.

“That’s so nice, JB. Wet your fingers, really slobber them up, and make my cock as moist as you can.” I had moved to the top of her opening and had found her clit. Playing with it distracted her from my cock and she moaned encouragingly and stoked my shoulder and side.

“Is that nice, JB?”

“Oh yes, it’s very nice, so nice, don’t stop.”

As her breathing came faster and deeper, it was time. I moved to slide between her legs. They were as rigid as boards.

“It’s okay, JB, we’re going to make love.”

“I know, I just, I don’t know, I just, I’m afraid of the pain.”

I pinched her hip, hard, and she jumped.

“OUCH! Dammit that hurt.”

“Does it hurt now?”

“No, but it did hurt.”

“And that’s what the pain will be like when I enter you. It happens, then fades away.” I kissed her and stroked her face, looking directly into her eyes, and winked.

“Let’s do it now, JB, we’re going to make love.”

I had her draw her heels up under he ass, then spread the knees. She was still tense but not as much. With her pussy open to me I knelt and had just started to guide my cock inside when her hand joined mine.

“I pendik sarışın escort can feel you, Peter, I’ll put it where it needs to go.”

“That’s wonderful, JB.”

I moved closer and she parted her pussy lips. The head was in before she said “that hurts, stop now Peter.”

I pulled back and, suddenly, she became completely relaxed. Her legs slid to the sheets and her face was almost serene. She looked up at me and smiled.

“You do care about my feelings, Peter. Thank you. Now we can go all the way. Start again.”

We guided my cock further into her pussy than before. As it got about a third of the way in her hand squeezed the shaft as if to stop me, but I moved further and she bucked up.

“Ohh! You’re there. Don’t stop, keep going!”

She was starting to get tense again as I pushed all the way inside. When I stopped and said “I’m there, we’re done,” she relaxed again.

“I’m not a virgin any more, am I, Peter?”

“No you’re not, JB. But you haven’t been fucked yet, and you need to be.”

And I moved back, then forward, then back, and forward again. At first she was flummoxed, not knowing what to do, but we got a rhythm going and she soon joined me, meeting my thrusts and swinging her head from side to side.

“It’s so good, Peter, so good, so gooood, I love it.”

I was reaching my limit and said “I’m going to cum, JB, I’m going —” and then “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, here I cum JB, here it is, oh yes” and blasted into her.

“Yes, yes, push it in me, do it, do it, do it!”

I crashed down on her and she held me tight. I moved to slide off her and she resisted, but my weight soon was too much and she needed to be able to breathe freely, so I was beside her. I licked her face of the sweat, she kneaded my shoulders.

She was surprised when my cock softened and slid out of her. “Does it hurt?” she asked.

“When I cum it is agony, that’s why I squeal and pound you so hard, I want it to end, it feels so good. Does that make any sense?”

“No. I felt so good as you moved in and out, I was really excited, I thought I would have an orgasm.”

“You know about orgasms?”

“Of course I know about orgasms. I’m a regular orgasm machine, right here in this bed. I prop myself up —” suddenly she stopped, embarrassed at what she was revealing.

“I love a woman who knows about her body,” I said. “Since you know about orgasms, we can really enjoy ourselves now. You can help me bring you orgasms all night.”

“It’s seeping out, Peter. We should clean up.” We went to her bathroom and washed each other’s loins. I collected a small pool of pink cum and asked her to dip a finger in it and taste. She made a face but brightened when the flavor came through.

“It’s an odd smell but the taste is interesting. It’s me and you, with blood mixed in.”

“One time only, get it while it lasts, JB,” I said, and we laughed. I took a fingertipful and lipped it, then fed her a fingerful and had her swirl it on her lips, then suck it in and digest it.

The towel was bloody but nothing had soaked through. It and the puddle of cum washed out and minutes later the towel was hung on the shower rod.

I had her hold my flaccid cock as I peed, then stood aside as she peed. She flushed and stood up.

“Thank you Peter, you’ve made a woman out of me.”

“You were always a woman, JB. Now you’re a woman who knows how to fuck. Want to practice some more?”

“Will you stay tonight?” she asked, suddenly shy.

“I have to. If mother hears me come in now, she’ll be suspicious.” JB looked at me blankly, then snorted.

Our Upper West Side romance lasted a month. I learned way too much about what her therapist thought and the lesbian presence at work. We tried living together for a week but gave it up when the “man smells” got to be too much for her to tolerate.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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